i don't feel comfortable with swearing

For @whumpdump (AKA a super awesome friendo!) 

“I’m dying,” Lance moans, draping one arm across his eyes while the other rests tightly around his stomach.

He had woken up that morning to a twisting stomach that left him stumbling into the bathroom of his small apartment, but after twenty uneventful minutes of kneeling in front of the toilet, he slipped shoes on, not caring that the two didn’t match, and started toward Keith’s apartment on the floor above his.

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I..I hated my dad. I just couldn’t understand why he had to live like that. But when I heard he died..what I hated even more was that he actually died! Why did he have to die like that? But now..I’d love a day with him just to talk. Even if he yells or swears at me, I’d be fine with it. Just once..I want to let him know I don’t hate him anymore. I want to tell him I had no idea it would be like this without him. He died alone..God, I feel so bad for him.

I can see you sitting in front of me again at 4 am with your big brown eyes and your yellow sweater, cigarette in your mouth, smile on your lips, smoke in our eyes, crossed legs and your hands reaching out for me; I swear I can feel your breath on my skin, it’s like you’re so close but still too far away
—  i never liked yellow, now I don’t want to see anything else

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Are headcanons open? If so, could you do one on the batboys hearing their SO curse for the first time? I have social anxiety so I don't curse around people that I don't feel comfortable with and I was just wondering how the boys would react to this person they have known for a long time suddenly swearing frequently.


- He’s appalled. Like he looks at you and he doesn’t know who you are anymore. He still loves you but it’s weird to suddenly hear you swearing so much.  


- He’s hella turned on. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from but suddenly he wants to hear those beautiful dirty words spilling out of your mouth, preferably while you two are doing the horizontal tango.


- He’s surprised but he quickly gets used to it quickly and swears right along with you. 


- You swearing doesn’t phase him. He doesn’t care and will even teach you some Arabic swear words to add to your arsenal. 


- It’s not often that you see Bruce surprised but he was when he heard you swear for the first time. You probably swore because you stubbed your toe or something and it took him by surprise. In all of your years married he couldn’t remember hearing you swear. He’s inexplicably turned on by it. 

Comforting-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Hey, it's okay. They won't find you here."
  • "You don't have to tell me anything. You just have to relax."
  • "Shh. It's okay. I won't let go of you."
  • "Have you been crying? What's wrong?"
  • "Just listen to my voice. Breathe."
  • "Do you want some tea? Would that help?"
  • "You can tell me what's wrong. I won't judge you."
  • "Don't let go of my hand. I'll keep you safe."
  • "Are you crying? Come here. Let me hug you."
  • "You're going to be fine, I promise."
  • "Here, you can snuggle under my blanket. I'll protect you."
  • "We can stay here until you feel better. I don't mind."
  • "Just take a breath. Tell me what happened."
  • "They won't be able to reach you here, I swear."
  • "No, no, no don't cry! It'll be okay!"
  • "I brought you a (drink). Are you feeling better?"
  • "I brought you a cookie. Now, I demand the payment of one smile."
  • "There's nothing here. You're safe."
  • "It's gone. I chased it away!"

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Okay y'all just reaching now, how is that even a jikook moment especially hand holding part? You guys blinded by mindless shipping or what, did you not see everybody holding hands to bow or what, i swear you guys are just pathetic now

Oh love, you do realize is really not about the hand holding right? It’s about the comforting, Jungkook’s need to be by his side, to be a constant presence when Jimin was in a very emotional state, just to be someone he can lean on if he ever finds that it’s too much to handle. I’m sad you can only see the superficial and come bash people’s inbox for an assumption that we’re here for a simple hand in hand contact and not the feeling behind it.

And I can honestly say jikook and BTS in general was never about that to me, what makes me love them and always share their beautiful moments is the trust and companionship I see in them, not the “free shipping and fan service” you so wrongly see, feel the need to point out and even bother others about it, grow up…

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Hiii💙 Can you write about 2D finding that S/O has a lot of small tattoos that he hasn't noticed until thaey had sex 'cause they were covered by clothes? Can be in her back, neck, hips or/and waist for example. (I have five little ones: Saturn on my shoulder and the flower on my wrist are the only visible ones. The others are moon and sun, solar system and "Love forever, love is free") You can delete this ask if you don't feel comfortable, no problem :D bye!

i’m using some of your tats as said s/o’s tats thx lmao


  • 2D knew that you had tattoos, but he loved the fact that when he explored you, there were more to come.
  • He loves Saturn on your shoulder, and the flower on your wrist. When he discovers the lyrics “Love forever, love is free” just underneath your heart, he swears that he could feel his heart gush with joy.

“y/n, you… I… Wow.” Stu mumbled, backing away to view the tattoo. Giggling, you crossed your arms across your chest, biting your lip.

