i don't even watch the show anymore oop

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I think jroth is going to highly regret his decision to kill her off. It doesn't matter if she's gonna be back in the finale to say goodbye or whatever, every single person I follow plus so many more don't even want to watch the show anymore so...good luck buddy :)

that’s because the problem isn’t necessarily that lexa died. the problem is that he continues to actively encourage us all to hope that she would stay alive. and the leaked pictures from the finale certainly helped keep that hope alive. we as a community in the 100 fandom started to genuinely believe the lesbian character wouldn’t be killed off.

only to have the snatched away in a shock value moment of “oops wrong person!” lexa deserved a better death if she really had to die. she deserved to die on a battlefield. if she really needed to die, she deserved so much more than that. and a good portion of the queer community was once again fucking teased.

i personally believe a lot of queer baiting starts off unintentional and once the creators realize it, they’ll continue to play with it even if they don’t actually plan on making it canon and invalidate the possibility of the ship. jroth knew what we were expecting. he knew lexa was going to die. and he genuinely seems to think it was smart and that anyone on this side of the fandom would have anything but negative feeling regarding it.

and to me that shows just how ignorant he is.