i don't have on any makeup i look gross i know

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Hiya! i see a lot of amnesia on tv as a plot devise. and i admit, it is an attractive plot devise. Is it realistic to have a character forget memories of themselves and recent events but remember things like, oh i don't know, arithmatic and how to read and write and who the monarch of england is? how could a patient with amnesia be written more realistically?

If “amnesia” as it is written by TV writers everywhere were to never ever ever show up again ever in the history of writing, I would be a very happy Scripty indeed. In fact, “Amnesia!” as a trope can go to make itself a lighter-fluid smoothie and accidentally light the match while it’s looking in the blender to see if it’s done.

I’m going to differentiate amnesia–a loss of memory after physical trauma–from “Amnesia!”, which is code for TV-bullshit-fake-plot-device memory loss.

I think the best way to frame this is that amnesia is a symptom of brain damage, whereas “Amnesia!” is a symptom of shitty writing.

Amnesia has two basic forms: anterograde and retrograde. Anterograde amnesia affects making new memories, while retrograde amnesia affects memories from the past. These can include memories of events, or people, or both. It can include loss of skills. But it almost never degrades someone’s ability to remember who they are, which is one big way that amnesia differs from “Amnesia!”.

Amnesia from trauma is also almost never isolated. That means that there are other neurological symptoms going on at the same time: gross motor dysfunction, foggy thinking, dizziness, forgetfulness, headaches, visual disturbances, balance issues, nausea and vomiting, something in addition to their memory impairment.

Amnesia!”, on the other hand, is a loss of identity and ONLY of identity. Characters typically forget who they are, without forgetting  how to talk, tie their shoes, shave their pretty pretty face, apply their TV makeup, etc. They can drive cars. They never have any other symptoms of brain damage, because that’s inconvenient for plot purposes. And symptoms always magically resolve by the end of the episode or, in absolute worst case scenario, the two-part series.

There are several reasons while this trope bothers me so much. One is that real people, in the real world, suffer amnestic issues–especially anterograde amnesia–as a component of brain injury, and live with those issues for years. Writing about their issues as though they’ll magically go away is frankly insulting to the community of those living with TBI and NTBI.

Another is that “Amnesia!” is simply bad writing. Characters are the ones who need to drive plot. Plot should be used as a way to talk about characters, not the other way around. “Amnesia!”, much like a coma,  is used as a way to sideline a character without harming them or killing them. It’s a diversion. It basically presses the pause button on a character.

Now, all of this is with a caveat: psychological trauma can produce brief episodes of this kind of amnesia, wherein a person forgets who they are–basically because, on some level, they want to forget. It’s an opportunity to process. But I still think it should be off the table for writers.

It’s sloppy. It’s lazy. And I believe that you–that all of you–are better writers than that.

Thanks for writing in, and for listening to me vent.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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What I've learned from escorting so far
  • • Personality: There is one thing that I've learned above all else from every experience/encounter to doing my research on some of the most successful providers that seem to be a 10/10 to every guy they come across. That is making the client comfortable is most important..making them feel wanted, and like you genuinely want to be in their company. Don't act annoyed! Even if he did rush you into getting all ready and all you wanna do is be lazy and have a lazy slow day binge watching kardashians (trust they sense that off the bat & it really makes the who experience for them unpleasant). I've seen many mediocre looking girls do phenomenal based predominantly on the energy they exuded through the encounter. I've seen girls that I thought were flawless getting low, lousy ratings. Being a hot Barbie-like model is absolutely not a necessity to being successful & to making lots of cash.
  • • The Experience: It really set in for me when I was seeing that I was getting completely prebooked in cities I wasn't supposed to visit for another week or two: that these men get so excited to see you!!! They get anxious, nervous, and filled with excitement knowing that they get to spend time with you. They plan this days ahead, take their hard earned money in pocket, and drive out to your place while grinning ear to ear cause they are getting to experience you. So make the experience worth it. Ex: While visiting a city I had a client my agency had told me ahead of time time that had a really bad, insecure experience with one of the girls the DAY prior. I greet him with a big hug and kiss, an intimate and engaged hour where he felt so happy with me afterwards he hands over a second envelope and said "thank you so much,I had a great time". "Awww a 200 extra tip, how sweet" I thought. But I just kept counting more 20's, it turned out being 1k for tip alone. So all in all, one hour and got 1.6k out of it. All by showing interest in a guy.
  • • Presentation: Before every client I triple check my makeup,& rub body oil all over me. Then use a body scrub brush to really get it into my pores and make me super soft.i put just a hint of rose oil on my inner thighs for those guys that like to dine at the Y lol. Also, keep ya kitty clean girls. I douche with water between every client, use unscented, sensitive skin wipes and then a little bit of the summers eve spray so I smell and taste like a literal flower down there.
  • • The Details: I stock up on candles,I have febreeze, and I also have downy for the bedspread. I carry mini wipes of Windex and Clorox in case I get an early appt & housekeeping takes too long. Alwaaaayyyyss stock up on extra towel sets, keep the rest in your closet but trust me you run out quick. When the clients get out of the shower, there is an array of stuff for them to tidy up before/afterwards. Mini deodorant, mini mouthwash, gum, germ x, water, and baby wipes. I stock up on hand and body soap, I get dove sensitive skin because it is scentless (for those taken men). Trash cans always remain empty. I have little grocery bags that I keep in my closet and put any trash afterwards in that instead of trash cans. It just looks gross to me. No clothes,makeup, or clutter. This is a guy's escape from reality, a warm, calm & inviting hotel room goes a long way.

