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I’m watching house hunters with my mom and it’s a single woman with three cats And her friend is with her and he made some comment about coming along to prioritize her and humans over the cats And like she’s talking about how nice the cabinets in the kitchen are for the cats and he’s like ‘the kitchen isn’t a jungle gym for the cats’

I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:


Jonsa AU: Lord of the Rings

happy birthday to my lovely @goodqueenalys!


Okay, now I feel salty

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m very glad that Vrains has got over 95% of rating. I really love this series and think that it deserves this percentage so far. But what I HATE is the fact that there are some not very nice people (it’s softly speaking btw) who think that now they have the right to shit on Arc-V even worse. So what if it never had this high percentage of rating? So what if the ending was horrible due to its writers’ incompetence? And what triggers me the most is that those not very nice people completely dismiss three years of someone’s nonetheless enjoyable journey. I LOVE Arc-V even with it’s ending. Yeah, it could have been much better, but overall the series was worth it. Oh, and I’m ESPECIALLY angry if someone insults Yuya. And I mean it. I LOVE this little sunshine, even if writers’ incompetence made his character somewhat exaggerated, Yuya is the most adorable thing ever. Sure, he is not Yusaku, they’re total opposites so far, but I still love them both. Yuya might not be the best protagonist out of everyone, but he is at least my personal sunshine, and that means a lot. Also… hm, didn’t want to touch this one, but I have to. Yes, I have a natural distrust in female leads cause I had disappointments with three of them so far: Asuka, Aki and Yuzu. BUT! Even though I’m VERY disappointed with Yuzu turning into damsel in distress in the end, I still give her the credit of being a badass until her defeat by Sergey. Why am I saying this? Because I’m not even sure if I like Aoi yet. Even if episode 7 was really emotional, it’s still too early to tell. Aki was amazing too, but she still turned into benchwarmer, so I wouldn’t put Aoi so high on a pedestal of the best female lead of all Yugioh. At least not yet. Okay, this is getting too long, so I put this shortly: I’m VERY happy that Vrains is showing such great ratings, but I strongly DISLIKE if people use it to shit on Arc-V, because a) Vrains might (though I sincerely hope not) fall flat too; b) Even despite its flaws Arc-V still can be someone’s favorite serious. So, please, not-dear Arc-V haters, don’t use Vrains TEMPORARY success to insult a finished product which was also considered to be the best at some point.

I always laugh when louises/ larries attack harries. I wonder if you actually think the things you write or if you'e trying to manipulate your followers. Or if you need to blame someone so you turn to harries? You have talked about how harries are the worst for days and I’m just ??? 

Because can you give me 100 blogs right now that are harries but spend every day making several post just to talk shit about Louis? People that have more louis then harry content on their blogs ? Cause I can give you those louises. I can seriously give you 100 blogs now. Can you tell me one harry blog with a name etc ( not anon on tumblr cause people pretend to be other people on anon all the time) saying stuff like Johanna deserved to d*e because of Louis? I can give you the louis blog that said Robin deserved  it because of Harry’s fame. 

Can you give me harrie blogs writing about wanting Louis do d*e/ wanting to hurt him? I can give you several louis blog and people that did that about Harry. Not fake anons or anything. Blogs with real names that have been here forever. Do you want me to go and on? Cause I can be here all day. Are some harries mean? Yes. Of course. But you can’t even compare that to what those blogs say about H every day. They call him things like r*pist, p*edofile  every day. Have you ever brought it up on your blog? Do every louises have to take the blame for what those blogs say? They way larries make sure that every harrie is blamed for some mean harries. 

Go outside you’re larrie bubble on tumblr and you will see that the fandom isn’t want you think it is. The fact that I can seriously give you 100 blogs right now that are straight up 98 % hate blogs about Harry and 2 % Louis is fucked up. It’s even more fucked up that I can show you those kind of people on twitter too. Did you know that Zayn fans was the first one out here giving bad score on meteoritic for Harry’s album? Of course the twitter harries had to do the same later. Go back and look and see that more bad reviews exist on Harry’s page then Zayns and go look for the first comment. But nobody uses that to hate on zayn fans do they ? What about those louises that tweeted / sent email to writers that had written good reviews about Harry’s album saying he was a P*dofile etc for carolina / Kiwi. That’s seriously stuff but they had no shame showing that they did that to people. Did you know how much hate Harry got 2 days after his step dad died because Louis had his interview out talking about how much he didn’t want the break. Did you know what horrible stuff people tweeted to him / about him when he was grieving. Let me give you the screenshot of the person that wished for him to be harmed 2 days after his stepdad died.

Do you ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen? Or do you only follow fans that hate Harry so you only see the bad stuff Harries does? I’m seriously wondering? 

Another thing that is funny to me is how only people that love louis, liam, niall and zayn can think that they are the best solo act but when some harries think Harry is the best solo act bc of how amazing he did with a 6 minute rock ballad without promo every day and without discounting it then it’s awful and blogs on here have to make post shitting on that. 

