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Hey, Miss Kat! I hate to bother you, but I was wondering if you could do some headcannons for Kakashi if you don't mind. I know all these headcannon asks must be annoying, but I'm crap at them. You don't have to if you don't want to, but I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

- Continues the proud Team 7 legacy of being a complete Nerd

- Only he’s more subtle about it.

- Has to preserve his Reputation after all

- (Yeah, no, everyone knows this and is very amused by it.)

- Once waited in line for 12 hours to buy the newest Icha Icha book and did not regret it.

- Keeps a scorecard of how many people he’s trolled about his mask that week.

- If the number goes over 30 he takes Tenzo out to lunch and sticks him with the bill.

- It’s character-building, okay

- Gai is the only person in the world who’s known him for longer than .76 seconds and still thinks he’s cool. 

- This is why Gai is his favorite. 

- Does not drink.

- (Often.)

- This is because he’s actually a lightweight. 

- And he has a tendency to be Extra Ridiculous when he’s smashed.

- Seriously, Genma has enough blackmail after that time with the stripping and Aoba and the table in that one bar in Suna. Kakahsi isn’t about to give him more

- Totally lowkey territorial. 

- Most of the time this is fine, but Obito can hold his liquor and likes to drink and has somehow gotten drunk-married five times already and none of those times were to Kakashi.

- It wasn’t even to nice Konoha nin like Raidou or - or Gai or something. Obito had to go and marry into a former terrorist organization and to two members of the Seven Swordsmen. 

- Rin laughs at him. So much. So often. Kakashi is Offended, okay, it’s not his fault he likes his team members where he can see them.

- It totally has nothing to do with that one crush thAT YOU PROMISED NEVER TO MENTION RIN. 

- Absolutely definitely totally not. 

- May have had A Fling with Tenzo when they were both in ANBU but it was Very Awkward and they’re cool as friends. 

- (If Tenzo had known that would have doomed him to get stuck with the bill for the rest of forever, he might have pretended to be a little more upset.)

- Is absolutely terrifying and knows it.

- Never manages to be terrifying enough to catch Obito’s attention Rin what is he doing wrong help.

- On an unrelated note, Rin has been exiled from his circle of friends because she’s a filthy traitor

- Is a good cook and a decent housekeeper, but would rather live off of packaged meals and in the midst of trash piles if Obito wouldn’t yell at him for it. 

- (Why does that get his attention gods this is unfair okay.)

- Has not bought new clothes for himself that are not in some way part of the standard uniform in like. 9 years? Someone help him. 

- Gets shiny new collars and fancy capes for every one of his dogs each time he gets a paycheck, though. 

- Does not trust Cat People. 

- (Yes, Obito counts.)

- Dogs are clearly The Best and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

- Baby Talk to his dogs is totally a thing. 

- No shame about that, either. 

- Would probably jump off a cliff if someone tossed a copy of Icha Icha over the edge. 

- And has. 

- Once, Rin, god, calm down. 

- (Would totally do it again.)

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what are your thoughts on the member's personality? i just read your post about why you think aron isn't participating in the show and found it really interesting. i also agree with you that i don't think aron has the mentality to deal with the atmosphere of the program like the other four do

Oh, this is gonna be a long one because I have so many feelings about all of these boys and I really treasure them. 

I’ll go in alphabetical order by stage name. 

Regarding Aron, he is so ridiculously American, and more specifically, super West Coast. He seems to be the type that just wings everything, outgoing, socialite type. He really enjoys attention and is always willing to go to a party. He’s kind of still in that stage where all he wants is to drink and have fun with friends, and the concept of working just isn’t something he’s concerned with. Despite having told us he’s a Democrat, he definitely seems to hold some traditional views on roles (gender, status, etc etc). I think Aron’s nickname “maknae hyung” really encapsulates his personality; he’s a little childish and all play, despite being the oldest member of the group. He’s also the type to speak first and think later, which is how he’s gotten himself in a lot of trouble before (and probably why now he just doesn’t speak much at all). Aron is the type that thinks it’s more important to have lots and lots of friends and connections, and he also expects himself to have a relatively typical homelife once he’s ready to settle down (as I said, still has some traditional views). 

Baekho definitely reads as an older brother type (and he even has a younger brother himself, so it makes sense that he’d take on this role). If you pay attention, you can tell he likes to tease the other members, but only with love. He also is not a “flower-boy” and never will be a “flower-boy.” It’s just not his style. Baekho also seems to prefer the company of a few close friends rather than being surrounded by people he only knows a little bit (much of NU’EST is this way, actually). Baekho is also very relaxed, very much a go-with-the-flow type of guy, but doesn’t show deep, personal emotion very often. I think he’s the type that would prefer to keep things up-beat rather than get too serious, but when it’s time to be serious you will know it. He also knows when playtime is over, and takes his work with music seriously. Baekho is kind of like a slight cross between Aron and Minhyun, if I’m honest. 

JR wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the youngest child with two older sisters, and I feel like you can see that he was the baby of his family just by the way he carries himself. Despite not being the oldest, he was made the leader and I think it was a lot of pressure to put on someone who probably hadn’t had many leadership roles before growing up. He’s a very good, kind leader, though. And he’s very sensitive and I think he can read off of other people’s energies very well. He’s very good at reading people, even if he doesn’t show it outwardly. JR is also pretty easily embarrassed, and what I would describe as “a smol.” He just wants to do the best he can, though he’s full of self-doubt. He’s actually a very good dancer, but for a long time wouldn’t show off his dancing and instead became known as the King of Silly Dances. JR really lacks confidence, but I’ve only known him to do well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that boy say a mean thing, even in jest. 

Minhyun is such a mom. Cleanliness and organization are very important to him, and he has a really good work ethic. He’s also a bit of a perfectionist, and if he’s going to do something he’s going to do it right and dang it he’s going to do it really well. He’s the type who will practice until 4am and then wake up four hours later and do it all over again until he’s happy with the result. Minhyun is also the type to throw himself into research when he’s preparing something. I cannot stress enough how important knowledge and accuracy is to him. However, despite being such a perfectionist, he’s not a killjoy either. In fact, he’s just the opposite. He’s also a huge nerd (he loves Transformers and Marvel heroes along with Star Wars) and is never afraid to let people see him when he’s not looking all glamorous (king of ugly selca’s I swear). He’s also really good at reading people and knows how to bring the best out in those around him. He’s a really low-pressure kind of person, even if he’s always putting hours of work towards everything he does. I would say Minhyun expects nothing but the best from himself, but when it comes to those around him, he just wants to see them happy and healthy. 

Ren, our sweet maknae child, has put the world on his shoulders. I believe Ren made it his job to take all the pain and struggles of his fans and non-fans alike onto himself. There is a reason he idolizes someone like Lady Gaga, someone who stands for equality and the spread of love, someone who stands for something bigger than themselves. Ren wants so badly to make the world a better, more understanding, and more loving place. He puts a strong face on for his fans, but it’s very clear that deep inside, Ren is really self-conscious and full of self-doubt. He doesn’t want to show that part of himself to his fans, though, because it’s important to him to be a rock, a source of stability for those who have it harder than he does. He’s highly empathetic, so when he sees darkness in the world he feels it really hard. And despite all that darkness, Ren still sees all the good there is in the people around him and he wants to encourage people to grow and be happy.

Honestly, I could go on and on about these kids. They all have really big hearts and really want to do well by the people around them. They are so much more than pretty faces to me, they stand for something bigger than themselves and have ever since debut. And they’ve always dedicated so much of their music to their fans and it’s so clear how much music means to them. I’ll leave it at this for now, but trust me when I say that being a LOVE is so worth it because these boys are so gentle and kind, and they constantly make me proud to support them. 

