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  • Person: I like this thing!
  • A Tumbl: but thing has Bad Part so you are allowed to like None Of It
  • Person: But thing has Good Part that I have good memories of and is meaningful to me and helped me through a difficult time and I learned something new/important about myself and the world around me through experiencing it
  • A Tumbl: but it has Bad Part which makes Good Part not count
  • Person: But I agree that Bad Part is Bad and that's why I don't like that one Part
  • A Tumbl: then why do you not have Disapproval of Bad Part tattooed on your face so that I automatically know all of your Proper Denouncements when I meet you
  • Person: ...Can't I just like thing without introducing myself with a detailed manifesto about my personal endorsement and/or condemnation about every potentially controversial Part of thing to every single person I meet?
  • Person: Can't we agree that all Thing (and People) are complex and multi-faceted and will always contain both Good Part and Bad Part?
  • A Tumbl:
  • A Tumbl: no
  • A Tumbl: if one Bad Part then all Bad Part forever and not allowed to talk about Good Part ever again
  • Person: why
  • A Tumbl: to stop literally all Bad everywhere in the world and time now and the rest of forever
  • Person: okay good luck with that

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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Shit the Foxes said on talk shows
  • Neil: So Kevin comes in at like 1 in the morning, brand new tattoo on his face, and he's drunk as hell but he's making this surprisingly coherent speech about being the deadliest piece of the board, and I'm just sitting there not saying a word because I don't know a thing about chess.
  • Dan: There's a video on my computer containing cuts from every single time Andrew sent a ball flying into someone's head set to the Donky Kong theme song. It's two and a half hours.
  • Allison: Neil has this thing where bad things happening to him are like a matter of fact. Once, he and I met up for lunch, and when the bill came he asked if he could pay me back later because he got mugged on the way over. As it turns out, what I mistook for Neil being a picky eater was actually Neil trying to eat without upsetting a shallow stab wound.
  • Renee: I don't drink alcohol because you can't account for what you'll do when you're drunk. Though sometimes that turns out fun. About a year ago we found out that Matt knows how to sing Sweden's national anthem backwards by heart, and that was hilarious. But on the other hand I've had Allison and Nicky competing on who can break a glass with their voice at three in the morning, so.
  • Matt: Kevin is definitely seems like everything in his life is about Exy, but get to know him and you realize that he has plenty of interests, it's just that he has no concept of doing things in moderation. So it's less a stick up his butt and more like, I don't know, a pool noodle or something.
  • Aaron: Neil doesn't have a concept of money, a fact which on any given day swings between hilarious and flat out tragic. He refused to pay $15.90 for new pants but said he'd pay for my med school if I stopped making fun of his new haircut. To be clear, both of these things happened in the same conversation.
  • Nicky: I love God, I do. He's always in my heart. But I guess God has abandonment issues because every time I see a commercial for a McFlurry I can just feel him testing me.
  • Andrew: The thing about the Foxes is that the stress level on any given day can fluctuate so wildly you get whiplash. One day you're getting yelled at for not blocking a shot, the next you're getting yelled at for "obstruction of justice" or whatever it is the Feds call it when you remind them that they can't come in without a search warrant. Why Wymack does this willingly is beyond me.
  • Kevin: On the one hand, the Foxes are much less organized, not to mention a smaller team. Every game, we're at an almost immediate disadvantage. On the other hand, Ravens are contractually forbidden from Irish coffee. So overall the decision isn't hard.
Bangtan cosplay gone wrong
  • <p> <b>Jin and Namjoon:</b> *watching the boys get ready*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Tae, haven't you dressed as the Joker before. Why not something new?<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> Well I didn't have the perfect partner last time, now I do.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Walks out dressed as Harley Quinn*<p/><b>Jin:</b> O.O Jimin! don't you think those shorts are a little small?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *Shakes ass* Nope<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Sees from afar and slowly receeds into darkness*<p/><b>Tae:</b> He's the perfect Harley right? *Pervy Tae face*<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> *Shows up dressed as Batman, and punches Taehyung in the face* I'll 'save' you Harley<p/><b></b> Jimin:*Is thrown over his shoulder*<p/><b>Jin:</b> Oh my god Tae! are you ok?!<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> Hobi, what even are you?<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> *dressed in all black leotard* I make the sound effects! Pew pew!<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> 😑<p/></p>

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if we stop & think about it, we're addicted to anti. like literally addicted. when he first appeared, it was a new high for all of us because we never experienced something like that before. everyday kept getting better with the more cryptic stuff anti did. now, we can't stop thinking about him. we love him, we crave his presence. but yet, as the excitement grows for each new anti bit, it's not the same as it was the first time. thats why anti's dangerous, why he never left. we don't want him to

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I keep checking on AO3 for a new update on home ever since your latest one. But when I checked your Tumblr page and saw March......... I died inside!😔😢. So I'm asking, are we really going to see chapter 18 in March?!?! I don't mean to be brutal but I stopped reading chapter 17 to wait and read the new one and it together so I could finally complete something that t really meant something to me. So please for this anon, finish with your darn book and make something out of yourself. For me.


