i don't exactly ship them but well

today i saw korra and asami at the gym and i couldn’t stop smiling. two girls arrived together, and one of them had the brown skin, the bisexual haircut and she even had a hoodie wrapped around her waist. the other was a little bit taller, had wavy black hair and was wearing a dark red tank over a black top. they were exactly korrasami modern au at the gym


a ship that needs more love >> emmett & rosalie cullen

I got luckier than I deserved. Emmett is everything I would have asked for if I’d known myself well enough to know what to ask for. He’s exactly the kind of person that someone like me needs. And, oddly enough, he needs me, too.


Another day ’s story~
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i’ve had this theory for a while and now seems as good a time as any to talk about it

here’s the thing: the Doctor doesn’t actually look human. We just think the Doctor–and all Timelords–look human because Timelords utilize the same camouflage mechanisms as the TARDIS and the psychic paper.

Everything the Timelords made and use is all about blending in, from the ships they travel in to the tools they use. How did they come up with these technologies, and why do they use them? Because they themselves are constantly psychically camouflaged in exactly the same way.

Timelords appear, to all species, across all planets, to be the same species as the person who is observing them. We, as humans, naturally see the Timelords as looking fully, completely, exactly human. This is intentional.

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I know PT is a Richonne story but I kind of don't want them to get together b/c I think Lori is/was the love of Rick's life... like idk I feel like he will never be able to love anyone as much as he loved her... its weird bc I dont even like Lori but I'm shipping them kind of hard in this one, lmao. What have you done to me?? Or maybe I just don't get it...

Well that’s definitely the first time I’ve heard that, lmao. I’ll say that you’re entitled and supposed to feel however you want to feel, so if that’s how you see it, you’re certainly not wrong. That wasn’t exactly my intent, but I actually think that’s kinda cool. 😄

If you want it, my opinion is that Lori probably wasn’t The Love of Rick’s life. He loved her deeply and they had a good marriage, but… if he’d had a chance with Michonne all those years ago, he would’ve taken it and not looked back. He wanted it. But when he realized it wasn’t going to happen, he moved on with his life, and luckily, it worked out. (Well, until she went and died, lol.) But now, the opportunity for a second chance with Michonne is presenting itself, and he’s taking it. And his relationship with her doesn’t have to compare to what he had with Lori (if it happens 👀), but there’s no reason it can’t be just as wonderful, if not more. We’re allowed more than one great relationship in our lives. If we’re lucky, we learn from old loves and we’re better for new ones.

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I do not think harold x george is problematic in any way like both boys love each other platonically so i guess a lot of people just dig the bond they have. Just two guys not being afraid to hug or say "i love you" bc it wouldnt be manly and i guess thats what a lot of ppl dig abt their friendship. Romantic is also fine tho. Nothing better than dudes loving one another and tbh i think it's a cute concept! I personally don't ship them but i can safely tell u george x harold aint problematic :o

Yes thats exactly what I was thinking for the platonic ship, it’s perfect for little boys and girls to see that and know that it’s okay to say “I love you” to someone that’s not a family member without any romantic intent or hold their hand/hug eachother

Someone earlier had sent me a message that sounded very bothered by the ship, (i think they were also talking about melvin being shipped with the boys as well, they must’ve seen the picture I reblogged and saw more than just three lil boys being happy with eachother and doing cute stuff)

maybe there are shippers out there that are somehow “taking it too far.” Can’t really imagine how though, I thankfully haven’t stumbled across anything lewd.

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Is the skytalkers another reylo podcast? It's hard to tell from their description. It'd be nice to have another all female SW podcast to listen to, there are so few, but I'm not interested in reylo (which is why I sadly had to stop listening to the scavengers hoard, I tired I really did but I'm a ReySky and well our views don't exactly mesh well, which is a shame as your podcast is very well structured and when you weren't talking about reylo I really enjoyed listening)

No, I wouldn’t describe Skytalkers as a Reylo podcast. They’re not opposed to the idea but it’s not a focus for them (though they are firm believers in a redemption arc for Kylo). Any views on shipping aside, they’re just a great podcast and I’d really recommend them - they know their stuff and put on a really fun show that I would recommend. 

Thanks for the nice words about our podcast, and apologies that you couldn’t keep up with it due to our views. I’d recommend podcasts like Rebel Grrrl, Knights of RantSkytalkers and Fangirls Going Rogue, which are all good female-led Star Wars podcasts without a shipping bend. 

