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Turkey and Egypt were bombed just this week and the syrian government is literally committing genocide and nobody fucking gives a fuck
I’m sorry but where are the hashtags? the facebook pictures? Why does nobody give a fuck about terrorism when non whites people are victims? if this was paris or bruxelles y'all will be talking about it for weeks, if this was the usa y'all will be talking about it for years. Honestly wtf why don’t you care about us? Why?


we put these jellybeans on a scale when i was trying to think of all the things i like about you. and i was trying to decide what i needed to do. it means you riley. i choose you. and i really want you to choose me. i do. i always did. i have something for you too. you do? we have this one little life, and for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. but if we’re lucky and we believe that life knows what’s best of us, sometimes we land on the right person to talk to. i’m glad i fell into your lap. so am i. 

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


a series of unlikely crossovers:


my favorite whouffaldi moments


Lmao one of my arms is way more jacked than the other one help lol this amuses me greatly. XD

Also, I’m in the process of colouring in Iwaizumi’s hair, and the uncolored parts at the top looks like a bunch of horns lol

Can Eminem be a religion?
Becuase he’s my religion
Like let me marry you I love you notice me senpai

Does anyone else who does traditional art have calluses where they hold pencils and other things? Do those places ever hurt a lot when you draw for a long period of time becuase my hands hurt lol. I hope I’m not alone.

My pinky toes are so messed up that the toenail is like a triangle does anyone else have this problem? (I got my dad’s crooked (is that how you spell it?) feet)

I have a light turquoise volleyball and it’s the Wilson brand. I named him “My Baby Wilson.”
He is actually my child I love him very much

My gym teachers name is Mr.Wilson which I find very funny and ironic becuase of the sports brand Wilson

I have a pillow and it’s too Fluffy for its own well being

Some day I wanna be one of those anime fans who knows every single anime and has all the collectable from every anime. Like life goals to be honest.

I wonder how random these random thoughts are. Like, I wonder if anyone else thinks these things.


Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]


This or That - Walt Disney Studios or Studio Ghibli - for petcanadian

man, people on tumblr take shit way too seriously jfc you know it’s okay to just not add your commentary onto stuff sometimes, right? not everything is an opinion piece.


female character challenge: two mother/daughter relationships [1 / 2]
↳ Elinor and Merida, Brave

You’ve always been there for me. You’ve never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.