i don't get cricket


day seven; a character you wish was more appreciated –> edward midford

atwell & the ac cast
  • d'arcy: dubsmash wars, dead ants, cap sandwich, cuddles
  • dcoop: eternal prank wars, finding each other delightful at premieres, cuddles
  • regan: gushing about how dottie is peggy's equal, mutual admiration society, cuddles
  • fonseca: cuteness, emphasizing the importance of positive relationships between women, cuddles
  • gjokaj: awkward jokes about suspenders, third wheel in d'atwell pics
  • fedora chad: *crickets chirping*

yes it’s frustrating that people send a lot of asks like you’re practically google when they can just look it up but please please try to be understanding that somethings especially things like confusing topics or not well known things that normally only have pages on wikipedia or other sites that only have very long winded complicated and difficult descriptions can be incredibly confusing for some neuroatypical people some of us sometimes need things explained to us in a more natural and understandable way