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Hi Sandsverse, are you guys winding down? These blogs have been my favorite thing to happen on Tumblr since I joined in 2010/2011. Please consider sticking around for a few more years! I'm sure it's a lot of hard work but it helps me through the rough times I'm going through and I appreciate Seymour, Elmer, and Horace so much. You're a force for good on this internet, and I don't know how I'll make it through four years of Trump without you all.

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Demon Politics 101

Last week, I was at the library, and did 5 hours worth of research on Japanese folklore and youkai, because writing. Fast forward to today. First day of class, you’d think I’d be too busy to write fanfiction? Guess what I fucking did. Here’s a snippet of ANOTHER WIP, strike me down.

(Yamato is a Kodama, basically like a dryad. He’s a spirit that inhabits a tree. Sakura is an empath getting a crash course on conflicts. General warning for tree puns and excessive worldbuilding.)

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Hey guys, so I know this is news to all of you, but tv shows are not supposed to be a handbook for life. Let characters have flaws and react imperfectly. Let good characters do bad things and handle things badly.

Story Time

One time I was with a few friends runnung CoE because I needed the tokens for a legendary right? So we’re waiting in the dungeon for people to join and all of a sudden one of our party members comes in and I eas blinded.

Here comes in this huge male charr guardian with blue spiky hair, armor all glowing, and wielding Eternity.

We’re ready to go and in party chat all you see is a message along the lines of “lol let’s do this” from the charr.

And he just charges and obliterates every mob in front of us. I mean we were clearly carried the whole way with just buffing this one guy (I was running a condi warrior build at the time before condi got its boost). We finish the path in record time. At the end he’s really nice and says “Thanks for the run!” and I never see them again.

So blue sparkly charr if you’re out there, you’ll always hold a special place in my gw2 experiences.

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

  • Well damn, I'm offline for about three hours and somehow shit hit the fan again. (For new members of the FNDM this happens almost every hiatus.)
  • I don't really know how to say this...
  • I scrolled through the tag for about 3-4 minutes and saw nothing but hate for the CRWBY and the show in general for "queer baiting".
  • Guys, this show has 3 maybe 4 canon romances. Taiyang x Raven, Taiyang x Summer, Jaune x Pyrrha, and possibly (I mean it's hard to say it's not canon at this point, but it's only been very heavily hinted at, not super romancey) Ren x Nora. And all these romances are either completely off screen or very minor plots in the overall story. Romance is clearly in the backseat of this show.
  • I'm sure several of you who have read my song analysis are wondering "But Nerdz aren't you mad too, they basically made BMBLB not about the bees."
  • No I'm not mad, think back to previous soundtracks, there have been several songs that were meant for something other than what the FNDM thought it was for (ex. All of Our Days, Cold). Also, why would they want a song confirming the bees in a volume where they had no interaction with one another?
  • We've been told there will be LGBT characters and to be patient, this song, even though as much as I want it to be about the bees, doesn't mean that it is.
  • Please keep in mind guys that the characters all have different goals, specifically Yang and Blake who are focusing more on their families than themselves.
  • And about the whole screening process for the album, the CRWBY is already busy working on volume 5, making sure it's as perfect as it can be for us. We don't know what the process for releasing the soundtrack is, or how much time the have during these hiatuses to do such things. We all know about the stories of CRWBY working 24/7 to get the show out to us, and that's just the show, not the merch like the soundtrack or shirts, or anything else.
  • Their job is to work on the show, not the soundtrack or anything else RWBY related.
  • And you know what, what if Jeff didn't know how the FNDM would react to BMBLB? Maybe he just thought, "oh this is a neat song the FNDM will love!" Maybe he should have given Miles and Kerry a heads up about it, but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.
  • Please keep that in mind guys, we all just see the what they want us to see, and nothing more.
  • You can be mad about this.
  • You can curse the CRWBY all you want.
  • But at the end of the day they're trying to give us a show we love.
  • I myself am a bumbleby shipper, but I'm not letting this ruin my love for the show. It will take time for Blake and Yang to reunite, and fix their relationship. This song which we all assumed was about bumbleby could be something entirely different.
  • But we won't know that until later.
  • So please please please guys, calm down. Chances are we'll hear more about it at RTX with how massive this got. But keep in mind we may or may not get answers.
  • RWBY has been planned out for multiple seasons, and we finished 'season 1' with volume 3. So it will take time for us to even get close to possible romances with the girls, something we've been told countless times.
  • I'm sorry if my rambling doesn't make much sense. So I'll end it here.

