i don't find these scenes really shippy

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When people criticize decision to end LOK on a shipping moment, I always get confused. Do they forget that ATLA ALSO ended on a shipping moment? I would prefer neither ending on shipping, but I don't really care. But it's hypocritical to accept 1 shippy end while hating the 2nd. Is this just about the ships themselves that people object to? Or ending on a shippy moment regardless? Either hate on both or accept both. They're BOTH shippy moments that didn't need to be the final scene, but are ok

There’s nothing inconsistent whatsoever with finding A:tLA’s ending satisfying and LoK’s table-flippingly frustrating.

The important difference, of course, is context.  A:tLA was a Hero’s Journey-style coming of age story.  LoK was decidedly not that, particularly by the time Book 4 rolled around.

Aang’s story was about growing up and finding his place in the adult world as the Avatar, and so him figuring out how his love life fit into that was an important part of his character arc.  The end of the shipping arc in LoK’s Book 1 functioned similarly – Korra’s story was about finding her place in the world as Korra (instead of just the Avatar), and so recognizing that a love life could fit into that was worth showing in the finale.

But Book 4 was about recovery, and Korra’s love life ceased to be important to her story after Book 2.  By the time the series finale rolled around, shipping was entirely disconnected from Korra’s character arc and its resurgence in the finale served only as a distraction from it.

In other words, the endings to A:tLA and LoK Book 1 used their shipping moments to augment their protagonists’ arcs, while the ending to LoK Book 4 seriously detracted from everything the show had been trying to say about Korra since the end of Book 2.  Book 4′s ending wasn’t even about Korra in a lot of ways, which is completely indefensible.

Comparing the latter to the former in an attempt to call hypocrisy relies on a serious case of false equivalency and is, therefore, rather disingenuous.

TL; DR: No.  No.  No.  No.  No.  No.