i don't feel like things are gonna work out for them

Would it be harmful/bad for the fish to like…try to completely replace a substrate for their tank? Esp if ur already gonna take them both out to rearrange shit and try to decrease aggression levels? Like if u have the filters already…idk like
Knife fish apparently do better on sand bc they like to like. Rest in it and I feel like Snowball, who is a big carp would do good on sand bc I see them do the same thing the goldfish do and like pick and forage in it so sand would be better for both of them, and then the gravel that’s in there currently is like. Frankly it seems impossible to clean like it’s just…Neverending dirt comes out…but that seems like the kind of thing u do when ur first setting up the tank and cycling it, and like it would be a pain to do ?
(I also wanna replace the substrate in my Crayfish tank bc it’s like….the same gravel and it’s kinda gross and full of dirt)

things i’ve learned about rp

It’s okay to stop RPing with someone if:

  • they don’t reply on a consistent schedule, or
  • they pressure you to reply more quickly than you can
  • their roleplaying style doesn’t work with yours
  • the way they treat you upsets you
  • they don’t communicate with you

It might seem petty, but if you’re roleplaying to have fun, there’s no reason you need to sit around and complain about your partner all the time. You don’t need to give them another chance.

It’s okay to tell them your current RP relationship isn’t working out. If what you want from the relationship isn’t what they want or can provide, then it’s okay to break things off.

It took me way too long to learn this of people in real life, and too long to learn this for people in the RP community. I don’t expect everyone’s style to match mine, or schedule to work with mine, or reply length or speed to be what I want it to be, but I have a right to stop roleplaying with someone or refuse to roleplay with someone because I know it’s not going to work out.

god it’s almost like dating, isn’t it. jesus.