i don't have a drawing today so

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

Okay. I’m really, really late, but this crappy thing took way longer than expected. The last time I’ve colored something was like five years ago and I never even tried to shadow my drawings back then?

So today (at least today in my time zone) the great @lesbianspacenerd has birthday and she’s such an amazing person!! Really, she’s awesome. I wanted to write a story in the beginning, but my english kind of sucks. Next I wanted to draw Pidge with Indira (just go read i here, it’s so good) but I just can’t draw.
So yeah. Please don’t hate my for this crappy idea and the shitty colouring.

I call it “Your favourite local trans buddies” btw.

Thanks For 1K Followers!!!

So I hit 1k today, and I wanna celebrate with you guys!!! For one (1) day I’ll let you guys send me drawing requests in my inbox. After a day I’ll number all the requests I have in my inbox and use a randomizer to pick 5-10 requests, depending on how many I get. To make things a little easier, please include if you want digital or traditional, and only one request per person! If you don’t include what type you want I’ll do it traditionally :^)

Do not send me requests for any sh//aladin or all//ura x paladin ships, your request will be deleted.


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house


pushing daisies AU, a conversation (for more context click here, but in summary, dirk can’t touch jake because if he does jake will die)

i spent too much effort on this comic, then slowly lost it

I got some beautiful shots of Tim trying out for the Olympics with his brothers, today. :’) They grow up so fast. 

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

“Hey Kaito, did you want to get ic—?!”

“I’d normally agree but today I think I’ll have ~you~ instead.”

Floral x Holiday Kaito for 03-23-17