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i still don't understand how braven is platonic to people... like, bellamy SEEKS her out, no they haven't kissed (well really they have which is more than blakre) but bellamy isn't exactly the kind of pda. even when he was with gina they didn't make out or anything, and he kept his emotions pretty grounded. like blarkes honestly needed bellamy to run down those stairs and kiss raven for them to be romantic (while their ship hasn't kissed at all)

lmao what really gets on my nerves is the fact that even if he had gone down the stairs and kissed her, they would probably come up saying shit like “he wants to make clarke jealous!!!!!” or “aww he’s trying to practice for when he confesses his love for clarke #otp: i didnt pull the trigger”

  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: These main characters are so gay. How could anyone say this show is about straight people. Everyone is obviously gay.
  • me, a gay: so like ... they say they're gay and everything?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well no, but they're obviously really gay.
  • me, a gay: so what exactly do they do thats so gay if it's never mentioned?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well I don't know but I ship them so they're obviously really gay, honestly you people have a lot more representation than you think

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QUESTION Kushina parallels Sakura but Naruto parallels Kushina as well :/ so NarSak =KushiKushi?????

Um, nope? People seem to forget, although Naruto doesn’t resemble Minato at all when it comes to characteristics, that the parallels still do exist.

These scenes

aren’t less legit, just because Naruto isn’t exactly level-headed like Minato (and yet, there are parallels like them looking alike, or Naruto creating questionable techniques like his father).

Check this [link] out for more.

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What's your rules with requests?

Well, I pick the requests I like the most or that I find the most interesting. 
Do not repost, etc. You know that part. 
Only Undertale for now. 

These aren’t rules exactly, but you can keep them in mind:
I’m not really interested in taking OC requests.
I’m picky with AU stuff.
I’m not interested in drawing shipping stuff either.

I think that’s all.

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mattie is a teenager... leo is an adult... whY aR e THEY sHIPPED

Ok so.. It is never said how old Leo is exactly but I am VERY sure he isn’t as close to 30 y/o as Colin Morgan. 

I think merlinsearsarethetardis typed it down really well in this post. Proving (with the info we got about his age and the age of the synths) that Leo must be around 21 and that Mattie (driving a car but still being in high school) must be 17 or 18. 

So the age gap is 4 years at most. And I don’t know about you… But that seems pretty OK to me. 

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Just a quick question and I really don't want to seem rude or anything, I'm just trying to formulate my opinion. Why do you ship McDanno? Was there a defining moment? Because I agree, they love eachother. I'm just trying to figure out how much.

Well, it’s not easy to explain why I ship them, I’ll try to list at least some reasons, though… Since the beginning they have been exactly what the other needed, I love to say that Steve gave Danny a home and Danny gave Steve a family, and that’s what they needed the most… think of the moment where they met each other: Steve had just lost Freddie and his father, Danny had drastically changed his life after his divorce, moving to Hawaii just to be able to see his daughter every other weekend, with his ex wife constantly threatening of not letting him seeing Grace… Danny suffered from depression after his divorce, he says that in episode 1x18, think about how he felt… both Steve and Danny were in the darkest moment of their lives… then they met each other, they realized they needed each other, that the other was able to make them smile, to give them purpose, to soothe their pain, to understand them on such a deep level…

The things these two did for each other… I could make a looong list, but I will mention two… Steve being willing to die with Danny, blown up by a bomb, evidently aware of the fact that a life without Danny would have been unbearable to him… there was literally nothing that could push Steve away from Danny, nobody, nothing more important than him that made him want to survive if Danny didn’t survive as well. Danny being willing to be locked in a Colombian prison, with a terribly high risk of being killed there, to protect the most important people in his life, Steve and Grace (he found out about Charlie being his son later).

The lengths these two are willing to go for each other have literally no limits. The happiness these two are able to give each other has no limits.

They need each other, trust each other and deserve this trust fully, 100%, never lying to each other, never even thinking of betraying each other.

I think they are meant to be together, I think there simply isn’t a TV couple more perfect than them, the chemistry is amazing, the development of the characters and their relationship is wonderful. It’s something magic, unique.

I could go on for hours talking about them, but these are the main reasons why I ship them :) 

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I love Reylo and all, but I cannot agree with most opinions here. Like I see some crazy stuff here that makes you wonder if people are high or just too invested on this ship. Yes I believe Kylo feels attracted to Rey. I do believe there is a connection between them, but I don't think she will redeem him, at least not anymore. I saw this guy explain the scene where Kylo kills Han and he basically says this was necessary so Kylo can become the perfect sith & that makes sense and makes me sad too.

Well yes, that guy isn’t wrong exactly… Based on Sith teachings, killing a loved one is exactly what must be done to fully embrace the Dark side. Now that he’s done it, he can complete his training. Yay. That was definitely his goal… But the question is, did it work?

