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Taehyung at the BBMAs is gonna be a fucking blast. He’s gonna have everyone whipped in a matter of seconds. The camera men is gonna cut to him and his extra ass is gonna be snorting a line of crushed up smarties as he twerks on top of a table. He’s gonna have everyone floored by his god like visuals and amazing stage presence. By the end of it, Beyonce will name one of her twins Taehyung and the other V. 

Mugs likes hearing his giant gf talk about her day (sorry I didn’t have my sketchbook with me, Just putting my idea out there! I think this would be cute!)

  • *in a cab; on the way to the christening*
  • Molly: *happily* Oh isn't this exciting? I bet she looks lovely. And John and Mary are wonderful parents...
  • Sherlock: *on his phone* Mmm.
  • Molly: *sighs* Oh, her name is just beautiful *giggles* I always wanted to name my daughter Persephone.
  • Sherlock: *glances at her*
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Hey, I was eleven at the time and really into all that mythology stuff.
  • Sherlock: *still typing* There are worse names for a child than Persephone Holmes.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* Why would it be Holmes?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I always assumed you'd take your husband's name.
  • Molly: *scoffs* Yeah, well, I'm not going to marry Mycroft!
  • Sherlock: *confused* We've been sleeping together and you think-
  • Molly: *giggles* No, I mean, I just thought you weren't the marrying kind.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Sex, Molly. I don't do that with just anyone.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You love me?
  • Sherlock: Obviously.
  • Molly: *smirks* I'm sorry? I didn't catch that.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I love you.
  • Molly: *takes his hand* I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *coughs* So you'll...marry me, then?
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Of course I will.

I’m sure that this complaint about the twilight series has been made before and it’s literally like 7 years too late to complain abt this but you know what fuck it. I’m pissed off that a vampire that was in the series for literally less than like 5 pages got her own novella while Leah Clearwater got zip. She’s the only fucking female werewolf and no one knows why and i think it’s mentioned over several books (at least I think so, it;s been a while since i read them). So instead of releasing a story about her, we get this girl that i literally didn’t care enough abt to even remember her name. Like I’m sorry but there is a perfectly interesting character that could have a legitimate story about being a lesbian/bisexual character or possibly trans and that somehow playing into how she is a werewolf but nope here’s a side character that no one cared about or even bothered to remember until Meyer wrote a novella for her.


Aesthetic trade with @theghostlymuse ~! Sorry this took so long I struggled a little bit with pulling this off pffbt but I think it came out ok!

I know how you like your skellies and seeing the skull in that aesthetic board I knew what I had to do. I’ve had this idea for a while now and thought you may like it~

She’s a vaguely creepy looking crystal pony usually, but when it rains her colors invert and glowing skeleton markings appear. In flashes of lightning, you can see her purely as a skeleton with glowing purple eyes. She’s mysterious and aloof, and no one’s really sure about her motives, or where she was during Sombra’s reign. 

Hope you like her~!

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Hi Annalise! Do you think you and your friend (I'm sorry I don't know their name) @anonbea would collaborate on any art projects? Because I love both of your art so much! Anyway, hope you have a great week!

@anonbea (Shan) and I ARE making something actually!

A story about my beekeeper witch Lavander, and Shan’s cute buff baker lady Mari (this post has Mari and her sister Rosa). The story is a work in progress at the moment, but it will be called Blumenbrot. Here is a picture I drew of them, that I never uploaded anywhere.

We’re not 100% sure how we’re gonna do it, whether we each draw certain chapters or work on seperate elements within the comic structure. But we do want to flesh out their story and make some sort of comic/illustration thing for them.