I work on Home every day, anon, as I have for two years. I start at 10am and draw until 8pm. I don’t go to school or have a job because I have severe anxiety. I need more time because the drawings are extremely detailed (click here to see what I mean) and I was recently diagnosed with lupus, which means I’m flat in bed with a fever more often than not.

If by “darn book” you mean the book adaptation of Home I’m working on, I haven’t touched it in two months because I’ve been trying to finish the fic. Please don’t insult the novel. The novel is Home/Raising Home, word for word, with different names and a few adjustments. The story and the artwork is my heart and soul. I cry happily while crafting it sometimes.

So don’t come to my inbox to yap at me to go faster, because I dedicate every ounce of free time to making the last chapter the very best finale possible.

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I’m bad at german and my native English lol did that mean “how many time is it?”

It’s… if I’d literally, word-for-word translate “wie viel Uhr ist es” (the correct way to ask for the time in German) it’d say “how much o’clock is it”. In English you’d say “what time is it” which would be “welche Zeit ist es”. So I just… mashed that together.

“Wie viel Zeit ist es”. (the literal english translation: “how much time is it”. it’s not correct in either language lmao)

Eternal gratitude to Reeder for “Julia” (I heard it for the first time a long time before it was in the podcast, and I’ve only grown to love it more the more I listen to it), but I like to think that the song exists in canon. This isn’t something I’ve put a lot of thought into - I was just listening to the song and I thought it would be nice if it existed for these characters, too. There are a few ways this might be true.

Maybe eventually, as Magnus spends more time with his family, he tells them more about Julia. How much she would have loved all of them - how much all of them would have loved her. All of the little things she did that made him laugh, or made him fall for her again every day. She’s never there, but somehow she’s always there because Magnus is always talking about her. He tells all of their stories so many times that his whole family knows them by heart. And one day, for Candlenights or maybe even just because, Barry tells Magnus he has something for him and sits down at the piano. It’s not long before Magnus is crying, but he doesn’t notice because his attention is elsewhere. That’s her. That’s Julia, there in that song. He must have done a good job introducing her to his family, because they know her so well.

Learning to play can be difficult, but the piano is an accommodating instrument for beginners. All of the keys are laid out in front of you right from the start, all cards on the table, straightforward. In a way, that matches Magnus. It’s a stumbling start, and Barry demonstrates impressive patience as Magnus tries to master the new skill. Magnus is very good about practicing, though, and while he might not ever perform on a stage, he’s always been good with his hands. It’s nice to have something new to do with them while his thoughts are elsewhere. As time passes and his skill grows, he thinks about how much Julia would have liked to listen to him play, and the idea sticks in his head. When he’s ready, he asks Barry and Lup to listen to the song, and they note it down as he plays. It’s common to hear the music of that song streaming through the window and whispered in the streets of Raven’s Roost, in some small way filling an absence that’s been there for a long time. When Magnus isn’t there to play anymore, Lup or Barry sometimes still do; the title of the song, which only had one name before, is changed to two. 

Julia could play. Julia could play and fill the whole room with music and laughter and joy. Before - and especially after - the revolution, she would visit the tavern and play loud, excited music while everyone there sang along or danced. Everything, everyone, was more alive when Julia played. When it was just the two of them, during quiet afternoons at the shop when the work was done, Julia played a different kind of music - soft and sweet, another part of her that Magnus had the honor of seeing more than anyone else. Somehow even with the town gone, the sheet music in the little oak chest survives, and he takes it with him when he leaves. Years later, that same sheet music held delicately in his hands, he explains to Lup who wrote it. Magnus doesn’t even have to ask; Lup squeezes his hand, sits down with him at the piano, and goes over the basics. Until Magnus can play the song for himself, she plays it for him; he sits in a rocker that smells like lavender and if he closes his eyes, he can pretend that it’s years ago and another lifetime and Julia is just across the room.

(Whatever the truth is, one day there is a piano and a set of sheet music in a little house on a little island. The house is filled with music even when no one plays.)

