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How do you think Lucy vs Natsu post-war spar would go down. (Since they never got to do it in series)

Ohhh, that’s something I really wanted to see tbh! Natsu vs Lucy, no holding back! And I do believe that even if Natsu was hesitant to fight Lucy before the war, he wouldn’t be like that post-war. He’s always believed in Lucy, but right now I feel like he’s actually quite excited to go one-on-one with her.

Same goes for Lucy. In the early arcs, she was often scared to face her opponents directly and I’ve always felt like deep down she felt inferior to the other members of Team Natsu. In that sense, the time skip was quite the confidence boost to her and it was evident in that chapter when she didn’t hesitate to show Natsu how much she’s improved fighting-wise.

So here’s how I see a Lucy vs Natsu post-war spar.

  • August. Quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Original Team Natsu is out fishing.
  • Jokes, laughter, and tons of teasing.
  • “Well, Natsu, maybe you’re just afraid of facing me one-on-one. You don’t wanna lose to a girl, do you?“
  • “Huh?! This has nothing to do with you being a girl!”
  • *cough* Scaredy-cat. *cough*
  • “You’re on.”
  • At first, Lucy wants to go all out. She’s trembling with excitement to show Natsu just how much her training has payed off.
  • Natsu is a bit hesitant. He doesn’t want to hurt her. But he’s also noticed that she’s become more confident on the battlefield. It makes him smile.
  • The first to attack is Lucy. She’s quick and manages to surprise Natsu, but he blocks her attack.
  • Natsu has trained his body a lot longer than Lucy has, so he’s better than her when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.
  • Lucy more than makes up for it with clever attacks, quickly changing in and out of star dresses, and making good use of the advantages each star dress gives her.
  • Both of them are really, really enjoying this. They can’t stop smiling.
  • They’re not holding back, but they don’t wanna use their super powerful magic attacks. The place they’re at is the same place they always go to when they want some quality quiet time and to catch some fish. It’s their special place and they don’t wanna do any damage to the trees or the flowers or anything that’s there.
  • No Celestial Spirits. No AoE Fire spells.
  • It’s like they’re dancing.
  • After some time, they’re both out of breath, but neither of them wants to give up.
  • They charge at each other for one last attack.
  • Natsu decides to do his own version of the classic Lucy kick, but his leg meets the scorpion tail of Lucy’s Scorpio star dress.
  • Both jump back, but the fight’s not over yet.
  • Somehow, both of them decide this can only end with a punch in the other’s face. They’ve been spending a lot time together lately, so, naturally, they’ve started to think alike in a lot of situations.
  • Natsu’s right forearm meets Lucy’s.
  • They look at each other and realize they’re a bit too close for comfort, both of them panting, faces red.
  • Before things escalate, Happy interrupts them with a high-pitched shriek.
  • He took advantage of them not paying attention to the fish they all caught and ate most of it. But to avoid clashing with Natsu when he jumped back after his (failed) attempt at using a Lucy kick, the Exceed accidentally pushed the basket with the remaining fish in the lake. Tragedy.
  • They spent the rest of the day trying to calm Happy down (which included catching more fish) and stealing glances at each other that left them blushing and even stuttering at times.
  • Nobody won the spar, but the day was definitely a huge win for both Natsu and Lucy.

  • Me: *posts anything to do with Cult Ending*
  • Some guy with a megaphone, directly next to my ear: Actually the Cult Ending is CONFIRMED non-canon and scrapped content, despite there being no evidence to prove this!!! The game is 100% wholesome and comedy and nothing dark at all!!! Why even post about something NON-CANON???
  • My gay, horror loving ass: Let me have my own fun, damn it.
In a world where Symmetra has interactions
  • Zenyatta: You recite the mantra of illusory life and death, yet work for a corporation motivated by physical gain.
  • Symmetra: A mind unburdened is easier to enlighten, wouldn't you say? A cleaner, better world is the first step.
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can someone so hyperactive be quite possibly the most balanced one here?
  • Tracer: Dunno! I just like to let loose and enjoy life, I guess!
  • --
  • Sombra: You should get a life outside of your work.
  • Symmetra: You should live your life entirely outside of yours.
  • --
  • Zarya: Could you make a construct so heavy I could not lift it?
  • Symmetra: I would have to ascertain there is something you cannot lift, first.
  • --
  • Hanzo: I want to ask you: Is the path you walk in life one you know is right?
  • Symmetra: I can only believe it is right. Though even that...
  • --
  • Symmetra: How can you so gratuitously waste money blowing up your mech?
  • D.Va: Chill out, I got sponsor money for days!
  • --
  • D.Va: It's kinda weird chatting with somebody my BFF hates.
  • Symmetra: And his feelings should affect yours because?
  • --
  • Symmetra: ... I mean, a peg leg, really? I could make a prosthe--
  • Junkrat: Don't even think about touchin' me!
  • --
  • Doomfist: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are complacent, and unchallenged.
  • Symmetra: It is easy to understand. We cannot attain higher ground if we are chaotic, and dead.
  • --
  • Mercy: I know you might not hear this much, but, I truly admire your ideals of a world to benefit all, Ms. Vaswani.
  • Symmetra: But it is your selfless desire to help others that is to be praised, Doctor Ziegler.

