i don't get sirius

Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, Gryffindor common room, 1977

Can the Marauders sing?
  • <b> Sirius:</b> can sing and will sing, all the time, everywhere.
  • <b> James:</b> can't sing, but still sings till your ears screech
  • <b> Remus: </b>can sing, but won't sing in front of anyone
  • <b> Peter:</b> can't sing, won't sing
  • <b> Lily:</b> can't sing, but knows all the lyrics and will correct you

But would if Sirius and Remus are sitting in a coffee shop listening to someone sing “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and instead of watching the singer, Sirius is watching Remus watch the singer and suddenly Remus’ face goes from relaxed to a little surprised and his eyes go a little unfocused for a moment and then he’s blinking rapidly and turning slowly to Sirius, their eyes connecting. Remus just stares at him, blinking and his mouth is slightly open. Then his cheeks go pink and he’s leaning forward, capturing Sirius’ lips with his own. And during the kiss, Sirius realizes he’s just watched Remus realize he’s in love with him. 

240. Everyone thought Sirius Black had never been in love. That was completely wrong. He loved James, Remus, Lily, and Harry with everything he had so there was not room for anyone else in his life.

i had some ideas of the marauders in a modern au?? and it spiraled out of control kind of but i’m not sorry

  • james and sirius; regardless of this being a magic/muggle modern au,, being incapable of using computers
  • or tablets
  • or phones……. these boys, honestly, are not meant for anything more complex than turning their tv on
  • pete this says no signal what the fuck i thought the tv could pick up the signal on its own??
  • -sirius… like… have you tried changing the source-
  • the source??? of what???
  • needless to say peter would be their rescue
  • which means he is the Go To Guy for their technological illiteracy
  • much to his dismay bc although peter knows how to reset a router and is in fact aware of the miraculous Turn it Off and On Again Solution™ of this magnificent era we live in
  • he isn’t actually an expert or anything???
  • so when james computer one fateful day only shows him the BSOD and he lunges for his phone
  • peter, pete, petekins, wormy my man
  • -what now-
  • can you come over and fix my computer there’s something wrong with it
  • and when peter takes a look at the issue at hand, and, just…. what the fuck has happened here lmao
  • -i’ve no clue how to deal with that mate-
  • what, pete, no, no, you can do this, fix it!!!
  • -well it says to restart the computer if this is the first time it’s happened-
  • great idea, perfect, neat….!
  • and thus the two just stare at it for a second
  • are you gonna…?
  • -what james no why don’t you do it it’s your computer right haha-
  • nah i… i need to pee brb
  • so peter has to shut it off and start it up again and everything’s alright and just to make his life a lil bit easier,,
  • when james gets back from his urgent toilet break
  • -so i read up on this a bit and it seems when you get that message your computer is dying and you should just get a new one immediately like right now-
  • and james, bless his heart, just brings out his wallet like let’s go shopping mate bc i can’t trust that computer not to blow up in my face now
  • and peter thinks, this is ok, bc james is not just an idiot he’s a rich idiot so this won’t hurt in the grand scheme of things
  • meanwhile sirius’ wants to figure out how to get his pictures from his phone > his computer
  • (although peter has shown him how to do this before it’s like he’s forgotten all about it except ‘i think you can plug the phone into the computer somehow??)
  • remus is honestly no help like he probably knows how to do it but ever since they were fifteen and sirius needed help “installing paint” on his computer remus has refused to assist 
  • it’s ridiculous and you should just figure it out on your own you could just fucking google it
  • soo if i google it…… what should i write????
  • to which remus shuts himself in the bathroom and doesn’t come out for two hours
  • so sirius texts peter asking for help instead

Two things I will never understand are
1) Sirius thinking Lupin could be Voldemort’s spy. Lupin was the kindest and most gentle of the Marauders, thinking he’d be capable of that just because he has a disease is ridiculous. Also there were lots of other people in the Order of the Phoenix, why would your main suspect be your bff?
2) Wormtail betraying Lily and James. Like wtf? They were his friends. They loved him. What could he possibly gain that’s worth betraying a lifetime of friendship for? He adored and idolized James in school, like what changed?