i don't even want to watch my shows

“What?  Stiles, what rumors?  Answer the question, Stiles.”

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Teen Wolf and Star Wars: The Force Awakens crossover, in which newly-recruited Resistance pilot Derek Hale gets stuck in a First Order base with Stiles “Can’t Shoot for Shit” Solo.  Stiles may have also mentioned something about a brother he wants to bring home.

I don’t even watch Teen Wolf, but my girlfriend got me hooked on Sterek like she did with Tomco, the cunning she-devil.

if y'all are looking for a new show to binge on Netflix, i highly recommend watching Travelers. don’t sleep on this show people, i’m telling ya. you’re gonna want to watch this one.👌

episodes of the pacific, rated on a scale from 1 to 10 according to emotional trauma
  • part one: starts off all right, but you don't get much time before you're thrown in headfirst. you have no idea what's happening, just that it's A Lot, but fortunately you don't know who anyone is yet so the blows are softened. 5/10
  • part two: similar to the first episode, but kicked up a notch, just in case you didn't know that you're in for a bad time. 6/10
  • part three: ah, sweet reprieve! true to form, angst is still peppered in throughout, but overall this is a time for relaxation. SAVOR IT. 3/10
  • part four: in case you forgot that there's a war on, everything is back to being terrible. our POV character casually longs for death in a very relatable way. 6/10
  • part five: the first of THREE FUCKING EPISODES of peleliu, not too much goes down until the last third of the episode, but when it goes down it goes down hard. 7/10
  • part six: everything happens. So Much. the only break you get is so brief that i almost forgot about it but i don't want to talk about it because i'll fucking cry. 9/10
  • part seven: this episode is dead to me. 10/10
  • part eight: some kind of cruel joke? 10/10
  • part nine: at this point during my initial watch i told a friend "i literally do not see how it could get worse" and was laughed at. 10/10
  • part ten: a different kind of pain. it is very likely that you will start crying before the episode even begins and will not stop until long after it's over. godspeed. 11/10
  • conclusion: this show was a mistake

It’s so wild to me how confused my parents get about my wanting diversity in tv (especially the media I personally consume) when I’m literally…out as pansexual, vocally liberal and a feminist, am the product of THEIR interracial marriage, have a non-white immigrant grandmother who was a single mother working two jobs to provide for her kids, and I have multiple (biologically) half-siblings conceived and born outside of marriage…like why would I want to watch four hundred different ways two straight white ppl can fall in love, get married, and have kids (typically in that order) when that’s not even.,,,..how my (our) life is…..like why is it so confusing

Literally looks up “how to blacklist a tag on Tumblr mobile”

Because the Steven Universe fandom right now is people just insulting the leaked images and people very blatantly insulting the crewniverse. You “critic” blogs, don’t even know what a critic is. What you want to do is look up constructive criticism, instead of using your opinion as a reason the rudely comment about peoples art.

“My design is better” but you didnt make a TV show now did you?

“They don’t need children defending them” they also don’t need children offending them.

Or to the people that say “I don’t watch the show anymore but-” stop there. You don’t watch the show, you aren’t allowed to just comment about how you don’t like something.



#ThankYouBones Week: Day 7  6 James Aubrey x food scenes

I’m like a forensic food-ologist. This is probably the most adorable relationship on the show XD It was always so much fun watching Aubrey eating, even though I got hungry every single time. Despite being introduced in very sad circumstances, Aubrey became an important part of the team, always eating, being funny, supportive or saying something nerd. Thanks Aubrey for all the good scenes and your unconditional love for all the food. 

One of my favourite things about Falsettos getting a revival is how different it is from the original production. I mean, fundamentally the plot is the same, but there are little differences that I think improve upon the show as a whole. 

