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PSA for the EmiMike/MichEmil fandom!

Update! Here is the masterpost! Please reblog that as well as this post to spread the word around ♥

There are quite a few EmiMike shippers here and I feel like I follow most of them (and we even have our own badge!)

(credits go to @emimiketrash)

And that got me thinking that I also know quite a few Italian fans, which is great and it would be very helpful if I ever needed to translate something for a fic, except, you know, I’m Italian and I don’t really need that? Anyway, what I would need is to know some Czech fans, and I realized I know none.

And then I thought that others might be in my same situation and it just hit me, “Why not make a masterpost of lovely Italian and Czech people who would be willing to translate stuff for EmiMike writers?” 

I find that adding a few sentences/words in their native language is always really realistic and depending on what kind of fic you’re writing it might even be necessary, and while I wait for more EmiMike inspiration to hit me for a future fic, I thought it would be nice to do something for this little but lovely part of the fandom. (And for the record, if you need to translate anything to Italian, always feel free to message me and ask!)

(Of course, this is also true for any fanartists needing to write stuff in their fanart/comics!)

In order to make this masterpost I need names! So please:

  • Reblog to help me spread the word ♥
  • REBLOG + WRITE if you’re Italian or Czech and willing to be in this list (please don’t just write it in the tags because it makes my job more difficult)

I really hope this thing works out, please let me or anyone in the squad know if you have any more ideas for this ship!

anonymous asked:

hi arc can i ask a question that seems a bit silly even as i write it? how do you keep being so brave about your fanwork? i used to post a lot of fic when i was younger before all the like holier than thou purity politics stuff happened. but the purity politics stuff sort of... made me scared to interact with fandom? like i want to write and post the fics i have ideas for but i'm SCARED and i don't really know how to?? stop being scared i guess? idk i can't really get my thoughts down now sorry

(scared anon) i just guess i was wondering if you had any advice on like pushing past that fear and just doing fanwork without being scared of how people might react?

Oh, honey.

Christ, lemme think about it….

1. I flat out do not follow any “main” tags. In RT, I never followed #ragehappy. In Borderlands, I never followed #rhack or anything. In HS, I don’t follow any ship tag. So I literally do not see most negativity. This is helpful because people like being dicks in tags and to put their shitty vagueblogging in there, but are often too fucking cowardly to come at you personally.

90% of the time, my awareness that people resent me for having “””impure””” popular fics comes from friends giving me a heads up that someone is talking shit. And when they do, I block that person.

2. Relevant to the above: It took me a long time to understand that people resent my fics being popular, not their actual subject matter. It’s a jealousy thing. I have written some filth that never got really popular, and no one gave a shit. It’s only when I start getting a lot of comments and kudos that suddenly I’m the Great Satan. Keeping in mind that bitches be jealous super helps.

Most recent example: people didn’t start to talk shit about ASAFAF until I started to see fanart based on the story. C’mon.

3. I genuinely believe in the diversity of stories we tell. Like, gushing gold is a great example of a fic I deeply enjoyed writing and sharing, but that I also knew was not for everyone. But it was for some people.

When you are writing a subject matter that you are passionate about, understand that other people are going to be passionate about it too. There are people who need difficult or uncomfortable stories told to affirm they aren’t alone, to help work through rare subject matter, to just enjoy in a world that doesn’t offer them much media.

No story is for everyone, but every story is for someone. Take pride in that.

4. No, really. Block people. Block anyone who makes you uncomfortable, and never look back.

I know it’s apparently a Thing, to block someone, then check in on them? I don’t do this. Once someone is blocked, they no longer exist in my universe.

5. Avoid younger fans. This obviously applies to older fen like me, but broadly speaking, this purity politics culture comes from younger fans attacking older fans, and a lack of understanding that Fandom is a place for a wide group of people with disparate experiences and interests.