jikook (jimin x jungkook) | rating - m | ongoing

CHAPTER 2: kim taehyung

“What if you accidentally fall in love?”

JEON JUNGKOOK: Full-time Student, Part-Time Heartwrecker

When Jungkook is hired to break up the relationship of Taehyung’s childhood best friend, he finds the presence of overwhelmingly attractive Park Jimin a bit more distracting than he could ever expect it to be…

ch. 1 + full summary |

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thanks to @gracefulweather​ for being my BAEta~

By noon, Jungkook was already at school, relaxing at the university cafe with an iced americano. Out of nowhere, he was suddenly startled by someone slamming their book bag onto his table. 

“You piece of shit, how dare you ignore my calls?” the newcomer uttered angrily. Shamelessly, he sat down across from Jungkook before promptly stealing his newly brought drink.

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Preference: My Boyfriend Does My Makeup
  • Calum: "Hi guys!" Calum yells into the camera, grinning like mad. You roll your eyes but smile, "Hi!" Calum fixes his beanie then continues, "For those of you who don't know, this is my gorgeous girlfriend (Y/N)," he smiles down at you, making you blush, "And today I'm going to do her makeup! Yay!" You laugh, "Great." Calum begins smearing stuff all over your face, "I have no idea what I'm doing," he mumbles, making you laugh. He picks up a tube of concealer, "Well, clearly you don't need this stuff because you don't have any imperfections." You lean forward, pecking his lips, "You're too sweet." Calum pulls back, wiping around his mouth, "Aw, gross! You got foundation all on me." You giggle, "How about I do your makeup next?" Calums eyes grow wide, talking in a fake British accent, "Never in a million years." You stick your tongue out at him, "Your loss."
  • Ashton: "Hiiiiii!" Ashton shouts, waving at the camera. "I'm Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer and this is my lovely girlfriend (y/n)!" You giggle, waving at the camera before speaking, "And today Ash is going to attempt to do my makeup." Ashton nods, picking up a handful of brushes, "Let's do this!" He messes around for a moment, trying to decide what to do first. He picks up an eyeshadow palette and dips a brush into the lime green. Feeling him smear it all the way up to your eyebrows, you laugh. "I should go out like this." Ashton swirls the brush in hot pink blush, putting it in big circles on your cheeks. "Umm.. No." He said, laughing quietly. "You look like one of those girls on Toddlers and Tiaras."
  • Michael: "Mikey that doesn't- oh." Your boyfriend was doing your makeup for a YouTube video and he was making a mess. The legs of your jeans had rainbow colors on them and Michaels hands were covered in makeup. He brushed the mascara wand across your eyebrows, stopping when he heard you speak. He leaned back, "Oh my god," he laughed. "Lemme finish so you can see this!" He grabbed a tube of bright red lipstick, seeming to get it everywhere but on your lips. "Ta da!" He declares, holding a mirror up to you. You were about five shades darker than usual due to the amount of bronzer on your face, your eyeshadow was a mixture of colors, and your eyeliner wings went up to your temples. "C'mere Michael, I want a kiss." Michael jumps up from the bed, "Nu-uh!" "Oh come on Mikey!" You shout, running after him.
  • Luke: "Okay are you ready to see this?" Luke asks, smiling at you. You nod, turning to face the viewfinder in the camera. "Aw, Luke!" You had honestly never seen a guy do makeup so good. Everything was exactly where it should be and it all looked amazing. "Baby," you turn to face him, kissing his lips. "Aw, now I got lipstick on me," Luke swipes his hand across his mouth. "Don't act like you don't love it," you jump on top of him, planting kisses everywhere.

