i don't even wanna know how she knows this

Pidgance (flirtyrobot) if it were cannon later on
  • Lance: So we're really doing this. We're gonna be going out.
  • Pidge: Yup.
  • Lance: ...
  • Pidge: ...
  • Lance: *suddenly realizes he's never been in a relationship* How does one even date?
  • Pidge: Lance, really? Well they obviously *realizes she's never been in a relationship either* ... I don't know
  • Lance: Wanna ask Shiro?
  • Pidge: Ok
RWBY Musical Theatre AU

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and while I don’t feel like writing a fic about it I’m just going to dump out my ideas:

-Ruby is in charge of building sets and/or props. Yang keeps trying to get her to audition for the cast but she’s shy and also happier backstage where she gets to build things. She’s also on crew. She prides herself on being the only one she knows who can rap “Guns and Ships”.

-Blake is definitely the stage manager who is done with everyone’s shit. The only cast members she likes are Yang and Pyrrha. Yang brings her coffee every day and Pyrrha’s too nice to hate but other than that she’s a massive pile of salt. (This is true of most SMs. The last show I called half our conversations between cues were just *deep sigh* “Actors”)

-Weiss is the prima donna who nobody really likes because she’s a snob, but they tolerate her because she’s a fantastic leading lady. Super high strung and stressed out and everybody wishes she would just chill it’s just a high school production please Weiss calm down.

-Pyrrha is a supporting character/Weiss’ understudy? in the cast, and she’s totally the cast Mom. Like the one who brings in Timbits on weekend rehearsals and enough tea to fill an ocean during show week so that no-one gets sick

-Yang is an ensemble member who sometimes gets bigger parts, usually comic relief stuff. She’s always super up-beat, and that one person who goes around talking about how she feels like the whole cast is one big family and it’s super cheesy but people love her anyway. She’s also a fantastic dancer.

-I feel like Ren is the choreographer just because of that one chibi episode. He’s a bit of a slave driver but everyone knows he’s damn good at his job (they’re all so screwed when he graduates)

-Nora…honestly I’m not sure what Nora would do. Makeup? Costumes? She mostly got involved ‘cause Ren was involved and those two are inseparable in any AU

- Jaune walked into auditions by accident and somehow landed the lead he doesn’t know what he’s doing and Pyrrha might be brainstorming ways to take out Weiss so she can stage-kiss Jaune and he’s so confused send this poor boy help.

Anyways listen I will talk about rwby theatre kids until I die so if you wanna know more (or even if you don’t idc) hit me up

[Don’t Wanna Cry Series] Joshua ver. (G)

Prompt: Don’t wanna cry - Joshua 
Genre: Angst
Word count: 666
Warnings: None

A/N: Hi guys! So i got inspired by their MV to write a Don’t Wanna Cry Series. It’s gonna be just really short drabbles and it’s also gonna be emo but I hope you guys enjoy it! Here is Joshua’s drabble! Oh! And I will be putting in lyrics from the song at the end of the drabble! Also posted this on Seventeen’s 2nd anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BOYS! 💕

-jihooned 😶


S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino |

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“Why didn’t you say anything? That man was clearly in the wrong!”

“I’m sorry, (y/n), it’s just that I thought it was okay to let the matter go.”

“Oh my gosh this isn’t the first time, seriously you got to be more vocal and stand up for yourself.”

Joshua sighed, it was very unlike you to blow up.

“Joshua, if you’re going to be this quiet, people will take advantage of you. I care for you and I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

“Hey (y/n), I really didn’t mean to, you know how shy I can be.”

“You know what, if I can’t make you a better person, then find someone else who can. I’ve had enough of always having to stand up on your behalf.”

 And the only thing Joshua was left with was the bracelet he bought for your two year anniversary and the image of you walking away engraved in his mind.

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“Dirty Talk” (Chatroom) (JL x Bruce x Reader)

Ta-da! Another one with JL because…why not? Just a short one. Enjoy :)

Warnings: mentions of sex


Barry has created a chatroom

Barry has inveted Clark, Bruce, Oliver

Barry: Guys, I need an advice

Clark: About what?

Oliver: It’s about woman?

