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I hate these ship ask games bc they're basic so I'm just gonna make my own (don't reblog for straight ships)
  • 1. Who's the one who's reckless and always getting into trouble while the other gotta pull em out
  • 2. Who's the one to send the other "I love my gf/bf" memes
  • 3. Who's the one who listens to a music genre the other doesn't like and how does the other react
  • 4. Which one spoils the other more and do they ever get competitive to show the other more love
  • 5. How many years did it take to get married or was it just not for them
  • 6. What was their wedding like
  • 7. Is their friends/family supportive
  • 8. How does one comfort the other when the other is in distress/having a panic attack/crying
  • 9. Which one dissociates
  • 10. Which one stares at the other's booty like "damn" and how does the other react when catching them
  • 11. When they live together what kinda place do they live in? What does their home look like?
  • 12. What do their dates look like
  • 13. How does each act when getting drunk
  • 14. Which one rolls over in the morning to wake up the other one just to give kiss them
  • 15. Have they saved each other's lives before
  • 16. Does one have an interest the other think is weird but wants to listen to it regardless
  • 17. Which one uses cropped hentai as reaction images
  • 18. Does one of them kinkshame the other
  • 19. Is one of them self conscious about their body? If so how does the other comfort them
  • 20. Say they were cuddling on the bed while listening to record player playing the background. Which song is playing?
  • 21. What is their song? Like the song that gives them overwhelming feelings?
  • 22. What song do they listen to while going on a joyride
  • 23. What kinda joyrides do they go on? Relaxing ones or wild ones?
  • 24. Where would they vacation for a honeymoon
  • 25. Do people ever get annoyed of their pda
  • 26. Would they live in the city or the country
  • 27. Which ones the red which ones the blue
  • 28. Are either of them mentally ill, if so how do they help one another cope
  • 29. Does one have a spot on them where they would melt when the other kisses them there
  • 30. Do they dance together
  • 31. Do they sing together
  • 32. Which one is better at cooking than the other and makes most the dinners
  • 34. Are they a reckless couple or safe
  • 35. What be they kinks and do they try each other's kinks
  • 36. What would their valentines gifts be to each other
  • 37. Do they get into fights often? If so what do they fight over and how do they make up?
  • 38. Which ones top, bottom, verse
  • 39. What kinda sex they be having (gentle rough whatever)
  • 40. Who would fight in honor for the other if someone would insult them
  • 41. Which one has a favorite movie that they have the other watch with them again and again
  • 42. How would one react if the other was to die
  • 43. Who dies first
  • 44. Do they want kids
  • 45. How would they spend their last moments together
Valentine’s Day 2017 ♡

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disclaimer: all rights to the respected and amazingly talented artists.

Again. Not my photos. Please enjoy, I really liked these fanarts so I hope you do too.

What it's like falling for the sign
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> (Check the persons sun or Venus you are falling for. If you check your own, that shows how the person who's falling for you feels like.)<p/><b>Aries:</b> You crave for closeness with them. You beg for them not to leave. It's hard to tell them tho, cause whenever you are with them, you forget what you were planning to say. Their presence makes you live in the moment. Falling for an Aries is like spending New Year's eve every day.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> "Oh shit I like them." Falling for a Taurus messes you up. You find yourself defending them. Having eye contact with them makes you calm and gives you hope. It would seem so easy to just make them be with you, but because they are so sweet you just do anything to make them happy. It really feels like Valentine's day to crush on them.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You know they are a little shit and you like it. They make you feel a little spark every time you see them. Their smirk is your daydream. Seeing them walk away hurts your heart so bad. Surprisingly seeing them somewhere lights your happiness and excites you. Falling for a Gemini feels like the last week of school.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You always find yourself wondering how come didn't you fall for them earlier. How could you not notice all these cute things in them. Every day you find something new to love in them. You wanna take care of them and share your live with them. You'd give them the moon. Falling for a Cancer is comforting. A good night's rest after a long day.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You knew they were beautiful, but when you fall, oh how can they shine so bright. You find yourself looking at them the way you've never looked at anyone else. You'd give them anything if they asked. Making them sad is your biggest fear. You want to be the wall they can lean on. You want their approval. The feeling you have when falling for a Leo is the same when having a romantic dinner.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You would be the happiest person on earth, if you could just spend time with them. Being somewhere with them and getting to watch them live feels like an ultimate prize. Their laugh is your lullaby. Their touch would make you fel so accepted. You wanna be the thing for them to study and make them let you learn about them. Falling for a Virgo feels like a privilege.<p/><b>Libra:</b> It feels so sweet falling for them. You want to drown yourself in false hope. You do everything to brighten their days, but they don't notice. It's frustarating, but they give you the most to daydream about. If they looked you in the eye, your heart would stop. Your days feel like Christmas parties.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Falling for a Scorpio is so intense. You would throw yourself out there for them any time. Their touch makes you feel so wanted. You could just stand there and admire them for days. Kissing those lips is what you dream every time. The way they look at you makes you wanna do crazy things. It feels like being a voodoo doll when you fall for a Scorpio.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> It feels like they put a spell on you and are now acting all innocent about it. Their charm caught you and now you are trying to understand what should you do. It's frustarating, not knowing how they react to anything. You try to show them how much you care, but you don't know if they understand. Falling for a Sagittarius is like talking to someone behind a wall.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> They seem so cute. Too cute. You can't handle their cuteness anymore. All their feelings are hidden and you are trying to find them. It feels like they are calling for you and running away from you at the same time. You try to let them know, but they seem to ignore or misunderstand everything you say. It's like playing hide and seek with someone who's so much better at it than you.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> They seemed like so much trouble and still you fell. You let them take you. It feels pretty lonely to like an Aquarius. World makes less sense. Falling for an Aquarius feels like following them into a labyrinth and being left behind. Aquarius' happiness is the thing you crave for, so it doesn't matter to you.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> When you fall for a Pisces, you don't care about the flaws you are seeing when you get to know them. Even with their flaws they seem so flawless. Making a Pisces smile feels like such an achievement, even if it's not that hard. You just wanna sit there and watch them be happy. Falling for a Pisces feels like watching a child learn.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

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Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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erroneouslygrey  asked:

Drarry 8th year idea: Harry goes completely silent one day&lays down&cries in the 8th year common room&doesnt leave for 4+ days. His friends don't do anything to help him bc he made them promise after the war to leave him completely alone when he gets depressed unless it lasts > 2 weeks. Draco starts out irritated bc he cant fight with harry but then gets so worried that he becomes sick and can't move from the common room either. They start to talk & realize they've liked each other for a while

Welp, I tried

Harry was sitting in the shared eighth year common room alone when Draco burst through the door. “Why aren’t you in potions?” He asked harshly.

