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Amazing imagines!! I love them so much!! ❤❤ I think you've even written enough to start a masterlist soon! If you ever need any ideas/ideas for a rainy day here's a couple. However, please don't feel like I'm expecting you to write all these right now!! It's more of a compiled list of ideas for you if you're having a slow request day/just want to write them -Jealous Betty -Beach day for the gang/Betty in a swimsuit/Jughead in a swimsuit -Bughead napping together -Betty's parents walk in on them

Hey! These are all awesome! I think I’m gonna go with the hickey role reversal for today! Let’s give it a try!

School was ending in about a week, and summer was so close Jughead could practically smell the sunscreen and taste the countless milkshakes he would be devouring.
That being said…

It was hot.

And by hot he didn’t mean, warm with a light breeze, he meant crack an egg on it, it was smoking. He was sweating almost all the time and even with the windows open the Riverdale classrooms were boiling. Unfortunately for him that meant his typical wardrobe of flannels and jeans just wasn’t gonna cut it, and he most definitely was not gonna show up to school in one of those ridiculous tank tops with the sleeves cut down all the way to the bottom, he would leave that to Reggie and chuck. Tools.

Anyway, figuring out what to wear, that was still comfortable for him but also kept him cool enough so he didn’t pass out was a struggle. He wasn’t a shorts guy, unless they were bathing suit bottoms and he was at the beach, so he stuck to his jeans, these ones had a few holes so that should help atleast a little, digging in his drawer he pulled out the only light weight t shirt he had, it was a simple white v neck, nothing too crazy, but also something he normally wouldn’t wear without something else to cover it up, at this point he couldn’t care less, it was too damn hot.

“Looking good” he turned with a smile, meeting the eyes of the gorgeous blonde who had come out of nowhere. Okay so maybe there was one positive thing about the heat, Betty’s wardrobe had to adjust accordingly as well and man was he grateful for the tiny dresses that showed off her gorgeous long legs. Today she had on a white sundress covered in pink and red flowers, it skimmed her mid thigh and he fought the urge to run his fingers along the bare skin. As soon as he was about to retort with a witty comeback, her eyes got wide

“Oh my god” she looked horrified.

Whipping around to look behind him, confused as to what had her in such a state of panic she repeated a little more panicky

“Oh my god.”

“Betty? what the hell? What’s the matter?” She seemed to be at a loss for words and suddenly two more of the gang had arrived, both wearing Similar expressions to Bettys.

“What in sexy time?!” Veronica was practically bouncing she seemed so excited.

Kevin was moving his hands to jugheads neck, before he dodged them with a glare

“What are you all talking about.”

Suddenly Archie was rounding the corner zeroing in on Jughead

“Hey ma… hey! Nice hickey dude! Way to go” he slapped a hand to jugheads shoulder, smiling.

“What! What hick..what are you.” He was twisting trying to find the offending mark. He glanced up at Betty who was beet red and was desperately trying to hide her laughter.

“See Betty, I told you. It’s totally normal to give a boy a hickey, That’s so funny, Betty was just asking me about this at our sleepover last week.” Veronica said laughing handing Jughead her hand mirror.

He snatched the mirror and held it up to his neck. Sure enough, there was a purple mouth shaped bruise on his neck. Snapping the mirror shut he shook his head

“Bacon grease, it splattered.”

Everyone eyed him sceptically as Cheryl walked over

“Oh please, like you cook. Just fess up Jughead, who’s the mystery woman?” The redhead asked.

“There’s no one, you’re all nuts.”

The conversation was stopped short by the first period bell.

“Dude, were totally talking about this at lunch,” Archie said grinning

“Duh” Veronica added throwing a wave to Betty, leaving behind Jughead and Betty as Kevin kissed Betty on the cheek before walking off with Cheryl.

There was a moment of silence Betty smirking at her bright red boyfriend

“So… a tshirt today? No flannel.”

He stared at her dryly

“Wait till all of our friends find out what a little minx you are. You won’t be laughing then.”

Betty shrugged, smiling guiltily and turning on her heels to walk the other way , she quickly turned around and added

“No one told you to wear the worlds sexiest tshirt the day after our two month anniversary festivities.”
She winked and practically skipped off.