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a prompt/thought: how well do juno and peter sleep together? and i don't mean /sleep together/, i just mean like... how do they fit together in a bed? do they cuddle? are peter's elbows too sharp-- is juno's stubble too scratchy? just these nerds trying to coexist and learning to love each other oh gosh

  • peter falls asleep fast and hard and deep in a way that probably should have gotten him killed years ago. he’s spent his life learning to take sleep when he can, in any space, and once he’s out he is out. he doesn’t so much as roll over.
  • on the other hand he does talk in his sleep, a lot. it’s usually bizarre and often vaguely threatening and more than once juno has woken him up to demand what the hell he is dreaming about to be saying something like that (the answer is dissatisfying; nureyev does most of his dreaming while awake, and thankfully his sleep-talk rarely seems to give away his thoughts).
  • also, sometimes he sleeps flat on his face?? like a weirdo???
  • both of them snore, especially juno with his several-times-broken nose, it’s like someone’s running a rusty motor in there
  • juno grew up without a lot of room, and there were a lot of nights without heating in oldtown (and more than a few in his current apartment), and he has developed a habit of sleeping not quite in the fetal position, but close. (he also falls asleep on the sofa like this a lot.)
  • contrary to peter he’s one of those people who wakes up between every single sleep cycle, two or three times a night, and gets twitchy and restless over every noise. usually he has to squirm around a bit before he’s comfortable enough to drop off again.
  • if given the space, though, peter will spread out like a starfish, and juno will fall asleep curled up right in the middle of the bed like the asshole cat he truly is, so if either one goes to bed much before the other they can expect quite a bit of elbowing and complaining before they settle in.
  • mars is a fairly cold place and peter is not built for thermoregulation, but juno is a stocky little human space heater, and so juno can’t complain too much about the way his boyfriend sleeps like a rock; because he knows that when peter falls asleep wrapped around him for warmth, the same familiar arm will be thrown over juno’s shoulder and peter’s face still mashed up against the back of his neck every time he wakes up.
  • the only thing that ever wakes peter up is that juno is an incorrigible blanket hog and sometimes it seems like the colder it is the more likely he is to wake up shivering next to a sort of unconscious human blanket cocoon. juno is rarely sorry about this until peter sticks his cold feet back under the blankets.

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Hi, I'm new and I don't know what the right way to read tarot cards is. Is it better to memorize all the card meanings or just look at the picture and make something up?

Well the most important thing to remember is that there is no right way to read tarot cards!

I started off reading a bunch of books that “taught” tarot, and to be honest, I did find these very, very helpful. I know people always say, and you see it/hear it everywhere - to just go with your intuition and don’t rely too heavily on what the books say, and I think that is amazing advice for someone who is not an absolute beginner! But when you’re starting out that can seem a bit daunting.

When I first looked at a tarot deck I had no idea what any of the cards could even potentially mean, let alone what “trust your intuition” meant, and it was all very overwhelming and possibly discouraging to just try and figure it out on my own. So I studied the traditional meanings of the cards (learntarot.com and the book by Joan Bunning are the best resources I can recommend! Oh, and biddytarot.com for online card meanings as well!) I made a tarot journal where I wrote down keywords, took point form notes on each card, its symbolism, divination meaning, associations, etc., as well as the feeling I got from looking at it, and situations in my life that I could relate to it.

That took a really long time. I’m a nerd so I thoroughly enjoy note-taking and studying, so it was actually super fun for me, but I understand how it may not be for others. All I can say is, it helped me learn and get familiar with the cards in a way nothing else could for me. Maybe there’s a way that works better for you - flashcards? Record yourself talking about each one and listen to the recordings? Just speak it aloud to yourself? Draw each of the cards in your own style? Basically, the idea is to familiarize yourself with the structure of the tarot, and what energy each card typically represents in whatever way works for you and will cause you to remember them!

Once you do THAT, then you can expand a bit! I’ve found that slowly, over time, I’ve relied less and less on the “correct” interpretations, and more on my intuition. I have a general idea now of what all the cards mean, and when I pull one, I can have a sense of what it’s telling me in that particular spread, position, and moment. I still reference my notes, and sometimes just the keywords because they’ll spark an idea in my head. I look a lot more at the imagery on the card now, than I did in the beginning, to get a feeling for what it’s trying to tell me.

The thing is, there are so many subtleties in each card, there’s no real correct interpretation of any of them. There are often multiple energies and keywords associated with a card - that’s the part where you and your intuition come in! 

But I will say if you’re new, and you’re still learning, don’t worry too much about doing things the “right way” or even a particular way that me or anyone else recommends. This is just how I learned, and what worked for me. You could give it a shot and see if this works for you as well, or you could make up your own method :)

(Wow, this response was much longer than I thought it would be, sorry if I’ve rambled on too much!)

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you do MBTI??? wow that's amazing I love MBTI! Im not sure if this is what you mean but what MBTI do you think each boy is? and (in your opinion you don't have to do this) but which boy would mesh well with someone who is INTJ?

i love mbti stuff omg i’m such a nerd for these things i literally spend most of my free time studying this

S.Coups ; ENFJ

People with this personality type are natural-born leaders and are known to be team players. They’re always there to lend a listening ear to anybody who wants to talk. Often reliable, you can count on ENFJs with almost anything. This is because they absolutely hate letting other people down. However, ENFJs can become too selfless and may forget about their own needs. This may cause some problems with their self-esteem, so they need to have some reassurance in themselves as well. 

Jeonghan ; ISFJ

ISFJs are patient and caring individuals who are ready to help with whatever you need. They are highly supportive and empathetic and are experts at reading other people’s emotions. They use this kind of information to help those in need and are often enthusiastic in doing so. They’re practical and actually know what to do in different situations. Since they’re so used to helping, they often shy away form the spotlight, choosing to work behind the scenes instead. Another thing is that they’re often so worried about other people’s feelings that they often forget that they have their own. 

Joshua ; INFJ

These kinds of people are often very creative and insightful, able to see the connections among things and draw out concepts from them. They appreciate honesty and are always looking for ways to help the people they care about. They are determined and passionate and will go to great lengths to pursue their interests. Because of this, they always need to have a cause and this in turn can easily be their downfall. Routine work can make them feel very restless if they believe that it gets in the way of reaching their goals. 

Jun ; ESTP

Bold and full of energy, ESTPs find joy in pushing boundaries and discovering new things and ideas. They are practical and direct to the point, applying their gained knowledge to good use. Perceptiveness is also a quality that these people have, enabling them to notice the slightest change in their environment. Since ESTPs enjoy living life on the edge, they can come off as brash and insensitive, and very, very risk-prone. They hate being boxed in so defiance often comes as well with their personality.

Hoshi ; ENTP

ENTPs are knowledgeable and are excellent brainstormers. They can often come up with ideas under pressure and are able to stretch their minds. They’re original and refuse to be bound by tradition. Charismatic and energetic, ENTPs are able to capture people through their intriguing ideas. Since their minds are always racing with new concepts, they can find it hard to focus on just one thing. They dislike practical matters which does not include creative flair, and this could often lead to them losing interest in the task at hand. 

Wonwoo ; ISTJ

ISTJs are strong-willed and dutiful, and when combined with their patience and determination, these qualities greatly help them to reach their goals. Promises mean everything to them, so they work extra hard to finish all the tasks appointed to them. They are calm and practical, keeping their feet on the ground to make clear and rational decisions. They go by the saying ‘honesty is the best policy’ so they often hurt other’s feelings with their brutal truthfulness, although unintentionally. Since they strongly believe that only they can carry out a task efficiently, once the time comes that they cannot carry the task out properly, they tend to take responsibility for it and blame themselves. 

Woozi ; INTJ

Individuals who fall under this personality type are masters at strategic thinking. Their curiosity and thirst for knowledge enables them to see things from different perspectives. INTJs rely a lot on their abilities and because of this, they are fiercely independent and decisive. These kinds of people are known to be jacks-of-all-trades since their independence and determination empowers them to do anything they set their minds to. However, they could also become too analytical, choosing to rely on their logic even if the present situation calls for a more emotional approach. This can lead to INTJs being interpreted as cold and standoffish.


ESFPs are known to be the lives of the party. Their bold and energetic aura often draws people to them, making them popular and well-liked. They possess showmanship, and are always ready to entertain. They prefer to focus on real, tangible things and refuse to dwell on the ‘what-ifs’. Their loud and effervescent personality comes with the failure to deal with conflicts. They are unfocused and would often prefer to do things they deem more fun, which is why they are unable to come up with long term plans. 

Mingyu ; ESFJ

These people are loyal and have a very strong sense of duty. They find comfort in making sure that the people close to them are well-cared for, making them masters at practical duties. ESFJs are sensitive and warm, seeking harmony and caring deeply for other people’s feelings. They always seek appreciation and assurance that what they’re doing is important, so if their efforts in making people happy go unnoticed, individuals under this personality type might get a little needy. They can often get a little too selfless, easily overwhelming others who don’t really need their help. 