A very important compilation.


*retreats to a corner to suffer in silence for what she did to Gabe* I LOVE THIS MAN, but he surely doesn’t have it easy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13

Also, in case you can’t read the text from displays on first panel they say this :

Phone panel : “Not sure I expected to ever see you again after all that happened, Reyes.. But to meet you as a shadow casted by even a darker matter is something I wish I never saw.”

“I never believed in ghosts either, but it seems like my beliefs were wrong. You know I always enjoyed the dark.. Jack.”

Sombra panel : “Sorry for my attitude earlier, Gabe. I really want to talk to you.. And I got churros >3″

“Fine. Come over. Just don’t make me get up for the door.”

“Got ya!”

Friendly reminder that Klaus’ letter was preceded by “that is the beginning of another story”, which is meant to highlight key components in the letter, such as Klaus wanting to thank Caroline in person. This suggests that they do eventually meet up, and that their meeting is not a mere fleeting chapter in their lives.

This isn’t a nod to their friendship. They’ve never been just friends. This is a promise of a romantic future. 

There is no doubt in my mind that if Caroline and Klaus were to ever reunite (and according to the finale they do) that Klaus would want something romantic from her. And if you believe otherwise, you’re kidding yourself. 

However long it takes is a throwback to a romantic scene. A romantic scene that suggests a promise of a romantic future between the characters. This isn’t mere banter between friends. Because Caroline has never been just a friend to Klaus. It’s a promise of a romantic future. 

“that is the beginning of another story”
“however long it takes” 

Eventually this story will be realized. And it isn’t a story about friendship. 

You know how sometimes we make meme and social media references in real life?

The aliens certainly didn’t.

The captain had no idea what to expect from his decision to bring a second human aboard the ship. His only guidance in the matter had been the rather unhelpful suggestion to acquire one already pack-bonded with Human-Megan. Unfortunately, given human nature, this could apply to any number of humans, and attempting to ask Human-Megan herself for an organized list of them all proved useless. (He had been immediately accused of being a “stalker”.)

However, he did eventually become aware of a certain human who had been a “sister from another mister” for most of Human-Megan’s life. Upon inquiring about this new human, he was met with enthusiastic approval, mostly in the form of the repeated, painfully high-pitched word “yes”.

And so Human-Lynn was brought aboard.

At first, the crew were presented with nothing they were unfamiliar with. There had been a temporary scare upon first viewing Human-Lynn, due to the vibrant and multicolored crop of hair she bore. However, Human-Lynn had quickly ended their confusion by explaining the concept of hair dye, which, although it had left a few crewmembers nauseous, was understandable for human standards.

In addition, Human-Lynn was considerably less emotional, or so it seemed. Upon encountering disagreements with the crew, she would begin laying down insults in an almost offhand manner, and nothing seemed to cause her to be visibly furious. However, Human-Megan had assured them that she was simply “sassy” and “sarcastic” in nature, and that when she began to insult them in such a calm manner, she was indeed furious (although it was difficult to imagine that a being could be simultaneously calm and furious).

But then came the strange, and often illogical, conversations that often ensued between Human-Lynn and Human-Megan.

For instance, there was their first passage through a nebula since Human-Lynn’s arrival. Human-Megan, although she had borne witness to nebulae before, looked on in wonder almost identical to Human-Lynn’s. Both were seemingly rendered immobile, mouths slightly agape.


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed.

“What’s the…how does this even…” After a moment of failed articulation, Human-Lynn let out a deep sigh. “Science side of Tumblr?”

“Space dust do the glow-glow,” Human-Megan responded almost seamlessly.

“Thank you, science side of Tumblr.”

Several more occurrences of seemingly cryptic conversations where yet to come. Occasionally, the two would make eye contact and mutter “same” for seemingly no reason at all, and once during the first meal rotation Human-Lynn had stood and bellowed, “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!” much to the surprise and momentary panic of her fellow crewmembers.

