i don't have a category for his eyes

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I know when people say 'freckled' they're referring to Bellamy but I don't get the reference how it came to be? Can you explain?

It goes no deeper than the constellations splashed across his face anon! And that would probably be a completely sufficient answer, but I’m #extra and there are like, categories of freckles right? So you have #subtlefreckle Bellamy in season 1:

(I think this is s1? My ability to determine episodes from gifs is declining rapidly.)

Then in s3 you have like, fucking #softfreckle Bellamy with bonus flowing hair. Truly a classic:

Grounder!Bell with #foreheadfreckle is always a fave:

Then you’ve got like, #brightfreckle ft. deep brown puppy eyes, wtf:

I tagged this one as  #freckles are doing such a good job here  #well done which, yeah, same past Lexi, same:

Smol!Bell freckles:

And last but not least, you have the majestic, if slightly elusive #FULLFRECKLE which is just…like, look at this shit:

Bonus: Bob Morley at #fullfreckle

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(Assorted gifs from: @autumnkru@bellamyblake@dailybellamyblake@littlbirds@chris-evahns@scottsderek@bensolcs@queerspeedy)