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I know you're doing head canons so I don't know what category this falls under but can we have some head canons of Valkyrie being really protective over skul how he sees her through his eyes when she's being protective. All of the little touches he gives her what do they mean for him ?? Ty

this is one of those things i really wish we’d gotten more of in the series? bc mr ‘i’ll pull your lungs out through your ass if you even think about touching her’ over here has definitely got the patent on being the protective partner and i really want more protective val

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I know when people say 'freckled' they're referring to Bellamy but I don't get the reference how it came to be? Can you explain?

It goes no deeper than the constellations splashed across his face anon! And that would probably be a completely sufficient answer, but I’m #extra and there are like, categories of freckles right? So you have #subtlefreckle Bellamy in season 1:

(I think this is s1? My ability to determine episodes from gifs is declining rapidly.)

Then in s3 you have like, fucking #softfreckle Bellamy with bonus flowing hair. Truly a classic:

Grounder!Bell with #foreheadfreckle is always a fave:

Then you’ve got like, #brightfreckle ft. deep brown puppy eyes, wtf:

I tagged this one as  #freckles are doing such a good job here  #well done which, yeah, same past Lexi, same:

Smol!Bell freckles:

And last but not least, you have the majestic, if slightly elusive #FULLFRECKLE which is just…like, look at this shit:

Bonus: Bob Morley at #fullfreckle

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(Assorted gifs from: @autumnkru@bellamyblake@dailybellamyblake@littlbirds@chris-evahns@scottsderek@bensolcs@queerspeedy)