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Hello Agent85!! ^^ Just saw the ep... That arc is way too long... and it makes less and less sense. I really can't stand it anymore! The framework is supposed to be a copy of our world and for some reason now the laws of physics and basic biology don't apply anymore ? Fitz is a scientist! how the hell does aida's survival make any sense to him!? (and that stupid nazi youth hair...) Then, where is Jemma's smartness? and what is she doing? This all world is fake and she knows it! (1)

(2) so why would she think even for a second that the machine would be in this fake world ? I didn’t buy it at all. And still no Fitzsimmons… all the aidaxfitz’s PDA are beyond disgusting. urgh! And finally in what universe did someone find it a good idea to give Ward any kind of redemption arc? :/ Sorry it’s not very joyful but I’m so tired of it all… Anyway thanks Jane! You’re amazing! and only your light cheer me up lately. <3

Hey there!

This arc is wearing me out, too. Not to say that there aren’t things I like about it, but I just love Fitz so much and it’s really hard for me to see him like this. I know they’re doing it for plot reasons, but they drew a lot of things out during season 3 that I did not like very much, either.

But I had the opposite reaction to this last episode! Everything makes a lot MORE sense to me now. We know what AIDA’s goal is, and again, I just cannot believe that I missed what this is all about: the parameters. It’s SO OBVIOUS, looking back, since there was so much set up for it. Here I was, thinking that AIDA would just want to stay in her little dictatorship forever, when it’s clear that she has even greater ambitions. After all, what dictator wants to be limited as to whom they can murder?

Regarding the things that don’t make sense, namely AIDA’s fall: as I’ve said before, I believe that’s intentional. If they wanted to fudge it, it would have been two or three stories. She was FIFTY stories up, maybe more. You don’t need to know anything about medicine to know she would go splat. It’s obvious.

And, as we know, when people die in the Framework, they die in real life. It’s a common sci-fi trope that I happen to love immensely. Usually, the idea is that since the person believes that they’re dying, and people are afraid of dying, they basically get scared to death. Or, you know, their body just gets tricked into reacting the way it would react if the scenario were real. But AIDA is not real, so there is no real body to react to her scenario. Only an android would be able to survive that fall.

But beyond that, this just shows how much control she has over her world. She cannot only survive the fall, but she has also managed to BRAINWASH everyone around her so much that they don’t realize what she’s just done. But of course, they don’t notice a LOT of things she’s done, like spend all her resources on a Real Girl Machine that benefits Hydra … how, exactly?

I know I keep saying they were BRAINWASHED, and I am going to keep saying it in all caps until people get it. There is an extreme degree of conditioning going on here meant to override morals, character traits, and anything that would get in AIDA’s way.

And how perfect is it that after this ridiculous fall, Bakshi arrives on the scene asking what story he should tell, only to be lied to by Fitz. Think about it: AIDA is lying about the nature of reality to Fitz, who lies to Bakshi, who lies to everyone. AIDA is peddling deception compounded on deception. They’re all different lies, of course, and all of the liars know that they are lying, but they are all designed to give AIDA everything she wants. So how, may I ask, can anyone find the truth if they are blinded to basic laws of decency? To basic laws of the natural world?

If Fitz, a genius engineer, can’t tell that AIDA is lying to him about his own area of expertise, how can he tell that she’s lying to him about everything else?

How can he recognize basic truths if he can’t recognize Jemma’s face?

So, AIDA’s impossible fall reemphasizes two important truths: AIDA is not a person, and AIDA has complete control. These were things we already knew, but now we see those truths working in a context, so we see just how dangerous they she truly is.

Another thing it does is give Jemma a foot in the door when she finally has the chance to confront Fitz on the nature of his reality. She now can appeal to him emotionally and scientifically. Daisy only had an emotional argument, and we can see that AIDA has used Papa Fitz to condition Fitz to reject emotion. But needed his scientific mind, so that remains intact. The fact that Jemma will be able to use this scientific argument, in addition to the fact that her emotional argument will be infinitely stronger because of their bond, makes me very optimistic that Jemma will be able to chip away at the walls Fitz has been programmed to put up.

But of course, there’s the caveat that they’ve set up perfect scenarios like this before and completely trashed them. We were all convinced that the necklace and Will’s stupid science background were clues to all kinds of things, but it just ended up being lazy writing. In this case, however, it seems a lot more deliberate, and I’m honestly hoping they’ve learned from their mistakes. They have to know how stupid that 3A was.

As for Jemma’s smarts, this is another plot reasons thing. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that hard about it while I was watching, too blinded by the sunshine of Trip, so that didn’t seem that stupid to me. Jemma doesn’t just have to figure out what the solution is; she has to guide us viewers to the conclusion in an entertaining way. And revealing it the way she did was way more dramatic. It’s a trope that’s been done a thousand times because so many people love it.

Still, I was upset, like you are, about the lack of FitzSimmons. Jemma should have tried to get to him during this episode, even if nobody would let her. They haven’t been together in this arc, but they have been talking about each other. (Which, by the way, is basically the only prediction I’ve gotten right so far.) We’ve gotten Jemma’s confession of love to Ward, which is HUGE. 

Jemma didn’t outright tell Fitz she was ready to have a relationship; she said they were wasting time by not being in a relationship. She didn’t tell LMD Fitz that she wanted to marry Fitz; she only said she would give Fitz the answer. She’s now comfortable with telling Fitz she loves him, but she doesn’t talk about it to other people, especially her enemies. And yet, she basically screamed it at Ward! I can’t express how important that is!

We have never seen Jemma be that blunt about her feelings before. Never. 

With Fitz, we’re seeing something very different—how not to love somebody. Fitz and AIDA’s relationship is supposed to be repulsive. We are supposed to think that it’s wrong. After all, AIDA and Agnes, who share a face, are romantically linked to Fitz and Radcliffe, who have a father/son relationship. So, it’s not only evil and abusive—it’s a little incestuous. They are hitting all the bases here. It’s a stark contrast to the loving partnership of equals that sacrifices everything to save the world. In fact, a starker contrast could not exist, unless Jemma was romantically linked to a moron who told her to give up all the time. ;)  

But really, if this doesn’t convince you that FitzSimmons is the end all be all, nothing will.

As for Ward, I’m going to say the same thing I said about LMD Fitz: you can’t blame someone for something someone else did, just because that person has the same face. You can’t credit them, either. Framework Ward does nothing to redeem the real Grant Ward, because the real Grant Ward is dead. In fact, he died on an alien planet while trying to bring Hive into the world, right after he had Jemma tortured. He is, without a doubt, the absolute worst. Nothing that’s happening now can change that. 

In fact, if anything, it adds to his condemnation by showing just how good Ward could have been. Ward was a traitor, yes, but what if he betrayed evil instead of good? What if he actually loved Skye more than he wanted to survive? 

There was a time when we were hoping that Ward’s love for Skye would change him into something better, and now we’ve seen it happen. 

Framework Ward and Real Ward are a lot like FitzSimmons and Fitz x AIDA, actually. We see how good it could be, and we see how bad it can get. I find that incredibly interesting. I love all of the philosophical aspects of this arc.

So, I know that this arc has been hard, but hopefully that clarifies things a little. I’m hoping that we’ve reached the very bottom, and it’s all uphill from here. After all, this is the point where Jemma HAS to go after Fitz, at all costs, for plot reasons. I’m really hoping that we will start to get our reward as early as next Tuesday. 

All we can hope is that they don’t mess it up!

So, thank you so much for your kind words! I hope I was able to cheer you up a bit. <3