Harry kept staring into the fire, fiddling with his wand. “Didn’t feel like going.” He replied flatly. Draco huffed and crossed his arms.

“You haven’t been going to your classes for the past four days.”

“Great observational skills.” He said, still not looking at Draco.

“Why?” He asked, his voice softer than it was before.

“Why do you care?”

“It’s getting quite boring, not being able to taunt someone.” He sat down next to Harry. “I guess after the war that’s the only thing that felt normal.”

Harry finally turned to look at him. Malfoy was facing the fire, his face showed no malice or disdain. “How can anything be normal now and days?”

“Well, we have to try don’t we? I mean, we can’t forget the war, but we can do little things to cope with our losses; to remind us that it’s over.”

“How very philosophical of you.” Draco hummed in response. “However, taunting me won’t remind you that it’s over, but instead it’ll feel like it never happened. We can’t get over something if we deny that it happened.” Draco turned to face Harry and quirked an eyebrow. “I think, after everything, we should be friends.” He held out his hand for Draco.

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Valentine's Day
  • Sebastian: As today is Valentine's Day, I predict the young master will have another one of his bouts. Everyone be prepared.
  • Finny: *shuddering* Last year was so scary!
  • Snake: Does Smile hate Valentine's Day? Says Emily.
  • Ciel: *appearing from around the corner* Don't be foolish, Snake. I LOVE Valentine's Day.
  • Sebastian: Oh, young master... We were just having a meeting about today's events-- no need to concern yourself with the detai--
  • Ciel: Do you know what makes Valentine's Day so great?
  • Snake: Um... Other people? Says Osca--
  • Ciel: The PROFIT. I'm running a candy and toy company after all. This truly is the most glorious day of the year..!
  • Bard: Oh my god he's at it again.
  • Mey-Rin: Young master, please calm down!
  • Ciel: In fact, today is so important that I'm giving all of you the day off-- even Sebastian. Plus, I made you all Valentine's cards.
  • Bard: You sick freak!
  • Finny: *sniffling* Where did the young master we know and love go? What if he never comes back?
  • Ciel: Anyway, I need to go call Elizabeth. Enjoy your day off.
  • Ciel: *leaves*
  • Sebastian: Now that the young master has left, I suggest we orderly evacuate the manor in favor of our Valentine's Day safe house in the woods.
  • Snake: Shouldn't we--
  • Sebastian: No. RUN.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you are willing to do this but highschool au with Logicality? You can choose if you want to do a edit with it or hc

Have some Hc’s :>

-Logan is the nerd of the class. Rather quiet, to himself, though he always participates in the classes, his hand is up almost all the time. 

-Patton isn't too bad, he’s not as smart, but he tries and means well. Always bubbly in group discussions. 

-Logan sits inside alot.. whether he can stay in classrooms, or is forced to find a quiet spot in the library.  

-Patton doesn’t always have the courage to say Hi.. and when he does Logan’s lack of interaction makes he extremely awkward and at a lack of words at the cute boy. 

- When valentines come around Patton steps up, He sends a small anonymous blue rose, with a chocolate and a note.     

-Logan’s extremely puzzled, as it’s been the first time in his school years to ever be given such a peculiar thing. 

-He spends longer than he’d care to admit, scanning the small handwritten card, fingers mindlessly grazing over the sweet words as he sits in thought. 

- After that though, nothing else happens. Patton continues to watch over him.. still afraid of rejection.. and Logan studies hard. Trying to ignore the want to solve the mystery crusher. 

-Then Logan meets the school bullies. 

-Patton had been late following Logan out of class, having to explain why he was late to his teacher.. (Distracted by an adorable poodle on the walk to school.) 

- He watches as, at the end of the empty hallway, up against the lockers is a rather pale-faced Logan, being tormented and yelled at by some big muscular guy, whom Patton recognizes as Stuart, the school bully. 

-Now Patton hates conflict.. but his heart said he had to do something.. anything. 

- So he shouted, rather aggressively, at the boys to leave. 

- The boys chuckled, turning around and letting go of Logan’s collar. Whom slid down and just sat rather stunned. 

-Stuart runs up, pinning Patton against the wall. Grinning at the struggling boy. “What ? you wanna help this dweeb?” Patton squirms trying to get out of the pinned position. “Yeah!”  The backup bullies snigger. “ You really like that four-eyed nerd?”   Had it been any louder, those in the hallway could hear the poor boy’s heart shatter. Tears welled in his eyes. “Y-Yes! I d-do!”   

- The bullies are a tad taken aback, but begin laughing at such a ridiculous statement.  “You’re gay huh? How pathetic! Little Pat crushing on a guy. Gross.” 

-They didn't notice the figure behind them. 

- One moment the bullies where holding Patton up. The next they were on the floor whimpering. 

-Patton looked up awestruck.  

- Logan dusts his hand and reaches out nervously to him. “Vulcan neck pinch… I’m sorry, but I had to do it.” 

-Patton giggles and couldn’t grab his hand fast enough, tugging himself into the others arms and hugging him thankfully.    

- Logan once more confused, looks down, slightly hugging back. 

-Being so clever things already begin fitting into place in his head and Logan smiles at the boy. “So you’re ‘My heart’ from valentines day hm?”  

-Patton sniffles, grinning up at him before stealing a small kiss. Leaving Logan more than stunned and blushing profusely… Patton rubs the back of his neck, smiling wider than ever; 

 “A-And you’re my hero.” 