I think not. Both the screenplay and novel specify that the act of murdering his father weakened him. I think the next episode will show Kylo Ren’s anger and despair that even after doing the one thing that was supposed to blot out the Light forever, it calls to him just as strongly as before. That, along with his feelings for Rey (whatever they may be), will likely be the catalyst for his redemption. 

I don’t think anyone expects Rey to redeem Kylo Ren. He has to redeem himself. But she will be a part of what starts him down that path. I don’t know if you consider that a crazy theory… If you do, consider me crazy too :) Because I’m like 110% sure that’s happening.

Aside from anything else, there’s no point in setting him up as this complicated, conflicted villain in The Force Awakens just to have him turn into your run-of-the-mill bad guy in IIIX. That’s just bad writing. I have more faith in the people involved to believe them capable of that. So you can tell that guy that a redemption arc is absolutely in Kylo Ren’s future. 


P.S. I’d love to hear more about the specific theories you find to be crazy btw! I have indeed read some far-fetched theories… I just don’t think this is one of them ;)

Can we talk about the Pewey ship a sec

It kind of creeps me out

We have this Asian-coded female person

And then we have this old white guy in a position of government power

Mayor Dewey has hit on pearl several times. Her response has always been nothing but disgust. It’s clear she is not interested in him.

And people see this, and still ship them?

It feels creepy to me. More and more each day.

Because to me it seems to mirror how girls are treated in real life. Even if we express nothing but disgust and disinterest at a guy, they often still try to come onto us, not taking our “no’s” for an answer.

So to see people looking at pearl’s clear disgust at Dewey’s advances, and still shipping them anyway despite it?

It really creeps me the hell out.

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Sooo what is Westallen exactly? I have no clue why I keep liking and saving gifs/pics of them when I don't even know which show they are from. You seem like you know them pretty well!

Absolute perfection tbh. Westallen is the ship name of Barry Allen and Iris West from The Flash 

These are our resident dorks who are so in love with each other its gross 

Barry Allen 

Look at this puppy

Iris West

Sunshine baby angel cupcake of my heart 

And this is westallen

Look at these dorks they’re horrible I love them so much  can’t even. Barry is a precious angelic puppy whose also a super hero did I forget to mention that yeah he’s the flash, but who can even focus on that when you look at his little adorable baby cheeks? Anyways he is in love with his best friend Iris aka that majestic sunshine princess cinnamon roll angel jumping into his arms, that I like super casually, yep she’s cool I totally don’t have a girl crush on her or anything *7,000 I love Iris West stickers fall out of my backpack, my Iris West more like Iris Best Shirt is showing in all its neon pink fangirl glory* haha pay no attention to that I’m just holding all of that for Barry!!! So anyways yeah they’re grossly in love with each other and they spend every day telling each other and basically making sure the other knows how flawless and perfect and wonderful and intelligent the other is. Barry’s been in love with Iris since they were little kids but didn’t tell her because he thought she wouldn’t feel the same way for some reason and now he finally told Iris he loves her and Iris is in a relationship with a hot police officer whose not Barry so really is it even a relationship? And because this is a CW show we are all pretending she doesn’t love him back and that they’re not endgame and going to be married and have adorable little speedster children. BUT THEY ARE!!! So yeah that’s Westallen and the reason you love them without even knowing what show they’re from is because they’re flawless and nobody can avoid shipping them even if it is from afar. 

fic: this totally doesn't have a title yet

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Pairing: Jemma/Bobbi
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~900
Summary: Coffee and fluff and kisses.


Jemma hears the doors to her lab open but doesn’t turn around immediately. She’s got one eye glued to a microscope and she’s taking notes at a furious pace. But even distracted, she knows who’s walked into her domain. It’s been a frequently occurring event, since Bobbi joined the team, this knowing when she’s just walked into a room. It certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure out just why Jemma’s so attuned to Bobbi’s presence, so she knows she’s in trouble—the worst kind of trouble.

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Doesn't it make u feel like ur invading Dan and Phil's privacy by making up stories and shipping them together and stuff? Like I understand it in books, TV shows and movies because they're fictional but doing it to a real person is a bit weird don't you think?

How exactly am I invading their privacy? These stories (I assume headcanons? some of this stuff i’m talking about is true and actually has happened since their relationship begun in 2009 lmao - it’s all stuff D+P have kept out in the public eye), this ‘shipping’ is nothing more than fiction/theory/fantasy to me which has sparked from my appreciation of their chemistry/bond/history.

