i don't give a shit :d

  • Draco: a little higher
  • Crabbe: i'm trying but-
  • Draco: HIGHER!
  • Crabbe: your shoe is digging into my palm!
  • Goyle: yeah, Draco, *struggles* you're a lot heavier than you used to be
  • Draco: *pauses and looks down, offended*
  • Draco: hang on. are you two calling me fat?
  • Crabbe: wha-
  • Goyle: course not! we just-
  • Theo: he's coming!
  • Draco: shit!! never mind. we'll talk about this later. get me up into the tree! hurry!
  • Draco: *gets situated in time to play it cool*
  • Harry:
  • Harry:
  • Draco: >:(
  • Harry:
  • Draco: my father and i have a bet, you see...
  • Harry:
  • Draco: i don't think you're gonna last ten minutes in this tournament
  • Harry: *finally acknowledges Draco*
  • Draco: :D !
  • Harry: ...
  • Draco: *flirty ferret jumps down from the tree*
  • Draco: he disagrees. he thinks you won't last five!
  • Harry: i don't give a DAMN what your father thinks, Malfoy!
  • Draco: :O ????? wait.
  • Harry: he's vile, and cruel... and you're just pathetic.
  • Draco: pathetic?!
  • Harry: *walks away*
  • Draco: :( ?
  • Blaise: damn, dude
  • Pansy: well... there's always next time...
  • Draco: shut up! this is your fault!
  • Pansy: MY FAULT?!
  • Pansy: TEN MINUTES, DRACO???
  • Crabbe: woah, what
  • Goyle: what
  • Theo: hold on
  • Blaise: back up
  • Moody: wtf lol
  • McGonagall: wasn't here. didn't hear anything.
  • Harry: wait, what
  • Draco: what

5 years of absolute fucking happiness

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I don't disagree with the moving theory, but what makes you say that they're definitely moving after that liveshow? (just curious as I saw your response to your last ask :))

when was the last time dan did a liveshow that was all of the below:

a) from a location he doesn’t normally do liveshows in
b) on a mobile device
c) for which he gave a flimsy excuse for using (bad wifi)
d) just before they leave for a few days
e) with a giddy, shit-eating grin on his face basically the entire time

(standard disclaimer that I think I need to start giving regularly, I just really like theorizing and low-stakes conspiracy theories. you can try to argue me or tell me i’m wrong if you just really enjoy sending contrary asks, but there’s a high likelihood that i just don’t give enough of a fuck to publish it and respond)

what they say vs what they mean
  • aries: I'm fine // I want to d i e
  • taurus: get me food // I need love
  • gemini: *nothing* // that hurt
  • cancer: forget it // fix it
  • leo: you don't mean shit // you mean too much
  • virgo: it's stupid // ITS IMPORTANT
  • libra: I'm tired // I need a hug
  • scorpio: it doesn't matter anymore // it matters a lot and I'm hurt more than I'll admit
  • sagittarius: it's okay haha // apologize please
  • capricorn: kill me // ask me what's wrong
  • aquarius: leave me alone // GIVE ME ATTENTION
  • pisces: I need a hug // bring them more than just a hug, I need a friend to listen to them
My thoughts on “Don’t Remember”

OK, before I dive into the theorizing I’d like to first add my (very late) response to “Thank You”; From the bottom of my heart Thank YOU, @markiplier​. *gives him biggest hug I can muster* THANK YOU for all the good you’ve brought to the world and the light you are in my life.  You’re an absolutely WONDERFUL person not only from what you are now but mainly (to me) the choice you made in the past; after experiencing so much fear, pain and all around shit in your life, instead of trying to lash out at the world that wronged you, you decided to hug it.  You were positive and thoughtful and kind when it would’ve been so understandable for you to have become bitter and angry and wanting to tear others down rather than build them up.  And for THAT I feel you deserve all the love and praise in the world.  You’re an absolute GEM of a human being, Mark Fischbach, NEVER forget that.

With that said.. onto the theorizin’!

After having watched through “Don’t remember” and trying to make sense of the things Dark(?) says, there’s one line that stood out to me; the very last thing we hear ‘Dark’ say,

“Go back to sleep”

We even see this same line repeated in the source code of the video, so that makes it seem like it’s a particularly important one that Mark wants to emphasize.

So what could it mean?

The initial ‘occams razor’ explanation that first pops to mind is because (a) the protagonist of the video was sleeping in The Barrel and (b) the video itself was uploaded at a very late hour (it popped up at midnight, if you were in the EST zone) and therefore alot of people watching likely had already gone to bed. Unless of course you’re an incurable nightowl like me. But I’m not so sure that it’s that simple.