Mike was never a big fan of Valentine’s day. To be quite fair, it may have been his least favorite day of the whole year. It was just a dumb day where his sister would rush off to school to be all grossly romantic with her boyfriend and his parents would be out all night on a romantic dinner that left Nancy to babysit both of the younger kids (her form of babysitting consisted of strict homework time, vegetables for dinner, and early bedtime. What fun) and kids at school teased him with insulting fake Valentine’s cards. The upside, if any, was the cheap drugstore chocolate that went on sale the next day, which he raided with his friends as they pooled their allowances together. With Eleven around, naturally, she had a lot of questions, most of which her best friends answered with enthusiasm and great detail. When she asked the dreaded Valentine’s Day question, Mike Wheeler felt his cheeks burning up before his friends could even open their big mouths in laughter or light teasing. To get out of the question unscathed, he quickly threw together an explanation with hearty emphasis on its stupidity and cheesiness, though quite aware of El’s dissatisfied expression. She didn’t press the matter, to his surprise, and they all went on with their month, dreading the lovey-doviness at school on that stupid holiday. As the day rolled around and the four boys locked their bikes onto the rack, Eleven pulled up quickly afterward—little pink bows and heart hairbands that Hopper had affixed into her curls and a wrinkled paper bag in the basket of her bike. She fished through the bag and proudly handed each of her best friends the specially personalized cards she made (construction paper hearts practically dripping in glitter and lace with carefully penned cheesy poetry and sentiments) along with full sized candy bars. Rolling their eyes playfully at the dorkiness, Lucas, Dustin, and Will hugged and high-fived and fist-pumped her in thanks as they ran off to class. For some odd reason, though, Mike noticed her utterly puzzled expression as she looked for his…. “Hey, El, it’s really no problem if you forgot mine. I’m just..uh…happy to spend the day with you. We can go the arcade or something after school,” he said easily, not really paying attention to the eery smirk appearing on her face. Eleven quickly kissed his cheek, shoved a Valentine into his hands, and chased after the boys before she was late to science class. Mike Wheeler was certain in that moment that his entire brain function shut down, as he could barely focus on the heart-shaped card long enough to read the flowy script on the front— “Roses are red, Violets are blue, Eggos are very sweet, But not as sweet as you”

trappedjesus475  asked:

Companions react to Sole giving them Christmas gifts, even though they have no idea what Christmas is. (Great gifts too, like armor mods and a jetpack attachment for Danse, or a brand new printing press for Piper, etc.) Oh and they don't expect any gifts in return.

In Fallout 4, if you go into Diamond City on December 25th, christmas lights are strung up around the city. That kind of winter holiday has been around for centuries, and would likely still be around for centuries in the future. However, some companions may have a better idea of “Christmas” than others.

Cait: “Well, shite, Sole, you didn’t need to get me anything.” She’s taken aback by the generosity, even a little suspicious. “You’ve got to want somethin’ in return.” But Sole insists, so she shrugs off the gift and pretends it doesn’t matter that much to her. But, later, she finds herself watching and re-watching the kung fu holotapes Sole got her. She even cracks a smile when she pulls off a roundhouse kick, just like they showed in the film.

Codsworth: His voicebox crackles with emotion. “Oh, Mx. Sole…” If a robot’s eyestalks could water, Codsworth would be weeping. It’s a handmade set of matching oven mitts and apron, with a mitt for every claw and an apron that fits perfectly around his torso. It’s a simple gift, but one that makes him overjoyed. He insists on wearing them every time he cooks.

Curie: “Oh, Sole!” She claps her hands to her cheeks in glee. Real lab equipment is rare in the wasteland. Test tubes are often chipped or cracked, medical textbooks are ruined, microscopes are broken… She runs up and clasps Sole in a hug, thanking them profusely for her pristine lab equipment. “It is so beautiful! I will be able to do so much with this!”

Danse: “I…” He’s speechless. To most, it would look like just a few boxes of tech. To Danse, it looks like the pieces to the finest power armor mods in the wasteland. He holds up each piece of metal in awe, running his fingers over it, making a plan in his mind for how to put them together. There’s the faintest glimmer of a tear in his eye. “This is so generous of you,” he says at last, with a shocked, sweet expression on his face.

Deacon: He stares. For once, for a few critical seconds, the liar is rendered speechless. “Wow, Sole,” he murmurs at last, picking up the Pre-War “disguise kit” with a lop-sided smile. It’s full of paints and wigs and costumes. It’s something a make-up artist or entertainer might have used 200 years ago, but now… “I didn’t know you moonlighted as Kris Kringle,” he jokes. He laughs it off, but people don’t often get him things. It touches him deeply.

Dogmeat: He gets a Deathclaw bone to gnaw on. He’s delighted by it, and makes it his business to drag it around and chew on it all day and night, despite it being as big as he is. To show his appreciation, he lavishes Sole with doggy kisses, jumping up on them and nearly bowling them over as he nuzzles them.

Hancock: He waves away Sole’s insistence that he doesn’t have to get them something in return. “Fahrenheit!” he calls. “Have this framed.” He hands over his present - a copy of the Constitution, in all its glory. He’s never actually read all of it before, and it makes him unable to stop grinning for two days. He informs the Goodneighbor residents that they now celebrate Christmas, and proceeds to buy everyone presents. 

Nick Valentine: He lets out an uncharacteristic laugh. It’s a mug, with the words “World’s Best Sad Toaster” handpainted on the side. He smiles every time he looks at it. It turns out that he got Sole something for Christmas, even before he knew they’d get him a present. His gift is an intact snowglobe of Pre-War Boston. “Found it in a tourist trap,” he says, with a faint smile. “Dunno. Guess I hoped you were an old sap like me, and that you’d appreciate it.”

MacCready: His eyes bug out of his head. “This is for me? For me? You gotta be kiddin’ me, Sole.” It’s the finest, shiniest sniper rifle he’d ever seen. Growing up on half-modded, half-broken guns, MacCready always wanted a decent weapon but never had the heart (or caps) to get himself one. Though, after receiving the present, he drives himself half-crazy trying to think of a way to repay Sole, refusing to take it as a charitable gift. He’s still thinking.

Piper: “Blue, you- you-” She shakes her head, a wide grin on her face. “You amazing, wonderful person!” The printing press, all clean and fixed and good as the day it was made, gleams in the front of Publick Occurrences. Piper whips around and pulls Sole into a tight bear hug, squeezing the air from their lungs and thanking them a million times before running over and hugging the press and kissing its surface dreamily.

Preston: “Oh, Sole, you didn’t have to get me anything.” But he can’t help the blushing smile across his cheeks as he takes in Sole’s gift. A refurnished farmhouse, just south of the Castle. Preston might be a militia man, but in his heart he was a farm boy, who wanted land to tend and somewhere to call home. The house itself isn’t much, but it’s the promise of a future that makes him wipe an embarrassed tear from his eye.

Strong: “Is… for me?” He gives Sole a suspicious look. “Won’t get mad if Strong kill?” With Sole’s reassurance, he lunges into battle with an unsettling grin. Strong, being away from his brothers, does not often get the chance to wreak havoc. Sole spent a month collecting various wild animals and putting them together in a big field, then challenging Strong to wrestle/eat them to his heart’s content. The mutant is very pleased.

X6-88: “Mx. Sole, I really do not know what to say.” Coursers are not given presents. It just isn’t done. So when Sole shows up with a restored motorcycle and a brand-new pair of sunglasses, he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do. “Thank you,” he says at last, running one hand over the smooth metal of the bike. “Am I… allowed to use this?”