The8 ; INFP

INFPs are true idealists, seeing the good in every person and situation. They value harmony and often act as the mediator in conflicts. Since they dislike conflict, they try to keep an open mind in order to see things from different angles and perspectives. People under this type are passionate and energetic, giving all their time and effort into the things they’re interested in. With their unending optimism, they often find themselves disappointed over things whenever they don’t work out the way they planned to. They are also impractical and have a hard time concretizing their thoughts.

Seungkwan ; ENTJ

Efficient and straight to the point, ENTJs get right down to business. Their energy and confidence are concentrated on making sure that tasks are carried out properly. They are strong-willed and will stop at nothing to achieve the goal they’ve set their mind into. All these qualities come together to form people who are inspirers and motivators, thus making them highly charismatic. Their confidence can sometimes be too much and their goal-oriented view on life may come off as being too stubborn. They can also be intolerant and arrogant, looking down on others who don’t match up to their abilities.

Vernon ; ISFP 

ISFPs are warm and relaxed, making them very charming individuals. They’re sensitive to other’s feelings and can easily relate to their emotions. Despite being on the shyer side of the spectrum, they can be very passionate when caught up in something exciting and interesting. Creative and artistic, ISFPs are able to show their talents through tangible ways such as through painting a picture or songwriting. These individuals can get fiercely independent, choosing to stray away form rules and traditions. They like to take things as they come and choose to live in the present, and when things get out of control, this can lead to a lot of stress on their part.

Dino ; ENFP

To experience things is an ENFP’s main goal in life. They’re curious and observant, never missing a moment and never hesitating to jump out of their comfort zones. They’re also highly energetic and enthusiastic, often excited over their findings and will share them to anyone who’ll listen. Because of this, they have excellent people skills and are very popular and friendly. Being natural explorers, ENFPs might find it hard to focus. They see the underlying motives in every day life and this can lead to a lot of overthinking. Since they’re always happy to help, they’re often the first ones people approach when they have a problem and it’s easy to see why ENFPs get easily overwhelmed.

*as for the INTJ match, it’s either ENFP or ENTP so that’s Dino and Hoshi!


This has been sitting in my drafts for so long I might as well share em. Especially since the new season is coming up soon. 

My take on the “Role Reversal” type of Alternate universe in which Marco’s the magic royalty figure and Star’s the normal earth kid. Called Mars and Starla(Still pondering on this) respectively to distinguish them from their canon counterparts. Additional info/ramblings under the cut. Th-There’s A LOT and it’s not very well organized. Sorry Many things are subject to change when either better ideas come up and/or canon clears some things up.(Since ya, a lot of these points are based on fanon concepts. ) More later maybe. 

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The Hamada Twins

Both brilliant, inventive, gifted, and… Extremely good looking, too. XD

Just a little AU that’s been floating around my head. I’ve seen this AU from different people and I just wanted to give it my own take. :3

Hope you guys don’t mind the rambling!

The Hamada twins are identical; only 10 minutes apart. But, they certainly come with their own differences. In fact, no one ever had difficulty in telling them apart.

Tadashi was more outgoing while Hiro likes to sit in a corner, quietly. Hiro is more anxious towards others and Tadashi is the one who would often tell others about his brother. At most times, Hiro gets embarrassed by how much Tadashi can talk about him.

At a very young age, they discovered that Hiro had genius level intellect and Tadashi is extremely adept in technology.

They both went to the same school but, Hiro was offered advanced classes. He refused because he wanted to stay in the same classes as his brother. They agreed to keep him in the same classes but, he was given extra classes which were taken a little after school hours.

Hiro learned extremely fast and one of his gifts is that he’s able to calculate highly complicated mathematical equations and he is able to decipher codes in a few minutes.

Tadashi was very, very proud of his twin.

Sadly, Hiro was not treated well by their classmates. They thought he was arrogant and a know-it-all so they subjected him to bullying every single day. Tadashi would always run to defend him and he would tell others off that it’s not right.

A few years into middle school, Hiro actually got bored and accepted the acceleration. He then attended high school ahead of Tadashi. He was extremely lonely, though. Because of that, Tadashi became more and more determined to invent new things which him and Hiro can enjoy together.

Hiro graduated ahead of Tadashi but, he didn’t want to go to college. He said that it’s only a place that would “tell him what he already knows.”

Tadashi is a little upset over it but, he wouldn’t want to force his brother. He was able to get in San Fransokyo Institute of Technology by winning the showcase with his prototype “Robotic Nurse.” They saw the potential in him and getting into his dream school, Tadashi knew he can further his craft and share his passion to the world.

Hiro though, decided to work on his undefeated streak in Bot fighting. He even claims to be the “King of Bot fighters” much to Tadashi’s frustration. He would go out late at night and go home very, very late. It has been the recent cause of Aunt Cass’ increased stress eating, sadly.

But, Tadashi is hopeful that it would all change once he directs Hiro into using his gift for the better.

A little tour around his “nerd school,” as what Hiro called it, would surely nail his interest. 

And so, that’s when Hiro first met Baymax and his awesome group of friends.

Baymax was designed by Tadashi because he remembers how Hiro is quite a sickly kid and even quite accident prone once he gets to inventing stuff. Trips to the emergency room weren’t always that pleasant. But hey, it’s all part of the trial and error that goes into their inventions.

Hiro was actually overwhelmed by all the people suddenly showering him with attention. He wanted to hide in the corner when Honey told him that Tadashi talks a lot about him. Go Go and Wasabi amused him to no end while Fred managed to make him jump a bit but, it’s all cool. He thought his brother’s friends were all brilliant and very interesting.

After the little tour, Hiro tells his brother: “I. WANT. IN.” He knows that look on his face well and that’s when he’s extremely determined to get what he wants.

Of course, Tadashi was more than willing to help get his brother.

Voltron Boarding School AU


  • Advanced degrees in physics and astrophysics.  His primary field and passion is astronomy
  • Head of the science department
  • Advisor to the robotics club (he tried to have the members call him “the Coranic”)
  • Allura’s godfather and now her current guardian
  • Always keeps candy and snacks in his office and loves to tell stories about his days as a student and/or his time back in Australia
  • He’s one of the few members of the staff that the students can collectively agree on loving


  • An international student from the UK and Coran’s goddaughter
  • One of the few actually rich kids at the boarding school
  • A senior and class president
  • Plays volleyball and is on the debate team
  • Everyone thinks she’s going to be the next Prime Minister and equal parts love and fear her
  • Knows everything that goes on around the school (”a little mouse told me”)
  • Honestly people should stop being surprised by how much trouble she gets up to with her pal(adin)s
  • The planner of the group (and the brains behind the actual execution of many of their crazier schemes)


  • A senior and vice president
  • Extremely well liked by most of his class
  • Helps tutor other students
  • A huge history nerd - and mostly what he helps tutor other students in
  • the voice of reason for many of the group’s shenanigans (although ultimately he participates in most of them)
  • Lost his arm in an accident the summer before his junior year
  • Has PTSD - and has regular sessions with the school counselor
  • Has known Keith since before either of them started attending the school


  • A Junior and member of the robotics club
  • Also a member of the cooking club
  • Adored by just about everyone (everyone with a heart at least)
  • The favorite to cuddle/snuggle with in the common room when watching movies or working on homework
  • Phenomenally good at math and physics - and always willing to help others with the homework for those classes
  • Surprisingly (or not) the best at picking locks in the group
  • Is very anxious when he has to correct teachers in class - he only really feels comfortable correcting Coran, who, on occasion, will purposefully make a mistake to see if anyone’s paying enough attention to correct him


  • A sophomore
  • A member of the robotics club with Hunk (which is where they met)
  • Loves biology; typically only uses their computer skills as a hobby
  • Has hacked into the school servers more than once 
  • Has pissed off more than one student (and teacher) with their sarcastic and smart-ass comments.  No one will mess with Pidge though because Shiro and Allura have got their back
  • Is the best as sneaking around the school after curfew ( “It’s only because you’re below the teachers line of sight” - Lance’s final words)


  • A junior 
  • Member of the fencing club
  • At the school on full scholarship
  • has the most detentions of the group
  • believes almost all of the conspiracies about the school (he gets a lot of his detentions after being caught investigating.  He usually goes with Pidge but they always seem to evade notice)
  • Prefers being at school with his friends to going home over breaks


  • A junior
  • Member of the swimming and diving team and crew
  • At the school on partial scholarship (a point of rivalry for him with Keith)
  • Has ADHD, which the school provides support for
  • Shiro and Hunk both help Lance with his homework and studying
  • Has a fair amount of detentions from all the crazy shenanigans he’s pulled
  • Constantly asks questions in class (though some are admittedly off topic)
  • Has terrible homesickness while he’s at school
  • He’s the farthest away from home - his home is in Seattle and he misses the near constant rain

More hcs below the cut

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Why do most of people ship Talisto? I am new in this fandom and just don't understand why there are a lot of fans of Mephisto/Talia

Oh ho ho, this might take a while. 

