i don't get when people don't like her

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

See what happens when I forget to sleep… :/
I guess it’s princess Winter Hayle, little ray of sunshine and queen of my heart !

(Idk how to draw and color (is color a real verb ?) so… sorry ?)
(Her eyes, her arms ughhh…)
(It’s so sloppy :/ why am i like this)

Imagine Person A kissing Person B on the neck for the first time. Person B wasn’t expecting it and starts giggling because it tickles.

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Hello. As a bi girl myself, I have to say I don't agree with your view that LMM is biphobic. One could argue that he shows some inherent prejudice in including an A-H-E love triangle instead of L-H-E, but in the end, Angelica IS ELIZA'S SISTER and thus a subplot which includes her is going to be ten times more emotive. Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

As a bi girl, I don’t agree.  I’m sorry, but stating after the fact in some interview after your musical is hugely popular and has made you very rich that OH BY THE WAY THE CHARACTER IS BI is not representation.  It just is not.  Him saying Ham is bi in the musical even though it is in no way explicit in the musical is, to me, no different than JK Rowling and her “Dumbledore is gay!” reveal after the fact. It’s not actual representation. 

Also, LMM has explicitly stated that Hamilton is bi in the musical, and by ignoring that, you are implying that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid which. They. Are.

I feel like my blog explicitly talks about Ham being bi often.  I don’t think I have EVER said or implied that bi people in hetero relationships are not valid.  Like, I actually talk about how they are all the time!  So I really don’t know how you think I’m ignoring that because I take a musical to task for not being explicit. 

But Lin talking about this after the fact while not actually putting it in his musical is bullshit.  It just is.  He’s the one that erased Hamilton’s sexuality.  Not me. 

Also he added a love triangle that did not exist in life and ignored an important relationship Ham had with a man in favor of it.  And he reduced Angelica’s actual importance to do it. 

  • Me: *is obsessed with being gay, loves being gay, solely talks about gay topics, not gay? no care, LGBTQuit bothering me with this cis-het bullshit*
  • Straight person: This gay thing reminded me of you!
  • Me: Wow, why do you need to define me by my sexuality?
ACOWAR discourse (no spoilers)

All I’m going to say is this: SJM tried/is trying, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Obviously she tried, but that doesn’t make it perfect. No one is expecting her to be perfect, but don’t act like people can’t recognize the problems. 

You can always ignore the anti-tags, you can always ignore the anti-blogs and vice versa. But don’t act like what anti-blogs saying is just mindless hate is what I’m trying to say, if that makes any sense. And I’m not calling anyone out. I’ve decided to stay pretty neutral about acowar, but all I’m saying is don’t call anyone out and try…not to engage in fights?

I feel like if this continues, Katie McGrath is going to be the new Alycia Debnam Carey. Smol, precious actress that the fandom is going to follow into the lowest depths of the ocean or the furthest reaches of outer space.

