i don't feel guilty at all


happy holidays, mysme fandom!

I am so deep into this fandom. I have so many other super important things that I need to be doing in my life, but this seemed so much more necessary. So here, have some older Adrien and Marinette for your enjoyment…

*returns to trash can* 

**closes lid slowly**

I love when people make posts carelessly insulting boys unecessarily, (like calling them all ugly, stupid, uncreative), and when men get hurt by the words they laugh cause lol, all men are babies.

Oh wait, no, I don’t love that. I hate it. And it needs to stop.

every time I see some Drama on my dash about something that’s suddenly become problematic (like that Coverboy or Pewdiepie or whatever) and I don’t reblog it or something, know that im honest to god just tired and I scroll through my likes sometimes and I don’t want to have a constant reminder of Problems in the World please don’t be offended or anything I’m just not feeling up to constantly be morally upright and just saying “fuck these guys” because I’m just tired
the only other reasons that I don’t like stuff is because a. The person was too mean sounding and I don’t want to feel awful or b. I didn’t see it

to summarize: I’m just a tired person doing their best and I just want everyone to be happy

Don’t feel guilty if you’re too sick to do things. You have value simply because you are, even if you cannot be “productive” in the way to which you were accustomed. Learn to cherish your very existence.

Hirshel Jaffe

Quote for today. For all those struggling with illness. You are some of the strongest people I know.

Me:  Ok, I’m keeping my # of muses I’m rping with at a solid 2.  No more.  All my other OCs can go on a blog where I can dick around with them and gush about them and not worry about rping.

Brain:  Ok so you mean I’m now allowed to make new OCs?  Ok here, have 5 more.

…  I guess I’m adding a mute mortalitasi and that Qunari concept I’ve messed around with on there then…

How can people just….DO stuff without feeling constantly guilty or paranoid that they did something wrong or hurt someone? It seems so unreal.

Bucky feels guilty for wanting to feel vulnerable. He thinks he has to be strong all the time. Can’t ever let his guard down. He’s a survivor and survivors are strong people who don’t depend on anyone. He shouldn’t want to be taken care of. He’s not allowed, isn’t he? Not allowed to crave a hand on the back of his neck, someone calling him good in truth, not in encouragement. He can’t just rest because he needs to work through his issues, to be better again. No rest for the wicked. Not until he’s deemed ready. He doesn’t know what that entails. Nor when that will be. It feels like a race anyway. And most of the time he thinks he’s too slow and the finish line won’t even be there anymore when he’s reached it. If he ever reaches it.

So he pretends. Smiles big and wide when he wants to be held close, laughs brightly when he wants to curl up and make his head go quiet.

It’s Opposite Day for months and he thinks he’s got it now. His therapist tells him he’s making leaps and bounds in his recovery but he shouldn’t hurry, he should take care of himself, and his smile feels brittle.

Sam looks at him strangely sometimes but Bucky smirks like he practiced and he’s safe again.

He needs three blankets at night. Everyone thinks it’s because he can’t stand the cold anymore.

He bunches up two of the blankets, puts them against the wall. Wraps himself in the third one and scoots back against the others and pretends.

Steve’s eyes follow him. He doesn’t know that it’s concern he sees in blue eyes. Unlearned Steve’s tells in the most brutal ways.

He always takes a step back when Steve offers more than a squeeze on the shoulder. He’s strong. He doesn’t need hugs. He takes care of himself and he survives and he’s not weak. He’s strong.

He always takes a step.

Until there’s a wall behind him.

He can see Steve lifting his arms, can feel them around himself, is pulled gently against Steve’s chest.

“It’s okay.”

And he breaks.

anonymous asked:

My mother claims I have Pathological Demand Avoidance just because I don't follow her abusive shit. She makes me feel guilty every day for being myself. She places absurd standards on me and claims to be "nice" when she's not. There was this one time I stuck DCF on her ass. She was so ignorant that she denied all these claims I made about her, and said it was my "autistic meltdown" and that I said those things because I "wasn't thinking straight and blurted out whatever was on my mind". HFA btw.

Consider: Lance teasing Keith non-stop about his “Conspiracy wall” and asking him if he believes a bunch of different increasingly ridiculous things and being like “It’s all Connected right Keith?” until finally Keith gets fed up and he’s like
“You know what Lance? You’re right. Conspiracy theories are stupid and childish and I just need to face facts.”
And Lance almost feels guilty for pushing him that far until he says:
“Aliens aren’t real.”
Keith insists that Aliens cannot possibly be real for an entire week to Lance’s increasing exhasperation.
“We are in an alien Space ship! In Space! You’ve fought aliens!”
“I dunno Lance there’s just no hard evidence.”
Everyone else is incredibly amused, Allura especially finds it funny to deny her own existence and Lance nearly loses his mind when she joins in.
“What are you two arguin about now?”
“Lance is trying to convince me Aliens are real.”
“We don’t have time for this ridiculous nonsense! Lance, you just need to accept the fact that extraterrestrial lofe doesn’t exist.”
(Bonus points for Galra!Keith fans: Lance having to deal with two Actual Aliens consistently denying the existence of Aliens. “What like little green men?” “You know they’re purple, Keith! You’re purple!”)

I feel responsible for this offense
As if my own skin is something to feel guilty for
In my head my body is exposed, naked
I see dirty hands all around me
Touching me
They’re scratching me
There’s filth under their fingernails
They’re soiling me from outside in
I am ashamed of my skin
For I am a female
And I have forgotten
That our skin is pure under all this dirt that people have put on it
—  Lyydia Alajääskö & Anna-Liisa Distefano (I was hating on my gender and she comforted me with the last verse)

I just want her to be happy 

I keep having days where i doubt myself and where i feel incredibly guilty for telling people what happened. What if its all in my head? what if i asked for this to happen? i should have kept it to myself, things would be easier that way.
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