i don't even watch family guy

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hey my dude so i know the "you have to be pretty smart to watch rick and morty" thing is sorta a joke now (i know that people actually think that ,don't get me wrong) but is it okay to think, even though it's obviously not the smartest thing anyone's ever seen, that it's not just another family guy/mindless cartoon?

i get what ur trying to ask anon and yes i think that’s OK but like THIS IS WHAT PISSES ME OFF.

everyone’s opinions are so black and white that it’s like they can’t imagine that a show with shit jokes every episode can also have incredibly complex themes and characters

at the same time, a ton of people who watch the show cant take their heads out of their asses enough to realize that sometimes a shit joke or a dumb character… is just a shit joke or a dumb character, not the beginning of conspiracy or a metaphor for the meaning of  fucking life.

a wide variety of people watch the show and are ALLOWED to watch the show because of the variety in humor and tone. and creators work hard to make the show both  laid back and complex at the same time

so an accurate description of rick and morty is not “a dumb show” or  “a smart show” or a dumb cartoon that’s kind of smart but not that smart it’s “an incredibly smart and clever show that’s also really fucking stupid” because you don’t need to be serious to be thoughtful, and things that are thoughtful don’t to be serious all the time.

No, but imagine James Sirius going off to Hogwarts
  • Ginny has a little calendar hanging in the Kitchen that is enchanted to mark a little red X in the month counting down to his birthday
  • James can barely sleep the entire week before because he jolts awake at every little noise (”What if I miss my owl dad?!?!”)
  • He actually ends up getting his letter at the Burrow, because Grammy couldn’t wait any longer to give him his cake
  • Harry writing McGonagall and making a special arrangement for Hagrid to be allowed to join them when they go school shopping
  • Ginny buys him a Sunda Scops Owl, and the moment he sets eyes on it, he names it Thanatos (”He is the god of the dead Dad - Aunt Hermione gave me a big book about him.”)
  • Harry has to cling to Ginny’s arm to keep himself from running next to the train
  • James gets sorted EXTREMELY fast. He barely got to introduce himself to the hat before it screamed out Gryffindor
  • For the first month, he calls his dad in secret on the communication mirrors because “He doesn’t like going to bed in the dead quiet.”
  • His best class is Charms, and Hermione could not be prouder
  • He makes best friends with a Ravenclaw Muggleborn before the first Hols, and he invites his whole family to spend a wizarding christmas with the Potter-Weasley’s (Molly pretends to protest, but secretly loves it. It reminds her of when her youngest boy brought another friend home.)
  • He nicks the Marauders Map while Harry is out flying with Teddy, never realizing that Ginny is watching through the doorway smirking.
The Theoi in England? UPG thingies

Thinking about potential English cultus/UPG things and writing little bits of prose for them… what do you guys reckon? (Heavily skewed towards Southern England because I don’t often get to go up North. I’ve tried to include bits but…eh… I dunno)

Wheat shifts from lush green to yellow gold as Demeter walks. The summer rain has passed, it glistens on the leaves and on her brow. Her lips are bright as strawberries, her breath sweet and heady as oilseed rape.

Poseidon crashes against the Whitby coast. His serpents draw the cliffs down into the sea and ancient creatures are exposed from their resting place in the rock. Our tiny island is held in his embrace as he carries our ships from shore to shore. In Portsmouth we salute him at the naval base and build monuments from the wreck of the Mary Rose. The gulls call his name as they soar inland.

Aphrodite comes ashore, her eyes bright as the Dover cliffs, skin golden as Cornish sands. The collared doves bring her flowers for she is the English Rose.

Hermes flits through the Underground, carried by the coursing breeze of the Tube. Each tap of an Oyster Card is the beating of his winged sandals. Every letter dropped into a red post box is an offering. Anywhere where money changes hands is his realm, from the marbled floors of Harrods to the dull neon of a Camden kebab shop, for he is the only one faster than the City.

