i don't except anyone to even like these

While I understand Gook Doo is overprotective with Bong Soon but I don’t like how he treats her. At all. He is so rough with her and not even once genuinely trying to listen and understand her. Why the heck would Bong Soon never even try to come clean with him. Well come on. Make a quick guess.

He had his chance, and I hope he was not given the chance again. Because he doesn’t deserve it. All those years he had spent with Bong Soon, what has he done as her friend at least? None. (Don’t get me on how he views woman. But ok I won’t go on that because it will be a heck long of a rant).

Jessley is REAL: A post with sucky gifs

Upon my upteenth rewatch of Pitch Perfect 2, I am 100% convinced that Ashley and Jessica are actually a couple and nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise.

They’re literally ALWAYS next to each other for almost the entire movie, with the exception of during routines and around three or four scenes when they’re not standing within a 3 foot radius of each other (and even during some of those scenes within a couple minutes they’re next to each other again. Like when the Bellas are walking into the staging area for the World Championship, Ashley is at the back of the group, but then she runs to catch up with Jessica and pats her on the back IT HAPPENED I SAW IT.)

I realize some people might argue that they’re always close together because they’re the two odd ducks of the Bellas, but honestly they not only are always close together but there are so many background moments of them doing couple-y things that I really seriously think they’re an actual couple. Here are some gifs of those moments (some super sucky gifs because I suck, I’m sorry).

#1. Stylish girlfriends walking arm in arm on their way to get suspended from collegiate acapella

Five minutes into the movie and already with the Jessley.

#2. Ashley leaning on Jessica during the Bella rehearsal huddle

Look how close together they are, no one else is standing that close together do “just friends” stand that close together during group huddles hmmmmmm? (Maybe they do idk.) They look super-duper comfortable with each other.

#3. Jessica turning around to wait for Ashley when Audrey starts shouting at the Bellas.

She doesn’t even just quickly look behind her to see if Ashley’s following, she literally turns all the way around and starts walking backwards to make sure Ashley’s there. Cue Audrey going “I see you Jessica!”

Yes. We all see you Jessica. We see you being super adorable with your girlfriend and we’re screaming on the inside.

(And by “we” I mean “me”.)

#4. Leaning on each other during “Back to Basics”.

They really do like leaning on each other, don’t they?

#5. The “I’m Jessica!” moment

They’re standing arm-in-arm again.

And let’s not forget the cutest Jessley moment (also one of the cutest overall moments) in the entire movie:

#6. Campfire cuddles.

I wasn’t able to make a good gif of the Jessley moment after the Bellas’ last performance, where Jessica runs to Ashley and they start hugging as the screen fades, but yeah that also happened.

Conclusion: Jessley is real.

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I feel so horrible and I’m so scared for tonight cause I won’t have anyone around me except for my parents, but that’s not the same as a friend. it’ll be the first time I’ll be spending time really alone again in my old room I think. the mornings and the evenings are the worst cause this house doesn’t feel like my home (yet). my home was with my ex (i honestly hate the word ex so much). and eventho we grew to be only friends or like brother and sister, it was still my home and we just lived together cause we get along really well. and I miss having him around so much. I don’t feel at home here. for now it feels like I don’t even have a home.

I’m not even a Christian anymore and haven’t been for some time, but the Jesus scenes in Ben-Hur still get me all stirred up. Except for Part Two where it’s all preachy and taint-licking but I guess that’s kind of the point of the film so whatever

Like anyone who says this film is boring can fight me. It has revenge, love, friendship, betrayal, epic battles - fuck you, fight me.


I’m sorry but how is gay marriage still even an issue.

aren’t we supposed to be secular?

can’t we just say “we’re a secular nation.” to every “but my religion says [insert argument here]” ?? like i’m really confused how is this still an issue?