“I know,” you murmured, leaning forwards, arms dropping to your side. “It’s been there for ages. And hey, silly, stop staring. You’re making me get all red.”

“It’s i-in cursive,” the blue-haired boy stammered, craning his head to spectate. “An’ it has a heart connected to the e…

“Mhm…” You tittered, your mouth nearing his body. “Come on, Stu…”

“Jus’ lemme’–” 2D paused as your lips softly dragged against the sensitive skin of his throat, making his breath hitch ever-so-slightly. “Okay, okay, I get you,” He breathed, his fingers crawling around your back. 

“Good,” you whispered against his neck, torso pressing gingerly against his, making your skin prickle. “And don’t let go.” Burying his head into the crook of your neck, your lips abruptly parted his tender skin, making your breath come short.

“Trust me… I won’t.”

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Hi! So I'm sick & im in desperate need of a oneshot or Headcanon we're your like the 5th Marauder & you get sick, so they all take care of you ❤️. Ugh I'm so pathetic when I'm sick 😂😩😷🤧🤒. (Seriously wishing I had my own Remus rn 😭)

hi friend! i hope you feel better. being sick sucks. :( i have the sniffles myself, haha.

  • there would be lots of fretting
  • sirius would tuck you into bed and make sure you stay there all cozy
  • remus would bring you tea (and perhaps sneak in some hot cocoa when you’re starting to feel a bit better)
  • peter would get the assignments you missed as well as share his notes with you
  • pretty sure james would be trying out some potions and swearing on merlin’s beard it’ll help cure you
  • they’d stay up talking to you until you fall asleep
  • they’d always be making sure that you’re comfortable
  • fluffing your pillow
  • adjusting your blanket
  • making sure you always have soup and water
  • the marauders would just be a bunch of caring dorks who would do anything to help you feel better :)

Okay, some of my fave things MC from Lost Alice has done/said (these aren’t directly quoted so they might be worded a bit different in-game):

Alice: [Tries to politely get guy to remove his arm from her waist]
Fuck Boy: [Smiles but doesn’t do it]
Alice: *Giggles* [she smiles back at him and then forcefully moves his arm LIKE A BOSS]

Seriously though, this guy gets fucking destroyed, IT’S BEAUTIFUL. ♥

Fuck Boy: “Your outfit is cute but too complicated, it would take too long to get off.”
Alice: “That won’t be your problem.”
Fuck Boy: “But what if you change your mind?”
Alice: “Not a chance.”

Fuck Boy: “Do I have to leave? I don’t want to be parted from you for a second.”
Alice: “Well, I want you to go away.”

Fuck Boy: “He’s hiding stuff y'know? Maybe you shouldn’t trust him.”
Alice: “I literally just met him, it’d be a bit presumptuous to expect him to share everything, he’s his own guy.”
The ‘He’ in question: *Is surprised but touched*

She’s so done with these men. xD

Alice in response to a guy: [Deadpan] “For a second there, I started to think you might not be all that bad. I feel cheated for having wasted those seconds.”

Guy: “Don’t worry my dear Alice.”
Alice: “I’m not yours.”

You can almost hear the 'Fuck off’s. xD

Alice in response to a guy being a lil shit: “Pleasing you doesn’t make me happy.”

A Guy being a patronizing ass: “Most girls would be crying and terrified right now, I would be happy to comfort you anytime.”
Alice: [Deadpan and basically just annoyed instead of distraught] “… Well, it’s the thought that counts. Excuse me, I need to leave now.”

Okay I’ll stop now, I swear. xD

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that other person was right, you need to hand feed your fish and give him proper medication. you're a terrible fish keeper, you obviously don't care about him. You're waiting for him to die, aren't you?

Alright, I’ve gotten about four of these so I’m going to address this. 
Normally I don’t really swear here because some people aren’t comfortable with swearing and I don’t want people to feel like they can’t ask me for help, but congratulations, you’ve unlocked the fuck you train. 
Let’s take this bullshit a step at a time. 

Hand feeding is something I already do, which you would know if you bothered to look in Apollo’s tag. But nope, let’s criticize someone without bothering to look at the fucking situation. Cool beans. 
Another point here is that hand feeding is a tall ass order. A lot of fish won’t do it. It’s like saying you should just regrow that tooth. Works if you lost a baby tooth, but a lot of people lost the adult tooth. 

Medication. What the fuck do you mean by proper medication? What do you people think I’m giving him? There is literally nothing wrong with him, nothing I can give him medication for. There’s no old age drug. He’s five years old. It’s a rough formula,courtesy of @snowflakeeel, and a very simple one in this case because we will literally be dividing by 5 by 5, but apparently you need it. So let’s see how old he is in relation to us, shall we? 
The average life of a betta splendens in 5 years in captivity. The worldwide average life of a human is roughly 71 years. So: 

Human                Fish                     
Age            x         Age         =    ?         x      5    =  71 years old at the youngest
Lifespan     x       Lifespan          71          x     5

So you’re telling me, you see a 71 year old man, and the first goddamn thing you think is “Wow, he looks old and kind of ill, his caregivers obviously don’t care about him and want him to die.” You must be fun at parties.

