i don't even watch phil is not dan

Don't Imagine (Horror Movie Edition)

- Don’t imagine Phil asking Dan to watch a horror movie

- Don’t imagine Dan being scared, but agreeing

- Don’t imagine Phil putting one in about the supernatural and Dan looking at him wide eyed while Phil says, “It’s just a movie, bear”

- Don’t imagine the two of them cuddling, both scared out of their minds, eyes wide and screaming at the scary parts

- Don’t imagine Dan clinging on Phil even after it ends, though Phil knows it wasn’t real and is no longer scared

- Don’t imagine Phil getting cutely protective when he sees Dan afraid

- Don’t imagine Dan whimpering when Phil turns the light off, only for Phil to say, “I won’t let anything hurt you” while he holds Dan protectively

- Don’t imagine that Phil asked Dan to watch the movie because he knows Dan will cling to him for the rest of the night and he can be protective

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About the shane thing, he, along with some others in the phandom, are defending his actions by claiming that d&p 'joke about it all the time anyway' so because of that it's okay to discuss their relationship or whatever. Maybe I'm watching a different d&p, but I don't really ever see them joke about Phan in the explicit way that Shane has been doing lately?

Anonymous said:
What is wrong with Shane?

Anonymous said:
shane is using the phandom as a scapegoat to talk about d&p. and in the process making the phandom look even worse.

Context: Shane had the ‘psychic twins’ on his podcast and the twins discussed the fact that using their ~powers they knew Dan and Phil were really together. Shane started out saying he didn’t want to out anyone and, in a contradictory fashion, ended by saying he disagrees and he thinks they’re just manipulating their audience. 

Shane is using them to rake in the attention/views, and then trying to play innocent when he gets called out on it. His intent is questionable at best, downright cold and manipulative at worst. 

I think Shane fans aren’t upset about Shane doing it, because people who are fans of Shane are probably there because they enjoy his humor. He’s a (now) openly bisexual man who jokes about how long he was in the closet and definitely - when he was closeted - used queerbaiting tactics with other male youtubers just for the attention and views. To Shane, the idea that Dan and Phil are doing that doesn’t seen objectionable, just realistic. To Shane, that’s okay to joke about because that part of him that should tap into some kind of empathy (or compassion to the fact that not everyone operates like him and internalizes their self-hate like him) just seems dead inside. 

If he genuinely thinks it’s okay for him to joke about it because he thinks Dan and Phil joke about it, then all it proves is that he doesn’t watch their videos and doesn’t know them. Whether you think they’re together or not the one thing that is undeniable is that they don’t discuss them being together or not. They don’t laugh about it, they sure as fuck don’t joke about it, and outside of Dan’s extremely hostile lashing out at the phandom when he was 21, they don’t even reference it ever.

To the last anon, Shane isn’t making the phandom look worse. All he’s doing is making himself look like an insensitive asshole who wants attention and doesn’t care where it comes from. 

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I'd like to THANK YOU for writing that post about 'cringe culture' because I like anime and watch Dan and Phil and like undertale and homestuck, and the 'oh you're cringey' is really popular in my school. I'm not annoying about it, I let other people do whatever they want, I don't bother others about not liking it or whatnot, and it's just hurts that there's so much stigma out there that people automatically hate an entire fandom with even knowing the thing, and judge it. Thanks again!! 💜💜

No problem, friend!  I like a lot of “cringey” things too (I’m a sucker for Doctor Who, Supernatural, and I’ve been meaning to watch Steven Universe since forever) and you’ll find that the older and more secure the people around yourself are, the more they won’t give a damn.  

I’m a senior in college, for example, and my friends and I openly fangirl about that stuff constantly with no shame.  So trust me, it gets better!  

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In light of what happened with Supergirl (Thank god for Katie McGrath, but tbh I don't feel like watching the show anymore) I'm just reminded of Dan and Phil from Youtube because they are the exact opposite of Melissa (actress of Kara Denvers) and TW cast. Like their fandom ships quite prominently and very, very loudly, but Dan and Phil are so respectful to their fans even with shipping stuff. And it shows because of their wonderful attitude, they have one of the biggest fandoms in Youtube.

There is absolutely a way to answer questions about shipping respectfully, and Katie McGrath knows how to do it. A lot of other actors could learn a thing or two from her. I’m not actually that aware of Dan and Phil, but good for them if they’re waking that line as well. 

And it’s frustrating, because it’s really not difficult, and this is what the PR people should be telling actors: 

“I don’t know what the plans are for the [insert ship name here] on [insert show name here] but I think it’s great that the fandom has really embraced them, and I’m really happy that you love [insert characters here] as much as I do.” 

How is that difficult? 

I love Dan and Phil so much. They spend hours every week creating content and providing us with lovely heartwarming free entertainment that helps us to smile even on a bad day. They have said “it’s okay” where others have judged me. They are funny and smiley and silly and everything I need in my life rn. They are good boys who try their best and I don’t ever want anything bad to happen to them. They are very special and I want to watch them succeed and be happy until the very end ♡


being charlie spring’s boyfriend can get a bit overwhelming at times

Conceal, Don't Feel

Summary: frozen au based off this scene where dan tries to get phil to come out of his house and play with him again

Warnings: sadness but do i even look sorry

A/N: you dont really need to have watched frozen to read the fic (but u should bc frozen is amaze). also chloe is writing a second frozen au that kinda matches this one so watch out for that c:

“You’re lucky it wasn’t his heart, it could have killed him,” the old man whispers as he rests his hand on the seemingly sleeping little boy’s forehead.

The brunette child is curled up in his father’s arms, and his mother’s eyes have tears in them as she watches, waiting for him to move, to talk, to do anything. She practically passes out in relief when he shifts a little in her husband’s arms, and then her gaze is on the second child, stood next to them.

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genuinely the “phandom” is so toxic like I feel like I can’t even say I watch Dan and Phil because I don’t want to be associated with this army of immature people who comment “phandom where u at” on every god forsaken video on youtube and somehow make them related to everything

yeah okay but have you ever tried to imagine Dan and Phil as parents?
  • Phil: c'mon children follow me, let's go watching some cartoons! I even bought some colorful biscuits! Cute babies *pats their heads lovingly* And then, we're going to buy stuffed baby lions!
  • •••
  • Dan: it's time to have lunch!
  • Baby: *drops the food*
  • Dan: fffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- No, Daniel you can't swear in front of the baby, you ca-
  • Baby: *cries*
  • Dan: nope nOPE don't cry pleaSE
  • Baby: *cries even harder*
  • Dan: shIT *holds the baby* jesus christ let's pretend you didn't listen to that okay? Shush, baby. Keep the secret.
"Thank you very much for suggesting the possibility of the existence of Slenderman, Phil. We definitely need that right now."

give me two characters with completely different personalities and i could relate them to Dan and Phil. ofc Dan would be the worryWirt (pun!) and Phil, even tho he’s the older one, would be the adorbs Greg.

if this didn’t made any sense to you, then you should watch Over The Garden Wall asap!!!!

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