Swan Queen Chat Fic
  • *Emma is with Snow, getting ready for her wedding. Snow is fixing Emma's hair while she stands in front of the mirror. Regina walks into the room, slowly, and tensely.*
  • Regina: Snow? Could we... Could Emma and I have a moment alone... please?
  • Snow: Oh. Um. Sure! Okay.
  • *Snow leaves the room, closing the door behind her.*
  • Regina: Today's the day, huh?
  • Emma: It is.
  • Regina: You don't seem particularly excited.
  • Emma: I am.
  • Regina: Are you sure? Has the pirate bribed you into saying that? Has he--
  • Emma: (Angrily) His name is Killian.
  • Regina: Right. Killian. I'm sorry.
  • *Regina is tearing up. Emma catches on, and her face softens.*
  • Emma: Regina? What's wrong? Why are you crying?
  • Regina: Nothing. I'm just... happy for you. That's all.
  • Emma: I know that face, Regina. Something's wrong. I know you.
  • *Regina steps closer to Emma, until they are only a few feet away.*
  • Regina: Why... Why are...
  • Emma: What?
  • Regina: Why are you marrying him?
  • Emma: (Pause) He loves me.
  • Regina: And do you really love him?
  • Emma: I...
  • Regina: Do you really want to marry him?
  • Emma: Regina. What are trying to say?
  • Regina: I love you. I love you, Emma. I can't watch this happen without saying anything. I love you.
  • *Emma closes the gap between them, pulling Regina into a tight hug.*
  • Emma: Regina... I love you too. Oh, God, Regina... I love you too.
  • Snow: (Bursting through the door) I KNEW IT. I ALWAYS KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT. (Calling) DAVID, IT HAPPENED. GET IN HERE.

Just want to make it clear that even though @honxrable and I frequently do modern au’s in modern America, when I picture the characters, Zuko is an Asian man and Katara has brown skin. Thank you.

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Does Veruca do roller derby? If not, would she like to? Sorry if you've been asked this before, and I love your art and your ocs!

yes she loves to skate, she and Glam have skate practice together,  it’s a great sport for her to get some aggression out, she’s a little overprotective of Glam though, someone accidentally elbowed her bestie in the face and they’re about to catch some hands in the parking lot. Don't worry her spikes are foam haha also  Verucas roller derby name is “MENSTRUAL PSYCHO” (like menstrual cycle)

  • Trini: *rolls over and feels her bed is empty* Where did you go?
  • Kimberly: *from the bathroom* Hold on babe!
  • Trini: *rolls to her other side and opens her eyes and sees her little brothers smiling at her*
  • Kimberly: *walks out of the bathroom two toothbrushes* Sorry. They ran out of toothpaste. I didn't mean to wake you.
  • Trini: *sits up in bed* Go back to your room. I'll be out to make breakfast in 10 minutes.
  • *the brothers leave the room*
  • Kimberly: *sits on the bed and pulls Trini into her* Wanna cuddle for ten minutes?
  • Trini: *sighs happily* Please. Thank you for helping them.
  • Kimberly: You know you don't have to thank me for that.
  • Trini: *sleepily* I know.

Elita and Optimus composed themselves so well in the public optic. 

Oh no, they rarely touched, but every once in a while one might see them pass in the hallway or in a meeting room, or… anywhere, and they would lean in for a moment, just a breath, and whisper something so silent that their audios would shift.
What could they be saying? It had happened often enough that speculations had arisen… Something sweet, no doubt. Something to make a youngling gag. Mushy.

Elita: *walks down a hallway with Chromia* *sees Optimus talking with Magnus

Optimus: *glances at her and leans back on his ped juuust the slightest* 

Elita: *right behind her mate as she passes*

Elita: *whispers* Neeerrrd

Optimus: *whispers back* Dweeb

Elita: *gasps*

I got bored at work so I borrowed a pencil and did this. Side note: I felt like a creepy stalker/fangirl doodling my idol’s name in her notebook, @euclase I’m sorry I swear I don’t have three million photos of you on my wall or anything.

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Emotions are a luxury I/we don't have time for. Rebelcap of course.

Sometimes your name is Sward. Sometimes it is Willix. And maybe if you are lucky, sometimes it is the name your parents gave you. 

Sometimes your name is Kestrel. Sometimes it is Lianna. And maybe if you are very lucky, it is never the name your parents gave you. 

There is a girl here, in the Rebellion. She has a nice smile and a nice laugh, but your droid says it’s “too loud” and will “surely alert enemies to her presence.” Sometimes she brings you caf. Another time she offers something, because it’s cold here, because you’re lonely, because you’re sixteen and you’ve killed your first man in cold blood and you can’t stop shaking. You accept the offer and the warmth only serves to give you bad dreams, where you drown in blood. You never take her up on that offer again.