To quote Abe the Detective, “I think we’ve forgotten our most important question of all.. why? Why?”

Ask yourself, Why would Dark bother waking us up in the middle of the night with his spoopin and cryptic words, only to tell us to “go back to sleep”?  We’re literally trapped in The Barrel (from the view out the windshield it seems to be parked in an enclosed space, like a personal garage, which are often kept locked) and are therefore a captive audience for Dark; he can talk to us and try to sweet talk us for as long as he wants/needs to.  

Also, take a look at this view of the inside of The Barrel from the van video just before this one, ‘The “FRIENDLY” Ice Cream Truck’;

Note the adorable doggo that THE TV IS OFF.  Meaning that Dark was the one who turned it on in the first place; clearly indicating that he has the power to turn it on and speak to us if he chooses.

So again, WHY tell us to just “go back to sleep” if he has that kind of agency in terms of (a) us being unable to escape and (b) ability to speak via the TV whenever he wants to?

My answer? I think us going ‘back to sleep’ is EXACTLY what Dark wants us to do here.

A skilled manipulator like Dark would know that an excellent way for someone to remember/ learn something is for them to learn it just before falling asleep.  So that’s exactly what he does.  Even going as far as using reverse psychology in the very title of the video “Don’t remember” to ENSURE that we’d remember the other things he told us.

There’s also another possibility here, one that has DEEPLY disturbing implications.

Looking back at the video, a second question comes to my mind in terms of the significance of the “go back to sleep” line; just what woke us up in the first place?

The video doesn’t start out with any loud bangs or noises that could’ve woken someone, we just seem to start awake.  And immediately after waking we hear the otherworldly creaks and sounds that accompany Dark’s presence, and in mere seconds we hear him speaking to us in almost whispers, barely even understandable.  Then almost no sooner than he starts speaking he gives us that instruction,

“Go back to sleep”.

That got me to wonder; what if the first words we hear from him in this video WEREN’T THE FIRST THINGS HE SAID TO US THAT NIGHT!?


And since Dark (assuming it is him) is a being that to quote Mark “bleeds through into this one”, who has to use specific conduits like videos (or TVs in this case) to be able to communicate;


We woke up in the middle of his (likely night-long) spiel to us, then making his words hard for us to hear - - SO HE TELLS US TO GO BACK TO SLEEP SO WE CAN HEAR HIM BETTER.

Anyhow, those are just my thoughts on the matter.  I hope you found the ideas I’ve put forward here at least a little interesting and that this “Dark can bleed into your dreams” theory/headcanon makes sense given the evidence and reasoning that I’ve provided.


-Take Two Headcanons and Call Me in the Morning, Sincerely;

  • interviewer: who's your celebrity/actress crush?
  • jungkook, in his mind, with his eyes wide open: oh no, not again, I LIKE DICK OK? I LOVE IT!! STOP ASKING ME ABOUT GIRLS AND GIVING ME GAY PANICS BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ANSWER!!!!!! PLEASE STO-
  • yoongi: jaydope
  • BTS:
  • jungkook:
  • interviewer:
  • jungkook: i'm done with shit, you ALL THINK HE'S JOKING BUT HE'S NOT!! HE ALSO LIKES D-

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The character of Tommy Oliver is written as being of Native American decent (despite the actor being white). Frankly, I don't care if Tommy is male or female, but the character should stay Native American. I'm majorly feeling Devery Jacobs, Nikki Gould, or Amber Midthunder as female Tommy. Also... I'm LIVING for your Trimberly fanart.

Oh that’s so cool, I didn’t know that!! AND A 1000 TIMES YES FOR AMBER MIDTHUNDER AS TOMMY OLIVER HOLY SHIT

  • Jin: So how's the diet going?
  • Yoongi: It's gone. I had four donuts before you walked in the door.
  • Jin: That'll kill you, Yoongi.
  • Yoongi: I don't give a shit. I won’t be carrying the coffin.

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TREY: we fucked up last season, the fandom hates us. MATT: then this season give the fandom what it wants TREY: What does the fandom want? MATT: *holding a pile of gay Fanfictions* some gay shit...we should also sprinkle some "the main four and no adults" too. TREY: I don't think- MATT: *already writing Fanfiction involving forbidden love between a white man and an native American man* don't think, just do


Serious post

Firstly, I hate how some people on tumblr think this fucking website is a competition. I mean, WE DON’T EVEN GET MONEY FOR THIS, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN???

