i don't have any inspiration today


Today MK Talks Acting is back on my channel, and I’m talking about something rather uncomfortable that we all have to do at some point, whether you’re an actor or not: working with people you don’t like. This was inspired by an ask I got here on tumblr a while ago! Hope what I have to say is helpful, and let me know if there are any other topics you’d like to hear me discuss in this series!

Shawn's Houston Q&A Breakdown
  • "Do you have any pets?
  • -I use to had a hamster, a cat but she was super old, and 2 birds but one flew away last week"
  • "Who inspired you to write songs?
  • "Lots of people, Ed Sheeran was a big inspiration of mine, so is John Mayer."
  • Someone spoiled Grey's Anatomy for Shawn today lmao "I'm not there yet okay", poor him
  • A fan: how do you feel when you go home?
  • Shawn said he loves it but it feels different since he's moved to Toronto
  • "I don't mind lettuce. I can dig lettuce sometimes. Not tomatoes, don't mind lettuce though."
  • Shawn said there's a lot of things going on right now but that we will see them soon
  • "when did you start playing guitar?
  • -I started when I was 14"
  • "What's your favorite music video you filmed?
  • -I think either Mercy or TNHMB, they were very challenging cause it had a lot of acting"

Back in June, the month I graduated from my university, I was offered the unique opportunity to write a Star Wars fan film that was commissioned by my school. It just came out today, and I’m super proud of it and all the work that went into this project. Having been inspired to be a screenwriter from Star Wars, seeing it come to life through my words was something I can’t forget. If any of you want to see it, here it is.

Happy Birthday, Chim

To the boy who honestly helped me to become a stronger person, motivated me to practice empathy, pushed me to explore all possibilities, inspired me to understand, to forgive, to love, to learn, to not be afraid to grow, and, ultimately, to love myself. Thank you.

I know it’s only been a short time since I’ve been been your fan (but really, who am I kidding, I’ve liked you since way back in 2014 but it just took me awhile to realize it), I can’t emphasize enough the impact you and Bangtan as a whole have had on me. I’m happier, stronger, and I’ve grown up so much through listening to your music. Your constant pursuit of seeing the best in people, loving unconditionally, always pushing yourself to become better, and your humility have helped me to understand who I am as a person, what I want out of life, and who I want to be.

I know these are just words on some website that you’ll never see, and that’s fine. I just want you and everyone else to know that becoming your fan was one of the best decisions of my life. So thank you. Thank you. I hope your birthday (despite having to travel and rehearse) is as magical, inspiring, bright, and amazing as you are. You deserve it, Jimin. You really do.

Clone Wars: Senator Amidala’s Hairstyles

Season 1 Episode 11 - “Dooku Capture”

Season 1 Episode 17 - “Blue Shadow Virus”

Season 1 Episode 22 - “Hostage Crisis”

And this is her “I’m not a Senator today, i’m a badass” look:

rinellawashere  asked:

Hey Matt, I need some advice. My best friend and I have been planning to start an LP channel for almost a year (inspired by you guys, actually). We finally decided it was time to start, so I spent almost $300 at the start of the month to get an Elgato and a mic. Today, three days of recording sessions later, he says he's not sure he really wants to do this. What do I do now? I'm $300 deep, and really wanted this. I can't go solo- I don't own a computer to process footage. Any advice?

If he doesn’t have interest, just let him wander off and watch his Street Fighter tournaments. He’ll regret it later.

Real answer though, you actually need to put the content out there, if people like it, or you get positive comments (even if starts off small view wise) a favorable reception might be enough to turn him around.

If that doesn’t work, get a new cooler and stronger friend to help you out.

anonymous asked:

So today I was discussing a septum piercing that I've been thinking about getting with my male co-worker and he was all, "Please, don't do it! Pretty girls shouldn't ruin their faces with ugly piercings!! No dudes will like that! Nobody looks pretty with that!" So I channeled my inner Slayboybunny and proceeded to school that darsh re: my agency over my own body and the fact that other's concepts of beauty do not have any impact on my own concept of beauty. Thanks for the inspiration. <3


anonymous asked:

I don't understand why you are getting any hate at all,just for posting a rly good selfie? that's kind of silly?? I hope u the hate stops quickly but the love carries on!! u are so cute and I hope you have a good rest of the day :•3

Thank you. I guess It’s just a few toe bitters that just want to swirl up some anger and doubts. I’m just trying to ignore or delete them for the most part.

Heck, once classes are done I’m gonna do a doodle for today. I don’t think I’ve been this inspired, motivated, and confident in my life.

anonymous asked:

I'm having a hard time finding myself right now, I'm in my last year of undergrad. Is it okay? I feel like I'm wasting my time chasing something that I have a hard time understanding. I really don't have anything, like yourself, that really inspires me. I'm feeling like a complete failure, do you have any advice as an inspired adult for an uninspired child. Have a good day.

Well, first off, I also feel like a complete failure, literally all the time. Earlier today when I was eating by myself and ran into a friend and her husband? Yes. I’m a failure. What about earlier today when I was going to the movies by myself and ran into a pal and his hot new girlfriend and I was carrying a big bag of secondhand clothes that I had just bought? Yes. I am a failure. Oh! Oh! Maybe earlier today when I was reading in a coffee shop by myself and ran into an ex and her new boyfriend whom I’m pretty sure is on the new NCIS? Oh yes. FAILURE CITY. I’m not sure that feeling of failure ever really goes away (especially not when you live in a goddamn neighborhood where all the rest of your friends live and you’re 6′3″ and have white hair and a brown beard), but you know what? Feeling like a failure is okay. Who cares? Whatever, man. We’re all just trying to get by, you know? Take heart in the fact that you are MOST CERTAINLY not alone on that score. 

Here’s the thing about inspiration, and it’s something that took me a while to come to terms with: For me, “being inspired” is not a reactive thing - it’s a proactive thing. I actively seek out new books, movies, paintings, parts of the city, and real life human beings (just to name a couple things) for inspiration. I can’t speak for other creative people, but I don’t think anybody just sits in their apartment and waits for inspiration to knock on the door. I certainly don’t - and if I did, I’d never get inspired by anyone but the guy who brings me my Chinese food (to be fair, Hank does have some pretty great stories about his recent Tinder dates but they don’t really fit into the inspiration department unless you find stories about feeling some girl’s fake boobs “inspiring”). 

Point: In my experience, you have to keep looking and looking and looking for new things to eat up and new experiences to enjoy and on and on until you’re inspired. It’s not a bolt of lightning. It’s a process.

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