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stoner michael headcanons

-jeremy doesn’t smoke but his One Exception is shotgunning w michael
-jeremy bringing him eye drops to hide his high
-one time my friend did edibles on christmas and watched shrek and fu king couldn’t breathe they were laughing so hard Imagine that w michael
-his preferred method is a blunt
-but he’s not opposed to edibles
-michaels plug is spencer’s gifts but sometimes he rlly needs a high and finds a party to go to
-and social anxiety + being high around people = a bad nervous paranoia high
-jeremy comes and picks him up within an hour bc he didn’t want to be rude and smoke and leave but he texted jeremy the whole time
-jeremy can’t drive but he walks michael home
-he started crying bc the soup he was eating was so good while he was baked once and jeremy didn’t know what to do
-the first time he did an edible he got so high he was staring at his hands at arms length and asked jeremy why his hands were so small and jeremy was like “michael”
-he’s not addicted, but like stress before finals? celebration? Blaze It


laurel: nah i don’t wanna walk with you 

ben: why not? please i’d owe you 1000 favors

laurel: you’re way too tall for me it’ll throw the balance off… but i do like being owed favors so how about this.. i’ll walk with keira and you walk with ronan and i’ll call you whenever i need that favor

ben: yes fine! that’s perfect!!

In the Bangtan dorm room
  • Jin: *Sits down beside Namjoon with a book in hand*
  • Namjoon: Wah, Hyung when did you start reading?
  • Jin: Ah, I just saw this lying around your room and I decided to read it.
  • Namjoon: Oh? What book is that?
  • Jin: It's uh...*clears his throat* about anti-gravity *trying hard not to smile*
  • Namjoon: Anti-gravity? I don't remember hav-
  • Jin: It's impossible to put down! Get it?! Because it's anti-gravity!
  • *windshield laugh echoes in the dorm room*
  • Jungkook: *comes out from the kitchen soaking wet* Ah, Hyung! Don't make your jokes when Jimin's eating! He flipped the bowl of soup at me!
  • *Jimin's on the kitchen floor, laughing*

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