2 - I also hate how people act as if they owned book quotes, photographies, etc, when in fact YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING RIGHT ON THAT SHIT, BY THE WAY, THE OWNER COULD SUE YOU FOR USING THEIR INTELLECTUAL WORK IF THEY WANTED :D So why the fuck you care so much if a person posts the same book quote than you or other blog?? Everybody is free to buy the book and post a quote if they want, you DON’T FUCKING OWN THE BOOK, DID YOU GET IT??? 

3 - If you don’t like a blog, block them???? It’s ridiculous needling someone in posts, like how old are you?? 8 years old?? Get a life, get a job, go study, go have sex, go smoke pot, idk, but this is SILLY. 


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Hey, if you don't mind me asking and it's not too spoiler-y, why is the Runner AU nicknamed K.E.V.I.N.? I'm guessing that stands for something? (Btw you are literally my favourite artist EVER, and Wittyy's writing is absolutely amazing, and you both just seem like super cool people :D)

STORYTIME, it’s my fave story

During a stream I was doing, drawing on the first drawings for the runner AU I was telling Witty “give me a name” and i trailed off, because im focusing on drawing.. and witty is a little shit so she just instantly said “KEVIN” and i had to tell her that i wanted a name for the AU damn it.

The chat kept calling it kevin from then on and now witty and i are deadset on giving the fic a name that abbrievates to KEVIN

honestly i don’t think bioware would have to do as substantial amount of work as they claim it’d take for the warden to appear in da4. i get there are different origins/outcomes/companions alive or dead etc, but the da4 protag is obviously going to be a new peep, so a warden cameo would be possible without fucking up previous choices. you brought fucking leliana from the goshdarndiggitydoodlydoo dead despite some world slates having her killed and nobody batted an eyelash because we want older characters to be included in newer games…….. just do it i’m out here dying

"You don't need makeup"

“Need” it or not makeup is super fun and when I see that contour carvin out that cheekbone, I’m glowin like a motherfucker, my eyeliner is a whole angel wing, and my lips look like Aphrodite herself painted them I feel like I can save the world and ruin lives simultaneously and I’ll be damned if I ever give that shit up because d a m n son

Inktober Day 23 - Wrong Way

Rocket enters Quill’s room, uninvited.

He’d ask something like “how are you feeling?” but it’s a ridiculous question. Peter is feeling like shit, there’s no point in pretending otherwise. He’s trying to move on with his life, to leave the past where it is. But sometimes the pain is too much to handle. Sometimes he feels a sense of guilt gnawing at him mercilessly. He didn’t realize in time that Yondu was the dad he’d always wanted. He couldn’t manage to save him. Deep inside he knows it’s not his fault, but it still hurts.

Rocket is fully aware of all that, so he stays silent. For a grand total of twelve seconds.

“Drax says you haven’t eaten in almost two days.” Peter doesn’t answer.

“Want me to bring you something?” Rocket asks, nervous. He doesn’t know how to handle this. Peter just shakes his head. Rocket sighs.

“Fine, then.” He turns to leave, then decides against it.

“I miss Yondu too, you know.” He confesses. Peter looks at him.

“You do?” he asks, confused. Rocket climbs on the bed and sits next to his friend.

“Don’t be so surprised.” He almost snaps. Almost. “We didn’t have time to talk about everything that happened since you left Berhert.”

Peter wordlessly urges him to continue. So Rocket does. He tells him every little detail: the encounter with the Ravager crew, the mutiny, Nebula, Taserface (at the dumb name, Peter actually giggles), the prison cell he had to share with Yondu. Every little thing, he pours out, up until the eventual escape from the Eclector.

Peter holds onto Rocket’s words like his life depends on it. He wishes for the raccoonoid to never stop talking. Because even though this is all new to him, Peter already knows how the story is going to end, and he hates it.

“I didn’t think you guys would become so close.”

“What can I say, we had a lot in common.” Rocket lowers his ears, melancholic.

Peter really wants to say something of significance, but he can’t find the right words. So, instead of talking, he pulls out the Zune from a drawer and gives it to Rocket. There’s no wrong way to express feelings if you channel them through melody.

“Here, you get to pick the music.” Rocket puts an earbud on and offers the other to Peter.

“Thanks, Quill. But it’s one song, then you go grab something to eat. And take a shower. You flarkin’ stink.”