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hey love, I saw you posted something about discounts for uni students and I wanted to know more about it? i really need to update my wardrobe but don't wanna spend all my hard earned cash ya feel? x

Yeah babe, so it’s this site for university and highschool students where they offer discounts on heaps of stores - both online and physical, so like up to 50% off ASOS,  Princess Polly, Topshop, Sephora, General Pants etc. They also have discounts for other stores like Apple, Telstra, Microsoft and all those tech uni necessities, so it’s perfect for basically everything!! If you wanna sign up, head to this link myunidays.com/r/C8w9vDEVqYs you just need a student email account (and it’s totally free!!) xx

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do you have any anatomy texts you'd recommend for practice? I keep hearing 'learn anatomy! practice practice!" but the anatomy books I got don't seem designed for artists, but for, idk, brain surgeons lol, and just like someone going to the gym nearly every day only to lift below their weight capacity, I know there's a right way to practice vs. a way that only brings frustration.

As a matter of fact I do. I’d recommend George Bridgman’s books, especially two of them: Constructive Anatomy and The Human Machine. I included links to pdf files I found online, the scans are not always perfect tho, luckily all his books have cheap paperback editions if You’d decide to get printed copies. 

Bridgman was teaching anatomy and figure drawing to artists for over 40 years (Norman Rockwell and Will Eisner were among his students), so You shouldn’t have any of the “designed for brain surgeons” feeling here :D

Hope that helps.

Cheers <3

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Do you know of a good online source where I can read up on Celtic culture and religion/lore ? I've always been super interested in it but I admittedly don't know much and mostly rely on my circle of friends when I have questions, but it would be nice to know specifics myself. I know I could do a Google search but you been to be a good resource to come to :)

Hi there. If you’ve already leafed through the blog’s articles and links and are looking for more, I’ve compiled a few sources below for further quick reading:

1. Spirituality/Religion:

- Religion of the Ancient Celts by J. A. MacCulloch (online book)

- Celtic mythology and religion

- Spiritual beliefs, gods, animals

- Celtic Druidism: history and myths

- Overview of beliefs and spirituality

- Celtic religion (lengthy article) - pantheon, funerary rites, tribal rites, druids, etc

- Beliefs, practices, festivals

- Celtic polytheism

2. Mythology, folklore

- Celtic Folklore (comprehensive online encyclopaedia)

3. Celtic Cultures

- Brief overview

- Celtic Culture: Characteristics of Visual Art, Language, Religion

- Origin and background

- Ethnic and cultural identity

- Who were the ancient Celts?

Hope this helps! If anyone else has more online sources, feel free to add to the post.

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There's something i've been curious about: How do you come up with the magic-scientific terminology? Because I have previously looked up "claudication" and it turns out it's a medical term for leg cramps which, unless i'm missing steps in the logic chain, doesn't lead to "worldgate" easily. Is it just what sounds nice and sciency or is it based on actual terminology? (also confusing is online dictionaries "use in a sentence" using YW quotes, which don't match meanings, so it's not super helpful)

I really have to find a little time in the next little while to get the new installation of the Errantry Concordance kickstarted. (The old one had to be removed because it was constantly under attack by hackbots of various kinds trying to use it to house links to counterfeit Viagra.) (sigh)

Anyway: Most wizardly terminology in the YW universe is derived either from (broadly) scientific terminology or (more narrowly) medical terminology twisted slightly out of shape and/or subverted to my own purposes. Almost all terms are derived from Latin or Greek roots and assembled in ways consistent with the ways in which scientific terms are formed. (I took Latin in high school because I knew it to be a primary language of science and felt sure I’d be wanting it in college. The Greek came along with that more as a gateway into the ancient classics than anything else, but it too gets used routinely in scientific terminology.) I prefer to use genuine scientific concepts and terms to generate wizardly ones, because (a) I enjoy it and (b) I am lazy. Why waste time and energy making terms up when so many real ones are  lying around just waiting to be used? …But also: wizardly terms constructed using valid scientific usage sound more real. And the more truth you add to a lie, the stronger it gets. :)