Okay but.

Have you ever considered…Nick Valentine and his relationship with children?

That he had been in Diamond City for so many years that he’s probably seen the citizens grow from little ones, into adults and then starting families with children of their own?

That he probably always smiles to himself when he hears the news of another member of Diamond City giving birth to a new bundle of joy, and knowing that even though the world is dangerous – that they now have a new little star to light their way in the darkness. (And later going to introduce himself to them and the happy parents, because babies always seem fascinated by his glowing eyes, and he loves their bubbling)

Or that Nick more than likely goes out of his way to learn the names of the children of Diamond City, and does his best to become a mentor to them and answer any and all questions that they have for him – because the children were never afraid of what he was – and are always overjoyed when “Cool Detective Nick” gives them extra attention when he’s not on a case.

“Why do ya smoke, Mista Valentine?”
“Cus it helps this ol’ noggin of mine feel relaxed, kid.”
“Can I smoke too?”
“Aw, I don’t think so, pal. You don’t wanna wind up a dusty old mess like me, do ya?”

Think about Nick bringing one of the kids from the School House in with him to his office after their classes, and Ellie rolling her eyes playfully.

“Another one? Nick, really?” She would say with a sweet giggle, and Nick would ruffle the kid’s head and lean down to their height to place his hat upon their head.

“Nah, but you don’t get it, Ellie,” He would say in response to her. “This here is my lucky partner for the day.”

Now, think about Nick picking the squealing, smiling kid up over his shoulders, and carrying them out to the market place. Telling them that he needs their help, and relying on their wits and detective skills to discover just what happened to Takahashi‘s last batch of Power Noodles.

“Great job, partner! Without’cha the city would’ve been starving tonight! How, how’bout we get a bowl or two to celebrate our detective work, huh?”

Think about Nick turning fiercely protective whenever one of them are bothered by rude people on the Upper Stands, calling them “urchins” or “snot nosed brats”, or someone from the outside that had the gall to try and injure them to prove that it isn’t all fun and games, and “This is what happens to kids out here in the real world.”

Think about Nick placing a hand on the kid’s shoulder and retorting with wisecracks of his own to get the rude person to back down, or worse…standing in front of them, shielding them from the raiders and firing a warning shot, before picking up the kid and tucking them safe under his neck as they travel back home together; telling them that it will be okay.

Just…Nick Valentine and kids, okay.

Because, even though the world is a post apocalyptic hell… Nick is going to do all that he’s able to make sure that the children around him are taken care of, and above all safe, even when they’re parents aren’t able to.

And if all he can do is buy one of the kids a round of noodles, or play detective with them, or watch over them when they’re scared and crying and keep them safe from the close-minded of the city, and the outside world…by goodness, he’s going to do that.

Because he knows what it’s like to be lost in world that is too big and too terrifying for one person to take in on their own. And he knows that to overcome that fear – you need to have hope. You need to have joy, and you need to have a childhood.

And Nick is going to do all he can to make sure that the kids out in the Commonwealth get just that, even if it’s from a weathered old Synth Detective like himself.s

anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog!!! It's really great and I love to see what you post! Can I make a request? I don't want to sound like every body else who wants to make requests but I'm socially awkward. Can you maybe do all companions reacting to m or f SoulSurvivor proposing marriage to them? I'm sorry if you have already done it. Anyways please keep up the great work! I'm happy to see one that isn't just reblogs now days!❤️

Thank you so much! I know the blog’s been a bit dormant lately but I’m trying to find time to write for you lovelies again and encouragement like this always helps a lot so thanks friend! <3

Cait - She stares at them with wide eyes and her mouth slightly agape in shock. Sole is proposing to her? What the fuck? This had to be some kind of cruel joke. They could have anyone in the Commonwealth so why the fuck would they be proposing to her of all people? “Nice try, Sole. But I’m not fallin’ for one o’ yer jokes.” She goes to walk away, but immediately stops when she realises her words sparked that flash of hurt in their eyes. “Wait, are ya serious? Ya actually want to marry me?” When they nod and tell her exactly what they feel for her, she feels herself go a bit dizzy and has to kneel down in front of them to stop from keeling over face first. She stares into their eyes, seeing everything she needs to see within them, before murmuring “Yes” and immediately grinning at the feeling the amazing feeling the realisation sparked in her chest.

Codsworth - ERROR>CANNOT PROCESS VOICE/DIALOGUE INTERPHASE>REQUESTING CLARIFICATION “Sir/mum? C-can you repeat that please?” They were proposing. Actually proposing. To him. His optical units flex uselessly, expanding and shrinking while his metal appendages flutter at his sides. The Pride of General Atomics felt like anything but as he stared at Sole and processed their words. But before he knew it, he was already talking. “Sir/mum, I-I…yes.”

Curie - “Why are you kneeling, monsieur/madam? Are you injured?” She doesn’t understand at first, but when Sole pulls out the golden ring and gazes up at her with the cutest smile on their face and a question in their eyes, it clicks. “Oh! You are proposing to me?” Her hand flies to her mouth as her eyes start brimming with glittering tears. “Yes! Yes I will marry you, my love!” She enfolds Sole in the biggest hug, pressing delicate kisses everywhere on their face before letting them slip the beautiful ring on her finger.

Danse - He would give almost anything to have been asked instead to recite the Brotherhood’s initiation pledge, or hell, even Scribe Neriah’s biological reports on her pet specimens. But who was he kidding? He’s wanted this ever since he first told Sole that he loved them. Before answering, he’d hastily climb out of his power armour and take Sole’s hand in his while looking them in the eye. “Yes.”

Deacon - Two eyebrows raise high above his glasses as he watches Sole get down on one knee and reveal the gleaming golden ring. For the first time in his life, he’s left completely speechless. He doesn’t make a move or a sound for a few moments while he tries to wrap his head around the prospect of marrying the person he loves. But when his mind inevitably reboots, the grin on his face is all the answer Sole needs before slipping on the ring.

Dogmeat - Head tilts and a curious sniff of the ring. What on earth did Sole want him to do with this tiny, awfully shiny thing? He runs off to bring back his favourite big red ball, plopping it down at Sole’s feet and looking up at them expectantly. Now that’s a toy worthy of the pupper’s attention.

Gage - Marriage had never crossed his mind. Ever. But the prospect seems so good when offered from Sole’s sweet lips. So much so, that he can’t help himself as he pulls them up from their kneel, pulls them flush with his body and presses his lips soundly to theirs. By the way he squeezes their ass affectionately, they have his answer.