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Would you ever consider doing basic tutorials as to how you draw different face shapes etc...? I really admire your art and I've just started out drawing myself. ♡

Thank you :) Ahhh, it means a lot! <3
As for your question? I don’t know how to explain such things in a tutorial. When I want to change the shape of the face I just change it. I change the size and shape of the chin, jaws, cheekbones and forehead. But equally important is the place of the eyes, nose and lips and the distance between them.

I really don’t know how to make a tutorial that would show the process of those changes (I should think about it). Anyway, all the alterations might be more visible and exaggerated or more subtle. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

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I think the problem in "the fandom is dead" is that it may discourage people that are still active to dump their ideas because "why care, it's dead anyway". 🤔 Also it's generalizing a personal statement into a 'fact' like "I'm not into x anymore, (so I don't see much/any of it anymore obviously), so it's dead". ^^; For one personally it can be dead of course, but in total? There are always people coming in later...

Originally posted by junkosakura01

I understand.. but that means we are talking about psychology.. That one is always tricky.. I’m not her mom to tell her that after all ;v;a or bassically to anyone at all..

I know sayin a fandom is dead is- pretty much ‘taboo’.. but I really can’t do anything about it.. no matter who said that.. unless they’re like  screaming to your face telling “YO BRO THIS FANDOM IS DEAD SO CREATING WHAT YOU DO IS USELESS ANYWAY!”

just- maybe don’t take it personally..? ;w;

I think she just having hard time saying “if you guys wants to continue enjoying the fandom in your own way, then go ahead, but don’t abandon the rules to do the right thing, which is not go around shoving people- who don’t care that much like me- with your opinion, like what I received in the past few days.”

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What gets me about MatPat is that he acts like what he does is a god send and that we are lucky he spent his time doing this. As for he being all I don't like two partners but want to keep up quality all I can say is then keep the video back till you have it all together properly.

Agreed. I do enjoy hanging onto things until I have all the pieces together to present a case. Why make you guys visit multiple videos on the same thing when I can do it in one? There’s so much stuff to cover out there that time can’t be wasted like that.

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Hi. I read about the "huge real life things" going on. Don't worry about us. Just take your time and know that we will always be here wishing you well. We may not know each other in RL but what you do made us love you. Danke. Ich Liebe Dich. Pass Gut Auf Dich Auf.💖💖💖💖

Aaawwwww!!!!!!!!!! Omg you guys always make me tear up when you say stuff like this, I’M SENSITIVE DAMMIT xD 

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Thank you so much!!!
Because some of you were worried, I just want you to know, you don’t have to. I’m gonna have a surgery at the end of august that is quite big and a life changer (a good one) and I have to prepare for that, read things, I have doctors appointments and all that stuff, so at times I’m not gonna be able to post a lot, or answer asks and messages. I just want you guys to know, so you don’t think I’m ignoring you or something :) 
Staying in touch with you guys is very, very important to me <3 (I’m probably gonna post a lot when I’m at the hospital, so keep the asks cumming lol - Hospitals are boring af -.- ^^)
I’m still gonna try to work as much as I can, so there will be no hiatus and such. :3


