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Apologise (Dean x Reader)

Characters/ Pairings: Dean X Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1763

Warnings: Injury to the reader, Angst? Fluffy ending”

A/N: Hey guys HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Don’t know why I am/was so hyped, we don’t celebrate it here in England but anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! Here’s another Dean xReader because everyone seemed to like the last one!!  

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“Son of a bitch!” I cursed as the ghost flung you across the room crashing into a hard wooden bookcase.

“You’re a bad girl.” The ghost chanted again as she walked over to me. “A bad, bad girl.”

I were too weak to move now, the crash winded me badly. The ghost kept chanting and screaming. I wriggled away from the knife the ghost was yielding, praying that Dean had found the bones quickly so I could get out.

The ghost flung me around again, pinning me to the wall next to her. I heart raced and panic started to settle in. I struggled against whatever was holding me to the wall trying to grab the iron rod strapped to my leg but it was no use. The ghost flicked out its huge knife once again, screaming at me and chanting about how bad I was.

“Dean!” I shouted, hoping he would hear and hurry up. “Hurry up!”

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The Adventures of Jelly the Bean through the Land of Kitchen

(alternatively titled “Hey Look I have 400 Followers and I get Bored too Easily”)

Your name is Jelly the Bean and you feel like an adventure.

So you decide to take your glorious strawberry jam flavored self for a walk.

You pass by some eggs, but don’t talk to them, because eggs don’t talk, and also because they look like they’ve been drinking.

Jellified condiments! Could this be your adventure’s first challenging obstacle? A pile of fire-inducing-sticks blocks your path. What will you do?

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