There is a boy here, with the Partisans. He’s got broad shoulders and a booming laugh, and constantly being scolded for using it after battle. He’s quick with a blaster and better with bombs and you teach him how to pick locks. Sometimes you catch him looking at you, not with revolutionary zeal, but with something like affection, fondness, speculation. One of his front teeth is chipped but you don’t mind. His bombmaker’s hands are steady and clever with your shirt. You are left in a bunker at sixteen and never see him again.  

This is an Imperial uniform and you think you might strangle in it. Your voice is polished, precise and crisply accented; you haven’t used your own voice in ages. You can’t remember the last time anyone said your name, the one your parents gave you. You leave the facility with data tucked into your uniform and no one says your name until your droid says crossly back on your ship, There you are Cassian and you think might you might weep.

This is an imitation shimmersilk dress and it hides the fact you haven’t eaten in three days. You smile dangerously at the smirking smuggler across the table and slide data cards discretely across the table. This is just another job, another face that will be discarded come morning, and by then hopefully, you will be off-planet. The forgeries aren’t your best work, but they’ll pretty good when your materials were utter bantha fodder. You smirk and retort and only once have to make sure the knife you have is still strapped to your thigh. You make it out of that cantina and it’s on, on, on and there hasn’t been any tears left in your for three years.

 There is a body in the alleyway. You left it there, with the words planet killer ringing in your ears. You do not believe it. You do not want to believe it. But it rings uncomfortably true after everything that you’ve heard. You run across rooftops and slide down walls and you think, I didn’t have to kill him, I had to kill him, I want to mourn, I have no time for sorrows. Emotions are luxury you cannot afford.

There is an offer here. They broke you out of Wobani, they want you to find Saw, they want you to find your father, and part of you wants to laugh and laugh and laugh until you choke on the furious grief and betrayal and the rest of you wants to spit on the gentle we’ll make sure you go free, but there is no time for that now. You take the offer, you watch the captain and you think, you I will watch, you I will be on the lookout for, you, I want to see where you are at all times. You prefer not to think too closely on why. It’s not something you can afford.

“The time to fight is now–” 

“Rebellions are built on hope–”

This is Scarif. You will die here, as surely as anything.

You are not alone, and for this, you are so grateful. 

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It's me, Chantilly lace anon! I was not expecting that (and I mean this as in woah Chelsea, you are an exceptional writer!) But I'm dying to know the aftermath. Don't leave anon hanging after serving that slice serve (sorry I make bad tennis analogies).

No one lets me be evil. Jk I don’t let myself be evil. I’m chaotic neutral at best.

Here you go anon, I have a soft spot for people calling me by my name. Sequel to this!


He thinks of himself like furniture when he does this to her, thinks of himself as something owned and familiar, as traversable in the dark as a decade long set up. It always surprises him when she startles and drops her keys on the floor, or her groceries, or that one time she nearly stripped. He comes with the place. He comes wherever she is.

Tonight he keeps the light on and he sprawls out on the couch. He’s not exactly owned, he’s not exactly familiar. She barely jumps when she finds him this time.

“Mulder?” She hurries to shut and lock the door behind her, dropping her purse and keys on the side table before rushing over to him. “Are you okay? Why are you here?” She feels his forehead, combs her fingers through his hair.

He studies her openly as she hunches over him. Not a hair out of place, no bruises or bite marks, and her mouth is as lipsticked dried-berry matte as it was when she left him in the office. Her clothes aren’t rumpled. Not even close. Nothing – nothing happened then. It’s eleven at night. If it had happened, if it had been him… she cocks her head when she’s concentrating, and there’s this spot on her jaw. His teeth, there. And on her neck. Pick a place any place. Her throat her ears his tongue his lips. He would pay for the dry cleaning. He would have kept the bra. At the very least she wouldn’t look like this. Like nothing happened. Nothing happened.


“Why are you here, Mulder?” She repeats, but this time she sounds tired. There’s a case, Scully. There’s a wart on my ass, I need you to look. There was an accident on the beltway and I had to make sure it wasn’t you. You’re dead wrong on biorhythms. Just here to say hi. What’s up. How are you.