Re claudication: The word goes back, originally, to the Latin claudo- root that means to shut or block something up. It also later came to mean a limp or lameness secondary to what was seen in ancient times as a blockage of local blood supply. This is also where the Emperor Claudius got his common appellation, by the way: Claudius is a second name, almost more a nickname than anything else – and too easily translatable as “Gimpy”. He limped from childhood, secondary to a dystonic / movement disorder from which he suffered his whole life and which caused some members of his family (and the public in general) to think of him, and treat him, as if he was mentally deficient – which he definitely was not. (The forensic medical people are still arguing over what was responsible for this disorder: possibly cerebral palsy or a childhood neurological insult via something like infectious encephalitis. See this article for what look like the best conjectures so far.)

…Whatever: where were we? When I was studying nursing, the term claudication was in general use to describe a narrowing or constriction of blood vessels (up to the point of obstruction, anyway, at which point other terminology cuts in). So when I started thinking about the concept of giving wizards a little portable pocket in spacetime, the word “claudication” naturally suggested itself, and “temporospatial” seemed an unavoidable add-on.

Therefore the entry in the Concordance defines claudication as:

A pinching or obstruction in some structure or medium through which another medium is normally meant to pass or flow freely. In wizardly usage, a constriction – normally artificial, but occasionally natural – in the structure of space, or (in the case of temporospatial claudications) of spacetime.

The most frequent casual usage for the term describes a small, “pinched-off” volume of space. Since space is already amenable to this kind of pinching (a much gentler version of which manifests itself as gravity), many wizards use one of these to keep personal belongings in. A claudication can be “hooked to” or associated with a specific mass – usually the wizard’s own body – so that it permanently follows the wizard around and is always within reach.

The definition for temporospatial claudication is a bit more specific:

Any pinching or constriction that affects both a volume of space and a segment of time or timeflow. Usually a temporospatial claudication is artificially induced, but there are occasional incidences of the effect in nature. (Black holes, for example, can sometimes have temporospatial claudications associated with them.)

The term is also used to describe a small pinched-off volume of spacetime kept for wizardly purposes. (SYWTBAW, et al)

So there you have it. Thanks for asking!

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Do you have any recommendations for fics where the relationship starts online/via text. I just read Hey Lover and I loved it so, so much and am craving more similar fics. Multi-chaptered fics would be preferred, I don't mind if they're completed or WIPs.

Do you know how many fics I found titled ‘Wrong Number’? About 7. Anyway! There are only a few here, but they are all ones I particularly like so I figured I’d recommend them. I hope you enjoy them too! P.S. I’m gonna link Hey Lover for others to read.

Hey Lover
Summary: Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

Wrong Number
Summary: Eren gets a wrong number, but ends up with something more than he anticipated.

Wrong Number
Summary: Levi scowled down at his phone, rereading the message from an unknown sender. The area code was the same as his, so it was safe to assume this was just a wrong number situation. That wasn’t going to stop him from fucking with a stranger, though. It was a passion of his.

A Tenuous Third Space
Summary: In which Attack on Titan is the MMORPG they all play, and Eren meets Levi online.

Odd Affections Framework
Summary: Eren is a 22 years old recent college graduate who is driven by passions about social justice and making his favourite social network more accessible to its millions of users. He might be a crypto genius on the side and sought after by many companies, but reality is harsh when his idealism is relentless and he wants to make a change in the world, not just succumb to its shitty rules.
     Enter Levi, 35 years old newly promoted front-end software architect at the said social network, with a history of hacktivism and a current hobby of making encrypted chatting tools for journalists and activists. Also a long-time fan of Eren’s very own ‘extension framework’. He might also be a casual stalker of Eren’s personal blog. And perhaps has a wee bit of a (healthy) crush on the young man.
     But there is no way that they can actually meet and connect… Or is there?


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WTH?? Now even E-online is calling M Sam's GF and saying that they walked into the EW party holding hands. I still don't buy this supposed pairing ,but would E! rely on tips from partygoers for their write-up of the SDCC parties?

Yep. They specifically have a link for tips on their website. And keep in mind that the online gossip industry is one big circle jerk. If JJ called a lady someone’s girlfriend, five other sites are gonna run with that unless they can find a direct quote from the actor/actress saying they’re not. Which, coincidentally, is one of the recycled talking points that come up in a lot of articles about Sam and Cait to use as post filler to make them longer. 

