i don't feel like coloring tonight


So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?


Based on this prompt

I botched the hell out of my dye job and I was supposed to go to queer open mic tonight but I literally cannot let anyone see me like this. SO looks like a quiet night inside. Anyone have any tips for how to make your skin not purple? Especially around the hairline where you want your hair to still be purple?

Random Starter Questions II
  • "How do you like your coffee?"
  • "What is THAT?"
  • "What do you mean your car's in the shop."
  • "What smells so good?"
  • "Can we just stay home today?"
  • "Want to go to the park?"
  • "What's for dinner?"
  • "What do you mean you didn't do the laundry?"
  • "Don't you have anything other than microwave popcorn?"
  • "Don't you wish time travel was real?"
  • "Ever feel like you got hit by a bus?"
  • "Karaoke?"
  • "Shall we order in tonight?"
  • "Is that the ice cream truck I hear?"
  • "Can we turn the AC on, please?"
  • "What's going on at the neighbors?"
  • "What's that smell?"
  • "Where did you get those shoes?"
  • "Can I help you?"
  • "How many times are you going to watch that?"
  • "Is that for me?"
  • "I feel stupid for asking, but, when's your birthday?"
  • "Do you have this in a different color?"
  • "Did you hear that a meth lab was found under the local superstore?"
  • "I have a headache, can you not talk so loud?"
  • "Care to dance?"

I’m feeling kinda sappy tonight, so here’s a repost pic of corny LawLu from my twitter for you guys.

I’ve been experimenting with this color style lately, it’s really fun to draw! ^ ^ expect something similar like this in the future for the moment, yes.