“Scully, were you out with someone?” The words are thick like a foreign language – because they are. This is not their doublespeak, their runaround, their foot soldier-careful navigation of landmines and tripwire. But it doesn’t feel wrong. Not like he was so sure it would.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business,” she replies, more curious than defensive. She eyes him warily and joins him on the couch, sitting at the farthest end.

“I almost kissed you,” he blurts out. “Over the summer. We never talked about what that meant.”

Her mouth works around nothing. She hugs herself. “The hallway,” she says mildly. “You’re bringing up the hallway. You’re bringing it up now.”

“It had to come up,” he grits, almost through his teeth. If he shakes her now, by the sword-sharp set of her shoulders, he’d leave her wrinkled. Her shirt would bunch up under his fingers and crease around her elbows, and maybe the collar would flip up. “You know that, Scully.” She shakes her head and it feels annoyingly like they’re in the office, like they’re arguing a case. “You’re saying we could pretend it never happened. That you could pretend it never happened.”

“No, I’m saying it wouldn’t have come up. Mulder, you never would have brought it up.”

“I just did.”

“And why did you?” He stays quiet. To him it doesn’t matter why or how or even when, it just matters that it was brought up. Now they can talk about this. Now they can fix this. “You brought it up to prove a point. You brought it up to be right about something, but God knows what you’ve decided to martyr yourself for this time.”

“I’m bringing it up because we have to talk about it. We almost kissed, Scully.” His voice lowers, something hot stings the back of his throat. “And it wouldn’t have ended there. Not with all we were saying and feeling. We ignored it because you were taken and things aren’t great right now but shit, look what it’s doing to us. You don’t even trust my intentions. You ask why I’m bringing up the hallway. That should be obvious to you.”

“I considered myself warned.” He frowns at her. “I didn’t want to make anything too personal.” He shakes his head and clenches his jaw.

“Don’t do that, Scully. Don’t take an entirely different set of circumstances and use my words with an entirely different context to dig yourself out of this.”

She cocks her chin and her eyebrow at the same time, stares at him through flesh and bone and kills the cells of him with just that look. “And just what am I digging myself out of?” She asks, hushed and unwavering. “Are you saying I did something to you?” And he feels it that yes, she did. Yes, you did do something to me. Now apologize so we can make up. Now apologize so we can make up. Now apologize so we can make up. “That I can’t even try to be happy without you making it all about yourself?”

Systems failure. He shuts down, her eyes a blue screen of death, their shallow breathing the beep, beep, beep of something wrong and coded. “He makes you happy,” he says blankly.

“I didn’t – ” air whistles through her nose as her face falls, but he’s not looking at her. “I didn’t say that.”

“That’s good.” He means it in a way.


“I’m happy that you’re happy.”

“Will you–”

“Don’t tell him that exploding cadaver story. It’s a great story. I love it. But it’s gross, Scully. You’re weird sometimes.”

“Jesus, will you just–”

“That’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. But maybe hold that one in until the sixth month anniversary or–”

Shut up!” Scully shouts, and he snaps his mouth shut and falls back against the couch. They sit in awkward silence, with Scully holding her head in her hands.

“I should go,” he says finally. There are a million meanings in it, none he’ll ever really follow through with. He should go, though. He really should.

“Don’t,” Scully demands roughly. Okay. Alright. He can put the hurt away and revisit it later. They say it’s better fermented. Fine wine. They say you can really tell the difference.

“What do you want me to say, Scully?” He whispers. She shakes her head and looks away and he knows there are tears in her eyes and he’s sorry he ever said anything. “Tell me what you want me to say.”

Her breath hitches. Her shirt is all bunched up in the middle. Her hand falls off of her lap and she inches it toward him, an offering, a sacrifice, something. He tentatively takes it in his own.