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Heyo welcome new blog! May I request some headcanons for Mei, Junkrat, and Lucio (all seperate) doing an activity with their S/O they don't necessarily enjoy, but they do it just to make their S/O happy? sorry if this isn't specific enough if you need clarifying let me know <3

//Oh my gosh!! Thank you! (*≧∀≦*)//


  • this poor baby wouldn’t have the heart to say no to doing something her s/o enjoyed
  • even if she hates the activity
  • she loves seeing them happy and that’s all that matters to her
  • she’d probably end up having a good time because her s/o is having fun
  • though, if the activity was something she really did not enjoy
  • she’d do it with her s/o for a little while
  • and then would get flustered and timidly asked her s/o if they could do something else
  • would feel much better if her s/o said yes


  • literally the only reason this boy is doing the activity is because it makes his s/o happy
  • he hates everything else about it
  • loves seeing his s/o smiling and laughing while doing the activity
  • he thinks they’re so cute
  • though, it wouldn’t take long for him to get fed up with the activity
  • would bluntly ask if they could do something else since he didn’t like it
  • if his s/o got upset he’d try to make them feel better
  • and suggest that they do something they both enjoy
  • if they didn’t get upset and was understanding…
  • he’d be very appreciative


  • this boy is so sweet
  • he would never say no to doing something his s/o wanted to do
  • he would put his hatred of the activity aside
  • because he loves seeing his s/o happy
  • just genuinely enjoys spending time with them despite the activity
  • after they do the activity he suggests to do he liked to do
  • when they said yes, he he’d hug them and give them little pecks on the cheek

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How long are you gonna have the new header up? I don't mind it it but I suggest replacing it with the finished and colored version when your done ;3

Hahaha well I was thinking I’d keep it up until the next update is ready, and then I’d switch it back to something more aesthetically appropriate :P I would color it, but then that’d be taking time away from getting the actual update done and I think I’ve been keeping everyone waiting long enough! But don’t worry, perhaps it’ll make it’s return one day in all it’s colored glory~

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this is Superboy and #imtellingbatman that his new years resolution should be to make Red Robin smile more. If I have the energy to drag myself out of bed to visit YOUR protege in the middle of the night every time he's struggling, then YOU have the energy to say something nice to him every once in a while. (And if you're reading this babe I don't mind coming to see you at all, I just think Batman's a lazy dick when it comes to you and that's a problem, you feel me? XX)

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Chapter 13: Holding Aces [ AO3 ] | [ ff.net ]

“Well, from where I sit - which is on the throne of Diagon,” Pansy clarified haughtily, leaning towards Hermione, “I’d say the view is rather the same as it always is. With or without your presence,” she added, casting a vacant glance over the Great Hall. “Astoundingly, we persist.”

“Yes,” Hermione agreed sweetly, nodding. “Court is full of snakes, much as it always is. Be careful of what’s underfoot, Majesty,” she warned, catching the motion of Rabastan and Draco conversing with their heads bent. “You know how your serpents love to strike without warning.”

Pansy raised her glass again, the sound of a dry laugh escaping into the bell of the goblet.

“Well, some people are born with power in their blood,” Pansy permitted lazily, replacing the glass on the table, “venomous or otherwise. Others are forced to make do with nothing,” she mused, her gaze flicking to Hermione’s, “so I wonder which creature is to be pitied?”

Hermione, immune to the now much-tired slight against her birth, let her gaze wander in time to see Draco nod, inclining his head conspiratorially, just as Rabastan murmured something in response.

“Pity any creature at my mercy,” Hermione advised under her breath.

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Yvette!!! I'm just so excited to what the fandom comes up with. I'm so thrilled that Hobrien had time together and now we're getting more Sterek content. I don't trust the show to do anything right, but I know the Sterek fandom will create something beautiful!

Yep totally expecting Br*eden/St*dia references with a huge no homo knife twisted nice and deep right in our backs at the last second. But we always fix it 2 seconds afterwards lol and we’ll get just enough Sterek to write truckloads of fic and lots of new creations to make it all good again :)

I know I’m sooo happy about Hobrien! Especially since theyve both said so many times they miss working together. They must have loved it! The best part is THEN they go and be boyfriends alone away from set to play their favorite game together in the moonlight <3 :D

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Hey, I'm new to the fandom, and I'm having a really hard time keeping track of the batfamily. You wouldn't be able to have a reference or be able to make one that lists who they all are and the order in which they came in, or something? I don't know if this made any sense, but thank you!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Batfandom, I hope you enjoy your stay. : )

There are a bunch of great references floating around on here, and I’m open to anyone linking them if you guys have them at the ready.  