Not all young fans are part of that, obviously, but… if someone young enjoys my stuff, I’m glad. I hope they like it. But I avoid deep discussion and interaction and attempts to befriend me, because I am 27 years old and write porn on the internet and shouldn’t be talking to young folks. If anyone doesn’t understand the logic of that, for my protection and for theirs, that is genuinely not my problem and I’m sure they’ll figure it out later.

Boundaries: they are important for adults as much as kids. Enforce them.

6. …

A lot of it is that I’ve been in fandom for over half my life now. I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve been through a lot of shit. (Anyone remember that pissant who tried to report me to the government because I told them to stop harassing me after +6 months of bullshit? lol) I’ve had great fandom experiences and I’ve had ones I would love to hit Undo on.

There are amazing people in fandom and there are fucking hilariously awful shitheads in fandom. The majority of people are decent, and they enjoy what I do, and if you start making content and sharing it, you will find people who enjoy what you do. There are people who follow me who shoot me out of the blue supportive Asks on bad days, who read my fic even when they don’t know the source material, who encouraged me to write my book and then bought the damn thing.

The purity police are scary, abusive fuckers. But they are not the majority, and the less you interact with them, the less they can affect you. They want an opponent, they want someone to fight so they can play victim, they want to be the Valiant Warrior Of Purity.

Ignore ‘em. Make them take their boring pedantic morality play elsewhere.

ETA: 7. Don’t fight the purity police and don’t try to convince them or win them over. It literally never works. These are people who are in a bad place and you cannot move them from that place. Only they can, when they grow the fuck up. Don’t do it. You will not win, you will expend energy on people who gobble it up to fuel their shitstirring and vagueblogging, and they will just know they can successfully antagonize you.

Take that annoyance and frustration. Channel it into writing more rad shit. 


I hope this helps at all, anon. Remember, also, that the AO3 is your friend, and you can keep your tumblr and your AO3 a little bit separated. That can help.

anonymous asked:

Y'know what really bugs me? When exclusionists go around policing our positivity tag and then post in it, like it's not even our tag. And the people calling out the "discourse" in the ace positivity tag don't even call them out? At this point I feel like they don't care about any ace or aro, even though they say they're only against the "cishet" ones.

They never have, honestly. “Just the cishet ones” was adopted long after the start of the aphobia as a smokescreen, and it shows both in how often they fail to even pay lip service to that idea and in how often [see: always] every last atom of their hate affects all of us.

Not even to mention, of course, that even the “just the cishets” line of reasoning inherently discounts the existence and relevance of ace identities at large and guarantees that they could never treat us with any respect.


Barduil Mini Bang


A big bang is a fandom event and writers/artists collaboration; authors write a fic, and artists create artwork for the story they’ll claim. It’s been a long time since the last (and first) Barduil one, but I hope our little fandom will make this mini version a success that everyone will have fun participating in!


about your entries

  • The event is about Bard and Thranduil only, not Luke Evans and Lee Pace, so no RPF.
  • You can write anything you want, any genre, any rating, any AU or not.
  • Fics must be between 3k and 5k, no more, no less.
  • Art must be at least clean coloured sketches.

about the program

  • Artists can only choose one fic (this might change if not enough artists sign up)
  • A week before drafts are due, I will send an email to authors with the form to fill in for Artist Claims.
  • If you don’t send back the filled form, your participation will be cancelled.
  • On Artist Claims day, I will make a post with all the fics’ info, which will be anonymous, and artists will choose from the list. All info about posting will be in the post.
  • Artists have until May 1st to sign up. Same for authors, but keep in mind drafts are due that day!
  • You can start your fic as soon as you’ve signed up!
  • Make sure to follow the ‘#barduil mini bang’ tag, via tumblr or my blog, to see all updates and news.


  1. Authors’ drafts are due on May 1st.
  2. Artists claim a fic on May 5th.
  3. Artists check in on June 1st.
  4. Posting starts on June 15th for both authors and artists.

WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Send an email to kachiwhovian@hotmail.com including:

- Author and/or artist?
- What’s your Tumblr (and AO3 for writers)?
- Would you be interested in a mini reverse bang once this one is over?
- Anything else?