Hestia crouches in the doorways of closed shops, bringing warmth to the homeless. She slips an extra pound coin into the hand of a Big Issue seller and never takes the magazine. Her hearth may only be in a pilot light or in the heating element of an electric kettle, but she is always there, warm, waiting, comforting.

Athena walks through the Bodleian stacks placing blessings on the books hidden underneath the Oxford streets so that students may succeed and those who apply for readers’ cards may be accepted. She stands in the corner of a Shetland home and smiles as a grandmother teaches her grandchildren to knit Fair Isle patterns. A barn owl cries in the cold night air and she moves in the ghostly flicker of its wings.

Apollo accompanies doctors through the wards of Great Ormond Street and sends hopeful smiles to the lips of the children there. He stands in the break room behind MRC researchers’ labs and keeps their coffee hot. He lurks backstage with the roadies at the Electric Ballroom, the O2 and the Roundhouse, singing along to songs of modern muses. He was there at the 100 Club and at the Cavern, at Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight. He is always there.

Artemis sprints through Dartmoor past long forgotten ruins and lonely homes. New Forest ponies gallop at her side, between the trees and heathers, forcing traffic to still. The mountains carry her through the lush green of the Peak District. Her stride is vast and covers cities too, in the wail of an urban fox and the hovering wings of a kestrel above the motorway or the rabbits that burrow beside Heathrow airport. There are corners of the wild everywhere.

Dionysus dances in a Manchester rave, liquor on his lips, eyes bright as glow-sticks. He follows the music through cellar clubs and secret happenings, to counter-culture bars and Soho drag shows. He lies in a punt in the haze of May Morning as drunken revelers leap, singing, from Magdalen Bridge into the gentle river below. He wanders through each theatre, watching West End musicals, Stratford Shakespearean revivals, and Edinburgh Fringe art-house pieces, as every stage is his altar no matter what is performed.

Ares joins Help for Heroes campaigns and stands aside veterans with poppies on their breasts. He carries coffins draped with Union Jacks through Wootton Bassett, head bowed, as mourners scatter flowers. He stands, fists and voice raised, with protesters and activists, carrying their banners as they cry for justice. He shelters refugees cramped into cargo containers and watches over them until they find safety. His spears pierce injustice, his shield blocks hatred.

Hera attends every wedding, every civil partnership, every hand fasting. A couple marry in their lunch break at a registers office and she is there. A lesbian wedding in a local hall receives her blessing. She watches from afar as an Anglo-Pakistani family celebrates for four days with bright clothes and painted hands, for though she is not among their gods, all marriages please her. She is the Queen above Queens, outlasting mortal monarchies and outshining all.

And Zeus? Zeus is in the English rain, that nourishes and punishes, floods and flourishes. He is called by the cries of Red Kites that circle, renewed, in clear skies. His strength is in the ancient oaks of Sherwood Forest and in the memory of lost wolves.

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you are making me really want to start watching leverage, and i don't even know what leverage /is/ not really (although apparently it has christian kane, and i did like him in angel)


like honestly do it. just do it. there is no good reason not to watch leverage. leverage is so fun! it’s about bad guys sometimes making the best good guys, and found families, and sticking up for the little guy, and loving people for who they are, and making a difference, and STEALING STUFF. the main characters are a) the best thief in the world, who is terrible at people; b) the best hacker in the world, who is terrible at focus; c) the best hitter in the world, who is terrible at feelings; d) the best grifter in the world, who is terrible at self-awareness; and e) well, okay, nate ford, who is admittedly the worst. but one cannot see light without the contrast of the darkness! nate ford is the big ol’ drunken pile of terrible that illuminates the shining glory of the rest of the team. THEY ARE ALL SO WONDERFUL, except for nate who is terrible but who some people probably like i guess, AND IT IS WONDERFUL TO WATCH TELEVISION ABOUT THEM. 

