i don't feel like dealing with anything

We all joke about the Hobbits getting Way More Than They Signed Up For but you know who else??? You know who I feel is overlooked in that department sometimes??????? Haldir,,,, our homeboy Haldir the elf saw the One Ring and Immediately was like “naw son i ain’t dealing w/ that today” and yet he lets Aragorn convince him that it’ll be cool, totally fine, “Haldir you only have to deal with our problems for a few hours,” and suddenly before you know it whoops Haldir’s back in the mess at Helm’s Deep just to wind up McFreaking Dead

Ok, so let’s do this. The last time I gave an unpopular opinion on this site, I had to deal with people telling me Jun Pyo was not that horrible. So I watched the first episode of WFKBJ because I like prety people, but overall I just didn’t care about them to continue it. It never made me angry the fact that LSK is a skinny girl, although I am pretty fat. It just didn’t make me mad or sad, or anything. But this is me, right? I get to feel the way that I feel, so why people who were upset (and they have the right to) have to deal with your bs? You like the drama? Yay, good for you. Don’t go on other’s blogs to tell them their opinion isn’t valid, that their experience isn’t valid. You think they don’t know “it had a healthy relationship”? They probably do, but it still can’t make it up for the fact that the drama couldn’t allowed a fat woman to have an awesome boyfriend. It doesn’t make it up for anything, really. I’m not mad at the show (I still have no idea why) but if I were the woman they were inspired by, I would be hella angry. And lots of people here are mad at the production team because of how disrespectful they were towards a fat woman. It is so hard to understand that? Seriously, what’s wrong with you all? 

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Hey Victor, can I have some reassurance please? I'm going through some stuff and I feel like a really bad person... Also can I have a hug?

Don’t worry, you can get through this. Everyone does things that may make them feel bad about themselves, that is why we learn how to fix mistakes, deal with situations, and restrengthen bonds. Whatever may be happening to you is just a chapter of a story that will then become a memory. You can get through it. You have so much potential. 

((If you ever need to talk we’re here for you.))

Your Boundaries are NOT Debatable

Abusive people will try to engage you in a fight about terms. Terms are helpful, the way all words are helpful. They allow us to communicate, but terms are not the most important thing in regards to dealing with abuse. Abusive people will try their absolute hardest to make you feel like you are not allowed to say that anything is abusive or to say that somebody has narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder or to say that you might even suspect that someone is a sociopath. Abusive people exist because people question that they exist and that is the way they want it. They will become abusive and combative with anyone who uses terms to describe them accurately and reveal them for what they really are. Don’t get drawn into that fight. The terms aren’t even that important. What’s important are the behaviors. Abusive people behave in a way towards you that damages you and that is what is important.

I don’t tell abusive people that they’re abusive. I don’t tell them that what they’re doing to me is abusive because that can be debated. When I say to them is, “I don’t like what you’re doing. Stop doing it.” Whether or not you like someone’s behavior is not debatable. Your personal boundaries are not debatable. That is important. Let’s give it more space.


An abusive person will try to debate them. Just don’t. Just continue to repeat your boundary. Do not waiver when you make a boundary. It doesn’t matter what they say. If you don’t like what they’re doing, that is the truth, it is valid, and you have every right to request that they stop.

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can't you just let the show alone in its final year at least?? this isn't even humour or whatever you think you're doing, you should be ashamed of yourselves, people are having a hard time dealing having to goodbye to something that has been important to them for many years, and you're just keep running this ugliness. the show and people who truly love it deserve better than this hateful crap. and don't say it shouldn't be taken seriously, you don't get to decide how people feel about this bs

OK!! i i’m not trying to ruin anyone’s Bones Watching Experience. i’m sorry you don’t find my posts funny and honestly if you hate the “ugliness” that i’m bringing so much?? don’t follow? block me? blacklist me? u don’t need to send me these messages about how u hate everything i bring to the fandom!! please tell all your friends too bc i’m tired of getting these messages i’m just trying to post gay bones memes for me and my friends… thank u good bye

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hey, I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I've really been enjoying it and your stories, you're an amazing writer! I wanted to message you and say that I'm glad you closed down the requests, it's hard to deal with stress from many things in our life, sometimes from things we can't control, and I'm glad you took control of this and put it to a stop before it got worse. I really hope everything goes well, and your situation gets better! 💕

Hello, new friend! 