The Stanley Parable Sentence Starters.
  • ((Feel free to change pronouns as needed))
  • "You heartless bastard."
  • "Well, I've come to a very definite conclusion about what's going on right now. You're dead."
  • "Whatever you do choose it! Don't let time choose for you!"
  • "Okay, yep, it's worse."
  • "Good job [Name], everyone thinks you are very powerful."
  • "I'm not your enemy, really, I'm not."
  • "I think I feel... happy. I actually feel happy."
  • "Oh... thank god. You lived. You had me worried there for a moment."
  • "Even the diamonds couldn't save this one."
  • "[Name] was so bad at following directions it's incredible [he/she/they] wasn't fired years ago."
  • "Just walk around in circles for a minute."
  • "We're intelligent people, right? Why can't we make up our own story?"
  • "Make sure you study it closely and remember it carefully."
  • "Onward, [Name], to destiny!"
  • "You're not supposed to be here, yet! This is all a spoiler! Quick, [Name], close your eyes!"
  • "I want to watch you for every moment that you're powerless, to see you made humble."
  • "It's your time to shine! You are the star! It's your story now; shape it to your heart's desires."
  • "My life is normal, I am normal. Everything will be fine. I am okay."
  • "No, this couldn't go any way except badly."
  • "Do you have zero consideration for others?"
  • "And this time, suppose we don't wander so far off track, hm?"
  • "Yes, this is exciting! Just me and [Name], forging a new path, a new story!"
  • "Now, I'm not asking for me, I'm asking for her."
  • "Oh look at these two! How they wish to destroy one another! How they wish to control one another! How they both wish to be free."
  • "Ah, second player! It's good to have you on board. I guarantee you can't do any worse than the person who came before you."
  • "Sorry to break it to you, [Name], but that lift isn't coming back."
  • "I'm going to try to make this as miserable as possible and we'll see how long you can maintain."
  • "Nope! Still on board with death."
  • "I wanted us to be happy here, [Name], I really did."
  • "Don't tell me you're scared; that's not the [Name] I know!"
  • "Do it! Do it! DO IT! Do it, do it, do it, do it!"
  • "Oops, looks like I was wrong. How clumsy of me."
  • "I'll say it: This is the worst adventure I've ever been on."
  • "If I can make it through this door I can make it through them all."
  • "Isn't this a fun and unique place to be?"
  • "I'm at the mercy of an entire species, of invalids."
  • "Can you see? Can you see how much they need one another?"
  • "Ah, now this is making things a little more fun, isn't it, [Name]?"
  • "This is not a challenge. It's a tragedy."
  • "Ah, yes. Truly a room worth admiring."
  • "You need to be the one to do this, to reach out to [him/her/them]."
  • "Who'd want to commit their life to you?"
  • Adrien: I have this character I created named Vivian Feldman who's like a call in psychic and she gives advice from her tub. Cuz I don't know how to cry, so when I'm-
  • Marinette: I'm sorry what?
  • Adrien: I don't really know, I don't do that. I don't do that, so when I'm really sad I just put on all my favorite jewelry and I sit in my tub as Vivian.
  • Nino: ...that's really sad.
  • Adrien: It's nice.
drake & josh;; starter sentences
  • "There's a NEW Jersey?"
  • "Are you calling me a liar?"
  • "I ain't calling you a truther!"
  • "I don't care. I like it on my face."
  • "Pip pip da doodly do!"
  • "Maybe 'E' means 'extra fuel'!"
  • "That is not my job."
  • "I have dreams. And sometimes, in those dreams, things happen to you."
  • "Dude, when life hands you free nachos, you don't question it!"
  • "Hang on, I'm doing something really important!"
  • "I love this album more than I love myself."
  • "Whoa, just take it easy, man."
  • "So my foot's totally stuck in there, right, I'm freaking out, the dog's having a seizure and I still got half a pie left."
  • "You should date whoever you want to date."
  • "So I don't like her, big deal."
  • "If you make fun of me one more time, I'm gonna tell everyone we know that you named your favorite pillow Mr. Puff Puff."
  • "I don't like half the girls I date."
  • "Nice going, you ran over your sister!"
  • "I hope you go bald!"
  • "I hope they cancel Oprah!"
  • "I'm really glad someone invented pizza."
  • "Well, sorry doesn't sweeten my tea!"
  • "Whoa, that cat IS fancy."
  • "Don't you have a rib to nibble?"
  • "You sicken me."
  • "You're the worst!"
  • "Look, I was wrong, okay?"
  • "I need you, I need you way more than you need me."