Clark: Ooooh, who are you looking after mr. Allen?

Barry: What?

Bruce: Let him talk

Barry: Thanks Bruce

Barry: But yes, it is about a woman. A tough one

Oliver: I like those

Clark: Do we know her?

Barry: Yes

Oliver: And who is her?

Barry: Y/N

Bruce: Wtf? Leave Y/N alone

Barry: What?

Clark: Ignore him. He’s jealous 

Bruce: I’m not. I don’t have to be 

Barry: Why are you saying that? Are you and her together?

Bruce: What? No. Of course not. But we…………you know. 

Barry: No I don’t know, you what?

Oliver: Let’s say that Y/N and Bruce are close friend. Like really close

Barry: Oooooh I see

Bruce: Yeah

Barry: So you are her best friend?

Oliver: Oh my gawd 

Clark: You know Barry, sometimes you are beyond innocent 

Diana has joined the chat

Diana: What are you guys talking about?

Oliver: Barry likes Y/N

Diana: Is that so?

Barry: No I don't 

Clark: Wait. You were going to ask for advices, about what?

Barry: I wanna take y/n out on a date. But I don’t know how to do this

Oliver: So you like her

Barry: No I don't 

Diana: Wait.

Bruce: Wait what?

Diana: Well, I tought y/n and Bruce were together

Bruce: We’re not

Diana: Then I don’t understand

Clark: What?

Diana: The things she told me about her and Bruce 

Bruce: Wait what? She told things about me? What things?

Diana: I don’t even remember what she said, but I remember it was inappropriated things

Oliver: Oh Jesus

Hal has joined the chat

Hal: What’s up

Diana: Oh, she said something like “he knows how to use his tongue” but I don’t know what means

Oliver: OMG

Clark: Oh Jesus.

Hal: What kind of conversation is this?

Barry: Wait 

Barry: NOW I SEE

Barry: Oh God

Oliver: Tell us more Diana 

Hal: What do you have to say about that Bruce?

Bruce: Well, if she said, who am I to disagree?

Arthur has joined the chat

Arthur: Heard the conversation was interesting

Barry: I don’t even know what so say

Diana: Oh I remembered another thing

Oliver: Tell us

Clark: I don’t wanna know anymore

Diana: She also said he was a huge man

Arthur: What the hell?


Clark: Pls stop

Hal: My God

Bruce: Alright know I’m getting ashamed 

Oliver has added Y/N 

Oliver: Y/N read the chat and give us an explanation

Y/N: Diana

Diana: Sorry, I had to tell

Y/N: Well, it’s okay.

Hal: What’s your explanation?

Y/N: It’s a simple one. Bruce and I had sex. He’s great at this and all the things Diana said is true

Oliver: OH SNAP



Clark: I hate you guys


Bruce: It is true

Y/N: I’m telling you guys, he’s a God with his tongue 

Clark: That’s enough for me

Clark has left the chat

Bruce: And you are really good with massages

Arthur: I’m done with this dirty talk

Arthur has left the chat

Barry: And I thought y/n was the pure one.

Y/N: Don’t be sad Bar, I like you too

Dinah has joined the chat 

Dinah: Is the dirty talk happening here?

Oliver: Who told you?

Dinah: Clark

Hal: The dirty talk is over. Guys please

Y/N: Hal’s right. No more dirty talk around here

Y/N: Bruce 

Bruce: Yes

Y/N: Come to my room pls

Bruce: As your wish

Barry: Oh Lord 

Y/N has left the chat

Bruce has left the chat

Barry: This is to much for me

Oliver: Still wanna take her on a date?

Barry: No. She and Bruce’s deserve each other. I’m out with this 

Barry has left the chat

Diana: I won’t stay here. Somebody wanna hang out?