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Hello! I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you but i don't really know who I should ask about this... I was wondering if you happen to know if Top Social Artist at Billboard Music Awards is actually announced at the ceremony? It will be the middle of the night here when I live and I don't know if searching for an online stream and staying up all night is worth it. Have a nice day!

The winner for Top Social Artist is announced at the ceremony, here’s a link: https://aqstream.com/mnet/Mnet

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Is it possible for me to learn French on my own?? I can't afford taking a course this summer and though I have been studying french in school for the last four years I feel like I absolutely know nothing about it. I don't even know where to start.

Hi there! It is possible to learn French  on your own as many people here on tumblr are learning languages without classes or a teacher. As to where to start, I recommend these posts for resources

But most importantly, I advise you to take an online course! :) I love MOOCs and advocate for them because they are FREE and you can learn so much with them. Below I have linked some for French.

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Hi! I intend to cosplay botw link in his champion tunic, but I've reached a dilemna. I've never been good with choosing fabric and don't have a lot of selection where I live so usually am forced to order fabric online which takes out the touch and feel aspect of fabric shopping. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for fabric for the tunic? I've seen people tell me kona cotton or cotton drill/twill but they don't really stretch for a shirt which concerns me

Hello there!

This isn’t a garment that would need much stretch, as it is loose fitting and has a wide enough neck opening. If you are worried about stretch, I think that the suggestion for a lighter weight cotton twill is good, but try to find a stretch twill with a little bit of spandex content. This would help it move with your body better, but wouldn’t be enough stretch to require special sewing or patterning considerations.

If you wanted to use something even stretchier, an interlock knit with a high cotton or rayon content would be nice and breathable and would be a bit thicker and more stable than something like a jersey knit, and would have increased stretch due to it being a knit.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

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I wanna get those lip tents you recommend but I don't know where to bye them online and if there is a time they will be on sail cause am on a budget T_T

here are some links to the lip tints i recommended in my last post. i don’t know when these sites have sales so you’ll probably have to check yourself, although some of them are on sale right now.

some notes: only bbcosmetic, jolse and beautynetkorea have free shipping. the rest are shipping by weight and ibuybeauti is free shipping over $50. i also have a code for bbcosmetic that you can use for 8% off (n/a on sale items): ‘bbuyuro’.

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This isn't a quote but I wasn't sure how else to do it. I sometimes illustrate your quotes (on kayadraws) and I'd like to attach it to the actual quote by reblogging, but I don't see how? Google hasn't been that helpful so I'm asking you guys - is there a way to add pictures to a reblog of a textpost? Thank you, and I really enjoy your content! Have a wonderful week :)

You can’t add pictures to chats, which are the text posts we use. But if you do any art, feel free to send it to my main blog @cryptidpidge and I’m pretty much always online so I’ll reblog it. You could always link the quote on the caption of your drawing though, and thank you for the art!

- Mod Keith

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Hey there, I have one request, do you know any safe place or a link from where I can download the Japanese versions of bst, not today and spring day? I've been looking around but I couldn't find any and i don't really wanna get it from youtube

here you go: bst, not today and spring day

Anonymous said:what is the bts “fan café ” ? Is it online?

hello it’s like a blog/message board where the members sometimes write, it’s online here. here’s more info on what a fancafe is

Anonymous said:The 1 thing that kind of annoyed me troughout this whole thing is that 8/10 times Jimin’s choker was on backwards 😩

lmaoooooo, same though! aklsjdf

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hey! do you know anything about making money online? i'd like to do it but only way i know is vlogging on youtube and that's hard for me :/ but anyway if you don't know that's okay, thanks!

hello! this is very ironic - i am actually asking this question myself! i would absolutely love to make money blogging, or at least doing something i am good at and like doing (like making journals and teaching people how!) 

a big thing i have been seeing people do lately is including affiliate links in their posts on tumblr and instagram. and by affiliate links, i’m talking about those promo codes that people have that you can use on online stores. from what i’ve researched, you get commission if someone uses those codes to buy things! i think it’s a cool and harmless way to generate some extra cash, since it’s not so “in your face” and sales-pitchy. 

