i don't even think i like this but i had to make something to cope with all these freaking feels and this was the best i came up with

Clarity || Blind!Ashton Irwin (Smut)

  • word count: 5.3k 
  • warnings: blind… folding?
  • okay. yes. this took forever and a day to write. but i have to say that i am so fucking nervous about posting this because it’s my first “story-type” smut and i worked insanely hard on it. i just really hope you enjoy. i’ve never invested myself so much into a story. -xx

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Forget about me writing my thoughts about the chapter like I’ve done for the past few months. This time I’m going on long rant because there’s no way I’m not addressing some of the stuff I’ve seen in the tags. I always try to keep this blog free of negative fandom stuff but not this time. My brain can’t compute some arguments and I feel the need to talk about them.

Warning for very long rant under spoilers, gore pictures of characters death, especially Hannes. And if you’re expecting character bashing you’ll find none.

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