Example: Marvin and Whizzer’s relationship in 1992 was very subdued. They talked about their passionate love affair, and you had no doubt they were together but it just didn’t seem like they had the spark they claimed to have. There were a few moments (the racquetball games, What More Can I Say?, the baseball game) where I could believe it but for the most part I didn’t pick up on it. But in the revival (which I haven’t even seen, by the way, just GIFs and a few clips) Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells are all over each other. They’re just…touching all the time, in the over-stated, passionate way I’d expect from any love affair that Whizzer Brown has. And the same can be said for Charlotte and Cordelia, to a lesser extent. I had no trouble seeing that Charlotte and Cordelia were in love, but it’s more present, more visible in the revival. And other little things too (like Stephanie J. Block saying the word dicks)

My point is that there are differences between the revival and the original production that I think boil down to when they were made. We’re more relaxed with what we allow in our media these days. We no longer balk at the image of two men nearly making out on stage, we don’t titter at the same words we used to (i.e. the word dicks) and we don’t have the same opinions we used to have about…everything. So it gives us a little more freedom, a little more room to push the envelope a little and I think that’s lovely. 

  • What I Say: I'm fine.
  • What I'm Thinking: Stargate was such a beautifully rich and complex world, and I feel like they really screwed themselves over with Universe, but that is no reason to shut down that mythology all together. I mean SG-1 was so good, it was about exploring and it wasn't all sexed up, and really Universe went wrong the moment they opened their pilot with the Marine and the soldier banging in an actual literal supply closet. And has it been almost ten years since it went of the air? Yeah but I still miss my star children. And let's not forget Stargate Atlantis. Hello: Space Vampires! And like they were really terrifying, and Elizabeth Weir deserved so much more in the end. They all did. And not to mention we got 4 seasons of Jason Mamoa being a hottie badass. Suck it GOT. I honestly miss the G'ould. I mean they were pests, lets be real. They were dick shaped parasites, BUT Ba'al was fun. He was a nuisance, but he was fun to mock. He and Jack O'Neil were always funny to watch, I mean when Jack wasn't being tortured. I'm kind of afraid the new film reboots will fuck everything up, like why. Don't do that, just bring back my literal star children as a tv show that doesn't fuck up like Universe did. I was so angry as a little ten year old when Universe got too dark for me to watch. To this day I still haven't watched all of it because I'm angry at it. I will eventually, but at the moment I'm too pissed at Eli for being a fuck boi to Rush, who let's be honest was based on Geddy Lee. I just really really miss my Stargate. Give me G'ould, Wraith, fuck even the Ori, I just want my spinny ring portal back.

when all you wanted was two characters to talk and be friends, but the show won’t let them even interact anymore because it might be too gay

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Ohmygods, I don't know how much free time you have right now, but if you have not seen it yet, I highly suggest heading over to AO3 and reading "No Less Unthinkable" by rageprufrock. It's YoI, the writing is brilliant, and by the end of the fic I wanted to hug every character even more than I did watching the show!

my friend, I have already ruined my sleep schedule for that fic, and sighed over the wonder that is phichit’s snapchat, and laughed at pru for how valiantly the narrative strives to return to the innocent fields of filthy porn while getting itself constantly, deliciously bogged down in feelings.

and then I had an innocent question about logistics which devolved a chat room into discussing the reasons why you would never let a pet octopus watch you fuck. but that’s neither here nor there.

BUT YES. READ THIS FIC, EVERYONE. it’s a novel’s worth of anxiety and slow romance and PHICHIT BEING THE BEST and victor being the worst and yuuri being an idiot and also getting laid a lot. and it does that very pru thing where it kind of wraps you up and tumbles you along until you emerge out the other side feeling simultaneously like you’ve been mugged at knifepoint by emotion and like your soul has been healed in some pure, fundamental way.

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So even after all this time, I have yet to watch season 2 of Agent Carter. I hear a lot of, umm, complaints about it and it kind of makes me want to just pretend it exists and read my steggy fanfic lol could you maybe give me the bullet points of the season that could summarize why it was so terrible? I don't have much free time so I'd rather not waste it on something I'll be sorely disappointed with.

