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Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

Listen I’m not even lying okay this was an honest accident.

…that… I spent… many hours on… But that’s not the point!  xD

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Hamilton: Mermaid AU

Alexander Hamilton is a mermaid. He hangs out in the cove in Nevis with his mother, until she’s killed by fishermen. (She gets cut by one of their rusty hooks and dies of tetanus).

He’s long since moved to a different part of the Caribbean, to a cove much like the one he before. This one more secluded than the previous, and nobody coming around too often, Alexander has free reign.

That is, until a man starts to hang around. Alexander has never seen a human ride the waves like this man does (flawlessly) but, of course, Hamilton is wary. After all, his mother was killed by humans (even if it was indirectly). So, instead, he settles for watching from a distance, and telling his friends Eliza Schuyler and John Laurens all about the boy on he surface.

One day, though, the waves are especially choppy. A storm miles away from the coast has been affecting the waters for days now and Alexander doesn’t expect the boy to come back until it’s over. Except there he is. 

‘This idiot’s trying to get himself killed,’ Alex thinks, deciding to keep a much closer eye on him today.

The man is surfing fairly well until a large wave knocks him down. Alexander pauses, if only to make sure the man can’t help himself, before diving down into the ocean and coming back to shore with the unconscious human in his arms. He flops awkwardly onto the sandy beach, dragging the man with him. He settles halfway up the beach before placing his head to the mans chest, releasing a breath he didn’t even know he was holding when he heard the steady beating of a heart.

Now that he was up close, Alex could see the human better. He ​maneuvers himself so that he was leaning over the unconscious man, getting a better look at the person he’s been watching so ​diligently. His hair, drenched by the seawater but hardly affected, was black, short and springy. He had a slight stubble on his chin and curly hairs popping out from his slowly rising and falling chest. He looked peaceful. (*cough* and hot *cough*)

'I can’t just leave him here.’ Alex thinks, biting his lip. He glances over his shoulder at the sea, 'Laurens will understand if he doesn’t see me for a while.’ It’s not the first time Alex has gone missing so, against his better judgement, he decides to stay.

He’s hugging his tail to his chest and softly singing under his breath when the man jolts up coughing his lungs out. Alex quickly backs up to the side, leaning back on his hands, tail curled underneath him. He won’t be able to make it to the water without being seen so he stays as still as possible, hoping the man doesn’t notice him. He does.

The human yelps in surprise, backing away. He’s staring wide eyed at Alexander, taking in the sight of the frightened merman. He’s adopted Alex’s position as well, leaning back on his hands, legs bent in front of him. “What are you?” The man asks, trying to sound confident and intimidating but coming across scared and tired. His voice is hoarse from the salt water he undoubtedly swallowed.

Alexander rolls his eyes and gesturs to his tail, unfurling it away from him. “Uh, a mermaid?” He said like it was obvious (which it really should’ve been). 

“Liar! Mermaids aren’t real! What are you really?” The man accuses.

Alex jerks back as if wounded. “If you must know, I am the merman that saved your life, but if this is your way of saying thanks, I’ll happily leave.” Alex prepares to make the slow and awkward journey back to the water but the man stops him.

“No, wait! I’m sorry.” He calls out, his hand outstretched towards Hamilton. “Thank you.”

Alexander smiles. “You’re welcome.” Alex pulls himself back into a sitting position. He reaches out to the man. “My name is Alexander Hamilton. What’s yours?”

The man seems taken aback by his straightforwardness but recovers quickly. He moves closer to Alexander until he’s sitting right next to him. “The name’s Thomas Jefferson.”

“You would think after two years of living in this city, I wouldn’t get lost on my way to class anymore. Today I ended up in a hookah bar instead of my literature class. I mean, I wasn’t complaining, but imagine the look on my professor’s face when I told him that I was late because I took a wrong turn and ended up in a smoke shop. Not funny at all.”