He slammed his head into the locker gently. She was gonna be the death of him.

By the time lunch came around the entire school was talking about Jugheads hickey, the rumors were everywhere,

Jughead was seeing Ethel,

Jughead was seeing a girl from central

And of course, Archie and jughead were a couple (that one was Reggie. Tool.)

Slamming his tray on the table besides Betty, she jumped up smiling and meeting his eyes.

The rest of the gang was already there and they instantly turned the conversation to hickeys.

Cheryl of course instigating it
“Well it has to be someone who’s aggressive, obvi, look at that mark.”

Veronica nodded “agreed. I could never do something that good, and I’ve been told I’m a pretty fiery lover.” She flipped her dark hair , smiling.

Cheryl nodded “and we all know how intense I am, but that’s good, even for me.”

Kevin said something that had Archie practically dying he was laughing so hard.

“And we all know it can’t be Betty, no offense bets but we all kind of agree, your not really the most passionate lover.”

Before Jughead could even think he had opened his mouth “try again, she’s pretty much the definition of passionate.”

Everyone at the table seemed to have stopped time, slowly turning their heads to stare at the pair in front of them. Betty was blushing so hard they thought she might explode and jughead was kind of just lost in his own idiocy.

“B..Betty?” Archie squeaked out.

“No way you’re lying.” This time it was kevin.

And Cheryl and Veronica were just staring, shocked.

Suddenly something in Betty snapped and she turned to Kevin.

“Actually, yes it was me. As quiet as you think I am, I am very very attracted to my boyfriend, therefore sometimes I get carried away. Can we please stop this conversation now.” She stabbed a piece of lettuce with her fork.

The table went dead silent for thirty seconds before all hell broke loose.

“Carried away?!”
“How long?”
“How did you get it in that shape?”

Dropping her head to the table, she sighed as Jugheads arm came to rest around her shoulder, tugging her into his side.

“No questions, were dating, going on two months. That’s all you’ve gotta know.” The lazy tone in his voice left no room for argument and the table went silent once again.

Squeezing his hand in hers, she smiled up at him. This was far from over and they both knew that, but for right now, their friends were just gonna have to wait. They were happy, and that’s what matters.

this last 19 days chapter was very bittersweet, especially in the way that it foreshadowed jian yi disappearing for years in the future

i really loved the last two panels, with zheng xi and jian yi just holding and comforting each other, being each other’s anchor while the world keeps moving around them

part of me still expected - and wanted - more out of this arc, tho, which could still happen, i guess, but knowing how old xian has the bad habit not to follow through with things im not holding out hope

it’s just frustrating to me to see them keep being stuck in the same place when they could just!!!!! talk!!!!! and i know that i sound like a broken record, but i still can’t stop asking myself how much does jian yi knows about his situation because ??? the boy got almost kidnapped, then actually kidnapped two days later and got saved by the same dudes who tried to kidnap him in the first place, and he’s just?? pretty chill about it?? and has no questions about what the f– is going on?? and i get that he is trying not to make zheng xi worry even more, but why not tell him about what happened? (again, i know it could still happen, but i don’t have much hope for it)

if the 19 days of the title refers to the (school) days until jian yi’s disappearance, we are now at day 11? 12? [it was day 9 when jian yi got kidnapped], so i wonder what is going to happen now, for both pairs, but especially for zheng xi and jian yi something’s gotta give soon

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I feel like i hold way too high of expectations with my Husband /Daddy. I want him to be my Daddy full time basically and he can't be. He will tell me to send him things for help or advice but he doesn't ever do them. He is like a half Daddy. He has told me he works so much and we hardly have time together and he doesn't really have time to be what i want. He says he needs his Wife more... i honestly don't know what to do. What do you recommend? I've become depressed 😭

theres a lot going on here.. but.. what i would recommend is not trying to be DD/lg 24/7

Especially being married, there are certain factors to the equation that have to be handled during adult time. Bills, responsibilities, children?, work, etc… and if the man works more than he plays, he makes for a dull and angry boy. I dont know what he does or how much he does it… but, that doesnt mean your desires cant be fulfilled. 

Your desire to be little or submissive is absolutely valid, but if hes not a natural… he never will be. The best you can hope for is those set aside moments of being in little space, sub space, etc.

