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basically i’m just really broke and without a job or car and i can’t go to school right now so it would mean the world to me if you could help me out with this <3 <3

i’m willing to draw any characters or people (and OCs!!) as long as i’m provided references (the more the better)! 

fandoms i’m involved in are haikyuu!!, hunter x hunter, d.gray man, honestly just a lot of anime lmao. also clexa, hannibal idk a lot of things. POINT IS i’m willing to draw anything ha

the rates are as shown above:

  • full body, colored : $30 USD
  • full body linework : $20 USD
  • bust, colored : $15 USD
  • bust linework : $10 USD
    • adding a character is double the price :-)

more examples of my art can be found HERE and past commissions are HERE

if anyone is interested please email me at kyllucontact @ gmail . com!  i take payment in advance through PayPal using invoices!

i would be SUPER GRATEFUL if you guys could help me out and commission me, or reblog this and help spread it around! thank you so much!! ^__^

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But they clicked on the "narrow eyes" before making those comments and people seemed to not take note of that at all. That's literally why dan narrows his eyes. If you watch the video you can clearly see that, they just don't say "narrow eyes" and the narrow eyes do look very sneaky. Please watch the video and stop spreading false info, especially when you have a large following.

god. i was trying my hardest not to keep posting about this but this sort of message is so ridiculous. maybe take a breather and stop to think that if a lot of people felt that that moment was unsettling while they were watching it then the problem is in how the moment itself came across, regardless of exactly where on the screen dan’s cursor was when he said ‘snek’ or how many microseconds had passed between him making a comment and clicking to the next set of eyes or where exactly the jumpcut was positioned in that clip and what it might imply or even whether he was assessing the eyes as facial expressions/emotions rather than eye shapes. none of that shit is even the point here. the point is just that some people listened to that moment and felt put off by it to hear ‘monolid eyes’ and ‘snek eyes’ in the same breath from someone they look up to because that is one of the most common degrading stereotypes for people with that eye feature. dan’s intent in that moment is not the issue. whether or not he clicked off the monolid eyes before saying ‘snek’ is not the issue. it’s just that the overall moment caused people’s feelings to be hurt bc of how it sounded and how you actually can’t tell why dan said it, what he meant, whether he knows what monolid eyes are, whether he intended harm, whether he was talking about the ‘narrow eyes’ and it was just a poorly edited clip. regardless of any of it, people got hurt. that’s just the reality. you don’t get to come into my inbox and accuse me of spreading false info just because you’ve personally decided that the way other people are reacting to this isn’t valid. that’s not your decision to make. 

but for what it’s worth even though you def don’t care, i don’t think dan was talking about the narrow eyes. i think he was clicking around while he was talking and sort of mindlessly clicked onto the next eyes while still talking about the monolid ones. 

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Congratulations again my dear!!! I'm so happy for you!! If I happen to fit on your list may I please have one of your follower gifts? Don't worry though, if you have too many to do already. I'll send my details later in private if that's okay? Thank you! <3 <3 <3

for you, always, babes <333


I ship you with : Gaston

He watched you through the windows of the bookstore, a small smile spreading on his lips.

Of course, he’d find you there.

Gaston literally waited out there for about twenty minutes, until you finally walked out, three books under your arm.

“Oh! Gaston! Hello,” you smiled, almost running into him.

Gaston grabbed your hand and kissed the back of it.

“My Lady. Might I walk you back to your house?”

You raised your eyebrows and started laughing.

“Uhm. Sure, if you have nothing better to do,” you started walking and didn’t wait up for him, but he quickly scurried after you anyways.


no more please.

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Seriously, I’ll send you a free-range, organic pun as soon as I can. 

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hi Eryn, i'd post this on my blog but i don't have many followers. i'm mexican and tomorrow (Nov. 20) there's going to be a huge march in the city, i think is one of the biggest since the Ayotzinapa student's went missing. the police knows about the march and we think there's going to happen something bad. it's very very imporant for all of you who don't live in mexico to spread this and keep an eyes on us. we are alone, scared and unprotected. please don't leave us alone

!!!! spread this!!!

Dear Misha Collins,

Okay, so the likelihood that you’ll actually see this, is probably like .00001% HOWEVER, I have to try.

Next Saturday, March 14th, I have been blessed with a free ticket to Indiana Comic Con, in Indianapolis. And while I’m excited to go anyway, I would be even more excited if you were there, sir. I’m a super broke college student and I will probably never be able to meet you, when in reality, if there’s one celebrity that I could meet, it’d be you. Of course it would be you. You’ve changed my life more than you will ever know.

ANYWAY. If there is any way that you could make it to Indy Comic Con (there is a SPN themed event there on Saturday, so you could come as like a surprise guest), it would really just make my life. This is my first convention and probably my only convention and I wish it was a bigger one, so you could be there, but I was just thinking I could try to get you to come anyway. 

I realize you’re busy doing shoots for Supernatural and being generally awesome and busy and important, so yes, I know it’s a long shot. I get that. But I have to try, because you as Castiel and you as yourself have kept me alive on days I didn’t think I could make it. I really wish you could come. It is a lifetime goal for me to meet you in person.

As for all my followers, please spread this around, so as many people as possible will see it, because you never know. Misha might be one of those people.