i don't have anything bad to say about him

I hate seeing posts complaining about how Josh treats people. He’s a darling, I promise. But in certain situations he’s known to get uncomfortable and react badly. We know this as fans, and I’d really appreciate it if people would stop bashing him for having a human reaction to something. I’m not saying to put him on a pedestal and that he’s never done anything bad or said anything rude, but please remember that he never asked to be famous and admired. He’s a human, a sweet one, but still human.

  • <b> What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p><b>What she means:</b> having Cedric become a Death Eater under any type of circumstances is an insult to him, his very character, and his House. Yes, we've learned throughout the main series that people from all walks of life and backgrounds are capable of anything- good or bad. But we also got a very clear look of what kind of man Cedric was by his actions. He demanded a rematch even after winning Quidditch when he found out Harry had fainted. He then told his father off for bragging about it because he didn't want attention brought to it. It was clear to EVERYONE, even Death Eater Barry Crouch Jr. that Cedric was noble, because he knew Cedric would tip Harry off about the golden egg clue, to return the favor. He insisted Harry take the Triwizard Cup. Harry could see Cedric take in all the glory such a victory would bring him, and he TURNED IT DOWN FOR HARRY. Therefore, this man, so selfless and kind and the embodiment of Hufflepuff House's values, would never be a Death Eater and to suggest otherwise is an insult to him. Remember the real Cedric. Remember a man who was brave and strong and kind. Remember Cedric...<p>