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Iwaoi Headcanons:
- Iwaizumi gets all flustered and fussy when Oikawa gives him little kisses on the tip of his nose. But he loves it.
- And Oikawa loves giving them. He sometimes even nibbles a little bit on Iwa’s nose. When he gets all asdfghjkjkAHHHH Iwa-chan, I could bite you!! Because stupid Iwa-chan is too perfect and too good.
- Oikawa loves it when Iwaizumi gives him soft kisses on the forehead.
- Iwaizumi isn’t so good with showing affection in public. He likes to keep things private.
- But once there are home alone he gets sweet and tender.
- He also likes to cuddle and Oikawa loves to take advantage of it.
- I like the idea that they have a terrible sleeping arrangment, lying all over each other, kicking, drooling..etc..
But I also love to think that they actual sleep very peaceful. It’s like making up for all the fighting and banter. They always sleep close, always touching or hugging in some place. No one is always the big or little spoon they always change. It’s like a well known choreography. When Oikawa turns over so does Iwa and takes him in his arm and the other way around. If they move around during night they move together.
- Iwaizumi has difficults to communicate his feelings. For the longest time he lived with the secret that he is in love with his best friend. He couldn’t stand seeing Oikawa talking, flirting and even dating girls.
- Once he got so frustated that he punched a wall and couldn’t play volleyball for almost 4 weeks. Oikawa was furious.
- Against all believes Oikawa doesn’t do much about his hair. It’s fluffy and just flops this way. Of course he uses shampoo and sometimes hair conditioner and he brushes his hair, but he doesn’t really make an efford to style it.
- Iwaizumi doesn’t care about his hair at all. As long as it is healthy and clean it’s all good. He doesn’t care if he uses shampoo or even just shower gel. Sometimes even just soap.
- For his 7th birthday Oikawa invited Iwaizumi to his party and he made his own invitation cards for this. He drew something on it and sticked a little feather he thought was beautiful to the right corner. He wrote Iwaizumi names wrong. It’s cute. Iwaizumi still has this card.
- They had their first volleyball tournanemt when they were about 8. They got terrible defeated. Oikawa couldn’t stop crying.
- This was the first time Iwaizumi didn’t know what do to. He already had seen Oikawa crying but not like this. This day he swore to get better, stronger and be able to win.

Frozen Dragon AU: Elsa (part 1/5ish)

(this is going to be really disjointed because I am very tired atm, will fix after i’ve had a nap.)

The basics: everybody is a dragon. Ordinary dragons are born with two breath weapons: fire (constantly burning; they go into shock if it goes out), and a secondary one that differs based on their personality. Dragon!Anna is an ordinary dragon and her secondary breath weapon makes flowers grow; Dragon!Elsa was born without fire but her secondary weapon - ice - is ten times stronger than it should be. As such, she is vulnerable to fire, but also poses a threat to ordinary dragons because, as she found out when she and her sister were little - her ice can extinguish dragons’ fire. So she hides, afraid she might hurt her sister again, or another dragon.

When Elsa and Anna’s parents are killed by dragon slayers, the leadership of the flock falls to Elsa. After it becomes obvious that Elsa cannot breathe fire, she flees, flying high into the mountains, where she builds an icy lair, recognizes the beauty in her powers, Anna comes to bring her back, you know the rest.

A note on Elsa’s appearance above: her snowflake crest is made of ice, it’s not part of her. She made it, and the spikes along her spine, and the vaguely hexagonal scales on her back and neck, at the same time canon Elsa switched from the normal dress to the ice dress. She looked so funky without the crest though I didn’t want to draw her without it. Same goes for Anna’s hat.

Higher resolution file because Tumblr is a butt: you know you want to see all those details close up


Bless your mind anon! This was super fun to draw~ I sort of got carried away with the hair tho, imagine Ravi with seaweed hair omg (≧∇≦)

DGM - Kanda (& Lena) saves Lavi, P2!

