i don't even think he realizes how adorable he is

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I really loved Danielle with Louis because I was an Originals AND 1D fan and I was so happy to see them together. But I am lowkey pissed that Louis is talking about Eleanor so much, like was he cheating on Danielle with Eleanor?? His mom was sick so I don't think so but he is being disrespectful to Danielle when she was there for him AND Freddie through last year. El just got back together THIS year. I don't see anyone upset about this??? I'm just not even excited about BTY if it's about El?

I really like Danielle and think she’s genuinely one of the most adorable women I’ve ever seen, but they broke up. That’s just how life goes.

I think Jay’s passing brought Eleanor back into his life and understandably to me brought them close together again. 

I don’t think it’s a diss to Danielle and I don’t get how people assume he cheated on her, if you hang out or talk on the phone to an ex and realize you still have feelings… that’s just how it is, and if he let Danielle know when he realized, he was just being honest. My assumption isn’t that he cheated on her, it’s that he realized he had feelings and broke up with her when he did.

The pap situation was bad for both Danielle and now again he had a really bad experience with him and Eleanor at LAX, so it makes sense to bring her up. 

And I think it’s so irritating the way this fandom has utterly erased how invasive and frustrating paparazzi are to the lives of celebrities in order to justify their shitty tinhat narratives. Celebrities are stalked by paps, it doesn’t feel great, you can just see Michael Jackson choosing to cover his children up whenever they went out with him in order to protect them from paps to see how invasive they can feel to a celebrity. The fact this fandom chooses to pretty much defend paparazzi really irritates me. Hell, they pretty much defend and protect all low level shitty journalism.

Anyway, I don’t ship anything for these guys… relationships end, and I wouldn’t guarantee Louis and Eleanor being together forever either ‘cause that’s a rarity for anyone, let alone a celeb.