With that, there are a few things you can do to start on a path to success right now…

1.) Get a conference table.

not an actual table per say, but as a couple who lives and functions together you need to find at least one set hour per week where you can simply sit down and talk face to face. no phones, no tv, no distractions… and do so with the intention of being able to provide each other a safe and non judgmental space to talk about how youre feeling, whats affecting you, etc. If you add up the amount of time wasted on things like facebook, twitter and television alone… you can sacrifice an hour of that time to dedicate to the happiness you need the rest of your life. 

And yes the conference table can be initiated outside of that one hour per week you carve out. Any time you need it.. use it.

2.) Use this time to attack the problem, not the person.

Phrases like “You make me..” or “You never..” or “you always…” etc have no place at the conference table. those arent problems. those are you expressing your frustration and attacking the person who you set expectations for and who are not filling them for one reason or another.

“This problem exists and when it happens I feel…”

“This occurs and then I get scared…”

“When I dont feel safe I…”

Notice the difference? Not only are we focusing on a problem, but we are also keeping the finger pointed at ourselves. Not necessarily because we have done wrong, but more so because sometimes the other person hasnt… and we merely decide they have because they are all we have in our life to throw our frustrations at.

Again this is a time of expression in a non judgmental and safe way. And the other person deserves the same

3.) Treat your DD/lg side like a long distance relationship

In LDR you can talk every day.. at least through text, kik, etc. but you cannot see the person or be with them everyday. If your partner works a lot, has stress beyond what you can manage, isnt always able to be in the mindset, doesnt have enough time to take care of you… etc…. then treat it like LDR.

Set up dates or specific times to get together and be in the element you desire. Theres nothing wrong with saying “Hey, Saturday at 4pm we are free from that time until 8pm.. lets have a DD/lg date”. 

Not only does it give you something to anticipate, but you can also prepare for it and have something to look forward to. Does that mean you are fake the rest of the time? No… you simply have other life things going on that have to take priority over your needs, wants, fetishes, etc. 

It also gives him the chance to properly prepare and think about it throughout the week so that when the time comes he can adequately be in the proper headspace and not be a half daddy.

The more of this that occurs… the more hes going to grow and get used to it.. and the more often it may end up occuring in the future until you are at the point where things are progressed to the point of it becoming full time naturally.


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...you know what screw it! I'm off my anon! (Do not expect this ever again) So what would the 2P face reaction to their s/o coming home with bruises and scrapes and when they ask their s/o says: ...I got in a fight.. they lost.. Don't be mad?"

Heeeey! Congrats! You should totally do that more often! :D Especially cause our names are the same, Jay and Jay ;p hehe…anyways here ya go! -Admin Jay

2p Canada: “Good. Now let’s clean you up.”
Matt would care more about them winning the fight, then the fact they got into a fight in the first place. He believes that if a dumb-ass is asking for a fight, let them have it as long as they swing first. He would teach his s/o how to fight better and harder, but more about how to avoid getting bruised and battered. Matt would ask them to tell him about the fight and what started it as he cleaned them up. He would only scold them if they got into a fight that wasn’t worth it or one that could’ve been avoided. 

2p France: “Hm? Oh. Well then…why would I be mad?”
Francois would just point at the first aid kit and shrug. As long as the other person lost and his s/o still had all their teeth, he wouldn’t care. He would just sigh that they got into a fight. Would he have to go with them to make sure that didn’t happen? Or did the other person have it coming? Whatever. Francois would just offer them a drink when they were done cleaning up and eventually he would ask them about the fight.

2p America: “Damn right they lost! I taught you how to win!”
Allen would just look at his s/o and raise an eyebrow. Someone fought with them?! He would be two seconds away from going out there himself to fuck up whoever touched his s/o, though once he heard the other person lost the fight he would chill. He would just sit back and look his s/o over before starting to clean them up and he asks about how it went. He would want all the details so he could teach them how to fight better from here on out, but also to be proud of them for the fight they put up. 

2p England: “Oh, poppet, come here! Let me clean you up…”
Oliver does not approve of violence, but as long as his s/o is home safe and the other person learned their lesson, that is all he would care about. He would sigh and quietly lecture them about other ways to handle a problem as he cleaned them up and kissed their bandages. Though he would make them treats to eat so they felt better, and to make up for his overbearing lecture. 

