i don't even think this really needs a caption

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You're right. This tomdaya thing is so pathetic. When Tom posted that picture of him and Zendaya on Insta to wish her happy birthday you can clearly tell that they are friend just by reading the caption and that photo was posted not even a month ago so I don't really get the hype.

yeah I think people are a little too into their love lives lol like if they’re dating, dope, they’ll tell us eventually. we don’t need to try to grasp onto tiny little strings that are maybe possibly a hint that they are maybe possibly more than friends. just makes things harder for them ya know


Guess who spent 3 hours pressing plant samples today? Anyway I really like the blackland prairie and think its a gorgeous landscape (that it’d be a shame to lose even if it wasn’t pretty) so check out these pics of one of the few segments of wild blackland prairie left in the world.