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So I have grown to love your Citrus Witches characters, because they are really cool. I was just wondering if this is a book online, abs if there is a link somewhere? Or if you are trying to realease it all at once? You may even be trying for the real hardback copy, I honestly don't know- but I do know I will love the story and characters in whatever format you choose.

Wahhhhh I’m actually trying for a hard copy of this story! I’ve been hugely obtuse about the story in general, but it follows a group of five witches in their senior year of high school in a small Florida town. There’s a spike in “magic meltdowns” in their school, where students with powers have seemingly lost control. The main crew, who I have lovingly dubbed the Citrus Witches, believe it can be pinpointed to a strange new student. The problem is, they’re ill equipped for detective work, crime fighting, or even keeping their own lives from resembling a train wreck. This Citrus Witches are:

Arthur Olivares- a water witch who is a late bloomer with his powers. So late, they actually thought he had no magic at all. He is a pop punk aficionado prone to anxiety and overthinking. Drives a Jeep Wrangler that he loves very much.

Daphne Pepper- a love witch that doesn’t know how to tell stories and simultaneously wants everyone to love her and also leave her alone. Plays lacrosse and surfs, also skateboards but only into Arthur’s shins.

Sorrel Seong- a light/electricity witch with rather poor fashion sense. It doesn’t matter though because it’s Sorrel! To know Sorrel is to love Sorrel. Also loves surfing and romance novels. Actively mouths off to teachers.

Statice Seong- a music witch and Sorrel’s twin sister. Can play thirteen instruments but prefers the banjo. Had her left incisor knocked out trying to MMA fight with her brother in the living room and wears a retainer. Also plays on the lacrosse team and drives the Worlds Worst Car™.

Charles August Quinn- a dream/sleep witch. Painfully introverted with a penchant for sarcasm and self depreciating humor. Sleeps in a twin sized bed. Goes by Quinn, with the exception of Sorrel who calls him Charlie when he’s feeling wild. Cardigans in the middle of the summer.

And if I get rejected to hell by every publisher, I’m going to make it a webcomic and you guys can watch the steady decline of my ego.




I have the list and the isbn numbers and everything but i !!really!! need some type of tumblr master post for where to find them FREE or even CHEAPER online. If you’re into this stuff could you please reblog and add the link of a Free Textbooks masterpost or where you get your books from when you can’t afford them??

I’d appreciate it so much!!!

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Do you maybe have a link where i could read rise of the isle of the lost for free? It's not out yet in my country and I'm dying to read it

no sorry, i bought the physical copy (if someone has a link feel free to add it)

but here are some fun things you could do instead of reading this book:
- chew on concrete
- get a horse to kick you in the shin
- step on a lego piece
- get bubble gum in your hair so you have to cut it out
- scratch your nails on a chalk board/dry wall/surface of your choice
- burn a $10 bill (or the equivalent in your country’s currency)
- read a good book

Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2 on Google Drive


I uploaded GoT Season 1 and 2 onto my Google Drive for a friend, so I figured I’d share it with you lot too! You can either watch the episodes on the links, or download the episodes by pressing the little arrow at the top left. Enjoy! And please let me know if any of the links don’t work! Episodes are under the Read More.

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Where can I find hq pics of Gillian and her boys

I’m not posting them, but there’s a few people that have pics of her vacation in Rome with her boys.  I don’t see them online so I don’t know where they came from directly, but here’s the links:  X   X   X   X .  

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I don't have cable and my parents just cancelled Netflix as a way of punishing my brother for bad grades. I can't afford it right now... but I can't watch Sherlock anymore!! I put it on in the background almost every day, cause I live alone and I don't like the quiet. Do you know anywhere else i can watch it online (without loading my computer with junk)?!?

Hi Lovely! 

After a bit of Googling, I found these for you! Don’t know how long these will be online, though, so apologies for the broken links if any. Here is also my non-sponsored PSA: If you are able to, support the show and buy their DVD’s or watch on Amazon!! It helps let the BBC and the show runners know that we love them and want more!