Ah yes, I don’t care about my fish at all. That’s clearly why I have two, one being a rescue I poured 200 dollars into saving when I didn’t even buy myself a second notebook for university, and why I have a fish that’s lived five fucking years. Yeah, that happens when someone doesn’t care about the fish. That’s why they have plants, ornaments, hides, and the best I could give them. Because I clearly don’t give a shit. You caught me. It’s definitely also evidence that I’m waiting for him to die. 

Before you come at me, whether you are acting hostile or passive aggressive, maybe you should bother looking at the whole fucking situation. Otherwise, maybe just keep this shit to yourself. 
Now leave me the fuck alone.

  • Fans of content creators: Yo, could you like, just put a warning for sensitive content? And not use slurs? I don't feel comfortable being subscribed to you otherwise.
  • Youtube: Hmm, lot of people seem to be complaining about this.
  • Fans: We weren't talking to yo-
  • Youtube: I know! We'll make it so that nobody could even so much as swear or make a sexual reference or we'll remove their monitation!
  • Fans: That's going a little bit too far. If you really were concerned then all you would have to do is simply make content warnings more easily accessible, that's all we really wa-
  • Bunch of other people: Damn that safe space crowd is ruining youtube!
  • Fans: But, that isn't what we were asking for!

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Hi Vika! Hope you doing well lately! I come to you for some advice please. Well, I just started uni this month and im studying arts, i have wonderful and talented friends there and it makes me so happy to be able to be with this kind of people! but the thing is, i don't know how to respond/take compliments from them (???) i may sound pretencious but i swear is not! its just that (somehow) they end up begin unconfortable for me bc they keep comparing my work with their own ---

and they say things like “compared to yours mine is shit” and stuff. It feels great when someone compliments your effort, i dont mind that part at all! but it keeps bothering me when they begin to compare, i dont know how to respond kindly to that, or without feeling like some kind of superior that just comfort them saying some shit. i dont even consider myself that good, i’ve worked very hard to be where i am but just, its terrible when they degrade themselves. How to deal with that? -tnks!

AAAA I know this problem at some extent! I deal with it a lot, actually. Online at least. It really doesn’t make a good compliment when someone says nice things to you and then go to degrading themselves straight away.

The only thing I can advice you is to speak with your friends honestly. You may still thank them, because I do believe them mean best, but try to carefully say that you don’t feel too good when they start the degrading part.

I’m sorry I don’t really have a better advice than that:( 

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My friend recently has been making fun of me because I don't swear. Like, it's really trivial and I shouldn't care. I just don't feel comfortable swearing. But it makes me feel bad when he calls me a pansy about it or whatever. He's always been kind of a douchebag, but just.








Reincarnation!AU based on this post:

Bard and Thranduil bump into each other on the street, they stare into the other’s eyes for a second, Bard says “Thranduil”, Thranduil says “Bard” and then they keep on walking. And they don’t realize they had actually never met before until a few minutes later, or better, until they sit for dinner in the evening. “Wait, what just happened?” That’s when they decide to do everything to find the other, because there’s just something, and they feel it’s important.

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bps: i know there's lots of potential for headcanons and whatsoever regarding bucky's hair, but i feel like it's really important that steve tends to attempt to fix his hair when he's nervous (he's done that at least twice), so if you don't mind, quick bulletpoint thing for 'the easiest way to calm/comfort/soothe/cheer up Steve is stroking his hair'?

i swear some of u anons can read my mind omg

  • okay so at first when steve’s hands would go to his hair bucky would push them away, all c’mon you’ll ruin your hair etcetc
  • and it happens like four or five times that day and steve’s getting more and more worked up until steve snaps at bucky and storms off and bucky’s just standing there shocked and hurt
  • and steve avoids bucky for all of a few hours before he’s coming back and trying to apologise but bucky stops him, says it was my fault and lets it go
  •  and from then on bucky realises that it’s steve’s tell, whenever he’s getting nervous or anxious his hands go to his hair, either playing with it or pushing it around or tugging on it
  • so bucky takes to doing it if steve gets himself worked up, over money or a deadline or anything, just reaches out and pulls steve over, running his fingers through steve’s hair as he talks him down
  • and in the present day, whenever steve gets really worked up about something, bucky will sit and say c’mere and steve will just flop into his lap and let bucky work him back down
  • and steve always falls asleep easier when bucky’s combing his fingers through his hair, or playing with it
  • and there are times when steve will just crawl into bucky’s lap when he’s not feeling so great for whatever reason and bucky understands, wraps him up in a hug and plays with his hair, talking to him softly until steve’s relaxed again