This capture speaks for itself!! Does it not??? I mean we needed this yes, but I’d say THEY needed this the most!! The most relaxed I’ve seen either of them look in MONTHS!! I’m in love with their love(or whatever you want to call it)! It’s some type of love I’ll tell ya that much!! I feel like we have seen Sharna’s happy old self these past two days and it’s so refreshing for…well… us and her of course! But no of course her “brother” Hinch had nothing to do with it! Ha! Of COURSE he did! He had a lot to do with it! Thank you, Hinchy and please don’t let it end here bud! Thanks…much appreciated…our girl needs you!

Man, they gave us this much and now I’m greedy for more! See what these two do to me???

And I’m very curious as to why they didn’t post any instastories together yesterday? Who else is willing to bet that Miss Becks made a request for them not to post anything??? I’d put all my money on that! But hey, even if it’s not posted doesn’t mean they don’t have things in their phones from yesterday because I KNOW they do! And maybe Sharna will bring out another special profile shot of Hinchy for his next birthday like she did for his 30th!! See what I’m getting at here? : ) When we least expect it…THATS when it will happen! Sneaky sneaky is what I say! Don’t think BWTGH knew about that special shot she posted for his birthday and I’m sure there’s more like it. Let’s hope we get to see them someday!

I apologize for all my insanely long posts! Just can’t help it sometimes!


Girl, don’t you EVER apologize for your lengthy posts. They’re so amazing and wonderful and we all love you for them.
If there is one poetic justice here...

It’s Jon chasing away Daenerys’ loneliness. 

The son of the person whose decision caused the ruin of House Targaryen.  

The father whose love led Daenerys to the desert, alone in the world.

Now, the son joins her.  Together, they fill each other’s emptiness. 

Even just for a moment, while they still can.

Because as she loves him, he loves her. 


Ok, so my birthday was yesterday, the 28th. I was kinda just chillin at home watching Halloween movies all day, so I didn’t update then. Please read this story about what went down.

Now here’s where I tell you a story: I got the Kingdom Hearts tron 3-pack Gamestop exclusive for my present, I love KH and heard about these but was totally not expecting it. I also didn’t know that one in 4 boxes had limited edition glow chase versions of them too until my mom told me. I took it to a dark room but they didn’t glow. My mom told me that she got a deal on it because it had already been opened and was upset because she thought she had been trolled. (They brought it to her from the backroom and had told her it was a chase, and she couldn’t get it to glow either.) I still loved it in spite of that, though my mom was still a little disappointed.

Later that night, I wanted to look up a few unboxing videos just to see what I missed out on. All of the glow chases came with an extra sticker on the front, stating they were the limited glow chase edition. MINE HAD THAT. The two funko blind boxes for three other people had double Kairis. I HAD TWO KAIRIS. I freaked out again.

I took them out of the display box and examined them again. (They still were in a 3-pack box, I’m that kind of collector freak. The box was open, so I thought someone had swapped out the glow toys with the normal ones, because I had the chase box) There was this trick I did as a kid for glow-in-the-dark toys by leaving them in a well-lit room often recharged the florescence. I left a light on all night for them.

I tried them again this morning and in the dim light of the hallway THEY FREAKING GLOWED A BRIGHT NEON. I was vibrating with excitement, screaming at all my family to come see, annoying most everyone in the household. My mom and I laughed and did victory dances. People are buying six of these in a row and not getting this chaser. I’ve never won any contest in my life but this made the best birthday present ever!! (And the best delayed response surprise too.) I loved the movie Tron and loved exploring the world in KH and to have these guys actually glow like in the movie (game) makes me feel like the luckiest person ever, and I never feel that way. They are my preciouses~

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day!!!


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"So I work in the annual Halloween Fair's haunted mansion/maze and I love terrorising all the random schmucks that come through here, my job is awesome. People pay to get in, so I don't normally feel guilty about scaring the crap out of them, but you're here on your own, you look lost, and you seem legit terrified for your life, not the fun kind... and shit man, I'm not really gonna kill you, actually, are you okay? Wait, please don't cry... look, LOOK, it's a mask! Please breathe." AU? (ILY!!!)