Dinah: I’m in

Oliver: So am I

Diana: Let’s go

Diana left the chat

Dinah has left the chat 

Oliver has left the chat

Hal: Guys wait for me

Hal has left the chat

anonymous asked:

Sis I need help,i wanna be more sexy/grown up but I don't know how to because even when I have my face beat everyone whispers "aww she's so cute!!' To their friends n shit and because I look more cute/baby faced I feel like I can't wear sexy stuff, u know that brand pink moon loungewear? I couldn't wear that shit I'd feel weird I'm literally wearing pyjamas with unicorns & rainbows on them rn😂I feel confident in myself I just feel awkward when it comes to showing a lot of skin and acting sexy😩

Aight babe lemme state some facts before I begin:

1) Ain’t nothin wrong with being cute. Cute is fucking rad.

2) Showing skin and all that does NOT have to equal sexy. You can be sexy fully covered, I’ll tell ya how in a min.

3) Do not do anything, wear anything, or be anything you aren’t comfortable with just because you feel like you need to change your image. You are a cute ass goddess boo, own those unicorns and shit.

That being said, lets get you nice n grown.

1. If you have a baby face like I do (soft jawline, full cheeks, all that jazz), learn to *contour the shit* outta your face. I recommend starting with a cream contour or a concealer/foundation a few shades darker than your normal skin tone, then going over it with a powder contour or bronzer. Obviously, blend to the gods, but make that shit sharpppp. Another thing you can do with the contouring to make it sharp and edgy is to apply your normal light concealer above and below where you contoured, blend, and then apply a layer of translucent powder where your light concealer was. Leave the powder on for 5 minutes or so (do some other part of ya face), and then brush it off with a regular powder brush (this technique is called “baking,” it works wonders for beginners in contour and keeps your makeup in place).

2. Wear darker clothes. Darker clothes accentuate curves, slim your features, and overall make you look like a badass.

3. As far as showing skin, you 100% don’t have to. If you *want* to, however, try to ease your way into. Start with simple things like off-the-shoulder tops or a slight crop top. Gradually work your way into lower cut items, tighter bottoms, whatever makes you feel sexy.

4. Find your bad bitch dark lipstick. Its fall, hoe🍁🍂 which means its dark lip season. Having a vampy lip every now and again can turn you from a trick or treater into mothafuckin Morticia Adams (my Queen)

5. Bangs and shorter hairstyles typically make girls with rounder, fuller faces look younger. Try growing your hair out if this is the case.

6. Adopt a bad bitch mentality. Make yourself a bad bitch playlist (shit like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna always do the trick for me) remind yourself that you’re a sexy ass bitch. When you adopt the mentality of being a sexy grown woman, you will physically *become* a sexy grown woman, you feel?

That’s all I got for rn, I’ll add to this if I think of other things. Good luck girl, slay on💖

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You gave Shinigami the heart eyes (the same eyes you gave Renet) before ya got kicked in the face, said she was "Super Cute" and shipped yourself with her dubbing you two together as "Shiniangelo" before you even did that with Renet and you kept referencing how much ya have in common with her I mean I know you didn't kiss her but the crush/love for her is obvious only a- well.. nevermind bout' that you had a thing for her you just don't wanna say it in front of Renet' which understandable but s

Dude. It’s kinda creepy that you know all that… *looks around nervously*


keepfaithbaby  asked:

There's this scene in the movie in which Bella grasps Renesmee's palm and puts it to her cheek with a smile on her face and I was like, WTF, Bella?! I mean, that's privacy invading, isn't it? What if Renesmee didn't want her mom to see her thoughts? What if Bella continues to do that when Nessie is grown-up? I don't know about you, but if my mom did this to me, I would literally die from shame. I'm sorry, but that's not okay. Especially if you wanna be a private person, even if not. #whybellawhy

I’m sure it was intended as a tender mother-daughter moment, but it does bring up a lot of the issues you raised re: privacy.  We don’t really know how much Renesmee consciously controls what she shows. It seems like she can chose to show people specific things (like when she shows Bella the things that happened while she was transforming, or when she replayed Bella attacking Jacob/injuring Seth, or when she showed the visiting vampires her ‘story’), but Bella also could ‘watch’ Renesmee’s dreams, so Renesmee wasn’t ‘choosing’ to show her that, it was just the result of skin contact while she was asleep. 

