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Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

Can we please stop with this whole “our characters are just as mentally ill as yours, if not more”. It’s harmful and disrespectful. This isn’t supposed to be about who is more tragic or whose representation was better. If a show touches those issues it is to raise awareness about mental problems and not for you to turn it into an argument over your ship. Especially if you don’t suffer from any mental illness just please don’t talk.  

Don't Call Me Binary

Tonks: /Sometimes it doesn’t matter how I change my hair, or my eyes, or my face… sometimes everything just feels wrong/

Tonks: /Like being caught inside the wrong body/ 

Tonks: /It took years for me to figure out why this happened, and what I needed to do on those days to fix it/ 

Tonks: /gender is about as existent as Voldys nose/ 


Remus: Hey Tonks have you-… wow

Tonks: is this weird?… 

Remus: Quite the opposite actually… you look great 

((OOC: when you get tired of peoples ignorance whilst also loving the idea of a gender fluid Tonks)) 


I’ve been working on designs for a new project I was invited to. 

Mage Oikawa who wanders into the woods looking for a rare hearb and gets lost and meet the Forest’s Guardian, the Fairy King, Iwachan….. or smth xP

Jimin introducing his girlfriend Y/N to BTS
  • JIMIN: Hey guys, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Y/N.
  • Y/N: Hi :)
  • JUNGKOOK: Whoa! You're really pretty!...Why are you going out with Jimin?
  • JIMIN: Shut up JK.
  • NAMJOON: No he's got a point.
  • JIN: I agree.
  • JIMIN: (To Y/N) I'm sorry about them, they aren't this embarrassing, sometimes.
  • Yoongi's Brain: Must. Kill. Bitch. Who. Stole. My. Man.
  • YOONGI: So how did you guys meet?
  • Y/N: At a coffee shop. I didn't have enough change so Jimin sweetly offered to pay for my drink.
  • Yoongi's Brain: Oh so you're a gold digger.
  • YOONGI: Nice.
  • TAEHYUNG: So Y/N, are you a fan of BTS?
  • Y/N: Yeah I've listened to some songs.
  • JIN: Who's your favorite. Never mind I'm sure you don't want to say me in front of your boyfriend.
  • JIMIN: I swear Jin if you weren't a couple years older..
  • Jin pushes his chest out at Jimin.
  • JIN: WHAT? WHAT? What would you do.
  • Y/N laughs at this.
  • JUNGKOOK: Wow, even her laugh is cute. So seriously why are you with Chim?
  • Y/N laughs harder.
  • JIN: So who was your favorite member?
  • Y/N: Well, before I met Jimin it was V, but now that I've gotten to know and love Jimin its him all the way.
  • HOSEOK: Jimin you better watch out for Taetae.
  • Taehyung approaches Y/N suavely. Even though she only has eyes for Jimin, Y/N is freaking out because Taehyung is her second favorite in the band.
  • TAEHYUNG: Should I sing for you?
  • Taehyung moves to kiss Y/N's hand and the rest of the members are losing their shit, cheering him on. Jimin immediately steps between them and pulls Y/N behind him.
  • TAEHYUNG: It was a joke Chim relax.
  • JIMIN: UGH. Let's go Y/N, I knew this was a bad idea.
  • NAMJOON: No don't go!
  • JUNGKOOK: Yeah I still need to figure out why she's with you!
  • JIN: Y/N can you cook? Please, I need to know.
  • Yoongi's brain: Finally. Fucking bitch.
  • YOONGI: (Unenthusiastic tired sarcastic voice) No.. don't go..
  • Y/N: Bye everyone! See you soon.
  • Jimin and Y/N leave.
  • Yoongi's Brain: Exhales.
  • Jungkook's brain: Man, Y/N's hot. I still don't get why she's with him.
  • A/N;
  • All jokes aside, I know Jimin is fine AF. Like helloooOo!! But lmao i just wrote Jungkook like that cuz of the running joke with him ranking Jimin 7th in looks (I'm sure he doesn't really believe that and is just kidding) Anyways, the chat was jokes. Hope you laughed!
  • ~Armygirl
Fake Chats #168
  • Jungkook: you look a little...not well.
  • Taehyung: that's your opinion.
  • Jungkook: that's a fact. You're all droopy and you keep yawning and you do this thing where you seem to lose your bearing for a second. You know, like you would if you weren't feeling well.
  • Taehyung: I'm lost in thought
  • Jungkook: you look like you're sleepwalking with a cold.
  • Taehyung: appearances can be deceiving, Jungkook.
  • Jungkook:
  • Taehyung: except not in this case. I do feel like I'm sleepwalking with a cold. Can I go to bed?
  • Jungkook: yeah, you do. And go, I don't like when you look like you're about to fall over.
  • Taehyung: if I did fall over, you'd catch me, right?
  • Jungkook: I'd try.
  • Taehyung: you're strong enough.
  • Jungkook: you're just trying to get me to carry you to bed, aren't you?
  • Taehyung: I'd jump on your back but I'm too tired.
  • Jungkook: fine. Hop on.
  • Taehyung: thanks, Kookie, you're the best.
  • Jungkook: I know.
  • Taehyung: and you I love you?
  • Jungkook: I know.
  • Taehyung: and you know I want to snuggle?
  • Jungkook: I know. Shove over.
  • Later, Jimin: are you two seriously snuggling in my bed?
  • Taehyung: no.
  • Jungkook: appearances can be deceiving.
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: except in this case.