My Halloween gift to you, friend. Such a great prompt, thank. ^-^ 

Castiel loves working at the haunted house. It’s not something he ever would have expected prior to getting hired—he’s always been more of the quiet, bookish type—but when his cousin Gabriel offered him the job his senior year of high school, the thought of a paycheck was too good to refuse.

And god, is he glad he didn’t.

Being the owner’s cousin has always granted him a few privileges in The Pit, as the haunted house was lovingly named in honor of Gabriel’s brother Lucifer, who had provided the initial funding behind it. The most significant of these privileges was that he’d always had his pick of roles to play. His first year, back when he was still skeptical about the job in general, he had volunteered to be in ‘the void’. Meaning, he’d get to jump out at people who couldn’t see an inch in front of their faces due to the all-consuming darkness.

And that’s where he got his first taste for fear. It was impossible to resist coming back.

Castiel’s second year, he chose to wear a hockey mask and wave a chainsaw at guests as they fled The Pit’s final rooms and the building itself. His third year he was a scarecrow, pretending to be inanimate by the admission line outside, until the opportunity presented itself to lurch from his post. And this year?

This year may just be the best one yet.

This year, Castiel is playing the ‘burning man’ (a name Gabriel laughs at every time he says it, especially in conjunction with his cousin), a new role in one of The Pit’s central rooms. With a combination of lights, special effects, and even some (very controlled) pyrotechnics, it actually looks like Castiel is on fire.

So far, over the course of The Pit’s first week of the year, his shtick has varied a bit day by day. Sometimes he screams in agony for the people walking through, other times wails and begs for them to save him…. Always something along those lines. It’s incredibly cheesy either way, but his audience always looks horrified, and is always eager to get out of his room.

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                          a list of starters born out of the very quoatable show, Rectify
                              (fair warning, there’s a total of 122 quotes under the cut.)

                     send in “Ɽ” and I’ll generate a random starter
                               for either my muse or yours to say

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//Okay, so, ever since making this drabble here about Werner’s past, I’ve been having a HUGE urge to give you a glimpse into some character ideas I’ve had, including Werner’s lieutenant, Wilhelm, and some other of his closest rat-men from his time as a Murine Corps general/commander. I’ve been having ideas of them in my head for a while now, but not gotten any proper names, though those will come with time I guess?

Ratatouille Sentence Meme
  • "The best food in the world is made in France. The best food in France is made in Paris."
  • "He is the youngest chef to achieve a five star rating."
  • "I think its apparent I need to rethink my life a little bit."
  • "This is my dad. He's never impressed."
  • "What's wrong with having highly developed senses?"
  • "Close to godliness. Which means clean. You know, cleanliness is close to..never mind. Move on."
  • "Noble? We're thieves!"
  • "It isn't stealing if no one wants it."
  • "If no one wants it, why are we stealing it?"
  • "This much I know: if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff."
  • "Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die."
  • "Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell."
  • "There is excellence all around you. You need only be aware to stop and savor it."
  • "He doesn't understand me but I can be myself around him."
  • "You could fill a book, a lot of books, with things Dad doesn't know."
  • "Great cooking is not for the faint of heart."
  • "You must be imaginative, strong hearted."
  • "You must try things that may not work."
  • "You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you are from."
  • "Your only limit is your soul."
  • "Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great."
  • "I waited for a sound, a voice, a sign. Anything."
  • "If you focus on what you've left behind, you'll never be able to see what lies ahead."
  • "A cook makes. A thief takes. You are not a thief."
  • "She believed in Heaven, so she's covered. You know, afterlife wise."
  • "You know how to fix it. This is your chance."
  • "If he wishes to swim in dangerous waters, who are we to deny him?"
  • "Our reputation is hanging by a thread as it is."
  • "That's a spice, isn't it? Rosemary?"
  • "I need this job. I've lost so many."
  • "I know its stupid and weird but neither of us can do this alone, so we got to do it together, right?"
  • "Welcome to Hell."
  • "Rules designed to make it impossible for women to enter this world. But I'm still here."
  • "I've worked too hard for too long to get here and I am not going to jeopardize it for some garbage boy who got lucky."
  • "I killed a man with this thumb."
  • "Whatever you are doing, stop it?"
  • "A little wine, a friendly chat. Just us cooks."
  • "I just took it to be polite. I don't really drink ya know."
  • "You would have to be an idiot of elephantine proportions not to appreciate this '61 Chateau Latour."
  • "Let us toast your non-idocity."
  • "Now imagine every great taste in the world being combined into infinite combinations."
  • "I'm tired of taking. I want to make things. I want to add something to this world."
  • "The world we live in belongs to the enemy."
  • "When all is said and done, we're all we've got."
  • "This is the way things are. You can't change nature."
  • "Change is nature. The part that we can influence and it starts when we decide."
  • "I hate false modesty. It's just another way to lie."
  • "I would've followed your advice to the ends of the earth."
  • "You inspire me. I'm going to risk it all. I'm going to risk looking like the biggest idiot psycho you've ever seen."
  • "Don't tell me you're sorry, tell them you're sorry."
  • "We're inventing new ways to sell out over here."
  • "Your rise has been meteoric yet you have no formal training. What is the secret to your genius?"
  • "You've been playing without an opponent. Which is, as you may have guessed, against the rules."
  • "You're thin for someone who loves food."
  • "Pray you don't disappoint me."
  • "You know, I've never disappointed anyone before, because nobody's ever expected anything of me. And the only reason anyone expects anything from me now is because of you."
  • "I haven't been fair to you. You've never failed me and I should never forget that."
  • "I'd like your heart roasted on a spit."
  • "I'd like some fresh, clear, well seasoned perspective. Can you suggest a good wine to go with that?"
  • "Not everyone can become a great artist, but a good artist can come from anywhere."
  • "The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability."