Please sign up as soon as possible so I can have an idea of how many we’ll be!

Send me an ask if you have any questions. I’ll tag everything related to the event as barduil mini bang. Please reblog to spread the word!

loonylovvegood  asked:

So I'm thinking of starting a Snape network for people who like Snape and want to discuss with other people and of course discuss other things as well but don't know how to start one and don't honk anyone will join, so do you have any advice or anyone who can give advice?

That sounds like a nice idea! I would definitely join. I’m not really sure how you would go about creating this network. You could always use a specific tag or make a separate blog like @snapeloveposts . You could also start your own website. I would ask @deathdaydungeon , @snapedefender and @prosnapeblogging for more help. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Edit: oh I forgot @severusdefender !

sonansu  asked:

i followed because "omg, another autistic person with pokeani as their spesh, omgomgomg, REALLY GOOD META...." and i HARD followed when i saw you LOVED shootie & bw, cause those are two concepts i had some intense apathy towards, and i was SO ready to fall in love with both of them thru your enthusiasm. i hope its ok to say that! i really love absorbing opinions i don't initially agree with, because usually, when someone loves something a lot, i grow to love it too, and that's very pleasant.

That is 99%9999 OKAY! I get what you mean, even things I’m apathetic about, I will grow a strong fondness for if I associate it with someone I like, because it will take on shades of the person I like, and I will remember them every time I see it, even if it’s been years or we no longer talk, etc.

I LOVE your blog for the same reason, oh my God, same special interest!!!!!! Your pokeani/like no one ever was tags are my favourite, I probably go through them every day trying to archive crawl, I haven’t managed to reach the end of either yet!!!

But I’m determined! Even if it’s a fool’s errand, someday, I will reach the end of it and you will be horrified by my reblogging something from the dead end of your tag!!!


Anonymous said: “Since Lewis would get his memories back and the others wouldnt know right away. It would give him the perfect chance to get Arthur while hes unsuspecting. It would be just like how he died. but… he just cant bring himself to backstab.”

… …

I had a thought about this message I found in my inbox this morning.  What if, at some point, Lewis DOES lose his memories?  He doesn’t recall who he is, or who he even was before the cave, or what HAPPENED at the cave.  The Mystery Skulls might try to be friendly with him, to see if they can’t get through to him before his memories of wanting vengeance return.

What if it works?

And what if, when the memories come flooding back, say… provoked by an enemy they’re facing down… Lewis has to make a choice, right then and there.

The others wouldn’t know right off the bat that, when it happens, he suddenly remembers EVERYTHING.  But Arthur was probably afraid from the start that his loss of memories wouldn’t last, and that soon Lewis would be out to get him again.  So when Lewis gives him that look, he fears the worst has happened.  But Lewis reasserts himself and tries to reassure Arthur that, no, nothing happened, he’s still as blank as a slate.  And he gives Arthur a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

The shoulder that’s missing an arm.

In the same way that he used to, way before any of this tragedy happened.



(Also I don’t have time to finish this, hence why it’s still in phone-sketches, storyboard-ish phase.  I’m trying to get faster with how I scribble out my ideas.)

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for getting tumblr followers?

honestly I have no idea how I got followers, so nothing highly specifc. idk. I know this one isn’t possible for everyone, but making original content is one contributing factor. Otherwise, just be nice, tag things, have a nice theme? Idk tbh. I talk about it a little more here, tho, if you want to check that out.

anonymous asked:

if you want to share any more of your l&c theories - please do so, I love your wording! Your idea about who's going to die makes a lot of sense to me now. esp like how it TCS Kipps has realized the futility of supervisors's work and practically the whole system in general. (though I do hope he'll get another ending to his character arc, maybe a new/not yet existing purpose/position after the Problem is solved)

Awwwwwh thank you mate. You’re terribly sweet (I honestly think my writing is atrocious at times, and quite rambly - which isn’t even a word but you get the gist).