Thank you so much for this message. I really thought everyone was going to yell at me for closing them down but, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone in this fandom always shocks me by how kind they are. And you are just another person added to this list. 

Thank you so much and welcome to my blog! I hope your stay happy! 💜💚


stupid hands can’t draw anything but these two. Anyways somehow my sick imagination managed to suggest some kind of a relationship between them and how Karai deals with Leo’s constant attempts to sacrifice himself

okay but no, I need to know what is wrong with Ben

he’s clearly distracted the whole time during the party, he’s doing the dishes at 3am, something is so wrong with him and I am afraid


Ever since i came out as trans to my mom a few days ago i’ve been feel like absolute shit. i’m talking like back when I was 14 and didn’t know how to deal with anything, bad. The anxiety and depression has been overwhelming. I didn’t want to be trans. I just wanted to be me, and it wasn’t fair that i wasn’t born that way and that it took me 19 years to figure it out fully. It’s obvious to me now but i wish it had been obvious back when i was younger, but i’m not sure i would have been strong enough then to tell anyone.

Either way today i got my first “mens” shirt from forever 21 in the mail. And it’s perfect, the size is amazing, and it’s fitted without showing off any of my curves. I’ve been thinking maybe it would have been easier the past few days if i had just taken it all back and went about life as normal. but when I put this shirt on i almost started to cry (i’m a cancer leave me alone). I don’t want to take it back now. I want more. I don’t want to combat this hardship with giving up. I want to feel better because i finally get to be myself. I can’t wait to get my hair cut and get more clothes and become who i was always supposed to be.

- Stevie, he/him

i hate men and i hate thinking that they look at me and assume that i am open to them or want their recognition or approval or that the way i dress or the way i present myself has anything to do with them. i hate interacting with them and i’ve felt this way for a few years now but it’s growing stronger the older i get, i think. i just want to be left alone and for them to stay in their lane and stop assuming i’d ever be interested, is that too much to ask?

don’t get me wrong, I feel terrible for Sara I really do but oh my god can she just please LEAVE????? she’s such an annoying character??? this doesn’t even have anything to do with the fact she and Emily are going to date (though don’t get me started on that) but I just can’t stand her???

People always have quite strong opinions about #spons, but, while I can feel the difference in quality of content between a sponsored game x a game they chose to play, I don’t see them doing it as a problem? I personally think it’s good for them to have sponsors as long as it’s like this: lowkey and not becoming the “audible.com” guy every two seconds like many youtubers are.

This spon is giving us extra content and not taking away from a “better video” or anything like that! I mean, it’s still fun even though it’s not as much as other videos. And, if you’re against it, you can just opt out of watching it and just see the gifs of the cute moments over here.

I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives on that if they want, but I never see YTbers making money as this “seling-out” mentality people have. I mean, if I go to work everyday and make money instead of staying home and doing something I enjoy, is that selling out? We’re part of this capitalist society and money is a necessity. I’m not here to police their bank accont! 

As long as they keep providing original and interesting content, one crap game in the middle isn’t going to stop my fun tbh

*hangs out with friends instead of being on tumblr for a few hours* i feel great the world is so alive i can do anything *gets back on tumblr* nope nope its time to go to bed immediately so i dont have to deal with this bullshit anymore *gets up to brush my teeth* yknow maybe i do actually have the energy to draw for a few more hours theres nothing stopping me *sits down at the computer again* never fucking mind