I am well aware and willing to accept/respect any reality of D+P’s relationship because when it comes down to it their feelings and thoughts are more valid over my ideas. Plus i’d be happy with whatever makes them happy. I’m not exclaiming any of this discussion or speculation directly to them and would never dream of it either. I’m very happy with what they do share with us and I don’t need or feel any of my fantasies should be what D+P do for this exact reason.

All of this…the discussion of their sexuality, the romantic art I do of them… is simply a way for me to vent my curiosity with other people who also share that curiosity which is mostly sparked through the wonderful, heartwarming, inspiring chemistry/story they (D+P) have together… We are interested about D+P as indivduals and as a duo so of course we’re going to speculate on a few things, especially when those few things relate to us as humans (sexual/romantic orientation, gender, relationships of any kind etc.). It’s all about empathy in the end and all of this stuff (which most people describe as ‘shipping’) is sparked from that.

i talk more about this all here. Sorry if i got a bit rambly but seriously, the idea that irl shippers invade the ppl’s privacy or don’t respect the people their shipping is tiring - we wouldn’t be shipping them if we didn’t care about them as real life people with real feelings. Yes, there are a lot of irl shippers who take it too far but many are simply here because they enjoy the certain chemistry a certain couple/duo have and wish to express any of that appreciation (and possible curiosity/theories) with other people who have the same feelings as them.

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Can you help me make sense of this whole Zelena pregnancy thing. I just don't get why they would take this route with the show and the characters. It seems like unnecessary drama. How does it add to the story? I'm not even that big of an OQ shipper but I feel sorry for the fans that ship them. It just seems like it takes away any kind of specialness or true love from the story of Robin and Regina. If they did this sort of thing to CS I'd be pissed. It would ruin the epic story they have.

Well….i didn’t exactly get it at first either. But my thoughts on it are this:

Regina is the original caster of the curse - she aimed to take away everyone’s happy endings by sending them to the land without magic. A big part of her story is learning what her own happy ending is and how to achieve that in a positive way instead of looking to inflict suffering on others. It’s a long and difficult path for her. One she’s got to work for.

Many fans that don’t like Regina claim that she hasn’t paid for her crimes and has gotten a pass on all the pain she’s inflicted upon others.  But i disagree.  

The writers haven’t given her a pass at all - they’ve actually written her pain that directly relates to the suffering she inflicted upon others. And I think her love stories reflect that:

  • She separated Snowing from Emma with the first curse
  • She lost Henry in the second curse
  • She created a love triangle to drive apart Snowing in S1
  • She suffered her own love triangle with Robin and “Marian” in S3/4
  • She had Snow’s father killed in the EF
  • Snow killed her mother in SB
  • She tried to seduce David in S1
  • Zelena slept with Robin (and got pregnant!) in S4

Additionally I think the writers are making an attempt to show different types of love stories for different types of characters - so OQ is going to be very different than CS because Emma and Regina’s lives have been so very different.

Emma is the “real world” girl -she gets the fairy tale romance with a storybook pirate - she gets the beanstalk and the ball. Regina is from fairytale land, and her love story is in many ways the opposite of Emma’s. Regina’s romance largely takes place in our world - the land without magic (to which she banished everyone)…and it’s riddled with “real world” problems (ex-wives, merging two families, child custody issues - crazy in-laws). 

Does the drama make it seem less special? Well I’ll be honest that the OQ romance haven’t been the epic love story I was expecting the writers to deliver for Regina. But I think it’s important for the show to get across the message that happy endings aren’t always what we think they’ll be - and that True Love comes in many different forms.  

Do I feel sorry for OQ shippers? Yes and no.

The love triangle thing sucks: having a former lover return from the dead sucks - CS has seen that with Neal and with Walsh. But the baby thing - yeah that’s a really hard story line to swallow. But I supposed with the TL thing being established ahead of time for OQ the writers feel like they need to do other things to keep it interesting. 

However, I don’t see it as a completely bad thing. The baby story line has the potential to deliver some heartbreakingly beautiful moments for Regina and Robin as well as for Regina and Zelena.  This is after all a show about family.  And Regina’s family is about to grow.  For a character whose heart was so filled with hatred to be willing and able to forgive and to love a child that’s come into her life under these extremely difficult circumstances - well honestly I think it’s going to be incredibly moving to watch. 

The writers of OUAT have brought me to tears more times than I can count and I’m going to have faith that this story line will do that as well. And, for me, Lana is the best actress on this show so I look forward to the way that she will deliver this difficult, but also SPECIAL, story to us.

Have faith.