At last, a member of the cultural research department approached the two during their third meal rotation and inquired about the nature of their seemingly meaningless conversations. It was his duty, after all, to collect data regarding new species, especially in regards to behavior.

He was met with general laughter, a sound still rather jarring to hear without appropriate warning.

“Holy…crap,” Human-Lynn breathed, wiping a tear from her eye as she shook with laughter. “An alien…wants to know…about memes. I never thought I’d see the day.”


“Yeah,” Human-Megan affirmed. “They’re like…I don’t know…references to popular culture on Earth? They’re usually pretty stupid, and either considered hilarious or grounds to murder someone because they’re that stupid.”

“Grounds to…murder someone?!”

“Not literally, dude. We’ve discussed this. Not literally.”

“There’s a lot of memes,” Human-Lynn continued in her friend’s place. “Spongebob is a few…oh, there’s the dog in the burning house. You know, the ‘this is fine’ meme?”

“Yeah, and Moon-Moon, and 'you shall not pass’–”

“John Cena–”

“Screw you, I hate John Cena–”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for, that one’s a classic–”

“And then there’s some that aren’t really memes, they’re more like Tumblr legends. Like the science side of Tumblr, and John Green, and Superwholock. But Lynn and I like to use those in real life because we’re weird.”

The researcher nodded, a gesture he had it adopted from the humans he studied, although the concepts they were referring to were far beyond his understanding. Perhaps this was one of those cases where you had to simply let humans be humans, regardless of how strange it was.

“I believe I have heard of these…memes,” he mused after a moment. “So…what is Rickrolling?”

Immediately the grins dropped from the humans’ faces.

“We don’t talk about Rickrolling,” hissed Human-Megan. “We never–EVER–discuss–Rickrolling.”



I’m sorry, i’m dying because of this friendship.

also, too ooc? probably.

welp i guess there’s not going back. @skidspace tagging you because you made me ship this and i don’t know if I hate you or love you for it probably the second one

So…I have this headcanon that Yandere when not stalking senpai or killing people, he likes to draw. It’s usually about him and senpai together and being happy and things like that but  sometimes he draws the other ilplier egos and the stuff he thinks happens in their meetings and theories about the egos he doesn’t know well and thats how this stupid comic happend and instead of drawing specific things about that headcanon i go for the gay stuff. yay me

Note: I like to think that even if he can’t see with his eyes, the host is aware of the things happening around him(visuals and stuff like that) because of his “narrating everything that is happening” powers(at least most of the times)

  • Taurus: They didn't pay attention to the movie because POPCORN!
  • Gemini: "The thoughts I have at night were sadder than that movie and yes, I do cry every night before I go to sleep."
  • Cancer: They go to their room and cry a lot. They also probably look at the ratings and cry some more if the ratings were low.
  • Leo: The movie was okay. It reminded me of a time when... *goes on to tell a story about themselves*
  • Virgo: They just stare at the screen in emptiness and despair. They also used up all their tears during the movie.
  • Libra: "Am I feeling something?? What is this feeling?? Is it... SADNESS?? Oh no... Don't cry. You got thi-" *starts to cry*
  • Scorpio: "What was that? You said this movie was supposed to be sad. I didn't even shed a single tear. If this qualifies as a sad movie I don't even want to know what my life qualifies as."
  • Sagittarius: They keep ranting about the movie, and they constantly point out what was wrong with it.
  • Capricorn: "I need to go to my room..." *Screams into their pillow and cries for a good 10 minutes. Eventually walks out of their room like nothing happened*
  • Aquarius: "What? We were watching a movie???"

“that’s because it’s colorless,” said ginny in a convincingly exasperated voice, “but if you want to walk through it, carry on, then we’ll have your body as proof for the next idiot who didn’t believe us…” 

for @fleurrdelacour; happy birthday, malia!

