i don't ever expect them on here

Each time Eren ventures outside the wall, he brings Levi back a bouquet of flowers.

The first time it happened, Levi most certainly hadn’t been expecting it; the now squad leader running up to him with his hands behind his back, a blinding smile on his face, had been surprising to say the least, but then, from behind his back, he pulled out the most exotic, most extravagant bouquet of flowers that he’d ever seen in his life.

And each time the bouquets grow in size.

But, the time spent outside of the walls slowly starts to grow, days turning into weeks, weeks into months, and Eren’s tired. One day upon returning, instead of the large bouquet of foreign flowers that he usually brings, Eren simply stands in front of Levi and mutters the three words that makes his heart soar: “I missed you.”

From then on, the two spend their time nurturing their beautiful garden of flowers, watching as small seeds start to sprout, and small sprouts start to blossom. And one summers night as the two sit in their garden, listening idly to the song of the crickets and the hum of the wind, Eren presents Levi with a single, red rose, and Levi, lips twitching all the while, reaches out to grab it. He says “yes”.

07/23/15 ] upright strength
strength from within; perseverance

insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. a reincarnation/soulmate au of sorts in which kougami dies and suffers in the life afterwards.


“There had to be one universe … where we don’t end up together. Here and now just happen to be it.” – Gabby Dunn

He sees her again on the subway.

The space is crowded with busy people, all talking at once and not saying anything at all.

They are all inconsequential when he sees her.

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After Scary Motorcycle Wreck

What happens when you fall off your bike in a gnarly motorcycle crash? YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK ON … especially if you’re “Big Time Rush” star Logan Henderson

TMZ has learned … the Nickelodeon actor is back up on two wheels after a frightening crash in Hollywood back in December that he luckily escaped from with only scrapes and bruises. 

Henderson’s motorcycle was badly damaged in the wreck – when he was cut off by another driver and thrown from his bike. But Henderson was determined to ride again … and had the bike repaired. 

The final bill – $8,000 … but luckily for Logan, we’re told the other driver’s insurance covered the cost. 

After the repairs, Logan was so pumped to get back on his bike – he rode it to set for the taping of the season 3 finale of “BTR” … and don’t worry, he made it there safely. 

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2UmWzfc2o