Rick sticks out his hand. It trembles ever so slightly. 

Kieren looks at Rick. At his outstretched hand. He’s stunned 

by Rick’s response. He was expecting… what? Fireworks? A 

passionate embrace? Maybe not, not here, but certainly he 

wasn’t expecting an ‘alright mate’ and a bloody handshake. He 

takes Ricks hand none the less. ”

The look on their faces is too much for my little heart to bear…

yo so listen…. if you’re gonna participate in that rp oscars thing, please tag it or i’m probably gonna unfollow you. not only is it toxic and degrading to people that don’t win when there’s only one award to give to each category, but it’s disheartening and easy to give plenty of people anxiety and make the dash unhappy and problematic for them.

everyone writes in different ways, everyone understands different muses differently, and no one has the right to vote for who is the BEST based on their biased vote that is being sent in. that’s your personal favorite, there is no way to analyze the way everyone plays their muse and decide who is the VERY BEST OF EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. it’s not okay, period. it’s not about that. it’s about having fun and developing your skills in something that you love. and to think that deciding who earns the title of an rp oscar over others is sending a HORRIBLE message to people that also play in that fandom makes you wonder why people actually thought it was a good idea.

and you might argue that celebrities have to deal with the pressure of beating others out for an award all the time, so why can’t roleplayers? but that’s DIFFERENT and you know it. there’s people here that do this for a hobby, they didn’t sign on to be judged and see a huge list of people you have deemed better than them from their fandom. that’s not what this community is about or what it should ever be about.

if you want to participate in it that is your right, but don’t expect me to partake or tolerate people that aren’t considerate enough to tag it properly.

Eurovision 2015 Finale
  • Opening Song/Title: IT WAS SO CUTE
  • France: The visuals are so amazing
  • Estonia: So sad, so sweet, so smooth
  • Armenia: I've given up trying to cleanse Europe of capes
  • Lithuania: So...are they dating? Married?
  • Norway: I love her hair
  • Cyprus: Regretful Boyfriend Award Winner
  • Australia: Dammit it's catchy
  • Austria: I see they're keeping with the beards
  • Montenegro: Musical Rollercoaster
  • Germany: It gets INTENSE
  • Poland: It will make you cry
  • Latvia: How are you here?
  • Romania: And look to your left, you can see a Eurovision song in its native tongue
  • Hungary: Best Lullaby Ever
  • Georgia: MY QUEEN
  • Azerbaijan: Them dancers though
  • Russia: WE ARE ONE
  • Albania: Hmm...I don't know about that message. Oh well.
  • Italy: *smashes head on desk* THEY'RE PERFECT WHAT THE HELL.