I think as Renesmee gets older there will be more boundaries with touching because of it, although even that won’t help too much because her father can read her mind whether she wants to show him anything or not and her ‘uncle’ Jasper will know her emotional state at all times no matter how much she might try to hide it.  Privacy isn’t something that anyone living in the Cullen house really gets to have, although at least Alice can’t see her future (in the book, anyway!). 

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I burst into tears doing the dishes just now because I remembered the way Raven said "Bellamy" while he waited for Clarke. I don't think she's ever used a tone that gentle. EVER on the frickin show. She knows, the rest of the space crew knows, every one on the planet knows, hell even the prisoners on Eligius know.

How much you wanna bet Bellamy is gonna get separated from the rest of Space Squad after they come down and so everyone else meets Clarke before he does and so when they finally reunite everyone kinda just…steps out of the way because like you said, they KNOW and they wanna give them space to hash things out

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: she came into the shop and said, "I wanna know what the problem is." I said, "you don't wanna know what the problem is." She said, "I wanna know what the problem is so I can get the problem fixed." I said, "you don't wanna know what the solution to your problem is, and you don't wanna know what your problem is." She says, "How do you know I'm not gonna like it?" I said, "I know you're not gonna like it." So, she said, "Just tell me what it is, and I'll tell you if I like it."
  • psychic: what the fu
  • me: I said, "Maybe. Maybe I'll tell you." She said, "Why won't you tell me?" I said, "The problem's your ass." She said, "What?!" I said, "The problem's your ass." She said, "WHAT?!"
  • psychic: oh my god
  • me: I said, "Your ass is all FUCKED up, and you got problems with your ass." She said, "Why are you saying this to me?!" And I said, "It's your fuckin' problem, you're the one with the FUCKED up ass!" She started to storm out, so I said, "Wait." She said, "What?" I said, "Wait." She said, "What, is this about my ass?" I said, "No. Kind of. Your ass is mad fucked up, and you don't wanna face the problem." She said, "What's your problem?!" I said, "MY problem is that YOU come in here with a fucked up ass, and you don't want anyone to tell you your ass is FUCKED up. I don't even know how you go to the bathroom, I don't even know how you sit on things-- when you stand up, where does your ass go? Where was your ass in the first place? Where was your ass in 1969? Where was your ass on 9/11? I thought you said you'd never forget!" She said, "I'm leaving." And I said, "Not before you get your official diagnosis; here it is, you're fucked up and your ASS is fucked up. Are you ready for the solution?"
  • psychic: holy shit
  • Yuu: Are you ok, Shinoa?
  • What Shinoa says: Yes, I'm fine
  • What Shinoa means: No, I'm not. How the fuck am I supposed to be fine when you're concerned? God, I think I had gotten my Christmas present early. Did you know how much your smiles had saved me? You holding on my wrist is just like fuck I'm dead here, Yuu. I don't even know but you should just give up on Mika because he has someone else like Yuu pay attention to me pls. You're some good shit and you can't just be wasted like that I need you so much. I just wanna crash you in my small arms and spend the rest of my life with you 'till we grow old.

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           manicured fingers delicately arrange an assortment of fruits onto a platter. after knowing aera for as long as she did, she felt shameful for not knowing her favorites (was it kiwi ? aera seemed like a kiwi type of girl). at least with a wide variety to select from, it lowered the chances of her being WRONG. she couldn’t believe she was fretting over fruit of all things, sera able to manage her anxiety in more pressing situations. she dismisses the erratic rhythm of her heart, setting the dish onto a coffee table next to a pitcher of lemonade and dainty ham sandwiches. her eyes flit back down to her phone, checking for a notification from aera. with no luck, she begins fiddling with her sewing kit until the other arrives.