okay guys bear with me it’s 3:02am as I write this. But I was imagining and let’s flashforward about 5 years into the future. Specifically let’s flashforward to Isak and Even’s wedding reception. The grooms are happy, Isak’s cheeks are red with champagne (”and fucking beer woohoo!”) and Eskild is sipping on a glass by the dance floor with a quiet sort of smile on his face. contemplative. maybe a little rueful. And Isak spots him and gracelessly untangles himself from Even’s octopus arms (he does try to retie Even’s bow tie before, but that’s a fail), so he steps off the dance floor and- 

runs right into a tall, brown haired guy with bright green eyes. “Juliannn” Isak will say, hiccuping a bit, but supremely pleased with literally everything. And the guy will laugh, but straighten Isak so he doesn’t topple over. “It’s Kristoffer actually. Julian was just- well it’s Kristoffer.” And isak will nod amiably and be like “krissstoffferrr!” Then Isak will grab Kristoffer’s arm and pull him with him, coming to a stop in front of Eskild. “Guru! Guru Eskild, this is Kristoffer-Not-Julian.” And Eskild will be kind of bewildered because what on earth was Isak doing, but he put his hand out and met Julian-Not-Kristoffer’s very green eyes. And Isak will be like “Kristoffer used to be like lowkey in love with me back when he was Julian.” And Kristoffer will duck his head and let out an embarrassed laugh and then Eskild will squeeze his hand (they were still grasped together whoops) and be like “it’s alright, i’m pretty sure Isak was once lowkey in love with me.”  And Isak will snort and be like, “Nei Even is the only one who hold my heart. I’m going to go find my husband now!” and stagger off.

And Kristoffer and Eskild will be left alone and Kristoffer will be like, “We’ve actually met once before at graduation. I was in Isak’s year?” And Eskild will nod, scratching behind his ear a bit because Kristoffer was young, but he was beautiful and had a nice deep voice and- 

“Do you want to get a drink?” Eskild will look up in alarm to Kristoffer’s sheepish grin, “I mean, you have a drink in hand but I could get you another one after whenever you’re done?” And Eskild will nod automatically and mentally smack himself because he is Eskild Fucking Tryggvason. So he will stand up straight and look Kristoffer in the eyes as he dumps the rest of his champagne in a potted plant and shrug, “I guess I need that drink right now.”

And that’s how it begins.

Incorrect HP Quotes (Ron and Draco)
  • Draco: My, my, my. Look what we have here. A blood-traitor.
  • Ron: Well, hello to you too, death-eater.
  • Draco: So what brings you to this part of the world? Are you sure you are not lost? Maybe, your weasel brain finally snapped.
  • Ron: Shut up, Malfoy! I am here for Hermione. I am so tired of getting her books from that god-awful place in Diagon Alley. I never seem to know what she likes.
  • Draco: Of course you don't, Weasley. I wouldn't expect you to.
  • Ron: What do you mean? Ah, nevermind. Why are you here? Isn't this place making you burst into flames or something?
  • Draco: Umm, nothing. Just passing through.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: Wait a minute! You are here for Hermione too! Its her birthday tomorrow. This a muggle shop. Why else would you be here?
  • Draco: Umm... Penelope Clearwater?
  • Ron: Oh, come on!
  • Draco: Fine, you nosy prat! It is Granger. I want to get her something nice. I have been here quite a few times, already. Cool place.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: Granger showed me this shop. It has a really cool home decor section.
  • Ron: What?
  • Draco: I understand you are a bit slow, Weasley. This muggle stuff is too hard for you. Don't worry, I am sure I can assist you.
  • Ron: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Ron: I'll get what you get, then.
  • Draco: Oh, that won't be necessary. I'd like to be unique. Besides, I am getting her a new bed. The one in her flat is uncomfortable and really creaks a lot.
  • Ron: How do you know?
  • Draco: (smirks) Well, I should. I sleep on it.

