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Do you like others ships with science!sans or underfell!sans ?

Sadly, I don’t but hear me out!! I actually secretly like Fell and Dance strongly together (as a pair; platonic) as very best friends just as much as I like Chloe and Rachel (from Life is Strange)..! X3

However, I love Sci and Fell together the #1 shipping the most (like Max and Chloe ship) and please DO play or watch the game except the “Sci” kisses “Fell” while “Sacrifice Fell” ending..! ww

Wisps - #01 Swollen

can be read in FFN

Deleted Scene #1 – from Episode 13
Synopsis: In which Karma promised not to ditch class

When Karma heard of it, he was impressed. For someone who acted like a weakling all the time, it was a surprise that he could carry out a real human assassination. With a sharp deadly knife, no less. Perhaps, Karma was right. It was all an act. That, or Nagisa wasn’t aware of his potential as a natural assassin.

But that wasn’t the issue right now. The issue was him missing the greatest show in his life. He had ditched Phys Ed today and thus didn’t see the bluenette going all out with bloodlust at his disposal. Karma would love to see that look at the bluenette’s face—eyes carrying no hesitation and reflecting the clear want of harming someone, and of course, the smile that showed he was having fun.

Karma darted his tongue out and licked his upper lip. Definitely.

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