the signs as 1d lyrics from tmh
  • aries: it's now or never, don't overthink, just let it go
  • taurus: no one in the world could stop me from not moving on, baby, even if i wanted to
  • gemini: she's addicted to the feeling of letting go
  • cancer: i remember all the times and all the words we said, yeah, i can't get it out of my head
  • leo: the music is so loud, i wanna be yours now
  • virgo: heartache doesn't last forever, i'll say i'm fine
  • libra: you'll never know how to make it on your own and you'll never show weakness for letting go
  • scorpio: baby i, i wanna know what you think when you're alone
  • sagittarius: you say to everybody that you hate me, couldn't blame you 'cause i know i left you all alone
  • capricorn: might not mean that much to you, but to me it's everything
  • aquarius: there's no music on but we dance along
  • pisces: reality ruined my life
My guy friend was asking me for love advice--Sherlock-style! Help us out?
  • My friend: I just realised something.
  • Me: What?
  • My friend: This girl I'm in love with. She's a lot like Sherlock--keeps a small circle of friends, skeptical and reads people well, sarcastic, bitchy, doesn't see sense in things that doesn't interest her... That stuff...
  • Me: Okay... So?
  • My friend: Well, the problem is that I know she cares about me but only in a John Watson kind of way. I've been Molly Hooper-ed tons of times too. I wanna be her Irene Adler, you know.
  • Me: And that means?
  • My friend: You know what that means! You ship them, right?
  • Me: But I don't know what that means in this context okay!
  • My friend: Well... I know she's not into the whole 'love' thing right now (just to clear things out--apparently, she used to be in a shitty relationship and when it was over, she had a whole new perspective on things) but I wanna connect with her like Irene did with Sherlock! Be 'The Man' in her life or something. Like we know we're canon even if we don't explicitly say it.
  • Me: I don't know how to help you. Love is totally not my division right now.
  • My friend: Did you just Lestrade me?
  • Me: Yep. You know I'm off this love thing, right?
  • My friend: Exact reason why I'm asking you. Thought you'd understand.
  • Me: Nope.
  • My friend: That's just plain Moriarty coldness right there.

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There's this person misgendering Tooru and drawing him dressed up as a girl, but they don't seem to get is the fact that every ask they get 'Why are you drawing Tooru like that?' They just go, "cause SHE's cute" and "Because she's a girl" and things like that and I'm like did they even read the manga? But I don't wanna be rude to them, I just wanna say something, do you know how I could say stop misgendering Tooru kindly to them?

They probably read the manga if they know that Tooru was born as a girl, but just ignored the rest of it…But anyways Anon, I wrote a little explanation (which is turning more into an essay). Let me know if it helps.

First of all, Tooru has clearly stated that he is uncomfortable as a woman and wants to live as a man.

Just because you are assigned a certain gender doesn’t mean that that is your true gender. I may have been forced to become a lawyer, but that isn’t my true passion. I may have been forced to have a boyfriend to adhere to societal norms when I really want a girlfriend instead.

By calling Tooru a female, you are forcing these constricting societal norms on him and preventing him from being his true self. No one should be uncomfortable with themselves just because they don’t follow the majority.

I mean, look at his body language when he talks about living as a woman. He looks really uncomfortable and anxious, clutching his crotch area because that is the source of his unpleasant feelings.

If you really like Tooru, would you base his character on something that he clearly doesn’t like and isn’t comfortable with?

You might say that it doesn’t matter because he’s a fictional character, but it does matter. Fictional characters are based on people in real life. By misgendering Tooru, it implies that you don’t mind misgendering transgender people in real life as well, and essentially, preventing them from being true and comfortable to themselves.

sometimesangryblackwoman  asked:

I read that Snowing coddling Regina as Snowing CUDDLING Regina, and now I wish someone would fic it. I don't know how it would even be plausible, but I wanna read it. Please write the thing. Or encourage someone else to write the thing.

I don’t think this is what you had in mind, but I hope you enjoy it. You know what Snow Queen does to my heart!

I’m also dedicating this to my writing daughter @daggzandarrows. Happy Birtday, dear girl!!!!  Sending hugs to help you celebrate your day. :D

It’s the sobbing that draws you inside.

It’s a room you rarely enter, but you cannot stay away, not when she sounds so broken, so lost, so utterly without hope it nearly slices you in half to hear it.


She doesn’t face you but keeps her focus forward, ever forward, gazing out a window into a world she once confessed had betrayed her in every way possible.

“Go away, Snow.”

Her knees are drawn up into her body as if they are in their natural position, and she wraps her arms around them, the white of her clean nightgown a stark contrast to red-stained sheets you’d seen earlier, sheets that had been hastily removed and disposed of under a shroud of whispers and superstition.  