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hey man, i'm the chick who posted my cousin's messed up beauty blender. please don't go talking shit on her family now because she's a kid who doesn't know how to take care of her stuff. shit's not cool, man. she's not unhygienic or gross or anything, she just literally didn't know how to look after it.

I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to be rude! Especially to a child, I hope she’s ok! I was expressing my own fears! 

This story has been all over the media recently about a lady who was paralysed from bacteria in a makeup brush  so here’s a helpful makeup hygiene how to for any other people who missed out on being taught to clean their makeup, brushes or other implements(beauty blenders, powder puffs, any shared makeup). 

  • Makeup brushes can be washed in baby shampoo (if possible) or regular shampoo in a stretch. Make sure all product is gone on a tissue/towel. If I intend to use my brushes on another person I also soak them in rubbing alcohol.
  • Makeup like powder can be sanitised by spraying rubbing alcohol (I keep a small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol on my dresser always, but it’s not exactly safe for children so I googled alternatives and things like Witch Hazel, Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide came up but I can’t vouch for any, you’ll have to google their safety + effectiveness) onto the pan and letting it evaporate. It should not destroy your product. 
  • Lipsticks can be sanitised with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol. The same goes for retractable eyeliner/lipliner/concealer. (PLEASE do this at makeup counters and request your makeup artist at the counter do it if they don’t. This study found Staph, Strep and E.Coli on tester makeup)
  • Use metal spatulas/the sanitised end of your makeup brush to get cream products out of jars.

Makeup artists and makeup geniuses please add the things I missed so we can keep everyone healthy and hygienic!

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hey!! can you please do a 4/4 one where you have a problem with yourself (your weight/appearance or feeling gross) and you don't want to wear any tight clothes or go around even with make up on and how he goes about it?? i'm sorry i've been feeling real down about this stuff lately and it would be real nice to read one of your amazing blurbs

[aw, babe! don’t put yourself down or anything! i know it can be rough sometimes, believe me i know, but you’re beautiful! everyone is in their own way and this is getting really cheesy but IT’S TRUE! ahh, anyway, hope this is okay and makes you feel a bit better! :D]

“Will you stop staring at other girls, babe? You’re making me jealous,” he teased, trying to lighten the mood. He knew you were sitting there mentally comparing yourself to any other girl who walked by, and he knew how much it messed with your head. “Seriously, (y/n), stop. None of these girls compare to you. You’re perfect the way you are. Promise.” He leaned forward and hooked his pinky with yours. Pinky promises were sort of yours and Luke’s thing, so when he did it, you knew he meant business. He then tugged a bit to close the gap between you, pressing his lips to yours for the added reassurance. “You’re so beautiful.”

You’re fucking crazy, babe,” he gaped at you from the edge of the bed, his tongue darting out the corner of his mouth slightly. You were getting ready for a night out with Calum and everything you tried on just didn’t look right, causing you to scream out in frustration. “You look amazing in everything,” he assured you, getting up and walking over to you. You stood in front of the mirror with your jeans and bra on, your arms wrapping around your middle. “You look even better in nothing,” he added and smirked, pressing a kiss to your shoulder as he pulled your arms away from your midsection.

“You don’t need this stuff, you know,” Ashton commented casually, sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter as you applied your makeup. You had your bottles and whatnot, all laid out, and he eyed them, before hopping off the counter and grabbing as many as he could, making a run for it. You screamed after him and chased him around the house before he reached the kitchen and dramatically threw each bottle in the trash, one by one. “Please, babe. Just try it. No makeup today. You look so beautiful without it,” he begged and gave you a pout. How could you say no to that?

“You realize I’ve never seen you without makeup on?” Michael pointed out when you walked out of the bathroom. You were expecting him to be asleep still, since he was snoring away when you had quietly gotten up to get ready for the day. You shrugged him off and picked at your fingernails, avoiding eye contact, but he got up from his seated position in bed and crawled to the edge, pulling you down to the mattress. “If you’re self-conscious babe, you have no reason to be. You’re fucking beautiful,” he assured you, hovering over top of you, before taking his sleeve and promptly wiping your red lipstick off your lips. “I like your natural colour better,” he grinned and kissed your lips. “I wonder what else is under here…” he teased, taking his other sleeve to, ready to wipe off the rest of your makeup as you giggled.