So at least on my dash, nobody ever drags the xxTPs, so I'mma do it really fast bc y'all really piss me off from time to time.

Like would it kill you to NOT critique rules from time to time trying to find all the damn loopholes? Like pls can u not. LIKE SURPRISINGLY JUST BC SOMETHING DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT SENSIBLE IN THE LONG RUN?? Like is it so hard to realize that if you take into account EVERY SINGLE tiny ass thing you guys pick out, nothing would ever get done???

Rules, laws, procedures, etc, they’re there to make things easier. And like?? Honestly fuck you, ExTPs? Stop blatantly doing the loophole thing that the rules don’t cover just because you can. Y'all are so damn full of acting like a dick while not coming up with PROPER SOLUTIONS. And you, IxTPs? Just stop. You may not outwardly defy the untold laws, but you still don’t come up with solutions like the shut in you are.

Keep to your own crap and leave laws alone.

Hey @mywaay I love your Road to El Dorado AU


‘You got a lousy taste in men, kid. He’s not so bad…He’s got a temper, but deep down he’s all fluff. Fact is he’s not like anybody I’ve ever known…All my friends are fighters….And here comes this guy who spends his life avoiding the fight because he knows he’ll win. Sounds amazing. He’s also a huge dork…Chick’s dig that.’

the signs as actual things my mother has said.
  • Aries: you know what, i miss the old kanye
  • Taurus: i would leave your father for tyler joseph
  • Gemini: wake up its dinner time
  • Cancer: what's up with all the bee movie things recently?
  • Leo: 4 years of cheer and all you can do is a split on the dick
  • Virgo: what is with you and reading about your idols having kinky sex?
  • Libra: we get it, you want to die. just do your fucking chore already
  • Scorpio: go back to reading your porn kiddo
  • Sagittarius: are you really looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Capricorn: stop trippin' little homie
  • Aquarius: U little stinker. Y u have ur 📱? What time u wake up today?
  • I'm having a hard time with not being too tired now. I woke up at 5pm 😬😕🤔🙄😢😱😨🤐😴💤💩
  • Pisces: if he isn't your dad, don't call him daddy.
  • i didn't do all the clans because shhh
  • Vampires: daylight savings is dumb as hell, who looks directly at the sun and says i want more of this for later, nobody does it
  • Camarilla: i don't want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i'm going faster
  • Sabbat: if history has taught us anything i dont plan to learn it
  • Anarchs: if anyone tries to tell you your dreams are unachievable just remember i have crashed my dirt bike into all 7 wonders of the world
  • Inconnu: tired of trying to figure out how to solve problems? try simply ignoring them forever instead
  • Assamites: stop being so defensive i am just trying to hit you with weapons
  • Brujah: i feel like if people respected me for the sheer stupidity of my actions i would get a lot more respect
  • Cappadocians: if anyone needs me i'll be dead in my grave
  • Followers of Set: archaeologists have found hieroglyphs on the wall of a hidden chamber inside king tut's tomb that confirms he was a damn bitch
  • Gangrel: people out of the know refer to death as a 'dirt nap' when in fact you can go to sleep on some dirt any time you want
  • Giovanni: honestly now that i have it this throne of human skulls is crazy uncomfortable to sit on
  • Lasombra: i don't "say what we are all thinking" because my thoughts are always far more important and more interesting than everyone elses
  • Malkavian: being thinking about a lot of things lately and have decided thoughts are a waste of time
  • Nosferatu: in today's and all other time's housing market, a dirt cave is the best place to live
  • Ravnos: jewelry making tip; a simple can of gold spraypaint can turn a chicken nugget into a gold nugget
  • Toreador: yeah i looked both ways before crossing the street, i looked both 'handsome' and 'radiant', too bad i got hit by that car
  • Tremere: unsure of what to study? learn magic spells instead, its easy
  • Tzimisce: problem solving skills are well regarded but where is the respect for the problem creators such as myself
  • Ventrue: "everything isn't always about you" i know that's why i don't care about anything
  • BONUS~ those crazy-ass fishman vampires: no song about living on land is as convincing as 'under the sea' is about living on the ocean floor
Nordics as Things My Friends and I Have Said (20)
  • Finland: A murder stroll?
  • Denmark: Put away the pictures of the average looking guys!!!
  • Sweden: My eyes are bleeding but I can continue.
  • Iceland: Look guys, it's Satan~! *points to a teacher*
  • Norway: You are young and smol and not really innocent and not really pure and you must be protected at all costs.