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people are allowed to be angry when something like this happens. death threats are bad, but if 'death to all jews lol jk xD' isn't a death threat to many people then idk man. it's pretty easy for goyim to write this off or say both sides need to be respected, but antisemitism is freakin dangerous. people have died, people continue to die. it's not a joke and no one is obligated to humanize or 'respect' someone who perpetuates or forgives it. sorry i'm v angry about this.

I know. Antisemitism isn’t a joke in the least, which is why I don’t like Felix and haven’t for a few years now. I listened to him explain himself, but I still find it extremely shitty of him that he even thought of making that sort of joke in the first place. “To test his limits” or whatever isn’t a good enough excuse for that.

..In all honesty I am pretty frustrated with this whole thing, because there seems to be a plethora of different views on this situation, and I’ve seen very logical ones here and there that I empathize with. 

Example: when I first heard from some news sites that PDP’s show was canceled because of his antisemitic actions, I was relieved ‘cause I was tired of the media ignoring every shitty thing he said and did, and they’d finally done something. But then I heard about how much he and a bunch of other people worked on it and I felt kinda bad. I know how it feels to work a stupidly long time on a project to only get it rejected or have it trashed. I don’t think he should’ve had it canceled. Just let him go through with it if they were so close to finishing it. You don’t have to watch it. Instead let the amount of views/profit it gets say something to him.

tl;dr I don’t like Felix. I’m angry at him, too. Screw him for saying such absolute shit, but you don’t have to go as far as sending death threats or canceling a show to send a message. If you don’t like him, don’t be like him.


Its three in the morning, I guess I can embarrass myself with terrible cosplays of old with little to no immediate consequences.

This is why we never speak of this alright. There. Now we can resume never speaking of this. Thank you.

I told you all I’ve cosplayed a lot of cartoons, I just never said they were  good cosplays