Cry of Fear sentence starters
  • Proceed with caution as Cry of Fear is a Horror Game!: .
  • "I've always felt alone."
  • "I don't know if I like it, or if I'm just used to it."
  • "Feeling shit and bitter and angry all the time just... eats away at you."
  • "Hm... No phone credit as usual."
  • "Is that... blood... on the floor?"
  • "I've got to call the police."
  • "Damn it! No signal."
  • "Did I pass out?"
  • "Relax. I'm not one of them."
  • "You shouldn't be here, it's very dangerous."
  • "Are you stupid or something?"
  • "I can't trust you, I don't know if you're real..."
  • "Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!"
  • "Follow the path of inequity, yield not to the light, darkness is your new master."
  • "What the fuck are you talking about?!"
  • "I need help, please!"
  • "Monsters? You're scaring me..."
  • "What are you doing here? Are you hiding up here from those... things?"
  • "I don't know if you know, but I had a pretty hard time at school."
  • "You were... Well, you were pretty much the only person who was kind to me. I wanted to thank you for making my life that little bit more bearable."
  • "You're a cute guy/girl/person, ___."
  • "You're so beautiful, ____"
  • "I've always thought you were just a friend. Nothing more. I'm sorry."
  • "I want to get away from it all. Away from everything. Away from all this."
  • "Bunnies! Everyone loves bunnies!"
  • "Just let me go, ___!"
  • "I got hit by a car, woke up, and these... things have been tying to kill me since."
  • "Everything is... fucked. Could it be that I'm just hallucinating? No. Seriously. Am I? Or is all this just not real?"
  • "I'm confused... I'm just... very confused."
  • "I thought I could handle my emotions, control them, contain them, prove them all wrong, but I was just too weak."
  • "They don't know anything. They only feel the cold touch of their knives."
  • "How they were laughing at me behind their masks when they thought I wasn't looking, laughing at me, thinking they're so good, that they are better than me, pretending to care about me. It's all bullshit!"
  • "I had to take them down with me. They're not laughing any more."
  • "Fuck you."
  • "My friends looked past me and my family abandoned me."
  • "I know you might think I'm not... normal."
  • "Please tell them I'm sorry, I wish them all the best."
  • "I killed them. Shot them both."
  • "I feel better now, more at peace with myself."
  • "I can see the damage I've done."
  • "Sorry man, I'm fucking stoned."
  • "Oh you're gonna regret this. You're gonna regret this BIG TIME!"
Ehy There!

Ehy there everyone! I dropped here just to say a huge SORRY. Sorry because we’re inactive. 
I can speak for me, I’ve had a lot of final exams before holidays, I need to take a test to attend University and I’m studying a lot, there were several health problems in my family so I’ve been through a lot. 
I can’t promise I’ll be back soon, but I’ll be back! 
Please forgive me, forgive us, for the absence. 

I still love all of you, and if you would like to drop a request for an imagine it would be soooo much appreciated and soooo easier because I have time, but I don’t have ideas, I don’t have the time to think but I have time to do things… I don’t know if this makes sense.

Anyway, lots of love for you :* 


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Hey, MOTI (MOI? Which one is it?). I have two things to say. First off: You guys are awesome! The Undertale the musical and Undertale Comic Dubs are amazing, and I loved all of your covers and the lyrical thing for DJ Octavio from Splatoon. Keep up the great work, and don't let anyone make you angry for being impatient fools who don't know how much time talent takes. Secondly: Did Shyner do all of the artwork for the musical, or were there more artists? As I said, keep up the good work, MO(T)I!

All the artists are credited in the video description and in the credits, which, granted, some people don’t read, as evidenced early on by “YOU STOLE THIS FROM PAPAYA MAKES A MIXING BOWL.”