Hancock - Despite knowing that this is all he could ever have wanted in his life – a person to love, to come home to, to be his purpose for living – he’d still feel unworthy of them. Yes on the outside he doesn’t give a damn about being a ghoul, a murderer, a junky, but on the inside, he can’t lie to himself about how Sole surely deserves better than him. But they were asking him and everything Sole says and does is not without them meaning to, so he must be doing something right to have won their heart. The thought makes him smile widely and gives him the courage to lean down and kiss them softly, whispering his answer on their lips.

MacCready - He’d start blushing like a lighthouse when Sole gets down on one knee and presents the golden ring for him, their smile making him sway where he stands. For the first time in a long time, his usually steady hands start shaking like a junkie on psycho. He takes a shuddering breath, wipes at his eyes that totally are not watering, and musters up the biggest smile. “Hell yeah I’ll marry you.”

Nick Valentine - For him, everything and anything romantic died back with the human Nick Valentine so many years ago. So it was a shock when he was lucky enough to find Sole, but he’s even more stunned when they finally propose to him. On the one hand, he wants to say no – they need to find someone better for themselves than him. Someone human, someone warm and actually snuggle-able for cold nights and rainy days. But then he realised that to say no to them would be selfishly satisfying his guilt for being a synth, because after all, they already do all those things the human Nick would do and who is he to question Sole’s love for him. So with an upturn of his lips and newly brightened gaze, he’ll swipe off his fedora, lean down and whisper against their soft lips “Yes.”

Piper Wright - She gasps and freezes when she sees the ring, her hand covering her mouth as she stares at them. “Blue. Blue what are you doing?” Her voice shakes and her vision goes all blurry when they say the three words that threatened to turn her world upside down in the most wonderful of ways. Blue wants to marry her. Her. The most annoying, hard headed, troublesome person in the entire Commonwealth and they – a wonderful, beautiful, perfect human being – want to marry her? “Blue,” She forces out on a shuddering whisper. “I love you so much…but, are you sure? Like, really sure? I mean…I’m me and you’re you and…I…” Was rambling. She was rambling. Great. But the way they look at her makes her weak and when they reaffirm their feelings for her, it’s settled. “Yes!” She squeaks, throwing herself at them and enfolding them in a bone-crushing hug. But then she realises something and pulls back to look them in the eye. “Shots not telling Nat.”

Preston Garvey - Tears. Oh so many tears. He’d laugh a little, cry a little and most definitely scoop Sole up in the biggest, tightest hug he could while murmuring “Yes” over and over again in their ear. He never knew he could smile so much and he most certainly never expected the giant hole in his heart to be sewn shut just by the single most important person in the Commonwealth speaking three little, beautiful words to him.

Strong - He gets a little irritated, what with Sole trying awfully hard to squeeze on this tiny and very breakable little shiny piece of what he could make out was most likely a piece of garbage they’re always collecting. “STOP, TINY HUMAN!” After being badgered by Sole a long time afterwards, he’ll relent to wearing the damn thing around his neck. Although the exact significance him wearing it to Sole is still lost on him, he’ll make sure he doesn’t lose it.

X6-88 - When he realised just what it was Sole was doing, he’d have to bite his lip to keep it from trembling. He knew what they shared together was special, but marriage? To Sole? Only to them? Hell yeah. He had no idea how badly he wanted it until the word was out of his mouth on a barely audible breath “Yes.”

“It’s been thirty fucking years, Merlin” Eggsy breathes into the com, his fingers tracing over Harry’s cheekbone. He doesn’t look a day older or a day dead.

“We’ve got a clean up crew on the way. They’ll take care of it, Arthur.” Merlin says, soft but insistent. Eggsy knows he should leave. He’s done with this particular organization’s beat-down. There’s nothing left to fight, no more new-age brainwave hackers or kids with slicy wands that remind him of star wars. And that’s probably why he’s so shocked - he knows half the organizations they take out have some ties or allegiance or shrines to Valentine, but this one. This was just a tiny terrorist cell with a good engineer and a creative event planner.

So it doesn’t make sense that they have Harry Hart’s body frozen in their basement, not a hair out of place since the last time Eggsy saw him tear apart a church and die in twenty-fourteen.


Eggsy’s not listening. He’ll leave when he feels like it, he decides, but then the  unthinkable happens - he feels breath on his palm.

He can’t really help it. Eggsy kneels by the now open pod and slips a hand beneath Harry’s slack shoulders, lifts him so he can press his ear to Harry’s chest.

Slow, steady under the Kingsman issued suit, he hears a heartbeat.

“Oh god,” he whispers, his fingers curling tighter into the fabric. “Harry, oh my god.”

“Arthur?” Merlin asks.

“Send a medic.”

“What? Are you injured? How serious?”

“Fuckin’ serious as shit, you send in everyone we can fuckin’ spare Merlin. He’s breathin’.”


“You ‘eard me. Harry bloody Hart is alive.”

There’s a muttered curse from the other end of the line, but Eggsy’s stopped listening. All he can think of is the dimmed memory of the day he lost Harry, the old scar it left on his heart, the days spent missing him and trying to move on and remind himself that he was being stupid because he and Harry weren’t the air and sky to each other, they weren’t, no matter how his young and wild heart had dreamed of it.

“Sorry mate,” he says, through tears but with a tiny edge of hysterical humor. It dies on his next words, growing to a whisper “Sorry it took so long.”

anonymous asked:

While I loved that Magnus told the others about the bodyswap I'm not really sure how I feel about his "I more than anyone" based purely on that (that's how it came across for me?) Like sure it's a big part of it and has Magnus still suffering and piecing himself together, but he has lived through the Uprising, Valentine has killed his friends, the Soul Sword massacre, etc etc. But I guess they don't have the time to take all that into account. (Or it could be me just misreading things lol)

HMM i passed that off as a bit of clumsy writing because they needed a segue into Magnus telling Luke about the body swap, which would thus alarm Luke enough to try to take matters into his own hands. I agree that Magnus has plenty of other reasons to want Valentine dead, though.

That said, it’s also not unreasonable that the body swap is the major driving force for him to want Valentine dead. Up until now, I think Valentine and the Clave aren’t really different in Magnus’ mind, if that makes sense. Magnus lived before the Accords, where his kind being hunted for sport was actively sanctioned by the Clave. To Magnus, Valentine is not an anomaly for his beliefs but a traditionlist, someone who wants things to go back to they way they were before all these fiddly rules and diplomacy got in the way. Luke has never known a time before the Accords. None of the werewolves do because they’re the only Downworlders who aren’t immortal.