Bullet points, okay, I’ll try my best!

  • moving the show to another city
  • the change of tone
  • Peggy was written out of character
  • two phoned in love triangles
  • no Angie / wasted Angie cameo
  • it’s like Steve had never existed
  • Jarvis the bumbling comic relief
  • way too few female characters
  • way too little female interaction / the season BARELY passed the Bechdel test
  • a female character was treated as a hurdle to overcome and then never seen again
  • we have no idea what happened to Dottie at the end
  • WAY too many fedoras
  • only one black character who even turned on the heroine and went nowhere
  • the issue of racism was barely touched
  • a generic and bad backstory for Peggy that focused too much on how men influenced her life instead of focussing on how she grew as a person, and that forgot that CA:TFA existed
  • the heroine is forced into a relationship with a pretty, white Nice Guy who has no problem with slut-shaming and fat-shaming, who treated her badly in the past and keeps treating her badly in the present
  • a man not taking no for an answer being portrayed as romantic (IT’S NOT!!! IT’S CREEPY!!!)
  • ended on a cliffhanger we’ll probably never get a solution for
  • wasted potential (we expected more from Peggy’s backstory, we would have loved to see Peggy founding S.H.I.E.L.D., we would have loved to see more of the Howlies, we would have loved to see Peggy kicking more ass)
  • wasted screentime (we could have gotten character development instead of love triangles, Jarvis running after a flamingo or a musical number about who Peggy should bone)
  • too much focus on the male characters (e.g. we only get to see how Jarvis handles Ana’s injury but we never see how Ana copes with it)
  • at the very end, it wasn’t even Peggy who saved the day!!!

Fuck the second season! No wonder the show got cancelled!

As a gay teen I cannot tell you how good it felt to watch season 3 of skam and finally feel represented in a TV show. I greatly love evak and I greatly appreciate the beauty as well as the message of Isak’s season.

However, as much as I love the evak scenes in season 4, it really saddens me when I see people completely ignoring Sana. I love isak’s character so much and I deeply related to his struggles in season 3. But now I just want the Muslim women and POCs to feel the representation from Sana’s season that I felt from isak’s season.

I like the little moments of isak and even in season 4 because they remind me that isak and even are still together and that they’re still a happy couple. I like how there’s still some representation towards LGBT. However, it becomes problematic when these little scenes become the forefront of a season that is about Sana. Appreciate the little evak scenes because I sure do, but make sure to remember that this is Sana’s season and that the focus of this season should be on Sana’s issues.

Sana is beautiful. Sana’s story is necessary and needed. Please don’t ignore her story.

Deaf Culture PSA

Today I was in Wal-Mart, doing my thing, buying groceries, the usual, when I bump into one of my friends from high school. We’re having a grand ol’ time catching up and whatnot when this lady by the dairy section (across from us) turns and just..stares.

Like, full on, “I’m at the zoo” stare. I catch her eye, smile, wave, whatever, thinking she would move along with her shopping, but it didn’t even faze the woman.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I was born Deaf, and while I can read lips pretty well, I rely on sign language for most of my communication. My friend went to the same Deaf School as me, and also uses ASL- however, she has a cochlear, and can make out the jist of conversations.

For those of you who are interested in learning or are currently learning sign language, please come up and say hello! We totally understand if you’re a beginner, and would love to help further your skills. That being said, we aren’t a spectacle or a show. We’re normal people, like you, who just use a little different method to communicate. Please don’t stare at us like we’re this oddity, because quite frankly, we’re not.

There are a lot of people who get this, but it amazes me sometimes in this day and age that the Deaf community is treated this way by some. Take some time and study a little about Deaf culture, learn about my community, and remember that even if I can’t hear, I can still see you staring, and I can still feel like a second-class show.