Witch. Sorceress. Her mother was no better, but at least she produced a living child.

You wonder why your father doesn’t put a stop to the cavern of rumors and labels that lay blame for three lost children at the feet of a woman who has to feel their losses more deeply than anyone. But he is oddly silent when it comes to your stepmother.

This bothers you–more than you admit to yourself.

“No, Regina. I’m not going to leave you.”

You take three steps into the room, your feet echoing off stone as if they tread upon marble.

“Then you’re a fool.”

“You’ve said that to me before, you know. But I’m still here.”

She has no response this time.

You step into her space, your stomach clenching at the lingering smell of blood and emptiness. A surge of cold air presses in, and you notice all of her windows are open, an attempt to cleanse the room, you suppose, to remove any lingering after-effects premature death may have left behind. But the queen sits shivering on her mattress. Alone. Small. And shaking.

No one has given her a blanket.

You move to the cupboard and select one woven from the softest, most refined wool, one that makes up for what it lacks in elegance with sheer warmth and comfort. You close the shutters on your journey back to the bed, fastening them against winter’s chill.

“You’re freezing,” you observe, the icy state of her skin troubling as you bundle the blanket around her shoulders. “I’ll send for someone to start a fire…”


The word is harsh, insistent, marked by the wet pattern of tears you spy for mere seconds before she turns her face away.

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My ex-boyfriend and I talked all the time after we broke up (we broke up only due to distance) right up until not too long ago. Since we've stopped he started talking to another girl, I know he's talking to her for the wrong reasons and I genuinely want the best the him, I don't wanna sound like a home wrecker but I want him to stop talking to her, plus I know he likes me more than her...we both know our relationship would work in the summer but how do I get him back w/o "home wrecking"?

I think you should let him decide. Even if she is bad for him, that’s his choice, and perhaps he knows her more than you know her.

Long distance relationships are hard and they aren’t for everyone. If he doesn’t think he can make a long distance relationship work then there is really nothing you can do but respect his decision and move on.

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I don't mean any disrespect I just wanna know your thinking maybe you could even convince me but could you explain why you love Sakura so much (I ain't got nothing against her it used to annoy me when she used to obsess over susake and take naruto for granted, and I think she shoulda dropped him after he stabbed her tho) but yeahh I wanna know what you think P.S what are your opinions on how she has been with him after he returned do you think she forgave him to easily??

I love Sakura because she’s the most human of all the characters in Naruto. She wasn’t born into some elite clan, she doesn’t have any special eyes, she’s just normal. She makes mistakes and she learns from them. It’s so easy for people (well, I guess most females) to relate to Sakura because we’ve all had our annoying 12 year old stage and we’ve all made bad decisions, thinking at the time, they were great decisions. 


I don’t think Sakura is perfect by any means however, so I really hope you don’t think I’m one of those people who worship the ground Sakura walks on and thinks that she can do no wrong. I think the way she went about telling Naruto about Sasuke needing to be killed wasn’t the greatest and I did feel bad for Naruto. But what she learned from that experience is that Naruto wasn’t trying to save Sasuke just for her, but for himself as well. Sakura learns more about people from her fuck-ups. Even in episode 3 when she was talking crap about Naruto and Sasuke had to kinda put her in her place, she learned that how she looked at Naruto was wrong and that he was just another human being going through a hard time. 


Sasuke didn’t stab her btw. But regardless, I don’t think she should have dropped Sasuke because a lot of people forget that she was the one with the intention of killing Sasuke first. Both times. She expected he would try to defend himself and she knew that if she failed, he would have taken her life. Sakura’s not stupid. She knew the risks she was taking when attempting to take Sasuke’s life. 


Although I believe Sakura has put aside what happened between them during the Kage SUmmit arc, she has not forgotten. She knows that although Sasuke is doing good at the moment, he is still unstable. But at the current moment, she has to forget about the past and worry about the present; stopping Madara/Kaguya. She trusts him, but she is still caution. But that doesn’t mean she stopped loving him. She still believes that the real Sasuke is deep down in there, but with all that’s going on right now, it’s very difficult to pull that side of him out.