i don't even wanna tag this with me omg

So, Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow) has unwittingly provided us with a visual aid of the pool that Elizabeth fell into at the EW party at SDCC, complete with models on floaties as per Chloe’s description. Just thought I’d share. [x]


Wow!! @soreyal thank you so much for giving me this 16cm pink beri *^* I don’t even know what to say.. You are so amazing! This was the last one I needed, and look! Now I have every single pink beri beri in existence :D 40cm, 16cm, 12cm (also from you.. 😇😇), 8cm, purse, phone case, screen cleaner…

They look so amazing together! Everyone should have this alpaca :) bonus pic of Buttons trying to blend in. Omg I should make her a bonnet and lil berries *^* !!

Thank you @soreyal (16 and 12), @derpola (40 and screen cleaner), Yahoo Auctions (phone case), @sheepinterrupted (purse) and random seller on eBay who gifted me the pink beri 8cm with my purchase of my party boy!

Also wanna tag @rosy61987 because I know she loves this paca too 🍓🎀🍓

Edited because I forgot where I got my beri purse! Duh!