Originally posted by normajeaned

There’s a lot of reasons people ship it, so I may not be able to pin point everyone’s reasons exactly, but I’ll do my best with the one’s I can think of…

  •  They look awesome together!

A lot of us like the physical appeal the two characters have and simply enjoy seeing them interact and being next to each other. This is a common influence on why people ship characters in the first place. We like the way they look with each other and want to see them canonly side by side or doing things together. Plus both characters happen to be extremely attractive, but it’s always played up as a joke or never commented on for Mephisto and Talia respectively. Like, c'mon look at them they’re just unf

  • The Dynamic

This is probably one of the most agreeable reasons we like the ship. It’s a “tale as old as time kind” of ordeal. The Beauty falling in love with the Beast and vice versa is something we have loved to see time and time again. A lot of us are total suckers for that “opposites attract” trope and if you’re like me, you’re always thirst for more “sassy cute and brainy hardworking type vs dark, cocky and witty genius baddie who eventually become twos sassy dorks in love” couples. (Ex: Rumbelle, Zutara, Duncney, WonderBat, Naveen and Tiana, Arnold and Helga, Nathina, Bulma and Vegeta) While Talia is mature (most of the time), self-conscious, strict, elegant, and practical, Mephisto is childish (not always but quite often), will do anything no matter how ridiculous it seems (aside from wearing a dress apparently), outgoing, a bit awk-okay very awkward, and spontaneous. She’s a planner, he’ll just run with it. She works, he plays. A lot of us like the idea of them balancing each other out. Mephisto is very similar to Auriana, who has shown the ability to get Talia to loosen up. Praxina, the one person to keep Mephisto in check aside from Gramorr, is very similar to Talia. I think they’d handle each other’s positive and negative qualities pretty well. Plus, think of all the sass! Talia is witty and salty af while Mephisto likes to argue. Bruh seemed to get a kick out of arguing with Missy and the idea of the two canon geniuses would be the best. Like, I can totally see these two nerds keeping count of who wins in arguments, and knowing just how to get under each other’s skin, but also knowing when to stop (though the others having to stop them would be funny too) and making up all sassy and embarrassed and being prideful about it. I’m sorry but their little interactions in  “Xeris” make me totally believe this is how they’d go about it. I think we’d also love to see Mephisto being a gushy lovey dovey boyfriend and Talia being the “fine you can kiss me but i wont like it but  i also love it so im low key happy do it again” girlfriend; or the “i will shove this magical staff so far up ur ass call my boyfriend a loser again missy i dare you” talia and the “ha my girls a badass  and she flawless get dragged” mephisto lookin hella smug like yes plz SORRY i got into lala land but yes, dynamic. Also, tension. All the sexual tension these two could give. Or just as well, fluff. These two are both so awkward and adorable, they could have really cute bad dates or really sweet good dates. Honestly both would work really well for both of them.

  • Development and Interactions

This kind of goes hand in hand with “”Dynamics”; not only would these two be amazing to watch interact, it would create prime opportunities for a couple of interactions we never get:  talisto, of course, but also Praxina and the girls,  Praxina and Mephisto with Izira, , and possible insight to the twins background and maybe even some Lev and Talia since he’s currently on the twins’ side. We’d also get that rivalry with Talia and Praxina we all like and honestly I’d love to see Big Sis Izzy vs Big Sis Prax. On another note, we could see Talia and Mephisto bond over living in their sisters’ shadows and I’d love to see Talia appreciating or nerding out with another spellbinder over illusions and spells and WE COULD FINALLY LET THESE CHILDREN EAT HURLEY BEEF STEAK. But I digress, it would be nice to see these two change for the better around each other. Mephisto’s influence could easily make Talia more open-minded, playful, and secure with herself; Talia could make Mephisto more confident in himself and capabilities as his own person, less dependable, and a little less chaotic. We all know neither would completely change who they are, but I can totally see the two finding a balance with each other; playing each others’ “yin” and “yang”.

  • It’s Unexpected 

No one sees it coming. Not the girls, not the viewers, not even Talia and Mephisto! That’s something I love about it personally and I know others do too. It would have to be kind of slow burn to build it’s way up, so we’d have time to adjust. I’m sorry, but from the relationships we’ve had so far, they’ve been predictable, made obvious, and haven’t really developed into anything other than being crushes. It doesn’t help that  its a little forced either. 

*stares at kyle*

Ahem, anyways, I’d like to see this  develop and evolve and totally knock the teams off their rockers. Not only would the reactions be funny, the story would have to be more complicated and we’d finally see that, “oh these two like each other boom they’re canon now lets move on” thrown out and get some character growth. Nobody expects the most uptight princess whose so set in her ways to fall for the goofy evil sorcerer whose blowing up the city. No one expects the devious snake boy that’s always trailing his master and sister’s capes  to fall for the blue haired beauty on the other team that’s yelling at him for blowing up the city. Its unnatural. Its unheard of. We want it.  

  • Forbidden Lovers Trope/Starcrossed Lovers

This is something we’d technically get with all of the princesses, no matter who he’d end up with, but personally, the most forbidden princess would be either Talia or Iris. Iris, of course, because she’s married to Nat, fight me. Okay, no, but they should be. She’s the “savior” so no no, Meph, don’t touch that.  Plus you insulted her pink hair, you don’t deserve her. And murmurlr has dibs already, so tough nuts kid. But who is the most untouchable princess aside from Iris? Talia. She’s the designated leader of the team by Princess (possibly Queen) Izira, she’s Iris’ main teacher, she’s the one who makes the decisions to stay for a fight, or retreat, she’s the one everyone trusts to lead them on the Earth away from whom and find the oracle gems. She’s the eldest, most mature, most responsible. She’s the one the girls look up to. She’s the strongest person Iris knows. Not only that, but Xerians are held very highly back on Epehdia and are known internationally. Hell, she’s the guardian of the Ancient Ephedian Spellbook and she’s only 16 years old.  Talia is up there in terms of Ephedia’s list of “do not touch”. And let’s be real; Mephisto is pretty high on the list of “NO”. He’s evil, he likes to blow stuff up, he’s evil, he’s  tried to destroy the princesses and he city, HE’S EVIL, like he’s known by Izira even though they haven’t been on earth. He’s snagged an oracle gem from Iris! They’re on opposite sides and at opposite spectrum. They wouldn’t dare. Would they? Secret dates, the girls getting suspicious of why their leader is going out and brightening up, Prax getting annoyed over her brother’s strange behavior, sneaking kisses, Lev knowing all along and blackmailing these dorks, giving them advice and being Meph’s wingman; sneaking kisses, flirting in battle, sneaking through that window above Tali’s bed, sacred dates. Them learning to trust each other and  enjoying earth and terribly hilarious scenarios of talia almost getting caught  and hiding him in her room; or better yet, all this happens behind the scenes and we see talia is a little awkward or suspicious but we just don’t know why and at some point everyone just finds out and is like “WHAT.” All these scenarios seem like they’d make some quality comedy  and provide some change of pace to the show which  would be refreshing.