Dialing Under the Influence
  • Shaw: Rooooot...oh...Roooooot
  • Root: Shaw are you okay?
  • Shaw: Nooooooooooooo....Nope. Not Shaw. It's Sameen. Sameen is never okay when you're gone. Why aren't you here with me? Or maybe I should be with you where you are. But I don't know where that is...because you never let me visit. Why is that Root? Do you have another girlfriend besides me?
  • Root: I didn't know we were girlfriends Sam. But no I don't have any girlfriends at the moment.
  • Shaw: Except me Roooot. Glad we straightened it out. I can't have you thinking you can go around kissing other people because then I'd have to punch them. But what about all the moments before this one? Or all the ones after?
  • Root: I haven't had a girlfriend in all the time you've known me sweetie.
  • Shaw: Except me.
  • Root: Sorry, yes, except you.
  • Root thinks although this is too cute for words, she should probably go find Shaw before she gets arrested and blows her cover. Shaw has drunk-dialed her before but this seems different. Her other calls have always been to discuss the logistics for a booty call. The important factors being whose place and time.
  • Shaw: What about before me?
  • Root: I had one other girlfriend but it wasn't the same. I was very young.
  • Shaw: Did you love her more than me? she whispers so that Root has to strain to hear her.
  • Root: Root's heart breaks a little for the vulnerability she hears in Shaw's voice and a little for the tragedy that befell Hanna. She sighs.
  • It can't be compared sweetie. When I met Hanna we were barely teenagers. She looked out for me and offered me her friendship even though everyone else thought I was weird.
  • Shaw: Root, you are weird, but that's why I love you.
  • Root: That's new. Shaw's never declared her love no matter how drunk she's gotten.
  • Where are you sweetie?
  • Shaw: At our place. Root...please come.
  • Root: Of course Sameen. Is anyone there with you?
  • Shaw: Just Bear, but *shshshhs* cuz he's sleeping.
  • Root: Okay, I'm coming so don't leave. You want to stay on the phone with me until I get there?
  • Shaw: Yes! I don't like talking on the telephone except to you Root. Other people are boring. John hardly talks - its like a perverted breather call. Finch just drones on and on until I'm sleeping. And when Fusco calls I change my number. But I like hearing your voice on the phone. I wish you'd call me more when you're away.
  • Root's breath hitches and she wonders how hard their next conversation will be when Shaw forgets everything she's saying now, but it still lives in Root's heart. She needs to hurry and get Shaw to bed before she proposes.
  • Root's headed to the bar Shaw calls their place, but the Machine sends her the address to Shaw's apartment.
  • Root: This is the address to Shaw's apartment not the bar she calls 'our place.'
  • TM: Asset Shaw has been in her apartment the entire time you've been speaking. Outside your presence she refers to the apartment with the possessive pronoun 'our.'
  • Root: Is that why my things seems to constantly end up there when I'm sure I've left them in the subway?
  • TM: Asset Shaw moves any belongings you leave at the subway, except weapons, to your apartment.
  • Root: Just when I think I have things between us figured out, she throws me for a loop.
  • TM: I can help bring clarity to your relationship with Asset Shaw. Do you want my help?
  • Root: Not right now, but I may take you up on it later.
  • some annoying older woman: haha i would NOT want to raise a girl in this day and age! having her walk around in short shorts with her whole butt hanging out! I would go mad! so glad i have boys :)
  • me: yeah I wouldn't want a daughter either bc it would completely break my heart to see people sexualize her for wearing shorts when it's hot out and then blame her for getting sexually harassed... but thanks for that comment phyllis. im sure you're also so far removed from the realities of 2015 that you're also blissfully unaware that almost all of the shorts marketed to teenage girls and young adult women are impractically short to the point where even they don't like it, though they don't have a ton of options. but thanks anyway. your sons are probably gonna grow up to be meninists

In which Tuomas is a little piece of shit (x)

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People tend to get a little annoyed and confused when I double check with them. Usely on credit card, People who want it hear 'discount!' But don't listen to rest. Like it has to go on the card today. You don't get it unless your approved. Explained this to one old lady. Who after getting approved, got mad at me and complained cause she couldn't have the % off and pay with gift cards. So I tricked her! I was awful person! Or people who want discount despite the fact they didn't get approved.


I’m wearing my cousin’s clothes yay

I really don't get it how many people subscribe to smurfvlogs, he is a grown man that think is okay to hit a girl just because he doesn't like her opinion like I get it if you're a lucaya shipper you'll like him but I just don't get the hatred he has over Riley Matthews as well....

Just a little rant since he sometimes pisses me off and his tone when he speak too…

Things white people say about my box braids/twists
  • Girl in class: can you explain your hair to me
  • Coworker: I don't get it. *touches braid
  • Boy at party: I like your dreads
  • Girl at mall: *pets my hair I push her hand away and when I turn around she's still touching a twist.
  • Girl in class: you look so African
  • Professor: I don't get how it stays in or where it attaches.
  • Why do white people feel they deserve an explanation about my hair. Its my hair

Where does the whole “Parker does not like touching” thing come from though? I am not taking into account Sophie’s words in The Maltese Falcon Job because this is Sophie talking.

What bothers me with such a reading of the character is that if you thread her development in the show, Parker does what exactly? Overcome her issues with touching? Not liking being touched is not an issue, it’s a personal mileage. It doesn’t need to be fixed or overcome.

It may be a defective reading of the show on my part, but from what I remember, very early on, Parker has no problem having her forehead felt by Sophie, or pushing Hardison, or being touched by Nate, or poking Eliot, or taking Josie’s head, or generally sitting very close to her team members. None of them are really touchy-feely in the first place; they are strangers, they are criminals and, most of all, professionals. Leverage Inc. is no Club Med in the beginning. Leverage is a slow-burn when it comes to ALL the relationships. It would be odd for them to be all over each over by episode 4.

What I do get from her –and especially because of and after The 12-Step Job- is that she never considered touching as a way of expressing affection and love. And it figures, the way she was brought up. As a consequence she does not see the point of touching people without a purpose and she does not consider it a danger either –like other people on this team. She knows she is fast enough to avoid being harmed or touched by whoever would want to approach her without her wanting it -cue, fork stabbing. She is a very physical person; the way objects and people interact on a physical level with her is paramount to her – instant pudding, licking donuts to test them, poking Sophie to ensure she’s alive: Parker often needs to touch and feel to experience. She just does not equate, at first, wrapping your arms around someone with “I care about you”.