Honestly, I’m not completely sure who’s going to die anymore. I feel like Stroud has blindfolded me and spun me round a million times and now pointing to the right answer (i.e. figure out who’s gonna die) is dizzying, honestly. The newest chapter has undoubtedly changed things and the words “Anthony Lockwood Gallery” conjures up images and theories a little too morbid for my liking. Because 1) Why is there just a Lockwood gallery? 2) Why is there not one for the WHOLE company? 3) Do they each get individual galleries in their memory? 4) Is this just another vain act by Anthony Lockwood? (as in, he made them name it after him and everyone at L&C just shrugged and went “okay”). And if the answer to 1 is anything other than he’s alive, I’m so terribly wrong. (In my head there was potential for his death, but it still seemed premature/unnecessary. Then again, I might be so very wrong….).

And Kipps! Yes Kipps. I am glad you appreciate my theories about him…some of them are awfully long and rambling but I am glad you like them. I have so much sympathy for the man though. He’s so vulnerable? The only reason he is a supervisor is because there is literally nowhere else for him to go! And although the kids he supervises are p expendable, his job is even more so. Penelope wasn’t even afraid to cut his ties, she’d lose nothing by losing him (no doubt there’s many more talentless ex-agents just dying for some kind of paying job). His job is merely a failsafe. I just feel so terribly for him…

However, at this point, I’m semi-hopeful that Kipps may live to see the end. Because he’d be the true victor, the conqueror, if he survived despite everything (and may not need to die….I say that with great caution though). But Lockwood…my hope is quickly fading for that boy and I don’t know what to do.

I’m not sure what theories you’d like to hear next though. I do have a lot but not all of them seem particularly relevant, so if you wanted to request a theory (or ask a burning question) that would be handy dandy - bc then I could reply and do some on-the-fly theorising for ya. :)


anonymous asked:

That Freyja AU is some top tier stuff. 10/10 would download as DLC. Have you any ideas as to what her other supports would be like (the rest of the royal family, other retainers etc)?

…I have many ideas. 

Corrin: Well, this is the most obvious damned thing in the world. The role of a leader was thrust onto both of them during critical times and both certainly have struggled with it. I feel like a lot of this would be Freyja encouraging Corrin and providing her advice, because she knows what it feels like to be in her situation, especially as a princess. and then they smooch a lot 

Azura: These two are both characters who intentionally craft an air of mystery around them and push others away from prying to deeply. Both have had the fate of the world rest on their shoulders and have had to hide it at times. This would be very different from the Corrin one because it wouldn’t be the same sort of mentor situation going on. I think they’d both be very wary of each other at first, especially on Azura’s end, but that they’d eventually drift together and come to be slightly amused in their status as a pair of ghouls. 

Laslow: This would do multiple things. In part, it would be a reflection on their awakening support and sort of contrast their feelings as of to then– for example, laslow would bring up how he doesn’t have to go to extra lengths to make Freyja smile anymore, and how they’ve come to have a deeper understanding of each other. I think I’d also make this the support where Freyja most openly muses about staying in Nohr, much to Laslow’s alarm. (in fact that would create a very interesting dynamic in their s support). I’d also have them discuss their feelings about Nohr–for some reason I feel like (putting aside its leadership) Freyja would actually quite like Nohr’s brand of darkness. 

Odin: Don’t have suuuuuper fleshed out ideas about this one yet, but I think it would focus on their status as part of ylisse’s royal house and how it feels to be in a position where they are bowing before others. 

Selena: Oh darling baby Selena. These two can’t not have cute interactions though I’d also throw in one of my darker ideas about Freyja, I think. Much like their hot spring scramble support it would at least partially center around expectations, but of an evolved kind. The darker idea I mentioned is the idea that Freyja has come to realize that after how much of her life she’s spent fighting, part of her actually enjoys killing. And she’d feel like she’s letting people down through that, especially her deceased father. The reasons I would bring this up with Selena are a) I honestly feel she would be in the same boat as her, at least to an extent, and b) Selena is exactly the sort of person to be blunt and lay out some cold, hard truth that ends up being reassuring in her own Sevvy way. 