  • The Unknown

We haven’t seen these two interact like the other two princesses have with Mephisto. We’ve seen them interact mainly in “Xeris”, and they fight one on one in both “Batty” and “The Haunting”, but we never  get to see them fight for long, let alone have a full blown discussion. We’re thirstin for that interaction! Just as well, some of us don’t like, or have any interest in canon ships in general. A ship does not have to be canon to be shipped. That’s the beauty of shipping.There’s so much wiggle room as to what we can do with this unexplored territory and its fun to play around with it. Even non-shippers seem to enjoy seeing these two interact or put together out of curiosity.  It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both fan and crew favorites as well. Its almost ironic that they’re so distant. I personally have a lot of questions about the interactions we have had; anytime we’ve seen them fight, Talia’s less precise, less put together, she can’t for a plan, she has to improvise, and she’s quicker to get frustrated in angry  - she has to fight dirty. Mephisto himself has to use stronger spells and concentrate more, and once again that taunting in “Xeris” was a little too cocky, a bit to enjoyable for him; and its not like it was Prax’s idea, because she wasn’t doing it, she was relatively quiet for Praxina; that was his personal choice and its probably the shipper in me, or maybe the fact that Mephisto is a little shit, but any time I watch that episode I’m side eyin this fool cuz he’s like low-key flirtatious in tone, whoooops. But that’s just me :P

Now, its 2:32 AM and I have work in the morning so I’ll cut this off here. I’m too tired to remember anything else I was going to type! And in some of these my fan girl goggles slipped on so forgive me nonnie for being shippy trash but my thirst has no curfew and I regret nothing. Now, keep in mind, I’m not telling you to ship it. You are perfectly fine if you don’t, and I love you, and you are special. If anyone feels like I’ve missed anything or wants to add on for their own two cents in why they ship Talia and Mephisto, please do!  I also ask that everyone in the fandom, and you all are really courteous, please be kind. If you don’t ship it, or hate it, leave it be. Please keep the peace! We’re a really chill fandom, so let’s keep it chill. Sorry its so long, but ya’ll know me. I give ish out in essays! Mwa ha ha!

Anyways,  I guess this is here for thoughts now right?

anonymous asked:

I really want to start cosplaying, but my parents just don't understand the concept of it and I can't seem to get their permission to take me out and buy supplies, any tips?

How would you explain cosplay to your best friend? Most likely it would be different than explaining to a person on the street. Parents, like regular people,  are all unique and you need to explain things in a way that works for them. I can’t tell you how to explain cosplay to your parents and get permission, but  I can give you information and resources that can help you out.

What Is Cosplay?

Cosplay is fan costuming. It’s the act of dressing up, and sometimes acting, as a specific character from media such as television, anime, comics, videogames, books or movies. These costumes can be purchased but are often homemade by the wearer, who is often a fan of the character or series. It’s kind of like Halloween, but dressing up as “Captain America” rather than “Witch” and usually the costumes are a lot more accurate. 

It is believed to have been started in 1939 (at least in the west) when Myrtle R. Douglas made and wore costumes alongside Forrest J. Ackerman at a convention called Worldcon. It grew in popularity over the years and is continued to this day! You can learn more about cosplay’s history here, here and here

(Image from http://www.fiawol.org.uk/fanstuff/)

Why Do People Cosplay?

There are so many reasons, which are unique to each person! Here are some of the common reasons:

  • They love the character or love the series
  • They love making things, they love the construction challenges
  • They like meeting people who are into the same media / icebreaker
  • They wanted to try it out, because it’s so popular at conventions
  • They like to compete in the masquerades
  • They like to get photos taken, or their work admired
  • They have fun running around in costume or acting in character
  • It adds to the convention experience and they don’t want to give it up
  • They like to dress up with their friends
  • They always wanted to be a princess, and now this is their chance

Who Participates in Cosplay?

Pretty much anyone can join in!

Where Do People Cosplay?

Cosplayers mainly do their thing at events called conventions. These are large gatherings with a focus on a particular media (such as comic books, like San Diego Comic Con)  or multiple media (FanExpo focuses on Anime, Gaming, Horror and Comics). 

Sometimes cosplayers will host meetups, like a cosplay picnic or cosplay skate. Some cosplayers also choose to do photoshoots with a photographer outside of conventions and meetups. Some cosplayers will wear their costumes to other local events, like Free Comic Book Day, or during Halloween.

How is Cosplay Beneficial?

  1. Community:
    Both online and offline, cosplay allows you to connect with a community of fellow costume makers and nerds. It’s a great way to make friends and connect with people who have similar interests. 

  2. Useful Skills:
    Through cosplay you can learn about wig/hairstyling, makeup, sewing, embroidery, engineering, tools and construction, painting, circuits, stage performances, budgeting, time management and even photography.  

  3. Career Choices and Side Jobs
    Cosplay could be the introduction for a future career or just an interesting side job to fall back on: cosmotologist, hairstylist, makeup artist, pattern designer, tailor, photographer, costume designer, fashion designer, party princess/hero, photographer, prop maker or engineer. 

  4. Self Confidence
    So many cosplayers find that the hobby has helped their self esteem, or motivated them in some way. Some even say that cosplay saved their life or helped them battle depression

Is it a Waste of Money?

Cosplay can be an expensive hobbyit can also be done on a budget. Part of cosplaying is knowing how much money you have to work with and trying to work within that budget.

But is it a waste? No. I don’t consider it a waste any more than any other sort of hobby or pastime is, or any other personal purchase. I spend my money on costumes, my boyfriend’s sister buys concert tickets, my friend buys books, my boyfriend buys videogames, another friend goes to sports games. It’s all good in moderation. 

Isn’t Cosplay … Weird?

Yes and no. It’s not a very mainstream hobby and so there are lots of people who might view it as weird because they don’t understand it or know what it is. However, it’s steadily growing in popularity; Cosplay has been featured on television, regularly makes it’s way into the news and has even been discussed in magazines.  For the public, it’s not as ‘weird’ as it once might have been considered.

Are  “Party Princesses” weird when they show up to to a birthday party they were invited to?  Is it weird to see costumes on Halloween? Is it weird to wear a costume to a costume party? Not really, those are situations where the costumes are appropriate to the situation. Cosplay is a part of the convention event and convention attendees expect cosplayers to be there. So it’s not weird, it is appropriate for that setting and it can be explained as such. 

If weirdness is a concern to you, you can always change into the costume at the event to avoid the general public.

How Can Parents Be Involved?

Getting parents involved is a great way to show them the hobby and get them excited about it! Here are some ways you can get your parents involved

  • Have them help you choose a character to dress as.
  • Have them help you break the costume down and figure out how to make it
  • Get them to help you sew or construct a costume or prop!
  • Ask for their advice when you get stuck
  • Have them join you in cosplay or just join you at the convention
  • Ask them to take photos of your costume when it’s done
  • Show them your photos of the convention and tell them about it

Your parents might also be interested in checking these out:

Hope this helps you to talk to your parents about cosplay! 
- Cosplay Tutorial

super brief, but I have been feeling this since I played awhile back: the fight at the end. outstanding.

I have some qualms with Neil’s writing, and I was super wary of him, Mr. Grimdark, taking over the mantle here. But the last fight sequence is one of those touches that you have to appreciate from Naughty Dog.

Really look at the fight. Look at the choreography of it. You have two men, Rafe Adler and Nathan Drake. One a pampered man through and through, the other, a man who has struggled with his identity for nearly his entire existence, which is outside of his fight to survive. Adler never has that fight, and he tells you as much.

I adore this fight because it showcases so much of what I love in narrative. Just little hints here and there, small ticks, small giveaways. It begins with Nate trying to dissolve the tension with a quip, and Rafe straight up interrupts and yells at him to shut up. Rafe (ha) strafes around and executes really fine swordsmanship. He does what you should do (albeit, you know, with an extremely clouded focus, so uh, that’s an error there), he’s very fluid, he’s quick. When the fighting begins as Nate picks up the sword, he pulls a Nate, and he taunts him.

The fight has over and over Rafe outdoing Nathan in technical skill. He’s a very flashy fighter, which is a valid tactic for a fencer, to distract your opponent (and I’m sure anyone who also played on crushing can attest to how frustrating his flashiness can get…cause he does it well, and it messes with your brain noodle on where he’s gonna go).

But Nathan, man. When he actually parries Rafe and gets his shots in, he’s not using his sword. He slashes wildly around when he tries to get the upper hand, but when he’s played a defensively strong game and has the chance to attack Rafe, he specifically does not use his sword. He punches the shit out of that guy. He uses the sword to block, cause obviously he can’t block a sword with his arms. But he doesn’t use it to attack. He elbows Rafe, he punches him, he kicks him. But he doesn’t use the sword.