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A Eulogy for all the Homestuck ships that didn't make it.
  • JohnKat: Sunk by a meme. Tragic.
  • DadMom: Sunk by a violent stabbing, also Tragic.
  • JadeJohn and DaveRose: Goddamn, Hussie pulled a George Lucas on us there. "You like that ship? Well they're related now, whoopsie!"
  • JohnDave: Well, you'll always have A03 at least.
  • JadeRose: The forgotten Beta ship. You were cute.
  • DaveTavros: You were a thing apparently? Well the fanart was cute.
  • Gamrezi: You'll always have the Shelby Cragg AU's at least.
  • TaVris: Hmmm....
  • GamTav: I have so many sad and complicated feelings towards you. It's hard and nobody understands.
  • GamKar: There was so much unexplored potential and too much offscreen development.
  • JohnRose: Never liked you, but you deserved better than a bunch of people throwing a fit over a t-shirt.
  • Erisol: I'll miss the <3<, and your Sprite.
  • Equara: God remember that anon that really really really hated this ship? Remember the harassment and gore submissions? That shit was wild... and creepy. Don't do this over fictional relationships kids.
  • JasproseJane: Never saw that one coming did we?
  • JohnVris: I will Remem8er You!
  • AraSol: Confirmed? Sunk? Aw well, you had a good run.
  • SolFef: Goddamnit Eridan.
  • EriSolFef: "We coulda had it aaaaaaall"
  • Rufioh/Damara: A foot note in the backstory that could have been explored more.
  • Daverezi: Sunk offscreen no less! A true shame.
  • Karezi: Retconned out of existence and the two don't even talk anymore. Ouch.
  • EquiKar: Fuck all of you this was cute.
  • VrisKan: Sigh. Rest in Peace Vriskan, may the shippers sing you to your grave.
  • Les8fins: Damnit Aranea!
  • Les8fins 2.0: Dammnit Meenah!
  • Meulin/Kurloz: Wow, that was an odd couple wasn't it?
  • Grimluck: I want to believe.

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I completely understand why Harry wrote Sweet Creature for his boy. At such a difficult time in their lives. And If I Could Fly, god. Even the sad songs on HS1, I can see myself in Louis in that we don't say much when feeling down, and H probably really just wants his boy to feel loves and confident. They're a team, they love each other. The quote about Harry re. song writers too, I didn't see it as bitter but rather as pride that my boy is doing that, and i hope i can too kinda thing

Even the interviewer said that Louis never said it in bitterness. I honestly think Louis still sees Harry as the curly headed 16 year old he met at XFactor and asked for his autograph. 

Louis always believed Harry was born to be a star, and he supports him fully in that, but I don’t think Louis believes in himself the same way and I think the way Harry writes lyrics about Louis is almost to say, 

“I’ll believe in you enough for the both of us!”


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 20/?

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Hi! I hope I'm not bothering, but I just wanted to ask you if you had any thoughts about the very last page of the newest chapter? I believe it should be his right eye, considering the black sclera but I don't know what to think about the pixel-like effect or even his iris. I even have the feeling that his eye is leaking but I don't know what to make of it all, besides maybe the fact that we saw a big vein going over his eye in the previous chapter when he found his resolve.

Hey! Okay. So. 

The coolest thing about this chapter imo is that it’s downright cinematographic. The chain of events is really visceral, and Kaneki is terrifying, but what I loved most is it’s absolute lack of sound. There’s no thundering, no screaming, no car horns blaring. It’s dead silent, and yet we can still feel the sheer magnitude of his kakuja consuming the city. 

And that’s because Ishida added some very subtle details:

See the lines on the sides? They’re present on nearly every page because it’s as if we’re watching Kaneki through a screen. The footage we’re watching is banding and pixelating because his destruction is interfering with their signal.

Power-lines are being snapped, buildings are collapsing, pipelines are bursting, but even in the deafening silence, we can hear his sonic roar. It’s literally shaking the lens through which we’re watching him.

So when our “camera” is finally able to focus on him, our satellite is damaged and reception fried. You know when you’re watching the news during a hurricane or earthquake and the sound cuts out and image is flickering/pixelating? That’s what I feel like this effect is implying.

He’s a leviathan >:D

All I’m saying is that the “Power to the Girls” sweatshirt wearing Kara Danvers I know and love would be offended at someone saying something as possessive as “she’s with me” and then trying to punch someone. That’s all I’m saying

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170905 baekhyunee_exo: 진실이 아닌 거짓을 믿지말아요 에리들 인터넷은 믿을수 있는게 많이 없어요. 거짓을 진실로 꾸며내기는 너무 쉬워요 하지만 진실을 진실로 증명하기는 너무나 어렵죠 . 내가 더 직접적으로 말하진 못해요. 알지도 못하는 사람들의 말을 믿지말아요 . 아무튼 우리 다같이 힘내보자구요!👍🏻 #6시#POWER #WeAreOne

Don’t believe in lies that are not the truth Aeris there are not many things that you can believe on the internet. It’s too easy for lies to be fabricated as the truth, but it’s very difficult to prove the truth is the truth. I am unable to tell you anything more directly. Don’t believe the words of people who don’t even know (the truth). Anyway let’s all have strength! 👍🏻 #6 o’clock #POWER #WeAreOne

Baekhyun comments:

#1 I wanted to type . (full stop) but i typed ㅋ instead… ><

#2 Guys, Power is really good