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i just wanna say like thank u so much for always being such a lovely and positive person and for being so open in ur wlw shipping bc like, idk i struggled for the longest time with shipping wlw ships even though i was out as bi bc of just some good ole internalised homophobia and just seeing you be so open and positive and wonderful about all ur incredible wlw ships on my dash has really helped me so thank u so much!!!!! <333

omg you’re so incredibly sweet i’m gonna cry!! first off you don’t have to thank me at all, i struggled with my sexuality for a very very long time (i first identified as bi and it took me a lot of years and suffering to realize and fully accept myself as who i am and who i’ve always been, which is to say unapologetically, 101% gay) so i know how hard that is and i know how helpful these little things can be (silly as it may seem bc yeah technically speaking it’s just a ship but it’s also so much more… it’s rep, it’s hope, it’s smth good we need to see more often), like just seeing ANY wlw positivity on my dash makes me ten times happier and i wish i had that before so i’m always here to raise the gay bar even higher and talk about wlw ships and just wlw in general!! we’re amazing and good and important and we shouldn’t - won’t be - brushed under the rug to entertain someone else’s ideas of what we should and shouldn’t do (or be). so yeah i’m sorry if this got a bit long and cheesy but i just wanna add that i’m so proud of you and i’m so glad to hear you’ve accepted yourself and i’m more than happy to be of help!! thanks for being so lovely 💛

So, Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow) has unwittingly provided us with a visual aid of the pool that Elizabeth fell into at the EW party at SDCC, complete with models on floaties as per Chloe’s description. Just thought I’d share. [x]


Wow!! @soreyal thank you so much for giving me this 16cm pink beri *^* I don’t even know what to say.. You are so amazing! This was the last one I needed, and look! Now I have every single pink beri beri in existence :D 40cm, 16cm, 12cm (also from you.. 😇😇), 8cm, purse, phone case, screen cleaner…

They look so amazing together! Everyone should have this alpaca :) bonus pic of Buttons trying to blend in. Omg I should make her a bonnet and lil berries *^* !!

Thank you @soreyal (16 and 12), @derpola (40 and screen cleaner), Yahoo Auctions (phone case), @sheepinterrupted (purse) and random seller on eBay who gifted me the pink beri 8cm with my purchase of my party boy!

Also wanna tag @rosy61987 because I know she loves this paca too 🍓🎀🍓

Edited because I forgot where I got my beri purse! Duh!