It says so much about Nathan, as a person and as a contrast to Rafe. Nate has never been a hero that wanted to be a hero for the sake of being the Legend that Rafe tells him he’s heard of. Now, I do think Nate doesn’t mind being heroic, and I don’t really agree that he’s a reluctant hero in the sense that someone like idk, Wolverine is or Rogue, or like in the Campbell sense. I think he likes being able to save people, I think he also just wants to be the nerd he is and experience the world and the journey of exploration and excavation while maybe, hopefully, making a few bucks, and then just being able to skate by and survive since he gets his ass into trouble all the time.

But if you look at him in say, Drake’s Fortune, his character model very specifically shelters himself. He flinches at bullets when he’s in cover, and he holds himself close. A lot of this doesn’t go away. Nate’s always been able to handle himself through the magic of videogames as a one-man army, but his model and his demeanour also show that he’s not so cool with it, he’s not The Hero the way that guy is sold. So when he fights, he brawls. He isn’t trained like some big Hero and he grew up on the streets. He isn’t refined like Rafe in his fighting (or Nadine, as her fighting is a really good contrast since she also prefers hand-to-hand), but he wins out most of the time because he’s crafty (and might slap you with a sturgeon) and he’s wily, and that’s because he has to be. Even though he can’t fence, which is supposed to be indicative of some sort of culturedness as it’s associated with wealth which is associated with culture (just look at Evelyn’s mansion, that’s the vibe I’m talking about), he’s the one who knows everything. His love of adventure I think was showcased a lot more in UC4 and not his love of history and knowledge and culture as was showcased really well in UC2 and UC3, but that’s the guy we know him to be. He’s not a brute, but he punches and he kicks. He’s not wealthy (well…then), he’s not the picture of what it means to be classy and refined, but he’s a better man than Rafe. But still, his power is often never enough to outmatch his opponents. They’ve got wealth and status and actual Power with a capital p, and many other things he doesn’t, but he always weasels out a victory. And each time it’s with his wit.

So in this fight, when going toe to toe with a great fencer, he beats the shit out of him cause it’s the only way he can fight. It’s what he knows and it’s who he is. But he doesn’t beat Rafe like that, he can’t. And ultimately, Rafe has his own power, his own latency, and he cuts through the sword Nate was using to mask his brawling. But Nate still wins. He, rather horrifically actually, crushes Rafe under the treasure. Now obviously, this is supposed to be dripping with irony. And that’s all great, fine, whatevs. But as always, Nate wins out by using his own brain noodle. He kicks the shit out of Rafe, doesn’t work, dude’s got too much class and too much power, and it’s just not gonna work. In the end, he would’ve lost. But Nate will always outmatch his enemies because he’s a conscientious man, and he’s always thinking, and he uses his wit to outplay his enemy and to try their patience. He starts this fight with wit and a quip, and he ends it with wit and a big chunk of treasure.

(also: Nadine. Love her (though not…Laura Bailey). Her leaving is a fantastic touch. It’s also just one more thing that Rafe doesn’t get to have control of, and one more show of him being the weakest link.)

For some reason I feel like making a list of my top ten favorite, most re-read Sterek fics right now. Originally I was just going to make a list for myself, but I figured I might as well just make a public rec list while I’m at it. So, in no particular order:

Historically Inaccurate by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato) | 20k | Explicit

Stiles is surprisingly okay with all the weird shit that goes on at Beacon City Historic Ghost Town - ghost lights, howling, pianos playing on their own. Having to work closely with the surly blacksmith is another matter.

Murder, He Wrote by mklutz | 32k | Explicit

And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.

my wings a hurricane by kellifer_fic | 20k | Teen

Stiles had been like any other kid growing up in the era of dragons. He’d watched the cartoons, the news stories, had the lunch box. When his screening at Beacon Hills High had come up negative, he’d been disappointed but unsurprised. His positive results were returned three years too late for it to be in any way convenient or cool.

Or, the one where they ride dragons.

Hello, Heartbreaker by astoryaboutwar | 18k | Explicit

It’s a popular joke among Alphas: fuck an Omega, get heartbreak on your hands. Omegas are fragile little emotional things, needy and whiny. Stiles refuses to become that, or to believe that he’s anything like that.

Stiles and Derek have been fuckbuddies for a while when Derek loses his memories of the past three years - and them - in an accident. (Also - everyone’s a werewolf, and everyone’s alive.)

It’s Insanity, but… by petals42 | 40k | Mature | Sterek with platonic Sciles

The doorbell interrupts what had turned out to be quite the epic shoe hunt but, really, he’s grateful for the break. Or at least, he is until he heads down the stairs to grab the door, trips over a stuff animal of some kind, bashes his head on the wall and barely manages to catch himself from falling down the entire flight of stairs. As with all things, Stiles would like to state, for the record, that this is Scott’s fault.

Or: Scott and Stiles are raising seven children. Derek is the entertainer they hire for a birthday party (not a clown though, he’s very specific on that fact.)

The Portrait by andavs | 2k | Not Rated (General, probs)

Based on the prompt: “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice”

untitled by alocalband | 3k | Explicit

A Werewolf Convention AU in which both Derek and Stiles are complete nerds about supernatural politics, inspired by the prompt: “stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.”

Play It Again by metisket | 63k | Teen

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)

Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain | 18k | Teen

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

“Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

‘Linski’s Late Night Antidote To Lame by whonatural | 14k | Teen

Where Stiles has his own college radio show, and the mysterious, faceless Derek is his number one fan.

Also there’s this really hot guy he keeps meeting in the library who totally hates his guts.

kittymoon00013  asked:

[horny teenagers au] [1/2] Eren focused more on sports than any other activities in school usually, but Carla made sure both he and Mikasa learned *and mastered* at least one instrument to be a bit more well rounded. Eren hated it at first and refused to keep playing anymore, but Carla knew how to push his buttons and said he'd never be able to master it he so he practiced all day/night to prove her wrong. Although he never mastered it, he did make it to state twice and nationals once.

(Fast forward a few years after Eren was at the nationals)

After school Eren is waiting for Armin to come back to the music room by himself when he sees some things left out still, including the instrument he played before. He smiles a bit as he holds it and looks it over, taking note of how worn it is in some places but well kept over all. When he’s about to put it down he turns jumps a little at Levi’s voice. “Oi, put that down before you break it nerd!" 

Eren jumps a bit as he turns to see Levi glaring at him so he obeys and frowns heavily as he sees him rush over and wipe it down everywhere almost feverishly. "You got damn greasy finger prints all over it.” He is VERY unhappy with his idiot boyfriend. Eren sulks a bit and runs to wash his hands then comes back again quickly to see Levi playing it beautifully. With the sunlight gleaming in from the windows onto him Eren looks on in awe like he’s watching magic. (I imagine a violin)

Eren nods and carefully asks in a gesture if he can play it and again Levi agrees. As he watches Eren play he suddenly looks at him in shock and grabs his arm, stopping him. “Nationals 4 years ago. That same song. You messed up the last bar because you sneezed and lost.” Eren looks back in shock and confusion and Levi just smirks and squeezes him tightly. “I made nationals every year. I only beat you by 2 points!" 

After a minute Eren registers back then and starts to laugh. "I had such a bad crush on you back then after I saw you play! How the hell did I ever forget about it?!”


After a nice sweet kiss Levi just pulls Eren down by the neck to rest the foreheads together. “You damn nerd. I knew I remembered your eyes from somewhere when I saw you again. ”They split up as they hear Armin coming and just blush and smile at each other like it’s their special secret. 

After that day Eren learns Levi can play 3 or 4 instruments. Carla talks about how she misses the music that would echo from the basement before Eren decides to ask Mikasa & Levi to help him make and play a song for Mother’s Day for her. They practice in secret then play it on Mother’s Day for her and of course she is so over-joyed she cries and loves it (even Grisha gets a bit teary-eyed).

Mikasa goes to get her other present after hugs for everyone and smiles happily. "Thank you so much boys!“ Mikasa came back in and just in time to hear her say, "You make such wonderful music together, you should do it more often!” Levi just smirks at Mikasa knowingly as Carla goes back to talking with Grisha and slaps Eren’s ass to taunt her once he knows they aren’t looking towards them.