So I don’t think Valentine was ever personal for Magnus until now. I think up until 2x12, Valentine was merely symptomatic of a bigger problem that needed to be solved, something that Magnus knows won’t be solved with his execution. I think this is why Magnus seems so adamant on diplomacy and why pushing for Valentine’s execution isn’t his priority. I feel like for Magnus, this is a bandaid solution at best whereas for someone like Luke and the wolves, who have a mortal lifespan, they need to see significant change quicker because 20 years is a long time for them. But for the warlocks, the seelies, the vampires, 20 years is a blip in their lives.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I just want to ask for a headcon with Ratchet, Rung, Forth Maximus, Nightbeat, and Hotshot (If you now the Armada series) being my date for valentines day? I normally don't hate valentines day but this year is just being so rough. So having something nerdy like this might cheer me up more and make me feel not so alone or love. You don't have to do this I just thought I ask. Thank you, I love you little headcon you do on this blog, it a really wonderful blog. >///<

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope things start looking up, anon!



  • He knows what Valentine’s Day is from his time on earth.
  • Most of the day he’s busy, but he planned around his schedule for a date that evening.
  • When you return to your habsuite that night it’s all fancied up with lights and crystal decorations (not healing crystals, those aren’t a thing…)
  • He gives you a finely crafted heart-shaped box Ten helped him make. Inside there are your favorite earth candies. Yea, he has contacts. He might’ve pulled a few strings. 
  • He spends all night showering you in affection. He’s very passionate ;)


  • He found out about Valentine’s Day while doing research on earth culture.
  • With the help of Ultra Magnus, he figures out how to make sweets for you.
  • Totally writes you the mushiest-gushiest love letter. He wraps it up with the sweets and meets you on the observation deck for your date.
  • Ten helped you with Rung’s present. It’s a model ship of the Lost Light. Rung is absolutely overjoyed. 
  • You spend the first part of the date putting together the ship and talking about how much you love each other, but Rung keeps pausing to kiss you. 

Fort Max

  • Didn’t know about Valentine’s Day and freaked when you handed him a home-made card. Even when you tell him it’s okay, you wanted to surprise him, he’s still feels bad.
  • You suggest doing something together and it turns into an awkward game of “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”
  • You end up going to Swerve’s but there’s nothing there for you to drink. Max looks like he might implode. 
  • He tells you to wait and runs up to Swerve. When he comes back he’s blushy.
  • Not a minute later a love song starts playing. It just so happens to be your favorite. Fort Max is a blushing, smiley mess as he wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day and asks you to dance.
  • You have to stand on the table and you’re kind of just holding his servo, but it’s still nice.
  • Expect lots of lovin’ that night :)


  • Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Was he supposed to get you something? No? Then what do you do?
  • He does some quick research and buries you in useless facts about St. Valentine and pestilence and hearts mushed together. This Valentine’s Day thing is making less and less sense to the both of you.
  • He does want to take you on a date, though. Of course, Swerve’s doesn’t serve human drinks so you grab some from your habsuite. You enjoy some highgrade and wine in his habsuite.
  • You end up “borrowing” some of Rung’s datapads and going through all the romance novels he has. You read the lovey-doviest parts out loud to each other. 
  • It actually ends up getting awkward quick because turns out Rung is into some… pretty risque stuff.
Doctor Eggsy

Here, have 1334 words of Doctor Who AU nonsense, featuring Eggsy as the Doctor and Harry who is confused. 

For @your-eggcellency

It hurts like hell, but he knows that it’s time. This body has been wearing down and it’s time to let go now, to take a new form, to start all over again. He has done this many times, but it doesn’t make this one any better. It still hurts, the energy burning through him like wildfire.

Gingerly, he touches his face once the last bright orange sparks of the energy have left his new form. He feels younger, and his new jaw is alarmingly sharp. He heaves himself up and staggers around the console on his new and unfamiliar legs. He’s definitely shorter than he used to be. He swings the mirror around to get a good look at his new face.

‘’Who’s this pretty boy, then?’’ he asks himself and then coils back in surprise because this new body comes with a new accent. ‘’What in the…?’’

It’s unnerving – it always is – but the more he looks at his new, younger face, the more he ponders over his new South London accent, the more he starts to like them. He’s been in old bodies and younger bodies, but this? This is new and exciting in a way very few things are when you’re a thousand years old and seen entire planets born and die.

‘’Yeah,’’ he says to the empty TARDIS. ‘’Yeah, this’ll be fun.’’

He looks down on his new form, still dressed in the ill-fitting clothes of his previous self. ‘’But first, we need new threads.’’

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Do you ever think about how for 23 years of his life, Jace worshiped a man who abused him? How he defended the abuse he received by saying that it was to make him stronger/better? How in his eyes the man who raised him could do no wrong?

Do you ever think about how this image shattered? How he struggled with himself when it did? How he wondered how could he have thought that someone so vile was doing something good? How he must have thought that he was a horrible person because he had accepted it?

Do you ever think about how he went back to the man who hurt him for so many years without him realizing it? How he spent those days drawing a line between what he believed and what he was being told to believe? How he was manipulated into thinking the worst of himself when it was proving to be too difficult to just tell him what to do?

Do you ever think about how when he was imprisoned, alone, ashamed and afraid, he was told that no one cared about him except for the man who spent years abusing him? How when he hard a sword to his neck, he dared the man to kill him? How despite all of this he was nothing more than “Valentine’s son” in the eyes of the people he fought beside for so many years.

Do you ever think about how despite everything he still wanted a father who loved him and not just think of him as an achievement? How even after finding out the man wasn’t really his father, he still carried the burden of sins committed by the man who abused him? How he always put it on himself to try and right the wrongs?

Do you ever think about how it took 23 years for him to realize that he was being manipulated and abused? How he just started to not fall for the lies and manipulation? How he was still trying to not let the man’s words affect him but not always succeeding?

Do you ever think about how when the man who abused him, who he knew was cruel had stabbed him in the heart, he still looked shocked and betrayed? How a small part of him must have thought that there were some lines the man who raised him would never cross and he couldn’t believe it?

Do you ever think about everything that Jace Herondale went through with and because of Valentine Morgenstern and just cry?

A Dad on Valentines [PART TWO] - Yoosung

This is heavily inspired my @myetie 2nd Gen AU/Taemin AU, cause I’m obsessed with that.

Hope you enjoy :3


Despite having matured quite a lot during those years Yoosung was married to you, the man had still remained a child at heart, for the most part. Therefor it was hard for people to imagine him not only having a teenaged daughter, but being a responsible father.