they run cons! on bad people! for good reasons! they grow and change as individuals and as a family over all five seasons, all of which are so! much! fun! hardison has too much beautiful heart to fit inside of his beautiful body! eliot pretends to be mr. nofeelings and he’s laughably awful at it! parker’s character arc is one of the best things i have ever seen on television, ever, in my whole life! SOPHIE IS TERRIFYING AND IT’S INCREDIBLE. do they occasionally do and say things that are not so great? yes, obviously, of course they do, especially in the first season which was filmed back in ye olde ancient times of 2008, nothing is perfect, life is a rich tapestry, etcetera, etcetera. but honestly leverage gets so FEW things wrong, in the scheme of things, that it’s almost hard to believe. that you will find yourself wanting to mail copies of episodes to the writers of other tv shows that you watch with notes attached saying “see??? SEE?? it IS possible to make things entertaining while NOT simultaneously making them horrible, and you can never again convince me that it isn’t.” 

do it. watch leverage. you will laugh. you will cry. you will think about eliot spencer every time you cook anything as well as upon setting foot in any grocery store. you will never be able to look at or eat a pretzel again without having to take a deep breath and steady yourself against the rush of associated emotions. you will forget you ever shipped anything at all in this world except the ot3 that the show more or less ships with you! you will probably at some point relate more strongly with this image than you ever have before in your life

but that’s okay. it is more than worth it. watch leverage. do it. you won’t be sorry.

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Confession! Everyone freaked out because Zero and Jude broke up, but I wasn't even mad when I watched that last Zude scene. Annoyed, because after all the things Zero did for Jude, Jude really has to sacrifice something for once. But I know, he's caught up with Lionel's problem, hence, being the family oriented guy that he is, he has to stay. MY POINT IS, I have faith in them and I don't think they'll give up on each other that easily and Zero's anger was just heat of the moment thing. Opinion?



2. Jude knows and very much appreciates what Zero has done for him and would sacrifice many things for Zero as well, but you can’t tell him to leave one of the (two) only people who’s ever been there for him, especially someone who is essentially his mother figure! Zero understood his reasoning because he knows how important Lionel is to him.

(to me the only person he was truly mad at was Jelena and only Jelena!)

i am so proud of everybody on the food network. Every individual person. whenever i see those restaurant chefs explaining how they make a certain dish on guilty pleasures or diners drive ins and dives or guy and hunter’s european vacation or anything i think about how excited and nervous they must have been and how they must have told all of their family and friends that they were gonna be on the food network and they all probably watched it together and i get really emo about it. truly the purest form of entertainment

jupiter ascending

this movie was amazing. i went in expecting to have a good time and it exceeded all of my expectations. people were groaning aloud and cracking up laughing in the theater, and when it was over there was applause that might have started out sarcastic, but soon became a genuine show of appreciation for the absolute audacity and over-the-top ridiculousness infused in every single second of this epic cheesy space opera. like, “ok let’s make channing tatum part wolf. part ALBINO wolf. with… WINGS???”

but on a more ~serious~ note, i genuinely fucking love the titular character jupiter jones and how she was portrayed in the film and the arc she had. (read more for spoilers)

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I was honestly laughing so hard throughout this..

people who don’t watch o2l and say that connor should’ve left long time ago, please, stop. o2l guys are connor’s family, he said it himself, and he is not leaving because he is ‘too big for the channel’ or because the channel is 'standing in the way of his career’, he is leaving because he cares about o2l and leaving is what he feels like the best for him and the boys. connor will always be a part of o2l and o2l will always be a part of connor’s life

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my boyfriend is very hard on himself, a lot like a perfectionist. little statements get blown out of proportion and he's angry at himself- and I end up listening to him verbally abuse himself over the phone. if I tell him what i really think of what he does to himself, he'll blame himself even more, and the same reaction if i stay quiet on the phone. i don't want to leave him, aside from this we're very happy together, but i don't know what to do... I'm scared I'm losing him.

it’s always hard watching someone crumble… I don’t think you are losing him, I think he is losing himself and really needs your support right now. Reaffirm that he is a great guy and bring up maybe talking to a counselor.