I’ve only been in the Batfandom for around a year so I’ve got some holes in my knowledge, but I’ll do my best to give you an overview. If anyone would like to add to this or correct me on a detail please feel free to.

Because this is sooooo long I’m going to put it beneath the cut.

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Our plucky heroine
  • To Meereen: Ewwww your city is gross and I don't like your crazy sports fans. I can't wait until I move to back to Westeros where the WiFi is SO much faster.
  • To Unsullied: Sure, I'll free you! And isn't it convenient that you're a brainwashed army that I actually need? Now I'm wondering if you'd like to joi...oh ok, that was easy.
  • To Lannister Army: I have dragons and I'm at war. Am I not supposed to not use them? Look, I gave you a choice, kneel or die so don't make this hard okaaayyy???
  • To Wildings: Let's make a deal. I'll save you from the ice monsters... and all you have to do is kneel and help me get my throne!! What's that? Something something Stannis??
  • To Everyone: Meet my new boyfriend Jon Snow!! We're SO ALIKE Omggggggggg. AND HE'S GOING TO HELP ME GET MY DREAM JOB! Let's dragon-up babe and go kill some CGI skeletons!
  • *later*
  • *checks mail* Hey, what's this letter?
  • Form Letter:
  • Dear Applicant,
  • We appreciate the time you took to come for an interview for the position of "Queen of Westeros." You were not selected to return for additional interviews. We received applications from many qualified candidates, one of whom has more experience working with our various departments and clients, a key job requirement.
  • Sincerely,
  • The True King of Westeros.
  • To the North: OMG I'M GOING TO KILL MY BF HE LIED TO ME AND I DIDNT GET THE JOB!!! As a single mom with three kids and an upwardly mobile career woman, this will not stand!!!?

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Where can I learn more about your OCs or read/admire your work? Like if you have a comic series or something. I'm new to your page so I don't know anything about them but I love your work.

There’s no comic series yet–but it’s currently in the making~~

for now though—some links!

basic tag for leo and kay universe: ( x )

the few comics I have made: ( x )

ya that’s about it pffhaha

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soz to add to your endless pile of writing questions but i've been writing this novel on and off for like a year and now i have everything worked out but can't seem to write. it's not writer's block cuz i know what needs to happen but i'm just bored by writing now and idk why i love this story and the only thing i want to be in life is a writer but i don't want to just make myself write to finish because there is no point if i'm not enjoying it but i want it to be done so i can do something new

I can say this in a much fancier way, but it’s Sunday, and I’m tired, and I have work to do, and I’ve answered this question a billion times before, but the crux of it is:

you just gotta write, buddy. this story or a new story or whatever you want. but you’ve just to write it, lol.


(this comic is by @owlturdcomix​ who according to their about page doesn’t mind their comics being reposted with credit)

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Hi, I'm kinda new to bts world (was a casual listener) and I don't really understand the series and the others ;_; Can you tell me where I can find something like guide/summary or something like that.... Thank you so much for your time ❤️

hello!! i apologize for my delayed reply, i wanted to make sure i had time to read and compile some solid information/links for you ^^ 

bts have officially completed three series so far, with the fourth (love yourself) quickly approaching us: 

  1. school trilogy (2 cool 4 skool, o!rul8,2?, skool luv affair) dealt with themes students face, like the pressures from parents/society to do well and succeed in life 
  2. hyyh trilogy aka 화양연화 or 花樣年華 or the most beautiful moment in life (pt. 1, pt. 2,  young forever) touched on youth and coming of age
  3. wings was centered around a novel, demian by herman hesse, and addressed themes of temptation with short films in addition to the music (you never walk alone was a repackage album with 5 additional songs, including spring day and not today)
  4. love yourself is still unclear, but includes a storytelling aspect with short dramas featuring writers/artists/actors

(드림텔러) DreamTeller on youtube does some really well-thought out explanations and breakdowns of some bts videos, eng subs are included:

here are a few other supplementary reading materials that might improve your understanding: 

again, a lot of these are theories! everything is open-ended so there are several interpretations, and it’s one of the things i really appreciate about bts’ work! it may seem confusing at first, but the more you expose yourself to it, you will appreciate the beauty and depth of the stories bangtan is sharing with us :’) i am sure you will be able to find more guides than the ones i provided above with some searching, but i hope these provide a good starting place for you! once again, welcome~