I mean Meghan Trainors All about the bass have more streams and did better on billboard then Rihannas bitch better have my money yet no one would ever bring that up to prove how much Rih failed and how Meghan is better.  I’m just siting here wondering when streams and what they radio played became the measure for how a good song is or how good someone is doing ( cause we all know it’s business). Cause then Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes are better then Beyonce cause their songs have more streams / are played more on the radio. ( btw, i’m not comparing those people to the 1d boys. I’m just saying that when you used certificates and streams as a measure of who has the best song or a measure of the quality of the songs I just laughed cause that’s so hilarious. Who’s going to tell Beyonce that Shawn Mendes has more streams on Spotify then her and that means his success is bigger then hers. ) 

The fact that people are angry at Harry for having opportunities is also so whack. I must have imagined Niall Horan getting on a festival tour with only one song when billion other artist would have loved that and had actually albums out to promote. It wasn’t high on the chart before he went on every festival so the reason wasn’t bc he had the biggest hit of the year. Then we have Liam that has worked with Ed Sheeran, Pharrell, Charlie Puth, Beyonces dancer etc but of course that’s not something  larries ever would imagine hating Liam for. Why did not a single larrie mention Zayn and his ”unfair” fashion deal.? So many people that are designers would have killed for that and so many people dress better than him etc but no angry post about it. It’s only Harry that get’s that kind of hate  and people taking about his “unfair” opportunities. 

I could go on and on about how 1d fans and people on here are so fake when it comes to the boys. It’s just sad I can’t take you seriously anymore cause you used to be one of my favorites on here.

Here, anon, I’m keeping my word and posting your version. Sorry for the dealy, it had slipped down down down my inbox. I am too tired to reply point by point. I certainly lack your time, energy and dedication, I’ll give you that!

I know that some blogs are out there saying the nastiest things about Harry and it makes me feel sick. That’s the reason why I don’t follow them? I don’t go read their blogs? I stay as far as I can. If they were to bother me, I’d block them. That’s the difference. None of these people obsessively came to my inbox wishing I’d choke or die, none of them were encouraged by their own pears and more influential blogs to contact people with different opinions (not even offensive, because neither me nor any of my mutuals would ever insult the boys, or anyone else, like, you kno, abotu being civil and all). Until the day they do, I can dislike them in my own corner. I dont condone what anyone who’s got a critique to make about Harry’s team and promo has to go through in this crazy atmosphere. I’m on my blog, discussing my OWN experience, and my own experience included nasty harries being unforgivable in their actions. All the boys, all the artists out there have horrible fans in their rows. Until they come to my own space, I’ll let them be, I won’t make post about them, I won’t send them anons, submissions, write call out posts. I am so turned off by all this ugliness aorund and that’s exactly why I do my best to avoid it. You do you, I’m fine where I am. And I thought you had unfollowed me already, this is the second submission you send me. Sorry to see you go and lose your respect, but we’ll both live with it, I fear. I can’t bring myself to asnwer the rest, as it doesn’t personally touch me, like this one point does. I might even agree with a thing or two! Let’s call this quits now, yeah? Yeah. 

2Nu haters be like:


“I am to hazard a guess that teatime is over?” – Jacob Frye

For @mother-dove.

The whole thing with these two is they cannot seem to have a single teatime without their clothing randomly disappearing. Jacob always tries to find that as ‘their time’ when he’s off and away taking care of business and she’s aiding the children and watching Davis and their black cat Rookie. Of course, the pleasant conversations have caused their entire living room and kitchen area to be ‘christened in their love’ but not their bedroom.

I guess they both get excited by tea and pleasant conversation.

Elizabeth Dawson: @mother-dove

Jacob Frye: Ubisoft

Art: Me

References used: 2 for the Victorian furniture; otherwise, I’d be at a loss trying to replicate that.

themeglamaniacchara  asked:

Hey, can I ask you something? KEEP EVERYONE DEAD. Thanks. I know you'll do this anyway, but Don't let the haters get to you.

Whatever I do is already decided, seriously it’s fine xD I always get messages with “suggestions” about the plot and I’m like “bruh this has been ready since august last year”

  • people: i really hate taylor swift that snake ass white devil fake feminist bitch
  • swifties: there's no need to spread negativity here, can we just enjoy taylor's music in peace?

It’s weird how people are suddenly having problems with age differences when it comes to Solangelo. Like I didn’t see anybody having a problem with Hazel/Frank or Caleo, cuz, you know, if we’re using the same fucking argument about how iffy it is, Calypso is hundreds of years older than Leo, and Hazel is still in middle-school… and… ooh, and if we’re use the Kane Chronicles (also by RR) Sadie is like thirteen and she is dating a guy that’s sixteen/thousands of years older than her… so… there’s that.

But haters are gonna find some reason to hate.