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When is the last time you wrote an actual poem? I mean, I just don't understand how you are called a poet or are featured for your poetry when you never write yourself or the only thing you do show or promote are all of your old writings from 2010-2012. Like your book is just a huge collection of all of your old work from when you were "young" as in your own words. As a poet, as a writer, you don't ever feel guilty or sad for not doing what you said is your career or your aspiration?

hey! you have some solid points. I’ll contact cat or someone else in charge and ask them to take me off the poetry spotlight - someone else can use that place better than me. that being said, one of the main issues I have with the tumblr writing community are the really negatively charged expectations places on young girls here. I feel absolutely indebted to tumblr for all it has given me and the opportunities that it has thrown my way. all of you guys have helped me more than you can know. but it took me months of not writing and hating myself for not writing to realize that it was because as my visibility increased, my words no longer felt like they belonged to me. it took me a year to get my language back. a long few months of silence to come out of my cyclical mess of metaphors and find a new way to speak that felt more natural in my mouth. I feel better now. i wanna come back, but slowly. from your perspectives it might seem that I’m just sitting back chillin not doing anything whatever, but it takes a lot of thought to post in front of 65k people, you know? it makes me uncomfortable. I’m only a kid, too. and hey, I was actually talking to my papa this morning about how I finally felt ready to put my poems out here again. regardless of the dumb of this message I’ll still do so today or tomorrow. have a good one, friend.

y’all were all excited about tlsp and dying for new stuff and once they release it i’ve only seen people complaining. not everything will reach your expectations and if u can’t handle it then don’t get them high. ok the sexual scenes were not nice and stuff but wanting the “am alex” back???? i don’t think i’ve ever seen alex this happy tbh he’s having the time of his life with his best friend. also tlsp is not am, so don’t expect them to do the same stuff am does, their style is different in basically every aspect bye

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In contrast to their past relationships, Barry and Iris look legitimately happy. I can't remember Barry's face beaming like that with Linda or PBP. With Iris, he's not afraid to show it. With Iris, I don't remember her looking at Eddie the EXACT way she looked at Barry in the couch scene. Such a different dynamic.

I love how Barry looks at Iris with a sort of calm and certainty, like he always knew they could get to this place and now he’s just soaking up their new dynamic. Meanwhile, Iris keeps looking at Barry with wonder, because she didn’t expect them to ever get here and she sort of can’t believe how differently she’s seeing everything now. 

I love them. *cries*

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Sorry if you don't want to answer this, and it's pretty weird but I want to get it out. I see a lot of people turn to you with questions about sexuality so... I think I might be bi. But... And here's the weird part, I don't want to be. Am I just strange? Or what? What should I do? Thanks!

Thats actually perfectly natural and heres why

Compulsory heterosexuality is a sad norm still. It’s always in media and by some parents, and just generally expected that you will grow up, fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams, get married and have kids and live happily ever after. It might feel odd if you begin to look at others of the same gender and be attracted to them if all you’ve been told is the ‘haha yeah you’ll get a boyfriend/girlfriend!’

I myself actually felt very similar when I was younger! I was always attracted to well, nearly everyone aesthetically (though it wouldnt be for sometime that I actually KNEW it was only aesthetically and not actual attraction attraction you know? So at some point I would look at girls and basically (and quite cringe worthy) go ‘ohh shes so pretty…no homo tho lol’ ( I was young and didnt know as much as I do now lol)

But as I got older, the more I became like ‘oh yeah theyre pretty, im not going to lie’ and the more I found out more about it and that it ISNT something weird or if I’m some sort of rare entity, It happens all the time, there are BILLIONS of people who fill the same. It’s just that heteronormativity has made it so we’re SCARED to be anything other then straight. (And I sure dropped kick THAT right to the curb ohh boy)

If you believe that you might not be straight, then thats just FINE. So what if you also happen to like others of your same gender? It’s none of their business who you like and are attracted to, that is YOUR business.

What I’m saying is that you might be a bit scared to consider other Options other than being straight and thats perfectly natural! Because for so long it was thought as WEIRD and UNNATURAL, But it ISN’T. You’re just fine, okay? Be sure to do what feels RIGHT and COMFORTABLE for you okay?