Contrary to popular belief though, Yoosung was indeed an amazing father. His methods might have been too liberal for some, but Yoonri adored her father to bits and pieces. They shared a special kind of bond, allowing Yoonri to fully confide in her father about everything.

It made matters all the more concerning when one day Yoonri returned home from school and sulked off to her room without so much as looking up to great you or Yoosung. The two of you exchanged worried looks as you watched the door quietly click shut behind your daughter.

Yoonri had always been a cheerful and extremely energetic girl. Coming from school she’d be bouncing of the walls with zest. Usually that turned out to be either go out with her friends to skateboard somewhere or gear up and play hours of LOLOL with her online friends.

This time when you and Yoosung walked towards the door, pressing your ears against the wooden door to hear what your daughter was up to, you were only greeted by complete silence. No preparation to go out. No playing LOLOL. Something had definitely happened.

The problem was, something like that had never really happened before. Yoonri was a good girl, but she most certainly wasn’t always level-headed. When something was on her mind she spoke it, whether it be good or bad, appropriate or not. Silence, however, you’d never had before.

After about an hour more Yoosung simply couldn’t take it anymore. He was worried sick and sitting still while his loved ones were suffering had never been anything Yoosung was particularly good at. So, equipped with her favourite jelly beans, Yoosung knocked at his daughters door.

No reply came and while it would have been easy to just walk in, Yoonri never locked her door, Yoosung respected his daughters privacy. Instead he sat down beside the door, leaning against the wall as he waited for his daughter to change her mind.

It was about five minutes and half a pack of jelly beans later that the door finally opened. Yoonri looked down at her father and the little, colourful bag in his hands. Neither of them said a word as Yoonri sat down beside her father, taking the beans from him and digging in.

For a couple of minutes they merely sat beside one another, Yoonri resting her head on her fathers shoulder while finishing off the rest of the sweets. Yoosung waited patiently until finally his daughter broke the silence with a sigh.

“Before you worry too much, nothing horrible happened or anything. Didn’t fail a class or got bullied”, Yoonri said, looking down at her hands where she was playing with the very last jelly bean. “It’s just that it’s Valentines Day and I didn’t get a single Valentine.”

Yoosung was quite surprised by his daughters words, but not for the reason most people would have assumed. Sadly, Yoonri was the spitting image of her father and he knew from personal experience that it didn’t work in your favour.

“I thought you didn’t have anyone you liked, sweetheart”, he said. It wasn’t like he was uncomfortable with the idea of his daughter dating, but she just didn’t strike him like someone who’d benefit from being in a relationship for the time being. Far too free spirited.

“I don't”, Yoonri quickly replied, shaking her head. “But I always see the way you look at mom and how she looks at you. The two of you are so happy and sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have something like that, you know?”

Yoosung closed his eyes, sighing with relief. He smiled to himself. “Yoonri, I met your mother when I was quite a few years older than you and until her I had no one. You don’t need some boring high school boy to be happy. Trust me, I’d know. I was one.”

“Listen, Valentines Day isn’t over yet. So how about we buy a bucket of your ice cream and put on some cheesy romance drama, huh? Your mom and I will be your Valentines and trust me when I say that no one will ever love you as much as we do, unconditionally.”

The day fizzled out with the three of you cuddle up on the couch, a blanket wrapped around you. Yoonri sat on the side, taking her eyes off the movie to look at you and Yoosung peacefully cuddled up. Who needed boys anyway, when you had such a loving family.

February 14th (Lin x Reader) Platonic

WC: 1092

A/N: Unpopular opinion, I actually don’t like Valentine’s Day. Wrote this out of frustration, kinda made me feel better. Enjoy!

You took a snapchat of your mug in your lap, adding the timestamp (12:43AM) and the caption ‘anxie-tea’. You smirked at your pun before sending it off to the one person you knew would be awake at this time. Immediately Lin’s face lit up your phone as your ringtone for him went off (Usnavi’s introductory rap from ‘Heights’).

“Hey,” your voice came out barely a whisper.

“What’s wrong?” Lin wasted no time.

“I have a date tomorrow… well, today I guess,” you said.

“That’s adorable,” he stated, “why’s it got you anxious?”

“I dunno, I just have a bad feeling about it. I keep thinking about all the horrible possibilities,” you were honest with your best friend. Your longstanding friendship had taught you it was useless to lie to him.

“Understandable. Who’s the guy? Or girl? You know I love you (y/n), I won’t judge, no matter which way you swing,” he quickly tacked on.

“It’s this guy I met at work. He came in with one of the school groups. Single dad, business man, seemed pretty smart. Stable too,” you mused.

“Stable is good for you,” Lin told you sincerely. You cracked a smile.

“What are you saying, Miranda? You think I’m not stable?” Lin immediately started backtracking.

“No no no! I’m just saying stable isn’t something that comes easy to you. You’ve been fighting battles as long as I’ve known you. Dating someone stable might just make it… easier.”

You mulled over his words for a moment.

“I guess you’re right,” you said.

“I know. Now, finish your tea and go to sleep. Close your eyes and count to 100 in Spanish,” he instructed. You sighed your agreement.

“Night Lin.”

“Night (y/n).”

In the time leading up to your date, you found yourself spending longer in front of the mirror than normal. You were wearing some nice pants, a pink and red sweater you only wore on Valentine’s day, and a good pair of boots. Your hair was done without a strand out of place.

You walked to the restaurant and got a table for two, sipping a glass of wine as you waited for your date to show up. You lost yourself people-watching, seeing all the couples around you and the various interactions occurring.

“Ma’am, are you sure you’re waiting for someone?” Your observations were interrupted by the waiter. You looked at your watch, noticing that you had been sitting alone for over an hour.

“I guess I’m not,” you said, throwing some cash on the table (that was quite a bit more than the price of the one glass of wine you had drank) before gathering your things and walking back out onto the city street, fighting back tears. Your phone was immediately at your ear.

“He stood me up,” you didn’t even let Lin finish his greeting.

“He what?”

“He left me waiting at the restaurant for over an hour without showing.”

You couldn’t decide if you felt anger, frustration, humiliation, or sadness.

“I’m sure he had a good reason. You said he has a kid, right? Sometimes things come up. It was a dick move to not even text you that he wasn’t coming though,” Lin said. You took a deep breath, trying to collect yourself.

“Lin, this is why I hate Valentine’s day,” you reminded him.

