i don't even try to insult them

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I can be absolutely sympathetic if you are struggling with your English while giving me your order. But I need you to be patient with me as well, I am trying to make sure I don't fuck up your order, I am not trying to insult you when I repeat it back. There isn't a need to be huffy with me ffs

Oh I don’t even think this is even limited to a language barrier. Some people are soft spoken, but not all of them realize it. You’d think that if this is something that occurs to them often(which is probably does, I can speak for that on a personal level) they’d be more understanding. But a lot of people don’t want to admit to any “fault” such as a language barrier or the so called “weakness” of being soft spoken. There are a lot of social implications to why this kind of thing happens, but I hope I narrowed it down enough not to be tldr. My husband is guilty of being soft spoken and bitchy about people not understanding him. Even to me and I’m married to his whispering pain in the butt. All that rage in such a low tone of voice. It’s kind of cute. -Abby

I love when people make posts carelessly insulting boys unecessarily, (like calling them all ugly, stupid, uncreative), and when men get hurt by the words they laugh cause lol, all men are babies.

Oh wait, no, I don’t love that. I hate it. And it needs to stop.

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Hi sorry to bother you I always hear things about what happen with Dan in 2012 and I know about the v-day Video but what was going on with him? I mean I know the past in the past but I'm just curious because everyone always talks about it and I have no idea what's going on so if you don't mind could you please explain it maybe? Thanks

In correlation with the vday video resurfacing near the end of 2012, fans started digging into his past more and trying to find ‘proof’ of things like his sexuality and relationship with Phil and even just looking for old photos he’d posted (he’d only recently deleted all of his dailybooth photos so it was a pain that people were reposting them), so he got fed up and made his customer service blog where he tried to address their questions but ended up just ranting and insulting people’s intelligence and denying everything (ask off anon if you wanna see those answers). 

He didn’t like his past being invaded and taken out of context so he lashed out and made himself look worse for caring so much. He’d also just moved to London with Phil and had been putting a lot of effort into making videos at that time so he was just overwhelmed in a lot of ways :/ It really was only the tail end of 2012 and early 2013 that were that bad though :’)

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If you believe "I don't need feminism" is not the same as "no one needs feminism," then why are you taking the time to tear down individuals making feminist arguments? Just because YOU don't need feminism doesn't mean THEY don't. What gives you the right to judge them for their personal beliefs? Or, even more importantly, WHY are you trying to rob someone of something that makes them feel empowered?

When have I ever tore down anyone? If someone posts something that I disagree with, I just reply with my point of view. I don’t insult the person, I don’t imply that I’m smarter than they are, etc. The world isn’t some big ~safe space~ where you’re only going to hear people agreeing with you and praising you for what you believe in.

I’m completely fine with people identifying as feminists. What I’m not okay with is when some feminists spread false information and/or harass others for not conforming to their ideals. The mere act of saying “I’m a feminist” and believing in equality has not been and will never be the problem in my eyes.

Disagreeing with someone isn’t the same thing as judging someone. I may disagree with a lot of feminists on Tumblr but I don’t think they’re evil or unintelligent or whatnot. Regardless, I’ll address your question– I have a right to debate with anyone I want because this is a public blogging site. If people don’t want to face the horrors of dissenting opinions, they need to password protect their blog.

I’ve never wanted feminists to stop identifying with the movement. If that’s what they’re comfortable with, I’m glad for them. That’s kind of why I state “If you feel comfortable identifying as a feminist, more power to you! I’m not trying to preach about how you should label yourself, I’m criticizing the movement as a whole” on my info page.

i’d like to gently remind everyone that no matter how much of a douche someone is being, to me or to anyone else or just in general, you should not send anon hate. you can send them comments, or try to tell them why what they’re doing is wrong, but threats or blatant insults aren’t okay, no matter how much someone is overstepping their bounds