Needless to say, Eren slammed the lid on the paino keys and turned dark red. Mikasa comes over and whispers at him, “Your ass is going down shorty.” Levi just smirks and gropes Eren while whispering back, “You mean like your brother did earlier?” (Snide remarks like this go on the rest of the day when the parents are distracted until Levi goes home)


don't call them that

an: Um… so…I wrote a zombie au? Because…reasons? Honestly the only thing I can think of to explain this is that I can’t stop listening to “Radioactive” so… blame Imagine Dragons, I guess.

don’t call them that

In the end, she thinks it’s probably pretty fitting that she’d get stuck with a bumbling nerd and a twelve-year-old as her companions for the end of the world.

Really, she should have expected it. Murphy’s Law and all.

And, okay, that’s rude. He’s not a nerd, per se, he’s just…

Well, survival isn’t necessarily his strong point. But she’ll give him this: he learns quickly.


She rolls her eyes as he comes rolling down the hill after her, the katana already being tucked safely away while he shakes at his hair, now completely covered in gooey brain matter and very dead old blood. He doesn’t use that word often, but when he does he’s usually too busy bleeding all over her to notice it himself. He’s not bleeding now, though.

“Watch your mouth,” she tells him, and he shoots her a glare so fierce she actually feels a little bit proud of him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’d forgotten about manners and decency in my momentary acknowledgement of the horde of zombies we managed to attract. Forgive my lapse of judgment.”

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i don't care about the critics but the mcu makes more money than the murderverse, it just does. even a movie about a fox and a rabbit made more than that freakin flop called bvs. just pack up and go home dc fans.

I agree about one thing: I don’t care about the critics. As for everything else, let’s break it down.

the mcu makes more money

Let’s look at the numbers.

Here’s what you can see by looking at this:

- From their first to their second movie, the MCU went down more than $300 million; the DCEU went up more than $200 million. The MCU then went up more than $300 million; let’s see what happens with the DCEU.

- The DCEU’s first and second movies made more money than the MCU’s first and second movies.

- It took the DCEU two movies to make $1,5 billion. It took the MCU four movies to reach that same anount.

- Man of Steel made more than 7 out of the MCU’s 13 movies. BvS made more than 9 out the MCU’s 13 movies.

So, yeah, 13 movies make more money than 2. That’s more than obvious. But you have to go beyond that to get a clear picture of who really made more money.

even a movie about a fox and a rabbit made more than that freakin flop called bvs

You’re talking about Zootopia here. Here’s the thing: I love Zootopia. It’s my favorite movie of the year. It has great animation, a great story, a great message and it has character development (something you don’t see very often in animated movies). I love that it made $1 billion. And it doesn’t bother me that it made more than BvS.

And if we’re talking about animated movies and their box office, let’s again look at the numbers.

As you can see, the only MCU movie to make more than every single movie on this list is The Avengers. Frozen made more than all the others. The other 9 movies made more than 9 out of the 13 MCU movies.

EDIT: I made a mistake here. Avengers: Age of Ultron also made more than all the movies on this list. My bad.

Animated movies make more money. They just do.

Also, BvS was far from being a flop. Did it underperform? Yes. Was WB expecting $1 billion? Most likely. But none of that means it flopped. Add the home video sales (and BvS is extremely successful in that front), digital sales and merchandise, and it more than made up for the production costs.

A lot of people think “Well, this is Batman and Superman. They should make more”. And here’s why it didn’t (from http://kingarthurofgeek.tumblr.com/post/145732515012/allons-y-areli-stephenstrvnge):

1. Due to the popularity of the heroes, everyone has an idea of what Batman and Superman are “supposed” to be like, thus making many people disappointed, unlike with Guardians. It is also the third cinematic Superman and sixth Batman, so it had to live up to their standards. 

2. Controversial casting

3. The mixed reactions to Man of Steel

4. A month after Deadpool, a month before Civil War

5. Generally shit on by the media, including over-exaggerating the negative responses and saying stuff like it failed ^^

6. Coming after years of MCU movies, which have made people think there is only one way to make a superhero movie (A serious superhero movie? What??? They have to be self-mocking because superheroes are for NERDS)

7. Mass confusion due to it coming only four years after Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

8. A three-year wait that made many people lose interest. 

9. An attempt to start a franchise eight years after Marvel did.

To this I would add that, in this day and age, the characters being well known is no longer a guaranty of box office results. You know what is? An established franchise. The MCU made $1 billion on its 6th movie. It took James Bond decades to make $1 billion. Harry Potter only got there on its 8th movie. And $2 billion? Unless you’re Star Wars or James Cameron, that’s practically impossible.

just pack up and go home dc fans

No, I don’t think I’ll do that. Box office aside, I like these movies. I like this universe. And I’m looking forward to see what it will bring.

As for box office, dig deeper next time. The numbers are not subjective. The numbers are the only facts you’ll get when it comes to movies. And I’ve pointed out the facts.

roseisrestless  asked:

Heya! This may seem like an odd question, but im not very knowledgable on the topic of the SPN writers. Could you break it down for me? (I hear a lot of bad stuff about Singer, but Edlund seems to be everyone's cinnamon roll.) Thank you so much!

Pls allow me a minute to stare at the rainy window and reflect on the fact that I am now apparently an expert on details like this. :P

Not all the writers have much of a fandom personality cult. Like, for example, Andrew Dabb will this season probably be the writer with the MOST episode writing credits to his name, and I’ve been in the fandom a year and half now and seen like, 3 revivals of “we MUST attempt to fangirl Dabb more!” with limited success of the awareness campaign. (To be fair, it’s a lot of episodes to remember :P) He doesn’t have a social media presence so far as I know (or he doesn’t utilise it interestingly enough for it to have ever been brought to our attention) and he hasn’t been responsible for many fandom scandals, and generally just sort of does what he does, and so he passes somewhat under the radar as a character, despite my various attempts to start a one-sided fight with him to make him more interesting to fandom about. Of the current writers, aside from him, the ones I know next to nothing about are Jenny Klein, Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo, with an honourable mention for Adam Glass who left before the end of season 10 but is still vaguely current anyway, and Nancy Won, his replacement, who we know very little about just because we haven’t had time to get to know her yet, so I’m not going to mention these writers. And if there’s someone else currently on the staff I’ve missed it’s because I literally do not know enough about them to remember their name, because I’m feeling dubious I’ve mentioned everyone. :P

Anyway. To business, on the ones who get discussed a lot and therefore I know anything about them at all and have opinions or can regurgitate fandom opinions when I don’t actually have any (there’s a lot of that in here… :P), but can tell you what other people seem to be saying when these names come up. (Which means some negativity below the cut, sorry, I’ll get the worst out the way first) 

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anonymous asked:

OK, confession time. I don't *hate* Dean, but I'm not his biggest fan either. I won't list why I think this because I don't want you to hate me (honestly I love your blog a lot and the last thing I want is to cause arguments!). But I would like to know your honest opinion on why you think Dean is your 'moon and stars', as you tag him. How would you justify this. Because I'm in 2 minds about him and have seen lots of negativity, but I don't agree with all of that either. I'm sorry if you hate me!

oh nooooo, lovely! i don’t hate you at all!!! ♥ everyone is entitled to their opinion and disagreeing is not the same as hating. and there is nothing that i love more than dean winchester meta, so here goes:

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Afternoon Tea and Peggysous 2x05

I’ll be doing something a little bit different than the usual scene by scene analysis because I feel there’s one crucial thing that needs to be discussed here. Generally, there’s this ridiculous conception within fandoms that if you don’t ship something, you hate one of the people involved. And with that comes the unnecessary ship wars nobody’s got time or nerve for. However, there’s one thing that’ll never change and it’s that often, if someone dislikes something, they’re going to see the worst in it and if someone likes something, they look for the best.   

Agent Carter does an excellent job with many things but subtly isn’t one of them (though I’d say this is actually lovely). We’ve known about Daniel’s feelings since the very first episode of the series and we’ve known that though Peggy’s heart hasn’t quite healed, she sees him differently then she sees the other men at S.S.R. That said, thank heavens this series is giving their relationship outstanding development. 

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anonymous asked:

What if Theo was Chat Noir but basically everything else is the same so Marinette still has a crush on Adrien & both Adrien and Theo love Ladybug except you know Theo doesn't know Marinette in real life, and I would love if you would elaborate further on this?

