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Imagine….. Niall and Harry at a New Year’s party.

Not a big one, nothing fancy, just a decently sized group of friends gathered to ring in the new year. There’s been plenty of alcohol and laughs, kisses and cuddles.

It’s past midnight so everyone is settling down. Someone brings up resolutions. A few people groan and roll their eyes, but mostly everyone has something they’d like to do. Harry teases a few people, the ones that have the same resolution every year, encourages others who genuinely want to better themselves.

Niall’s watching Harry, who’s leaned in to Lou and grinning at her saying she wants to give up men for the year after her latest relationship flopped. He teases her only a little bit, but ultimately says he thinks it’d be good for her, and for Lux, to have some quality time alone.

“I want to learn a new language.”

“I’d like to knock a few things off my bucket list.”

“I wanna travel more.”

Niall hears everyone, but can only stare at Harry, with his still short hair (that is steadily growing out, much to Harry’s pleasure) and dimples and charisma. His chest flutters. Niall thinks of all the times they’ve shared, all the memories they have together, before and after they began dating, thinks of everything that could have split them apart but how they fought through it all. He knows he loves Harry with his whole heart and soul.

Still, there’s no real explanation for why he says, “I wanna get married.”

Harry’s gone silent next to him, turned back around to gape at Niall, eyes wide and questioning. The rooms fallen silent too, at Niall’s declaration, watching with rapt attention as Harry fumbles for words.

“Excuse me… what?” is what finally manages to make its way past Harry’s lips.

Niall feels his grin widen, didn’t know he was smiling to begin with, but isn’t surprised, since all he can do when he looks at Harry is smile. He scratches behind his ear and shrugs. “Dunno. Been thinking about it lately.” Harry huffs a humorless laugh at that. Niall bites his lip to keep from grinning too hard. “What do ya say, Harry? You wanna marry me?”

Harry releases a breath, not realizing he’d been holding it, and exclaims, “Of course I do, you buggering idiot!” He throws himself into Niall and kisses him senseless. Their smiles make it difficult, but they don’t really mind.

Their friends cheer, throw old confetti from the countdown, pop new bottles of champagne. Harry breaks their kiss to request Nick grab the orange juice because he wants mimosas to celebrate with. Nick rolls his eyes but he obliges.

After all, two of his best friends just got engaged.