Xander: …Confession time even though this is straight it might be one of if not my absolute fave Freyja ships so far. These twos’ personalities just meld so well in so many ways… I think the support would start because Xander would take a profound interest in his youngest sister’s retainer. I think Xander is the perceptive type who would be able to see through a lot of things in her–for example, I think he’d realize pretty quickly that she was really a royal or noble person of some sort (due to the way she carries herself etc) and take particular notice of Falchion, which he can tell is something quite special. (in fact the contrasts between Falchion as a blade of light and Siegfried as a blade of dark could be played up). I don’t think Xander would come at her accusatory– rather, I think he’d have an open mind and rather quickly realize Freyja is to be trusted. Freyja would be absolutely terrified of Xander’s discoveries at first, I don’t think he’d push her past any uncomfortable boundaries, and that she’d soon realize he’s someone she can be at ease around. And of course, as I talked about in my previous post, the S Support where Freyja would become Queen of Nohr opens up all sorts of interesting potential to her. Xander spends much of the support trying to learn more about who Freyja “really” is, but in the end she decides that Freyja IS who she is.

Elise: This one would mostly be very cute, fluffy interactions, heh. Elise would remind Freyja of how she was when she was a child, a happy, carefree, pure little princess. And thus she’d do everything she could to make Elise happy and protect that purity of heart. Freyja would be much warmer towards Elise than she is with most people, and I feel like Elise would be perhaps the first person she dotes over a little, in her own Lucy way of course. imagine Elise asking Freyja to brush her hair or have a tea party with her or aaa

Arthur: Don’t have super fleshed out ideas for this, but I do like to think that Lucina’s C-A support with Cynthia still holds something of an influence with her and Freyja can’t quite help not getting a little caught up in Arthur’s heroics at times. Perhaps their support would be a particular example of their efforts to bring about justice ;p 

Effie: Once again don’t have super fleshed out ideas, but I think these two would definetly get along well, the awkward dorks. Perhaps they can bond over something related to training… how many walls they can smash during it hahaha And of course their mutual care for their Lady. 

Oboro: …We all know where this is going to go. Freyja has an absolutely tragic sense of fashion and it INFURIATES oboro more than anything else. She’d try again and again to get Freyja to refine her tastes but Freyja would remain blissfully unaware the entire time…

Orochi: More of a general idea, but I have a feeling that Freyja’s “The future is not yet written!” attitude would run up against a brick wall with Orochi’s claims to be able to foresee the future. She’d likely challenge Orochi about that. And since the belief is very personal to Freyja we’d likely see a bit of a less dignified side of her than usual. 

Azama: Another case where Freyja’s foundational beliefs would be challenged. I’d have to read more of Azama’s supports to refine the picture more but they most certainly have very different life philosophies, and Azama’s kind of blasé-ness towards life would likely get to her. 

If anyone has any other ideas for other supports or more about these supports i’d love them to share ;)

Idea for a Spiderman fic series? (of a sort maybe)

…so I legit have a little bit of an idea for a fanfic (maybe a few fanfics) of Peter as a kid…cause there are some things we don’t know, especially about his childhood and how he got his powers (it’s probably similar to most, but I don’t know if Oscorp is in the MCU so…where did the spider come from? No really, where did it come from cause I don’t have any ideas for this part xD). And I kind of have a few ideas (more about when he was a kid, and when his parents died, stuff like that) but I’m not sure if I actually have enough motivation to write them or if people would even be interested?


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okay, i’ve had it

For someone who isn’t an artist, i have a lot of fan art/photo edit ideas that are bugging the heck out of me to make. I’ve had it with having these ideas niggle at me and not doing anything about it.

So, if anyone out there has advice or links to advice on how to make photo edits and gifsets, it would be very much appreciated.

Or, y’know, if you’re overflowing with time and talent and don’t have any ideas, and would be willing to do it for me, that’d be great too.