  • Well the entire series is basically the same? But you know there are the differences.
  • Theo is a starving artist/superhero who also does odd jobs on the side, because being an adult in this economy? It sucks. Good luck finding a job with an art school degree. Too bad being a superhero doesn’t pay any money because he’s pretty good at that.
  • (He should seriously talk to the mayor about that, because his time is very valuable and taking down akumas isn’t as easy as he and Ladybug make it look)
  • Speaking of Ladybug…
  • Boy howdy does he like Ladybug. She’s beatiful, smart, strong, and she doesn’t take anything from anyone.
  • He is just loves her so much wow, and he really wants to get to know the real her, the one behind the mask. He wants to share everything about himself with her, but she doesn’t feel the same way. She doesn’t want to tell him who she is
  • And he gets that, but it still kinda hurts. So his big plan is to try to find her in real life
  • So part of the odd jobs that he does around town is trying to find Ladybug. Because you know, he figures that if he manages to find her it’ll prove just how much he loves her, because he’ll always know who she is, no matter what she’s wearing.
  • Very often he wonders what her civilian self is like. To be quite honest, he pictures her sitting in an apartment window high above the streets of Paris, and writing. He likes to think of her poring over a typewriter and creating masterpieces about her various adventures. His favorite part of the day dream is where he comes home from whatever work he had that day and kissing her. He likes thinking about kissing her.
  • On the other hand, while Marinette cares very deeply for her partner, she also thinks that he’s a hopeless romantic with a dumb ponytail. He regularly quotes Shakespeare at her for some reason and gushes over art and poetry. He’s a bit silly, (okay, a lot silly,) but she cares about him all the same
  • Her biggest thing is that she might have actually fallen for that poetry-spouting nerd if she hadn’t met Adrien Agreste first.
  • Sometimes she wonders what he’s like, but she usually just chalks him down as just Chat Noir. That’s all he is, and that’s all he needs to be. It’s kind of hard for her to think of Chat Noir as an actual person with an actual life instead of just her partner. But he must have some sort of outside life, just like her. He can’t live in that suit forever, after all
  • If they discover each other’s identities, I suppose there’d be an instant moment of shame and embarrassment. Not because they don’t like who they are, but because Theo is twenty something, and Marinette isn’t older than fifteen or sixteen.
  • Theo would be absolutely horrified that he’d been flirting with Ladybug and fantasizing about her when she’s barely even legal.
  • Marinette would be definitely weirded out, because all this time she assumed that her partner was her age and treating him like a teenager, but all this time he was an adult.
  • But they eventually get over the initial shock. Theo gets over his feelings for Marinette, and their relationship dynamic shifts from two kids with a weird romantic tension between them to a more evened out relationship(?) where Theo looks out for Marinette more. He comes to see her more as a little sister than anything, and she looks up to him like she would and older brother.
  • And they keep on saving Paris and Theo helps Marinette get the boy of her dreams and they all live happily ever after I guess


My problem with the interview isn't because of the Lauriver mention, it's because they don't know how to handle an awesome character like Felicity, and the potential Olicity has on her, Oliver and the show.

First time we met Felicity, she – in a very cute manner – calls Oliver out on his BS, blurts out something so inappropriate that Mr. Grouchy cracked his first real smile of the season, and showed us girls into computers are not typical nerds with thick-rimmed glasses and bad fashion sense.

Since then, Felicity has proven herself to be brave, to be smart, to be extremely intelligent, to be unwavering in her cause, to call people out when she feels she or anyone else is being disrespected, to go out in the field armed with nothing but courage. She was the first person to tell Oliver there’s more to stockpiling bank accounts and scaring the occasional rich guy. She saw potential in him, something no one really saw before. 

And we saw Oliver grow.

It’s just… so obvious how relaxed he is. He finds her funny and charming and hell, I think we can agree he likes it when Felicity tells him off. She does these little thoughtful things, understands him, and she’s willing to push what she thinks it right for what Oliver thinks is right (“Go. Go get Thea.”) She’s one of two people who he can absolutely trust. How often can you find someone who supports you in such a way it causes you to be a better person? 

I think we can also agree the difference she makes in him, and not only is he routinely surprised by her courage, he’s surprised by how much he cares for her. I mean this dude left to save Felicity before finding out if his mother was gonna die, and didn’t think twice about it. He believed her 100% when Felicity dropped the Malcolm bomb, and never once blamed her. That’s some pretty heavy handed stuff there, right?

Anyway, Oliver and Felicity aren’t together because apparently he cares too much to bring her into his personal crossfire, so he has other relationships. Helena was an impulsive mistake and look where it got him. It’s someone else he feels responsible for, another bucket of guilt he shoulders. He had McKenna who was unfortunately in an actual crossfire, and lost her because she was wrecked with grief. I can’t call his one night stand with Isabel a relationship, but there you go, another mistake. Then there was a bit of Laurel (again), leaving Tommy completely heartbroken and reaffirming they shouldn’t be together because they’ve grown.

And then there was Sara. She’s cool, I like her, and she kicks major ass. But because she is on par with Oliver in terms of skill and superhero stuff, she doesn’t get the new Oliver. The one who doesn’t want to kill but is so conflicted with his situation with Slade, and although she was right about Slade setting up a trap, she didn’t understand his need to save Thea. It’s difficult to strategize when someone you love so much is in a dire situation, and you actually have the means to save them. Sara said something Oliver was not in the right state of mind to hear at the moment.

But what none of these women are able to do is fit right in with New Oliver. Laurel still, to some degree, probably thinks there’s a bit of Old Oliver stuck in there. Plus, there’s so much damage between them it would be a waste of time to get back together. Helena is way over on the cuckoo side, McKenna would have been terribly conflicted with Oliver’s alter ego, and Sara is what Oliver was in Season 1. All of these women have something Oliver can’t comprise to because he’s changed. He’s not the charmer/idiot he once was with Laurel, and he’s not the killer he once was. 

Felicity? She’s all the things Oliver is not and it works. She fights back when she needs to, but not everything is about her. She sacrifices for the greater good. She understands when he needs to blow off steam, and she’s incredibly intelligent. She doesn’t kill. She doesn’t even know how to, but she would do anything to protect her friends. Felicity, God, she pushes Oliver to be the best person he can be. She doesn’t give up, and he definitely needs a constant presence like her. I don’t mean to say there’s nothing appealing about Sara and such, but she is vastly different and her mindset slips right in with Oliver’s. 

And because of her, Oliver grows. Felicity challenges him in small ways, and he takes those pieces and refines himself. Due to this, Oliver himself changes – not to please Felicity, but because she’s the other voice in his head pointing things out he couldn’t have done before. There’s nothing wrong with taking advice – good advice – from others. There’s nothing wrong with saying sorry and learning to let others do their own thing (“You’re my partner” scene). Likewise, Felicity grows. She’s no longer the girl who’s afraid of a violence, but can see that it may be the only possible way for things to occasionally happen. She’s grown under these peculiar circumstances and it’s a blessing. Any normal person would have run to the nearest exit but Felicity dove right in. Because of Olicity they become better versions of themselves. 

Oliver is the main protagonist of the show and Felicity makes him develop. There’s nothing wrong with lead getting help from a female, because behind every great man is a great woman. There’s only so much Dig can help with Oliver, but Felicity has a different way and perspective to get through him. And that’s what the writers don’t get.

They don’t get the impact Olicity has on the show, because with Olicity we know for a fact Oliver is growing. We’ve seen it. If Arrow is about change, then Olicity is a major component. We want to see the vigilante clutching a raggedy book to turn into an icon, a hero. 

Felicity does that him. 

The writers just don’t see that romantic conflicts and going back and forth on toxic relationships hinders any sort of development for the lead. Romantic conflict does not equal better plot line/better character growth. It’s a waste of time. Having very compatible characters be together doesn’t mean the show is going to tank, it means we’ll see them grow stronger. Isn’t that what Arrow is about? Getting stronger to defeat the bad? To change for the better? To become someone who never yields in their quest to protect their city? 

The interview/quote bothers me because it seems the writers think that’s the best course of action when it’s painfully clear it’s not. I’m sitting here scratching my head and desperately trying to understand where they’re getting this from, and I’m just praying they don’t misuse something as good as Olicity as a romantic plot, but as an organic piece of the show. Olicity progresses Oliver and Felicity’s character development, and thus, progresses the show into a better place.