This is also why Parker did not hug Hardison in The Grave Danger Job; by season 4, Parker is much more comfortable with touching as a way of expressing deep affection and the implication of such a hug at that moment would have been too much for her. Hardison loves people and pours out his love in his hugs, his devotion in hands at the small of the back, his affection in awkward or mastered high-fives, but he is also the most careful of boundaries in the group. And Parker knows it when she flees from Hardison’s touch in the cemetery. Because Parker is afraid to care about people. Touching is not an issue, caring is and it hurts so much.

But you know who is very obviously uncomfortable with touching and being touched? Eliot, Nate and Sophie. Eliot who knows just how fragile bodies are. Nate who is wary of how powerful a message of love touching can be. And Sophie who uses touching as a weapon.

Yet, she delivers the astonished “Parker, touching?”. Do the math.

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Would you be willing to... tell us why you don't like Yuki, actually? I've found that I really don't either 😅😅😅 If not though, that's fine! But know you're not alone lom

Bluntly put, I don’t like that Yuki openly enjoys making people uncomfortable. Her character is basically all about sex?? VOLTAGE, YOU ARE DOING HER WRONG pls give us more than that

Okay so basically pretty much anytime Yuki shows up, she either a) makes Yukimura super uncomfortable by shoving her sexuality and innuendo in his face or b) annoys Saizo by… being there. I get it, it’s funny when Yukimura blushes and stutters.

But does it really have to happen so often? Personally… I feel like it kind of borders on harassment.

If the genders were reversed, would we still be looking at the situation in the same light? If Yuki was a man, flinging innuendo and flirting aggressively with MC, would we think that’s ok? Because I don’t think it’s fine just because Yukimura is a man and Yuki is a woman.

Some people might say that Yukimura probably doesn’t feel threatened because he’s male and she’s female, and that she (probably) has no intention of  actually making a move. But I don’t think that’s any reason to excuse that sort of behavior. Anyway, fwiw, I fully believe Yuki is capable of taking Yukimura down, and I also think that’s partially why Saizo always tries to get her to leave asap. Because he doesn’t trust her with Yukimura (and also because she annoys him, I guess.)

In a Tenka event, MC ‘catches’ (it’s all planned by Yuki) Yuki and some random dude doing some illicit stuff in the forest :o which obviously makes MC uncomfortable. But hey, no big deal, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Yuki is comfortable with her sexuality. Power to you, you go, girl.

But I, for one, don’t think that making other people uncomfortable on purpose for your entertainment should be acceptable or lauded.

AND I REALLY WANT TO BE SHOWN MORE OF HER CHARACTER THAN JUST ‘FLIRTS WITH ANYTHING THAT MOVES’ please voltage please please please she’s gorgeous and I really want to like her, DON’T DO THIS TO ME

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I understand why we all think Mila likes girls. She's got that vibe and we all see it. But because we don't know her personally, I just don't think it's fair to say she's gay outright when she hasn't said anything. Plus, there's also a possibility that's she's bi. It just seems a tad bit disrespectful, because imagine if she comes across this blog one day. Imagine how uncomfortable it's gonna be for her to see people speculating her sexuality like she's some object. Just a thought tho...

You’re right, I know I shouldn’t - but don’t get me wrong, I never mean to be disrespectful towards Camila or treat her like an “object”, never - I just get really frustrated sometimes, because I do genuinely believe Camila is at least bisexual, and it frustrates me because I don’t think she gets to live her truth, and I lover her so much that it pisses me off, and then I go to the Gaymila file, and all hell breaks loose - and I’m also just a fan like any other who hopes that the artist she admires is part of her community, that makes me go overboard sometimes, so Camila if you read this one day, I’m sorry baba, I love you, even if you’re not gay (but I really hope you are though 😘 )

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I mean I understand that Sora is the main character but I just think that Kairi's potential is just so huge and I am honestly devastated that it's been wasted all these years. And I don't mean to complain before the game even comes out but I just really want Kairi's to have more development in Kingdom Hearts 3. She deserves it. I'm just tired of her being a background character and I'm tired of having to defend her. She's such a wonderful ball of potential. And I understand when people say mean things about her because she is just so under developed but it's just so unfair because she deserves so much more than she's given.
  • And literally don't even get me started on the other girls. Like why are our girls underdeveloped and under appreciated. It's so unfair.