You and Valentine’s Day had not had a very good history. You were single for most of the ones that had occurred in your lifetime. Out of the few that you had been in a relationship for, one you were broken up with during your date, one was with a guy who ended up being abusive, one gave you extravagant gifts and made you feel guilty that the gift you gave him was hand-made. You had given up trying to make Valentine’s day a good day after the third year in a row Lin had invited you to go to dinner with him and Vanessa.

“I’m not third-wheeling.”

“Come on. We both know you’re just going to sit at home and eat ice cream. You’ve gone out with V and I before! She likes you!”

“I’ve gone out with you guys to the store, to the theater, to the park, to our favorite pizza place, but not on an actual romantic Love Day dinner date. I’ll leave the mushy gushiness outside, thanks.”

“V told me she doesn’t mind.”

“That’s not going to change my mind, Lin. I’ll be happy at home. Besides, you’ll be making sex eyes at her the whole time, which is gross in my opinion. I don’t mind being home. Go have a nice dinner with your wife and get laid after.”

Lin had ended up having sex with Vanessa that night, as you had predicted, and nine months later were blessed with a cute baby, which made your next Valentine’s Day much easier to plan for.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude on any plans.”

“When have I ever had good Valentine’s day plans? Of course I’ll babysit for you. Sebastian will be a better date than I’ve ever had anyways.”

“Can you take care of a three-month old?”

“You forget I get paid to hang out with tiny humans. You and Vanessa need a night away anyways. Seriously, with Sebastian and Hamilton, when was the last time you guys had any alone time?”

Lin paused.

“Ok you’re right. I’ll see you at 5:00 then? On the 14th?”

“You got it.”

Back at your apartment, you kicked off your shoes and dug around in your freezer until you found the tub of ice cream you had been saving for the weekend. You sat down on your couch, pulling a blanket over you as you turned on Netflix and started up the show you were currently binge watching. You were only ten minutes into the episode when your apartment door swung open and little Sebastian ran over to you, launching himself into your lap.

Lin and Vanessa were standing in your entryway, holding paper grocery bags full of who-knows-what.

“Valentine’s day isn’t just about dates. It’s about love. We love each other, but we love you too,” Lin said.

“We’re havin’ a picnic!” Sebastian said happily.

“I brought all of the pink food I could think of,” Lin grinned along with his son. You and Vanessa locked eyes, exchanging a look that mutually said “why do I love this man” (though you meant platonically).

Maybe Valentine’s day wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Part 3 - The Dream Synopsis

Isn’t it boring when I talk about my dreams?

Harry was twenty years old when he first saw the blue room.
Yet nothing had changed.
Three years on, nothing had changed.
It came from nowhere. It wasn’t like he had a sudden change of lifestyle. It wasn’t like anything tragic happened. Everything was as it always was.
It just happened.

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anonymous asked:

Firstly loving your SK stories, typos and all! I was hoping you could give me some good RK authors/stories, I know you write them too but they aren't your main ship. I've grown a bit bored of the SK stuff, it all seems to be the same rehashed stories or just pornos (excluding yours and a few others). I don't know where to start though and I saw you did a kastle rec list which was great, any suggestions? I don't want a 500 word porno, I want angst, drama, humour and all that good stuff!!

Hello Lovely!

I’m so glad you’re loving my SK stories. I have a blast writing them and I always try to write something unique into everything I do. I have plans for a chapter RK piece, but I have to finish a couple of things, before I can commit that that one. :)

Okay on to the rec list:

Start here: 

SuperFriends/Hokum/KichieFiction her: Tumblr or her AO3

She writes some of the best Kichie stuff. She’s got some great multiple chapter pieces and some wonderful stand alones as well. 

The Dark Side of Sun series: A re-telling of the end of the Season 3. The first part of the series is complete and the second part is in progress. This has a complex storyline and a lot of heart in it.
Summary: ”They say love can make or break you and Amaru is about to make sure it breaks Richie. Having regained her true form she takes a dying Kate hostage as leverage for what she really wants: to make a slave out of Richard Gecko. Richie’s not about to let Kate go without a fight, even if that means paying the ultimate price to save the girl he loves.”

Cupids Chokehold series: AU series with a Kichie established relationship and Seth trapped with his crazy wife Vanessa. I LOVE this series I laugh until I cry every time. It is spectacular!!
Summary: Vanessa is crazy and it’s highly entertaining when Kate drinks too much. 

Killing Time on Valentines: Five one shots pieces and they are great.
Summary: As Kate and Richie are the epitome of “meant to be”; here a few Valentine’s Day related one shots featuring; Awkward Richie, Angry Vanessa, Over Protective Seth, Sexy Kate and Exasperated Uncle Eddie. Enjoy!

Plus @kichiefiction is just lovely soul. Check out her Tumblr for content

Two of her recs are:
Her Makeup Stains by Dearxalchemist
Three years of culebra slaying has passed before Seth leaves her. Kate embarks on her own personal crusade to continue the good fight. She takes matters in to her own hands and does whatever it takes to get the job. She’s borderline reckless and plays the role of bait to lure out the monsters. Kate embarks on a night of dancing. The music is pulsing around her, blocking out the world as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back. This is her church now and the fellowship is an old face she never expected to see again.

Trespass Sweetly Urged by Gaya
About first times and mornings after

Other Kichie pieces:

Monsters by gaslight_skellington
Summary: “Seth showing up unannounced she could imagine, and handle – her relationship with that Gecko had never been quite as complicated as her relationship with this Gecko but truthfully, she didn’t think she wanted to see them again; her life was normal and dull, but it was finally hers and she was content with it. The Geckos showing up two years after she’d left them could never mean anything good.
“Hello Kate.”
She shivered at the sound of his voice and the intensity in his eyes and then scowled at herself for allowing him to see how he affected her. She decided anger was better than angst and glared at him, going on the defensive immediately.
“What are you doing here? Please tell me this is just a coincidence and then leave.”
“You don’t think for a second this is a coincidence, Kate. And I’m not leaving without you.”

Bits of Three by  theredhoodie 
“The innermost thoughts of Kate Fuller during her interactions with one Richie Gecko.”
 - That one is short but I always liked it.

Tumblr links

@thebeastunderyourbed… Kichie tagged things: here

@nuritxu - Great content there as well: Tumblr

And there are others. Please feel free to reblog and add on. I wish I knew everyone in this ship a little better. I’ve been buried in my own writing lately. This should give you a good start though. 

Just remember I’m a multishipper for this fandom and I’m not trying to start drama. If you aren’t a fan of Richie and Kate, just move on by. :)
Be supportive and be kind.

Love to my Loves!!