i don't have a source ok

Just. Ok.
I’m very much in love with Baze/Chirrut. Give me more of them. Give me how they met. Give me the source of Chirrut’s blindness, is it from birth? Was it an accident? Give me Baze learning tenderness in Chirrut’s smile. Give me Chirrut falling in love with Baze and realising he is as important to him as is the force. Give me the quiet moments of marriage. Give me their first date, their anniversary, their home. Give me those last thoughts on the beach.
I’ll throw myself out now.

anonymous asked:

what am i supposed to do when me and my fp keep hurting each other. its never on purpose but hes always hurting because he knows im hurting. i dont want to be a source of pain for him anymore

i’m sorry… i know that feeling. most of my (past) fps are mentally ill too and it’s always hard because you need them but you want them to be ok. i just try talk about things as much as i can, like whenever i feel anything bad that i know needs to be talked about it’s good to discuss right away, and settle it in a discussion rather than a bad time or argument. maybe some little things can change, so you can be there for each other in a healthier way