Yes, yes, YES!!! to Kanda and Lenalee saving Lavi together! \^w^/
So to continue on your amazing ideas, imagine this: 

- - - - - 

* Lvellie trying to get a hold of Lavi to interrogate him for information about the Noah(s), because he will do anything to get enough information to win the war. 

* Lenalee being tired of Lvellie’s shit, and she refuses to let Lvellie interrogate Lavi like he’s a suspect/enemy. Kanda doesn’t like Lvellie either, so he gladly joins Lenalee in their mission to keep Lavi away from Lvellie. Lavi doesn’t complain about this - he can’t stand the guy (Lvellie) either after what he did to Lenalee, so it’s always a plus to mess with Lvellie.

* Kanda staying guard outside the nursery/hospital to make sure Lvellie doesn’t enter while Lenalee takes care of Lavi inside, reassuring Lavi that he’s safe now and they’ll make sure he never gets captured and/or tortured again by any enemy again. Lenalee let’s it stay unsaid if she considers Lvellie to be an enemy. Lavi doesn’t dare to ask.

* In the beginning Lavi “is sleeping and shouldn’t be disturbed” when Lvellie tries to enter the nursery/hospital to get a hold of Lvellie, but when Lavi eventually is released from the nursery/hospital Kanda and Lenalee immediately make sure at least one of them is always with Lavi at all times.

* Kanda being disturbed by just how quiet Lavi is now. He has to restrain himself from not shaking Lavi and ask him why aren’t you talking!??

* Lenalee takes Lavi to the roofs with the help of her boots. They just sit there, no matter the weather, and Lavi just enjoys being able to sit outside and enjoy the summer. No one looks for them up there, so both of them get some deserved peace and quiet.

* After Lavi falls asleep with his head on Lenalee’s shoulder she’s the one to carry him to Kanda’s room, because like hell they’re going to let Lavi sleep on his own, and no one without a death-wish dares to enter Kanda’s room uninvited.

* They can’t avoid Lvellie forever, so eventually Lavi is taken down to “leave a statement” about everything which happened and Lenalee is not allowed to follow. Good luck making Kanda leave though - he’s a general and will take no shit. He joins the room and the “discussion”, to be there for Lavi and make sure Lvellie behaves. It’s a good thing he does.

* The “talk” starting somewhat well, but the more angrily Lvellie press for details the more stressed Lavi becomes while he remembers everything, because this is too much like what he was just saved from. 
He gets a panic-attack, and Kanda doesn’t care what Lvellie says and leaves with Lavi right there and then, going straight to Lenalee with Lavi.

* Once he calms down Lavi brokingly admits to Kanda and Lenalee he has never hated his eidetic/photography memory as much as he does now.

* Lavi just looking so BROKEN and asking, pleading/begging, to not have to go back in there with Lvellie and the rest of CROW:

* Lavi would still eventually be forced to leave a statement, but this time Kanda and Lenalee make sure to take him to Komui instead. Lvellie and the Crow are banned from the room and Lenalee is allowed to stay in the room together with the rest.

* Lenalee holding Lavi’s hand tightly and crying while Lavi slowly begins to tell Komui and the others what happened to him and Bookman.

* Kanda needing to resist the urge to run back to the Noah(s) and make sure to inflict 1000 times worse pain than they’ve done against Lavi.

- - - - - 
I want them to be HAPPY, but it’s also just too easy to come up with angsty stuff like this, especially since something like this also could happen in canon. ;_; Oh, and sorry, this became rather long as well.
I hope you don’t mind that… ^_^;

Also, thank you so much for your kind words about my video - they make me happy. ♥ 

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Do you have any other great ideas for this? :) //JT

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Oh, man…of course Rouvelier would be involved. And Lavi knows all about how intense his interrogations could be. As a coping mechanism, he probably shuts “Lavi” off and becomes “Bookman Junior,” but he doesn’t realize that his trauma runs too deep to ignore. 

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