- Alex

The Signs as people I know(Scorpio perspective)
  • Aries: fiery and exciting. know how to have a good time. multi-talanted. making fun of themselves instead of others. either super good guy or bad guy. they do their thing and won't let anyone decide what they should do. the cutest lil beans ever, even though they don't want to appear that way. goofy af and great with words.
  • Taurus: stubborn af, but you still love them. caring and often ask if you're okay. never expecting much from you. geek number one. laughing at their own jokes. the love for food is legit, promise. want to be lazy and relax but feel too much pressure to slow down. socially insecure deep within.
  • Gemini: exhausting roller-coasters. they make you laugh and cry within seconds. always running around, always going somewhere or have things to do. you either love them or hate them. socially relevant, or at least they find it really important and want to be. they feel very deeply. great dance moves.
  • Cancer: great with children. okay I'm sorry. they are the sweetest people, always making you feel important. telling you how much they love you when you need it the most. seeing that your sad when no one else does. smiling at you across the room. very artistic and creative. calm and will calm you down.
  • Leo: very interesting individuals. can be the sassiest people ever but then suddenly burst into laughter. will literally come pick you up from the floor when you have given up. making you feel noticed and listen when no one else will. you can have a blast together if you're both in a happy mood. great grinning. lover of books and knowledge.
  • Virgo: the wittiest humour. would never make fun of you or make you feel uncomfortable in a group of people. you can talk for hours about theories or ideas together. will cheer you up within seconds. very intelligent, in a non know-it-all way. literally so chill.
  • Libra: actually quite unpredictable. almost as good poker-faces as scorpio's. can be nice to you in some situations and with your local group of friends, but distant and shallow with their new friends. keep things from you because they think you will be disappointed in them. depend on the opinion of others.
  • Scorpio: will make you laugh even on your worst days. almost always putting other's problems in front of their own. confident and scared at the same time. fighting for what they believe in even when people speak against them. knowledge is important to them. incredible inner strength when needed.
  • Sagittarius: some of the most humble people I know. sassy and quirky. will take your mind off things. passionate about the film industry. like to try new things. strong confident feminists, no matter what their gender is. will prove their point using their wit. adventure seekers.
  • Capricorn: funny and confident. center of attention, always getting people to laugh to your jokes. strive to be the best. you easily make inside jokes together and both of you will remember them, even the smallest things. coming up with the most random ideas.
  • Aquarius: literally creature from another dimension. thinking and feeling a lot. someone you can always be yourself with and who won't judge you. almost as weird as yourself. appreciates art in many forms. the one you will act like a rebel with. together you sneak out late at night, crashing parties and later sitting on a hill somewhere in silence while listening to your favourite tunes. you are partners in crime and will wear matching lipsticks and skirts.
  • Pisces: will take your mind off the hard things in life. always caring about you but rather showing it in their actions than talking about it. super funny and you always feel at ease hanging out with them. love going to the theater. will sometimes seek your attention for acceptance. really confusing at times.
  • ★ ☆ ★

no but every time someone makes up some ridiculous thing iain is apparently responsible for and talk about how he ruined rbrn and how much he hates them, i die inside. producers have good and bad points, yes, that’s how it works, but if he hated rbrn…. we wouldn’t be getting a christmas episode of them?! chin up and grow up before i literally die of stress bc of ur nonsense

for mamoeru

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Can we talk about the fact that: (oh yeah, might want to tag as spoilers :0) Rohan's last words after EXPLODING are him being concerned with Koichi's safety with complete disregard for his own? Don't know how people can think Rohan is as much of a jerkass as he pretends to be after that. Dude literally isn't even thinking about what just happened to him, and more so cares about it potentially happening to what is likely his closest friend.

THAT CHAPTER SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN BY LITERALLY EVERYONE (and honestly I don’t blame him because he died so many times but) I 100% AGREE WITH YOU


Like??? He always does things out of his own best interest at first glance, but there’s so much more to it especially when lives are in danger and it makes me sad when people reduce him to a fandom joke

The thing is, I love the stories, I love the multitude of versions of the guys that I write, but I have anxiety that makes the total rejection of not really receiving any tangible feedback really hard to take.

It never used to be like this, even for a rarepair, and I don’t know how much confidence I have left to keep sharing something I dedicate hundreds of hours of my time to, but people find so disposable and insignificant that they can’t be bothered to even say they read it.

//…Jesus fuck I haven’t been here in forever have I, sorry about that T_T

In all honesty, Zelda’s muse has been really fickle and almost not here at all, lately, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Granted, I haven’t had much to work with since I haven’t been here to make an effort to get things going, but… idk, guys, I have no idea how to deal with this? Any advice would be welcomed orz

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Have any recent inventions or ideas you'd like to share?

“Funny you should ask! ..Actually, it’s not, because when am I not trying to invent something new and cool? Heheh, but I digress. I’ve actually been developing a brand new model for Metalhead; a completely new design that’s sure to make him way better than last time! That isn’t the only cool thing about him~ but that parts a surprise! Man, this Kraang tech has really taught me so much! I’m excited to see what the guys think when I finally show them!”