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I can't stop thinking about this girl but she doesn't even know I exist. She s the cutest girl alive and I smile Everytime I see her in my phone screen when I watch her on social media. It makes me want to spend time with her. I don't know how to get over her because I will never see her in my life. I'm also so desperate that I'm asking this girl that I like this question.

this plot twist is incredible
show ur self ANON

If Once ends up not being renewed, I think every Sunday following this finale, I’ll watch all the episodes from the beginning - even the one I said I’ll never watch again, the Wish realm.

I just want to go back and see how far everyone has come. I’m just feeling all nostalgic and it’s hitting me more and more that this finale may end up being their series finale. 

I just can’t handle this.

So my cousin doesn’t know English very well and for some reason she resists to learning it, but I want to show her Dan and Phil’s Undertale let’s play, so the solution I came up with seems pretty simple - let’s make Polish subtitles on youtube so she can watch it and understand!

Shit, I didn’t expect it to be so labour-intensive and time-consuming. I’m at it for like three or four hours and I’ve only done 18 minutes of the episode out of a whole hour

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Hey, I don't know if you're still accepting closer prompt but I would very much love to see something like'even Sharon accepted andy's proposal but somehow Brenda changed her mind in the end', a cliche I know but a shipper's heart is still beating after all these years...I stopped watching the show once I realized they're going to pair Andy/Sharon...I know they're all lovely characters but I just cannot accept it...And also because I miss you dearly, and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

LIKE i’m not, really, but I did just write this so CLOSE ENOUGH???


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For @mothmanfckr420. I hope this is good!!! :)


It’s the first day of summer, and Alex Standall has nothing but time ahead of him.

He doesn’t bother to get out of bed early. No one’s around, no one’s gonna call. He stays buried under six blankets, listening to music as loud as he wants and scrolling through Instagram. When he finally deigns to get up, he eats a breakfast that’s just a bagel and juice virtually straight from the carton.

The day won’t be a real scorcher, though the golden shafts of summer sunlight drifting in hot from the windows promise that it will be nice. Alex showers with the bathroom windows open, phone on the counter blasting The Raincoats at top volume. What’s he going to do with himself, anyway? He didn’t make any summer plans.

“Don’t take it personal, I choose my own fate,” Alex sings as he gets out of the shower and dries off. “I follow love, I follow hate…” If he had to pick a favorite song on the album, “Adventures Close to Home” would definitely be the one.

Now there’s an idea, Alex thinks as he yanks on his admittedly-seasonally-inappropriate skinny jeans. What about his own adventure close to home? Take his guitar, go for a walk, find somewhere to sit and just play. He hasn’t really had the chance in a while. He might even come up with something interesting! And since it sounds like a good idea, that’s what he does. Alex finishes getting dressed—some colorful band shirt, a light cardigan—and doesn’t bother to do anything with his hair. He snags his guitar and takes off.

He lives in a pretty nice neighborhood, all things considered, and there’s no shortage of places to walk. Nobody else is really out, though the day is bright and green in the best summer way. There are sprinklers going, and the only care Alex takes is to avoid getting his guitar wet.

Eventually, he hits the park. It’s a wide green field with big trees in full leaf, barbeque grills scattered throughout, a picnic shelter off to the side, and a playground. There are a few kids on the playground equipment, but nobody else to speak of.

Alex sits down under one of the trees and breaks out the guitar. He checks its tuning and starts playing. He covers Wonderwall, with genuine feeling instead of irony since there’s no one to hear him, and tries to figure out a nice slow acoustic version of Taylor’s “Shake It Off”. And Alex does play his own music, coming up with something that would make a good backdrop for sprinklers and golden sun and the endless summer ahead.

And there will be time, later, for friends and nights at the movies and playing on command all the things they like, for family dinners, for summer homework from the AP classes in the fall. But for now, just right now, Alex is alone with his guitar. It’s a beautiful first day of summer, and he’s happy.