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This might be silly but can you make a the last jedi poster like phasma and hux but with bb-8? I think it'd be super fucking funny 😂 and if possible, maybe even with Kylo's bb unit? Though I don't think it's possible yet since we haven't really seen very much of it. But a bb-8 one would be spectacular lol 👏

Your request isn’t silly at all! There are already some posters with BB-8 and even one with Millicent on Twitter. I tried to make my own version but I’m not very satisfied with it. I hope you it’s okay! 

(Also, I haven’t found Kylo’s droid, sorry D:)


“you’re beautiful…”

“pardon, snow?”

Simon snapped out of his trance and turned his head to stare back at the stars, as opposed to his boyfriend.

Baz glanced down at their intertwined hands and goes pink in the face as he realises what Simon said. He doesn’t think he’ll ever get used to holding Simon’s hand, or kissing Simon and calling Simon his boyfriend, things he’s wanted to do for so many years. He is Simon’s now, and Simon is his.

What a charming life he’s living.

“the stars…” Simon murmurs, blushing “the stars are beautiful.”

“thank you..” Baz whispers and moves over to squish himself almost on top of Simon.

The two lay on the roof of the house that Simon and Penny share. It was a peaceful evening, with only wisps of grey clouds swirling around the deep navy sky, framing the bright shining stars. With Penny out for the weekend with some normal friends, the boys decided to take advantage of the situation and have rooftop dinners (something they’d tried before but penny had yelled at them as soon as she had gotten home from her late shift at work).

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt this happy. You make me feel like everything’s going to be okay. You drown out all the bad in the world. Thank you, Simon Snow. I really love you.”

It’s probably a good thing Padme and Anakin never talked about baby names… I mean, if they had, wouldn’t he think something fishy was up when a teen aged princess and a scrawny farm boy about the same age show up in his life with the names him and his wife had picked out nearly two decades previous? I mean, most parents pick a boy name and a girl name before they even know the sex of the baby, so Anakin should,  in theory, know names if they talked about it even once. But the end of Revenge of the Sith either makes it sound like Padme picked them herself during all her time waiting around for Anakin, or they were set on a m/f name for when their baby was born. To me, it makes sense that they would decide on that, with Padme saying she would return to Naboo early to set up the nursery and stuff, and with Anakin being sent out on missions all the time. What was she supposed to do? Not name the kid until she saw Anakin again? We know Anakin is gone for months at a time, according to the beginning of Revenge of the Sith where they’re all like “I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages” and stuff. But then again,  when we see Vader in A New Hope, he doesn’t think anything of the Princess he captures, and he doesn’t seem to think anything of Luke until he learns his last name is Skywalker, and he then sees him with his old master Obi Wan. Only then do we get the legendary line, "Luke, I am your father.“ So clearly somewhere Vader figures it out, but I really believe he didn’t suspect a thing because Palpatine has been feeding him lies to keep him on the dark side, starting with the lie that Padme was dead right after Mustafar, and that he had killed her in his anger. If I was Vader, I would have figured that if I killed her, our baby she was carrying also didn’t make it. Decades later, after Vader thinks the only power in the galaxy is the rising Sith power, he learns not only is his old master alive, he is also training a new Jedi. His son. Imagine how much of a trip that was for Vader. I’m not ever sure if he figures out Leia is his or not either… Luke is the one to tell Leia anything about their parentage. But Vader had Leia on the Death Star for an extensive amount of time as a prisoner. We know Vader is a strong force user, and we also know Leia is sensitive, maybe even more so than Luke. You think someone would have figured out, especially if the force is all energy and everyone has their own "set aura”. Like, Padme and Leia are so similar, and if Leia is sensitive, you’d think that that would be one huge red flag for Vader if he even tried to read her once. I think Vader either knew the entire time that these two space brats were his kids, or that he had no idea until someone muttered “Skywalker” in reference to Luke.